Claiborne County Grooms

I - J

IKERD, E H HALL, Clara B 1892-Feb-02
IKERD, E H STAMPLEY, Ludie 1874-Nov-04
IMPSON, Benjamin ADIS, Martha 1820-Dec-08
INGE, Washington DISHAROOM, Nancy 1870-Feb-24
INGET, William DURHAM, Sarah 1823-Nov-15
INGLES, Thomas BARNES, Polly 1818-Jul-23
INGRAM, John A HURLEY, Mollie A 1871-Mar-04
INGRAM, Nicholas D LYON, Elizabeeth 1834-Dec-21
INGRAM, S M PRICE, Evan F 1873-May-22
INGROM, William MCKEE, Mary 1832-Mar-01
INMAN, A G STAGGS, Alice 1896-Apr-19
IRBY, G T CROW, M E 1872-Jan-13
IRBY, Hiram D CROW, Mary 1830-Mar-25
IRBY, J F TEMPLETON, Ella 1895-May-18
IRBY, J L BOXEN, Elizabeth 1884-Jul-05
IRBY, James CROW, Martha Agnes 1842-Jul-12
IRBY, John CURTIS, Elma L 1899-May-21
IRBY, John F GARRET, Lizzie 1885-Sep-14
IRBY, Joseph J GREEN, Laura Malissa 1874-Oct-06
IRBY, Wm J WESTROPE, Eugenia C 1874-Aug-31
IRISH, George APPLEGATE, Ann E 1831-Mar-30
IRLEY, William I LUPO, Elizabeth 1852-Oct-17
IRWIN, David D BRIDGES, May B 1847-Jul-15
IRWIN, James IRWIN, Eliza 1868-Oct-10
ISAACSON, Max BOCK, Regina 1893-Sep-03
ISBY, Harrison COPPER, Nancy Jane 1859-Jul-19
ISENBERG, Will BLOOMENSTIEL, Blanche 1896-Aug-05
ISRAEL, Elijah TAYLOR, Amelia J 1873-Jan-11
ISRAEL, Ernest HUMPHREYS, Olak 1896-Feb-04
ISRAEL, W M BOBO, Nettie 1899-Jun-25
IVEY, E R GREEN, Cora 1888-Dec-01
IVEY, Henry T TWINER, Mary 1845-Mar-28
IVIAN, Robert A VICK, Ann A 1826-Jun-19
JACKSON, Andrew WATKINS, Matilda 1869-Mar-11
JACKSON, Daniel MURRY, Eliza 1870-Dec-24
JACKSON, Isom BARNES, Malinda 1867-Sep-14
JACKSON, James JOHNSON, Maria 1870-Apr-02
JACKSON, Joseph LILES, Mary 1868-Jan-07
JACKSON, Nicholas HARRIS, Sallie 1870-Jul-16
JACKSON, Squire DICKSON, Caroline 1868-Jul-16
JACKSON, William JACKSON, Mary 1869-Oct-06
JACKSON, William WILLIAMS, Amanda 1870-Jul-23
JACKSON, William O SOBURN, Virginia 1856-Nov-08
JACOBS, Jesse Madison SMILEY, Ann Elizabeth 1858-Nov-16
JACQUES, George F COPELAND, Charlotte 1826-Jan-19
JAMES, Benjamin LILLY, Sarah 1824-Sep-23
JAMES, David A BARNES, Susan E 1852-Apr-25
JAMES, E H NEELLY, Rebecca C 1835-Aug-12
JAMES, James MOORE, Anna 1824-Mar-18
JAMES, John A MCMULLON, Rhoda 1833-Jul-25
JAMES, Lenson BARLOW, Elizabeth 1850-Oct-07
JAMES, Wm DIXON, Sallie 1886-Jan-14
JAMISON, John R PUCKETT, Catherine 1826-Nov-02
JANUARY, James WALKER, Malinda 1869-Jun-12
JARROTT, B E TAYLOR, Judia V 1899-Feb-16
JASPER, E T MOODY, R P 1893-Apr-09
JEFFERIES, Nathaniel PATTERSON, Lucy Raymond 1872-Nov-20
JEFFERS, Osburne JENNINGS, Jane 1819-Jan-25
JEFFERSON, N B HOLMES, Georgiana 1867-Mar-22
JEFFERSON, Thomas COLLINS, Nellie 1867-Nov-27
JEFFERSON, Thomas GAITHER, Sally Ann 1869-Feb-05
JEFFERSON, Thomas JEFFERSON, Delia 1868-Dec-05
JEFFRIES, William T SEVIER, Eliza D 1868-Dec-29
JELKS, James W BRISCAL, Margaret 1853-Mar-27
JENKINS, George DORTS, Jinny 1867-Jan-05
JENKINS, Henry COX, Elizabeth 1833-Jun-07
