Claiborne County Grooms


NAASSON, George W KELLY, Margaret M 1866-Jun-13
NASH, Arthur WATT, Alsie 1869-Jun-25
NASH, Henry NASH, Priscella 1868-Jul-04
NEAL, Geo A SLEDGE, Sallie 1890-Feb-10
NEAL, J H SLEDGE, R A 1890-Jul-04
NEAL, Joseph R HARMON, Rebecca Jane 1844-Aug-03
NEAL, N L NORTON, H W 1895-Oct-17
NEAL, O R GUFFING, Ella 1888-May-19
NEAL, Samuel MCGUFFEY, Lizzie 1892-Mar-23
NEAL, Samuel MURRAY, Jane 1867-Jan-22
NEALS, John CAMPBELL, Maria 1869-Feb-01
NEALS, Simon SMITH, Harriet 1868-Aug-21
NEALS, William PERKINS, Bettie 1870-Feb-09
NEEDLES, Isaiah ELIM, Melissa 1867-Jun-15
NEEL, Robert THERFORD, Polly 1830-Aug-17
NEEL, Thomas S ROBLIN, Rebecca 1826-Nov-30
NEELE, Aaron L CALDWELL, Eliza P 1827-Dec-20
NEELE, Robert RAINS, Ann 1826-Feb-02
NEELLY, John G KING, Jane M 1836-Jun-23
NEELY, Sidney S MUNCASTER, Harriet S 1834-Jan-16
NEELY, William W BARNES, Harriet 1832-Jul-11
NEIL, Charles C TERRY, Emiline 1829-Dec-19
NEIL, James BRIDGE, Amanda 1849-Jun-06
NEIL, John GUY, Hennietta 1830-Aug-23
NEIL, William JONES, Amelia 1830-Jul-21
NEILL, William BRINSON, Eliza 1826-Apr-06
NEILL, William Jr POOL, Sarah W P 1865-Aug-31
NEILL, Wm Mco MINOR, Rebecca 1869-Mar-15
NEINFREK, Mack BIEN, Amelia 1869-Nov-17
NELSON, H HUNTER, E C Mrs 1884-Dec-31
NELSON, J M CARPENTER, Fannie 1894-Jan-17
NELSON, John JONES, Levenia 1834-May-24
NELSON, Josiah CLARK, Janet 1873-Dec-12
NELSON, Penn GLENN, Harriet 1870-Jan-11
NELSON, Peter TAYLOR, Nancy 1828-Oct-23
NELSON, Roderick Random SMITH, Nicey Ann 1841-Nov-02
NELSON, W E HUTCHINSON, Ellen 1884-Jan-25
NELSON, Wm BRUSHIER, Cathran Mrs 1834-May-08
NESMITH, Cornelius B TREVILION, Martha 1865-Feb-15
NESMITH, E F ALLEN, Bertha 1899-Jan-26
NESMITH, Italy NOBLE, Fannie 1871-Nov-11
NESMITH, Wm W MCLEOD, A M Mrs 1893-Mar-16
NEVELS, William SMITH, Nancy 1831-Jan-12
NEWELL, Edward DORSEY, Cellia Ann 1834-Sep-22
NEWELL, Thomas M HENDERSON, Martha Ann 1827-Sep-14
NEWMAN, L F SCOTT, Sarah Jane 1883-Dec-26
NEWMAN, Seabourne FOSTER, Rebecca C 1855-Nov-29
NEWSOM, J J KELLY, E Mrs 1881-Dec-01
NEWSOM, Moses MARSHALL, Amy 1869-Apr-30
NEWSOM, York SHORT, Anna A 1868-Jan-18
NEWTON, Andrew GREEN, Patsy 1866-Feb-24
NEWTON, Benjamin KNOX, Sarah 1830-Jun-24
NEWTON, John W HERRINGTON, Emma L 1878-Nov-18
NICHOLS, David DAVID, Rebecca 1844-Jan-19
NICHOLS, J E REYNOLDS, Mollie C 1872-Jan-23
NIVILL, Thomas ROANE, Caroline 1851-Jan-29
NIX, James BUCKLEY, Elenor 1826-Feb-23
NIXON, George D HARRIS, Laura A 1866-Jun-28
NOBLE, A W MARBLE, Frances 1876-Jan-01
NOBLE, E F CARDEN, Maddie Mrs 1883-Feb-22
NOBLE, E F HULL, M M Mrs 1879-Sep-17
NOBLE, J A HIGGINS, Jno A 1890-Nov-20
NOBLE, J C MARLER, J A 1884-Nov-18
NOBLE, Virgil WEEKS, Margaret 1830-Jan-20
NOEL, Theodore DILLIARD, Eugenia 1841-May-31
NOLAND, T O RAGLAND, Lizzie 1900-Aug-22
NORMAN, Horace H PATTERSON, Nannie J 1876-Sep-20
NORTON, Galen PAYNE, Martha 1836-Mar-03
NORTON, H W NEAL, N L 1895-Oct-17
NORWOOD, G P BUFKIN, Hollie E 1888-Nov-30
NORWOOD, Luke T WILLIS, Katie 1900-Feb-04
NORWOOD, M E BROWN, W P 1880-Apr-21
NUGENT, Perry DORSEY, Louise 1825-Nov-17
NUSOM, Bryant WHITE, Josephine 1869-Jan-15
NUSOM, Henry FAUKSLEY, Carrie 1891-Feb-23
NUSOM, James H BRIDGER, Clarrissa Jane 1847-Oct-18
NUSOM, Matthew T BYRD, Rosetta Mrs 1867-Mar-06
NUSOM, Perry GOFF, Rachael 1866-Apr-12
NUSOM, Thomas A MCCLURE, Martha J 1858-Dec-21
NUSOM, W W SHANNON, Eula 1885-Dec-15
OBER, M A PATTERSON, J B 1891-May-20
OBER, M R BLAIR, J W 1887-Sep-07
OCONNOR, John H HARDING, Mildred 1880-Jul-28
ODEORNE, F M BERRY, Francis Elizabeth 1870-Aug-31
OGDEN, Henry JOHNSTON, Mary 1826-Jul-23
OKEEFFE, Dennis HENDERSON, Hulda Jane 1831-Apr-05
OLDER, Edgar G KENNARD, Katie M 1891-Jul-08
OLDHAM, William R GARDNER, Eleaner S 1838-Feb-07
OLIVAR, John JONES, Sadonia 1868-Feb-26
OLIVER, L R NESMUTH, N K Mrs 1888-Aug-09
OLIVER, William H POWERS, Laura A Mrs 1854-May-04
ONEAL, Patrick POWERS, Maggie 1870-Feb-09
ONEILL, Terry HOWELL, Lucinda 1827-Oct-30
OPP, Anthony FARLEY, Elizabeth L Mrs 1858-Mar-06
OSBORNE, Samuel H WALKER, Sarah Ann 1829-Apr-22
OSBURN, Samuel J SMITH, Sarah 1858-Jul-26
OSTEEN, Bluford DUNGAN, Harriet A 1868-Jan-15
OWEN, J J STEIN, Mary Ann 1872-Jan-03
OWEN, R A JEFFERIES, Ellen A 1876-Aug-15
OWEN, R G PAYNE, Parmelia Mrs 1882-Aug-30
OWEN, William LEMMONS, Jane 1829-Dec-12
OWENS, G R WALTONS, W N 1890-Apr-12
OWENS, Perry IRBY, Mary 1895-Nov-28
OWENS, Samuel B WHITE, Philina 1836-Feb-21
OWENS, Thomas CALEB, Rebecca 1828-Jan-08


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