Franklin County Brides


AARON, Eliza WHITTINGTON, Elam 1853-Dec-28
AARON, Martha J MELTON, C L 1879-Dec-24
AARONS, Dicy TEMPLE, G M 1881-Dec-13
ABELS, Mahala WALLACE, James 1857-Sep-01
ABRAMS, Mary E WORTHY, J B 1876-Feb-24
ADAIR, Ellen K WHITE, Joseph 1820-Dec-05
ADAMS, Ada CRECUIK, John C 1887-Jan-17
ADAMS, Alice MIDDLETON, H A 1885-Jan-07
ADAMS, Amanda VINSON, M A 1885-Jun-13
ADAMS, Anna A MIDDLETON, Stephen L 1869-Aug-05
ADAMS, Anna M CORBAN, S C 1868-Jun-23
ADAMS, Eliza HALFORD, Wiley 1893-Jul-16
ADAMS, Eliza E OGLESBY, George W 1875-Dec-23
ADAMS, Eliza G WEST, Wm 1825-Feb-26
ADAMS, Ella J GATES, Geo W 1878-Oct-24
ADAMS, Fannie E JONES, John P (Jr) 1886-Oct-10
ADAMS, Idella E WEBB, Thomas H 1885-May-27
ADAMS, Malgie CORBAN, John C 1894-Sep-27
ADAMS, Mary Etta FITZPATRICK, James H 1896-Jul-30
ADAMS, Mattie HEGAN, Charley 1871-May-31
ADAMS, Sarah HICKINGBOTTOM, Andrew 1855-Apr-17
ADNING, Elizabeth SMITH, Archibald 1820-Dec-14
AHEEMS, Jane BURCKLEY, Stephen H 1872-Nov-12
ALDRIDGE, Ada B ANDERS, A J 1888-Dec-27
ALDRIDGE, Addie V STRATON, E P 1885-Apr-16
ALDRIDGE, Catherine SMYLIE, D M 1881-Feb-09
ALDRIDGE, Cornelia C SMITHA, W B 1888-Dec-23
ALDRIDGE, Elizabeth MIDDLETON, Francis E 1875-May-23
ALDRIDGE, Ida CASE, P J 1899-Jul-06
ALDRIDGE, India ANDERS, John H 1886-Dec-22
ALDRIDGE, Josephine GRAVES, O M 1890-Jun-18
ALDRIDGE, Lourena REYNOLDS, R P 1896-Dec-24
ALDRIDGE, Margaret M FARRELL, George 1840-Jan-05
ALDRIDGE, Martha J GUICE, Moses 1877-Feb-28
ALDRIDGE, Mary A HARRIGILL, William 1866-Jan-23
ALDRIDGE, Mary M ANDERSON, David L 1891-Mar-22
ALDRIDGE, Nancy JONES, Leroy D 1850-Dec-24
ALDRIDGE, Nanie E MIDDLETON, B F 1888-Feb-16
ALDRIDGE, Roeana C CORBAN, David W 1867-Dec-24
ALDRIDGE, Rosa JONES, B J 1887-Dec-21
ALDRIDGE, Rosa LEHMANN, Carl A 1898-Jan-26
ALDRIDGE, Sarah POWERS, James W 1838-Mar-03
ALDRIDGE, Susan M CORBAN, Elisha 1853-Jul-24
ALEXANDER, Eleanor ETHERIDGE, Godfrey 1824-Oct-25
ALEXANDER, Elena J RICHER, Isreal C 1865-Jan-05
ALFORD, Domirus CARRAWAY, Jesse 1824-Feb-14
ALGOOD, Catharine TORRY, Clenton 1848-Aug-24
ALLEN, Elizabeth SMITH, Trannuel 1823-Feb-13
ALLEN, Kezziah PICKERING, Aver 1841-Mar-07
ALLEN, Levira WARMACK, Benjamin 1823-Sep-25
ALLEN, Susannah ROUNDABAL, Arba 1822-Jan-24
ALLISON, Ann PORTER, Tillett 1822-Dec-07
ALRED, Mattie BOWLIN, A E 1897-Dec-16
ALRED, Perlie GILL, Joseph H 1898-Sep-15
ANDERS, Marinda TEMPLE, B F 1868-Oct-01
ANDERSON, Alice J DAVIS, Thomas J 1878-Feb-20