JENKINS, Marshall WHEAT, Lodusky 1870-Nov-15
JENKINS, Robert SCOTT, Larinda B 1859-Jan-08
JENKINS, Thomas STAMPLEY, Victoria 1854-Jul-28
JENKINS, Wesley JOHNSON, Cherry Mrs 1867-Feb-14
JENKINS, William MURPHEE, Polly 1817-May-10
JENNINGS, John J MARBLE, Mary D 1829-May-21
JENNINGS, Samuel L GUY, Elizabeth 1834-Jan-17
JILLMAN, G H WALLACE, Catharine 1850-Dec-17
JIMERSON, Elly W CORNELIUS, Permelia 1840-Sep-30
JOBE, David STAGG, Mary A 1872-Oct-16
JOBE, James NALLEY, M J 1895-Mar-25
JOBE, R A COOPER, Lizzie 1884-Jul-16
JOBE, Robert Allen WILDPRATT, Susan E 1861-Aug-29
JOHN, John W GOFF, Laurana S 1842-Feb-21
JOHNSON, Albert Sidney MCALPINE, Mary Hughes 1895-Aug-05
JOHNSON, Alfred BARROT, Aggy 1867-Aug-21
JOHNSON, Alfred OWENS, Elizabeth 1846-Jul-14
JOHNSON, Alfred TOLLIS, Aby 1867-Jul-06
JOHNSON, Andrew LORD, Catonm 1867-Sep-14
JOHNSON, Andrew WILLIAMS, Eliza 1866-Feb-27
JOHNSON, Archibald JOHNSON, Ann 1869-Mar-06
JOHNSON, Charles ALLEN, Jane 1869-Sep-19
JOHNSON, Charles RICHARDSON, Frances Jane 1865-Dec-27
JOHNSON, Charles E BRIGGS, Lillie 1877-Dec-21
JOHNSON, D T BAKER, Sallie 1894-May-26
JOHNSON, Daniel JOHNSON, Sarah Ann 1875-Nov-30
JOHNSON, Dempsey WEEKS, Rocks Anna 1870-Mar-12
JOHNSON, Edward LEGGETT, Esther 1819-May-25
JOHNSON, Edward Jr LEGGETT, Jude 1819-May-30
JOHNSON, Ellick FISHER, Ellen 1868-Feb-29
JOHNSON, Ephraim BOREN, Sarah J 1860-Jul-01
JOHNSON, Franklin Dr MCPHERSON, Ann M 1864-Jun-08
JOHNSON, G O NUSOM, Mary E 1891-Mar-21
JOHNSON, George W MCFATER, Ann 1842-Nov-14
JOHNSON, Henry HELM, Mary 1867-Nov-22
JOHNSON, Henry LOMAX, Ella 1870-Jun-16
JOHNSON, Henry THOMAS, Fanny 1869-Oct-19
JOHNSON, James WELSH, Mahala 1869-Feb-21
JOHNSON, James S COOPER, Mary E 1860-Jan-11
JOHNSON, Jerry WILSON, Betsy 1867-Sep-06
JOHNSON, Jerry Jr CHASE, Ginsey 1870-Jan-01
JOHNSON, John HERLONG, Acklin 1829-Apr-16
JOHNSON, John ROSS, Charlotte 1867-Apr-06
JOHNSON, John SHAIFER, Margaret 1850-Jul-17
JOHNSON, John N DAVIS, Penina 1836-Oct-24
JOHNSON, Johnson LUPO, Mary 1874-Mar-24
JOHNSON, Joseph GIVINGS, Rachael 1868-Nov-30
JOHNSON, Josiah HUDSON, Adaline 1855-May-29
JOHNSON, Kendell MITCHELL, Lucy 1868-Jun-13
JOHNSON, Lloyd MINOR, Harriet 1880-Jan-
JOHNSON, Lud HUIE, Martha 1870-Apr-19
JOHNSON, Michael CARTER, Ellen 1866-Apr-21
JOHNSON, Michael JOHNSON, Josephine 1870-Apr-09
JOHNSON, Michael WILCOX, Emily 1841-Feb-08
JOHNSON, Ned SMITH, Julia 1866-Dec-24
JOHNSON, Perry WILSON, Betsy 1866-Jan-04
JOHNSON, Preston CHRISTIAN, Eliza 1880-Jan-29
JOHNSON, R C DAVIS, Sarah 1878-Apr-06
JOHNSON, R P MORSE, S A Mrs 1885-Jan-19
JOHNSON, Richard HACKNEY, Chaney 1868-Aug-20
JOHNSON, Richard LUPO, Catherine 1874-Jun-29
JOHNSON, Richard PLEASANT, Rebecca 1868-Oct-24
JOHNSON, Richard REED, Sallie 1886-Nov-04
JOHNSON, Samuel WILLIAMS, Francis 1869-Jan-06
JOHNSON, Stephen HUMPHREYS, Evelina 1828-Dec-17
JOHNSON, Stephen ROSS, Lucinda 1873-Dec-18
