Claiborne County Grooms

P - Q

PACE, Lorenzo D GAYDEN, Charlotte S 1830-Dec-28
PAGE, F H HOLLEY, M V 1894-Nov-12
PAGE, Henry MYRILL, Georgiana 1867-Mar-21
PAGE, James JONES, Phoebe 1867-May-10
PAGE, John H LYMING, Elea 1829-Sep-28
PAGE, William R JOHNSON, Permelia Kentucky 1870-Mar-14
PAKENHAM, S F MARSCHALK, Francis 1866-Mar-28
PALL, James SANDERS, Matilda 1869-Jan-30
PARAMORE, Francis M GILBERT, Sarah E 1859-Sep-15
PARHAM, George D GOLEY, Catherine J 1844-Aug-16
PARKER, Ashley WALTERS, Alice 1872-Jan-24
PARKER, George BELL, Bess 1868-Feb-25
PARKER, George RICHMAN, Margaret 1866-Apr-11
PARKER, Herman THALER, Lottie 1872-Feb-22
PARKER, Horace WARD, Nellie 1869-Dec-29
PARKER, Isaiah BAGGERLY, Lucretia 1829-Jan-10
PARKER, J W HARPER, Addie 1895-Apr-13
PARKER, James P MILLIKEN, Mary Jane 1828-Oct-23
PARKER, John W BUCKNER, Roberta 1860-Apr-26
PARKER, M H PHILLIPS, Mary E 1891-May-20
PARKER, Peter BRADFORD, Phyllis 1870-Feb-05
PARKER, S S RAGSDALE, Virginia 1881-Nov-29
PARKER, W H HYNUM, Mary Ida 1887-Dec-07
PARKER, W L PETT, Hollie S 1891-May-07
PARKER, William FERGUSON, Jane 1869-Dec-30
PARKER, William J E Sr BURNET, Lizzie 1874-Mar-02
PARKES, John C ALLEN, Margaret 1821-Dec-27
PARKINSON, Richard GIRAULT, Emily J Mrs 1861-Jan-02
PARKS, Austin P HENDERSON, Mary T 1854-Nov-16
PARKS, George A SUGG, Margaret A 1866-Nov-29
PARLIN, Elijah RICHARDS, Betsy 1826-May-07
PARLSER, G D GOZA, Margaret A 1888-Dec-20
PARMELE, Joseph MCCINTY, Lydia 1816-Oct-26
PARRET, Joseph GOODWIN, Clarke Ann 1849-Feb-04
PARTRIDGE, Daniel HARRIS, Lucie A 1872-May-04
PATE, Joel SHARKEY, Sarah 1836-Dec-10
PATRICK, James C SYLVESTER, Mary 1852-Feb-19
PATRICK, John WILLIAMS, Martha Mrs 1870-Jan-29
PATRICK, Wilder J BALLOW, Mary 1824-Sep-29
PATTERSON, Daniel B KERCHEVAL, Clarissa F 1835-Oct-10
PATTERSON, George W CRONIN, Ellen M 1900-Feb-14
PATTERSON, J B OBER, M A 1891-May-20
PATTERSON, James H EDDINS, Louisa H 1843-Feb-20
PATTERSON, John MONTGOMERY, Emeline E M 1832-May-23
PATTERSON, John T HULL, Lucy 1875-Dec-22
PATTERSON, Joshua BYRD, Francis 1869-Mar-06
PATTERSON, Samuel B WHEELSO, Martha C 1871-Dec-18
PATTERSON, William Lindsay STANFORD, Arrianna 1845-Oct-11
PATTISM, Jesse GREEN, Ellinna 1865-Dec-25
PATTISON, Alexander CALDWELL, Anna H 1869-Feb-10
PATTISON, W D STAMPLEY, Olive 1879-Apr-04
PATTON, J B WHEELER, Alice W 1869-Nov-11
PATTON, Robert S MCCLURE, Mary A 1854-Sep-24
PATTON, William WILLIS, Elizabeth 1823-Dec-06
PEARCE, W G WEEKS, Julia N 1881-Jan-08
PEARCE, William P RUSSELL, Harriett A Mrs 1860-Sep-26
PEARL, J W GETER, Alberta 1881-Oct-26
PEARL, S A ENO, R H 1880-Mar-09
PEARSON, W J HARWOOD, Agnes C 1882-Jan-24
PEARSON, Washington WASHINGTON, Anna 1868-Dec-31
PEATROSS, E G MOORE, L E 1894-Jan-10
PEERS, John W BRADSHAW, Minerva 1834-Feb-20
PEGRAM, Henry B REMBERT, Louisa 1865-Dec-12
PENDLETON, Patrick WALKER, Caroline Mrs 1870-May-20
PENDLETON, William W WOOD, Ann 1830-Sep-15
PENN, David P SHEARMAN, Sarah 1828-Feb-04
PENNIX, A J DAVIS, Carrie 1893-Mar-07
PEOPLES, John C HARRISON, Mollie S 1880-Feb-23