ANDERSON, Amilina L WILSON, Alexander 1859-Jan-30
ANDERSON, Carrie M BUTLER, James T 1890-May-08
ANDERSON, Eler JOHNSON, Shepard 1890-Jan-13
ANDERSON, Emeline E DOBBINS, Samuel M 1895-May-28
ANDERSON, Mary J DOBBINS, Albert G 1857-Dec-18
ANDERSON, Mildred YANCEY, Robert H 1821-Apr-11
ANDERSON, Olive DICKINSON, C A 1899-Nov-05
ANDERSON, Penelope WINGATE, Moury 1819-Jul-03
ANDERSON, Rebecca WEST, Jacob 1824-Apr-26
ANDERSON, Sarah A HOLMES, Covington R 1860-Nov-29
ANDERSON, Virginia G WHITEHEAD, Richard G 1867-Dec-19
ANDING, Elizabeth R ROUSAVALL, Cyrus 1822-Aug-15
ANDING, Jane WALTER, Elisha 1838-Mar-28
ANDING, Margaret Jane CASE, Green B 1858-Dec-30
ANTILL, Susan WILLIAMS, James M 1887-Apr-07
ARMBRUST, Mary W FARR, Marquis D 1883-Jan-09
ARMBURST, Josephine ROWLAND, S C 1876-Jan-11
ARMFIELD, Mary J MCMILLAN, Thomas J 1875-Sep-02
ARMSTRONG, Lovina HART, Daniel 1844-Dec-31
ARMSTRONG, Margaret SCOTT, Thomas M 1837-Jul-10
ARMSTRONG, Martha KENNEDY, Stephen 1845-Jun-07
ARNOLD, Clorinda WENTWORTH, Seaborn A 1862-Jan-19
ARNOLD, Elizabeth ERWIN, Perley R 1885-Nov-26
ARNOLD, Elizabeth JONES, Philip M 1857-Jan-21
ARNOLD, Elmira P WILSON, Joseph T 1831-Dec-21
ARNOLD, Emma STEEL, A D 1888-Jan-01
ARNOLD, Frances L ADAMS, W Y 1899-Jan-10
ARNOLD, Hetty Ann SMITH, Dennis 1876-Jan-13
ARNOLD, Lucretia Adali n     NETTLES, Elijah W 1845-Mar-13
ARNOLD, Mary RAINWATER, W R 1891-Oct-14
ARNOLD, Mary E STEELE, William J 1885-Nov-20
ARNOLD, Mary J WOOLEY, Joshua 1873-Apr-20
ARNOLD, Mary R MCCOY, John 1868-Jun-05
ARNOLD, Mary S LINDER, J C Simon 1872-Sep-11
ARNOLD, Mary V HARTER, John I 1869-Mar-18
ARNOLD, Matilda LOFTIN, Allen 1885-Sep-31
ARNOLD, Pamela WHITTINGTON, Martin 1835-Mar-28
ARNOLD, Pamela Elizabt h     PATE, Rankin 1848-Oct-12
ARNOLD, Permelia MCCALISTER, William 1873-Dec-10
ARNOLD, Sarah Ann BYRD, J E 1886-Feb-21
ARNOLD, Susannah E MCFARLAND, Elias 1853-Jul-28
ASHLEY, Almeda E EWELL, John W 1870-Feb-24
ASHLEY, Eliza Ann Ferd ona   STOKES, J T 1887-Apr-03
ASHLEY, Lula THOMAS, Robert 1889-Oct-03
ASWELL, Elizabeth WILSON, John H 1878-Mar-28
ASWELL, Rachael TEMPLE, D D 1879-May-13
ATKINS, Elizabeth CALVIT, Stephen 1819-Dec-19
ATKINS, Lucretia WENTWORTH, William M 1838-Aug-13
ATKINS, Mary GAMBLE, Edward 1835-Mar-20
ATKINS, Rebecca FLETCHER, William 1837-Dec-20
AUSTIN, Adelia OWENS, Benjamin 1859-Jan-13
AUSTIN, Ierusha C FORD, William H 1865-Oct-03
AUSTIN, Jane COTHERON, J A 1886-Mar-06


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