JOHNSON, Thomas FLOYD, Maria 1857-Feb-27
JOHNSON, Thomas PURVIS, Elizabeth 1818-Mar-
JOHNSON, Webster LITTLETON, Winney 1870-Feb-26
JOHNSON, Willis JOHNSON, Actra 1870-Aug-11
JOHNSON, Wm ENGFINGER, Clarcy 1883-Dec-26
JOHNSTON, Edward THORP, Sarah 1824-Sep-02
JOHNSTON, Gideon GILBERT, Beaulah 1823-Dec-17
JOHNSTON, Joseph GRUBBS, Nancy 1822-Nov-28
JOHNSTON, Lonam G HENDERSON, Margaret J 1854-Jul-13
JOHNSTON, Wm SARGENT, Elizabeth 1818-Sep-24
JONES, A E HUGHES, Pulia 1888-Oct-22
JONES, A S MCMURCHY, E B 1891-May-09
JONES, Albert COX, Seger 1868-Dec-04
JONES, Armstead DEVINEY, Clara 1870-May-02
JONES, Augustus FLOWERS, Emily 1866-May-22
JONES, B K BAGGETT, Laura E 1875-Sep-24
JONES, C G SMITH, E J 1866-May-16
JONES, C M THOMPSON, I M 1891-Jun-24
JONES, Cuff PEARSON, Mariah 1868-Mar-20
JONES, Daniel FURGERSON, Adelaide 1869-Nov-17
JONES, David REEVE, Nancy 1818-May-27
JONES, Drury FISHER, Catherine 1827-Mar-07
JONES, Dudley A HUBBARD, Susan 1820-Feb-03
JONES, E D JONES, Anna M 1863-Aug-11
JONES, E D Jr BROCK, Margaret 1895-Dec-03
JONES, E P RICHMOND, Annie 1895-Feb-07
JONES, Eli MURPHY, Mary 1870-Feb-19
JONES, Felix A BURNETT, Emeline 1841-May-17
JONES, Filmer Green BURTON, Julia 1830-Sep-07
JONES, Frank WARWICK, Sarah Ann 1869-Oct-06
JONES, George HARRIS, Jane 1868-Jan-29
JONES, Henry BLACKSTONE, Alice 1873-Dec-11
JONES, Isaac HALL, Mary 1870-Oct-29
JONES, J W ADAMS, Ludie 1899-Dec-19
JONES, James D BROWN, Emma R 1858-Dec-16
JONES, Jesse GIBSON, Sarah 1823-Jan-30
JONES, Jesse STRONG, Sarah J Mrs 1854-Feb-17
JONES, John M COLEMAN, Martha E 1854-Nov-15
JONES, Joseph C CARPENTER, Jane H 1852-Jan-28
JONES, Martin G GREEN, Minerva 1831-Jun-13
JONES, Milton H CULVERSON, Keziah 1826-Mar-14
JONES, Moses WHITE, Lavina 1827-Oct-11
JONES, O D RODGERS, Fannie 1880-Oct-30
JONES, Reuben B STROTHER, Ann 1831-Sep-01
JONES, Robert BUTLER, Susannah 1845-Jul-28
JONES, Robert GLOVER, Charlotte 1867-Dec-25
JONES, S G PRICE, E E Mrs 1885-Mar-24
JONES, Thomas E ROANE, Laura A 1873-Apr-30
JONES, W A KELLY, Irene 1866-Mar-11
JONES, W H JONES, J E 1894-Jan-27
JONES, Will P YOUNG, Ettie W 1891-Mar-13
JONES, William RUNDELL, Millicent 1838-Nov-12
JONES, William SIMMONS, Sarah 1822-Jul-04
JONES, William S PATTERSON, Martha A 1880-Mar-05
JORDAN, B S MCFATTER, Aressa 1900-Aug-12
JORDAN, Bryant JORDEN, Harriette 1850-Dec-17
JORDAN, E C FIFE, Sallie E 1894-Oct-25
JORDAN, J F MCKAY, Florence 1900-Apr-25
JORDAN, James B LEE, Ellen O 1861-Dec-18
JORDAN, R F WALLACE, Eva 1896-Jul-30
JORDAN, Thomas MACKEY, Catherine 1823-Jul-24
JORDAN, W A JONES, Rosa 1895-Feb-28
JORDAN, Willie JORDAN, J M 1893-Jul-01
JORDEN, James FITZGERALD, Cassa 1817-Sep-05
JOURDAN, Henry L NEILL, Martha E 1856-Dec-23
JOURDAN, James R COOK, Eliza Mrs 1855-Nov-30
JOURDAN, John G GOODWIN, Phebe 1825-Oct-13

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