PERCY, J R Dr ARCHER, Lizzie B 1870-Apr-19
PERINO, Samuel PAGE, Lizzie 1870-Sep-29
PERKINS, Caleb FOSTER, Mary 1868-Jan-23
PERKINS, Caleb TOLEY, Jane 1883-Dec-01
PERKINS, Caleb O WILSON, Alice 1900-Mar-04
PERKINS, D C BRICE, Eva 1881-Oct-24
PERKINS, D O HARLON, N O 1871-Sep-11
PERKINS, Elisha GRIFFING, Amanda 1839-Jan-14
PERKINS, Elishu GRIFFING, Amanda 1837-Jan-17
PERKINS, Henry C PERKINS, E L 1858-Sep-23
PERKINS, Ishmael ALEXANDER, Fanny 1867-Jun-29
PERKINS, James I PARKER, Fannie 1898-Jan-09
PERKINS, Joel HEATH, Elizabeth 1838-Jan-18
PERKINS, Pinkard M FOOTE, Jennie 1867-Jun-04
PERKINS, Simon ROBINSON, Louisa 1867-Oct-12
PERKINS, William MURDOCK, Ellen 1846-Apr-29
PERRY, Emanuel SPEAKS, Eveline 1841-Sep-21
PERRY, Olivar ALEXANDER, Matilda 1867-Nov-28
PERVIS, George BYRD, Amanda 1879-Jan-07
PETERS, Peter SHERD, Phebe 1869-Mar-07
PEYTON, Ephraim S PATTON, Artemis 1831-Mar-25
PHELPS, James F FOOTE, N C Mrs 1884-Jun-18
PHILIP, Frank BUSH, Wilkernmine Mrs 1856-Jul-10
PHILIPS, Harmon MORRIS, Elizabeth 1832-Jul-14
PHILLIP, W J DAVIS, Sarah 1880-Dec-13
PHILLIPPS, Alfred EASTER, Francy 1819-Feb-23
PHILLIPS, A W LUPO, Josie W 1883-Nov-14
PHILLIPS, Abner M HERLONG, Ursula 1840-Nov-07
PHILLIPS, Abner M HERLONG, Ursula 1840-Nov-12
PHILLIPS, Abner N TWINER, Martha J 1855-Apr-08
PHILLIPS, Calvin HYMAN, Mollie D 1872-Feb-15
PHILLIPS, E O SMITH, A W 1869-Sep-08
PHILLIPS, E S WILLIAMS, Ella 1881-Dec-19
PHILLIPS, Henry J HARMON, Parmelia 1869-Nov-04
PHILLIPS, Isaac L EASTER, Louise 1819-May-21
PHILLIPS, J C BOBO, Molly 1896-Mar-12
PHILLIPS, J L WALKER, Margie N 1883-Nov-14
PHILLIPS, James L LEMONS, Sarah 1845-Nov-29
PHILLIPS, James L POWERS, Martha 1835-Jun-27
PHILLIPS, John P GAUTER, Mary G 1830-Nov-23
PHILLIPS, Joseph HULONG, Catharine 1850-May-16
PHILLIPS, Joseph MORRIS, Sarah 1831-Aug-13
PHILLIPS, Joseph D HERLONG, Elizabeth I 1844-Jan-09
PHILLIPS, Nathaniel C BARLAND, Matilda Mrs 1857-Aug-10
PHILLIPS, P H CANTLEY, Hattie 1899-Apr-02
PHILLIPS, Stephen C HUDSON, Elizabeth L 1842-Dec-24
PICK, Alexander Hamilton MERRIFIELD, Julia A 1836-Feb-06
PICKERING, H J BUFKIN, Ollie D 1897-Aug-31
PICKETT, Erasmus D BRISCOE, Indianne 1843-Mar-08
PICKETT, T P ROSS, Ollie 1888-Dec-18
PICKETT, Wm H SHAIFER, C L Mrs 1872-Sep-02
PINSON, Joseph WEAVER, Frances 1868-Jan-29
PITMAN, Jessie L COOPER, Mollie 1877-Apr-15
PITMAN, Julius WOOD, Sarah 1817-Sep-12
PITMAN, Oscar F JEFFERS, Martha A 1834-Jan-16
PITTS, C WHITE, M J 1884-Jan-05
PITTS, John C GILBERT, Mary 1851-Dec-17
PLANCK, David A HOPKINS, Blanche S 1874-Dec-15
PLEASANT, George PELMORE, Gabarilla 1869-Jul-04
POINDEXTER, Armstead EVANS, Sarah 1866-Dec-29
POLK, Jesse GROSS, Rachael 1867-Aug-14
POLLARD, Peter LEACH, Hannah 1869-Dec-30
POLLARD, William SPALDING, Clarkey 1869-Nov-04
POLLE, Herman GOEPEL, Hermann 1875-Apr-30
POLLITT, L I BERTRAM, Fannie L 1894-Dec-27
PONERS, Charles A HURST, Dora E 1889-May-06
POOLE, William F NOBLE, Emily J 1867-Jun-19
PORTER, A E GIRAULT, M A 1869-Aug-23
PORTER, Beulah SORRELS, Samuel P 1895-Jan-13
PORTER, Charles E CLARK, Thina 1878-May-27
PORTER, Draper PRICE, Louisa 1837-Jan-07
PORTER, Henderson HARRIS, Mary Ann 1870-Feb-04
PORTER, Henry PAINE, Lizzie 1869-Aug-14
PORTER, Henry RUNDELL, Charlotte E 1866-Sep-18
PORTER, Henry B BARLOW, Mary 1867-Feb-06
PORTER, J W Dr SAGG, Lizzie B 1871-Dec-07
PORTER, James W RUSSELL, Martha E 1844-Jun-26
PORTER, John GLOVER, Althins 1860-Mar-30
PORTER, John H CLARKE, Charlotte A 1839-Jan-05
PORTER, John S SAUNDERS, Mattie 1878-Apr-19
POSEY, Humphrey M MCDOUGALL, Sarah 1832-Dec-06
POSTINE, Henry L ROBERTSON, Susan C 1832-Feb-11
POTTER, James ANDREW, Murrian 1850-Jan-21
POTTS, Robert GRAVES, Sarah 1841-Aug-05
POWELL, James GRAY, Alice 1870-Feb-16
POWELL, James MOORE, Ellen 1867-Nov-23
POWELL, John ARINTON, Betsey 1824-Jun-06
POWELL, John M B HUTCHINS, Cynthia 1859-Feb-03
POWELL, John N HAMILTON, John 1830-Apr-03
POWELL, Joseph WHITE, Phebe 1816-Dec-24
POWELL, Lewis BROOKS, Filena 1824-Oct-21
POWELL, Lewis SHEFFIELD, Elizabeth 1822-Jul-07
POWELL, S E FIFE, Mattie 1897-Sep-29
POWELL, Samuel P ROGERS, Mahala 1825-Sep-08
POWERS, Allen POWERS, Sophy 1869-Jan-09
POWERS, B MOORE, Mary 1818-Jun-25
POWERS, Charles YANCY, Mina 1868-Dec-30
POWERS, E F WHITTAKER, Emma 1890-Jul-08
POWERS, Felix A BURNETT, Emeline 1841-May-17
POWERS, G A COOPER, B V 1883-Apr-20
POWERS, George M FLOWERS, Helen B 1856-Sep-24
POWERS, Henderson HOLLY, Reney 1867-Jul-04
POWERS, Henery G HEDRICK, Laura 1834-Jul-30
POWERS, John R FLOWERS, Sarah V 1847-Sep-24
POWERS, Uriah B PAGE, Jane Willis 1847-Oct-19
POWERS, Uriah P HARING, Mary E 1855-May-16
POWERS, W G MCKAY, Oliva J 1880-Dec-22
PRENTICE, Peter CLARK, Violet 1868-Dec-28
PRESIDENT, Lewis MOORE, Tiny 1870-May-28
PRESIDENT, Prince COX, Cenia 1867-Sep-21
PRICE, Evan F INGRAM, S M 1873-May-22
PRICE, George PUCKETT, Mary Ann 1837-Sep-23
PRICE, Griffing GLASS, Minerva 1867-Dec-14
PRICE, Horace MCELWEE, Lavinia 1867-Mar-09
PRICE, I R JONES, Florence 1898-Jun-02
PRICE, J S MCGRAW, E L 1881-Dec-14
PRICE, Jesse ST CLAIR, Susan 1867-Jan-10
PRICE, Llewellyn MILLER, Jane 1829-Jan-19
PRICE, M A MILLER, Clara W 1871-Feb-16
PRICE, Martin STANSBERRY, Phebe 1818-Dec-15
PRICE, Philip SIMMONS, Elizabeth 1842-Jan-20
PRICE, R P MCGREW, Eliza 1874-Jan-17
PRICE, S H YOUNG, Bettie 1895-Dec-25
PRICE, Thomas J IVEY, Mary S 1874-Aug-01
PRICE, William FORBES, Louisa 1836-Apr-09
PRITCHARD, William A HENDERSON, Mary E 1868-Jan-06
PROCTOR, John MATTER, Amanda 1869-Jun-05
PROSSER, Alfred CARSON, Mary Ann 1829-Nov-21
PUCKET, James M CLARK, Lucinda 1834-Jan-16
PUCKETT, Douglass C DUVAL, Elizabeth 1824-Jul-22
PUCKETT, James D MARSHALL, Jane 1826-May-07
PUCKETT, William H CLARKE, Piety G 1827-Jan-04
PULLIAN, A B BOHANNON, Elizabeth 1837-Mar-05
PURNELL, Charles T BERTRON, Clara 1857-May-25
PURVIS, J L BRYANT, A L 1895-Nov-13
PURVIS, T M FLOWERS, M C Mrs 1887-Sep-06
PUTNAM, A W SEVIER, Catherine Ann 1825-Apr-14
PUTNAM, A W SEVIER, Cornelia 1834-Nov-06
QUIGLES, Charles FIELDS, Mary 1869-Jun-12
QUINNY, Cato KINNECK, Indy 1869-Jan-04


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