Claiborne County Grooms


FAEKERSON, George H MCALPINE, Emma M 1866-Jun-06
FAIRCHILD, John T MORRISON, Sarah Ann 1819-May-03
FAIRFAX, Robert ROBINSON, Mary 1867-Jan-02
FAIRLEY, John D TREVILLION, Annie 1866-Jan-25
FAITH, Archilus NEWMAN, Hancey 1825-Jun-30
FANCHESS, Marcellus STEWART, Nancy T 1866-Mar-15
FARIS, W W KELLEY, Annie A 1885-Dec-16
FARMER, Fetty P LYON, Margaret 1829-Nov-12
FARMER, George R MCCABE, Elizabeth 1856-May-04
FARMER, John L LYON, Mary 1828-Oct-11
FARREL, John MEANS, Cintha J 1871-Jul-19
FARRIS, Edward ADKINS, Henrietta 1880-Jan-24
FARRIS, M E BRENT, R O 1891-Oct-13
FARRIS, M Y HUDSON, M J 1882-Jan-12
FASSBOND, Rudolph HUBRON, Mary Mollier 1871-Mar-20
FAUGHT, John BROCK, Susan 1826-Jan-05
FAULK, Alfred JOHNSON, Clara 1877-Nov-05
FAULK, Alfred WHITE, Indiana 1824-Apr-15
FAULK, S F TRIPPIETT, Fannie S 1872-Apr-17
FAULK, William L BRIGGS, Mahatabel Mrs 1855-Jun-20
FAUNCHIE, George BRYCO, Nancy 1816-Nov-04
FELDMAN, Thos J COHEN, Cora Lec 1891-Oct-28
FELLOW, H B COOPER, E W 1893-Dec-20
FERGERSON, P H KELLY, Bella J 1891-Apr-15
FERGUSON, Jerry JOHNSON, Charlotte 1880-Jan-29
FERRIOTT, John B MCVOY, Caroline 1859-Jul-07
FIELDS, Erastus F MEARS, Margaret R 1871-Jul-19
FIFE, Andrew LINDSEY, Rosa 1897-Sep-19
FIFE, Berry P FIFE, Sarah 1838-Sep-24
FIFE, D S BUTTERS, Eliza E 1869-Dec-18
FIFE, Harry ROBERTS, Mary 1882-Feb-03
FIFE, Hiram WALTERS, Artisimia 1886-Jan-07
FIFE, Isaiah GLADDIN, Sarah 1848-   -
FIFE, John M WADE, Minerva 1839-Feb-18
FIFE, O C BAILY, M M 1888-Nov-15
FIFE, Ransom C BARLAND, Matilda 1854-Nov-23
FIFE, S S LILLEY, Elizabeth P Mrs 1879-Mar-05
FIFE, W A WEEKS, Carrie L 1897-Jul-01
FIFE, W J ROGERS, Cora L 1885-Dec-23
FIFE, Wesley MCMURCHEY, Martha 1863-Feb-18
FIFE, William COX, Malinda 1838-Jun-30
FIFE, William PURVIS, Ann 1823-Mar-03
FILLMAR, Robert Q GILMORE, Laura M 1852-Jan-14
FILYOWN, Abbott JONES, Ella 1867-May-15
FISCHER, Albert S ABRAHAM, Stella 1900-Oct-24
FISHER, A D RUSSELL, Elizabeth A 1896-Feb-09
FISHER, George DAVIS, Elizabeth 1818-Oct-03
FISHER, George W CLARKE, Louisa D 1847-Mar-23
FISHER, H F MADDEN, Margaret 1870-Dec-06
FISHER, L B HARRING, Amelia 1879-Feb-11
FISHER, Leemor BARNES, Francis E 1836-Jul-12
FISHER, Louis C SHAIFER, Mary B 1874-Jun-24
FISHER, Moses A LEVY, Julia 1881-May-02
FLANAGAN, Robert P SHILLINGS, Mary 1828-May-20
FLEMING, Eliphalet E DUNHAM, Ruth 1826-Oct-30
FLEMMING, Cuylus DAVIS, Serisa 1865-Dec-31
FLEMMINGS, James M WADE, Margaret A 1863-Dec-16
FLOOD, C H BARROT, H L 1893-Dec-14
FLOOD, Clarence THOMPSON, Emma Lee 1893-Dec-02
FLOWERS, Armstrong E SHAW, Catharine 1848-Jan-05
FLOWERS, Ephraim GRIFFING, A A 1849-Oct-17
FLOWERS, G B BLAND, Susan 1835-Sep-01
FLOWERS, Jesse MOODY, Myra 1900-Jun-14
FLOWERS, M E BEARD, J R 1900-Feb-22
FLOWERS, Monroe GRAVES, Ellen 1869-Jul-12
FLOWERS, Richard B GOUTRY, Ruth 1869-Mar-31
FLOWERS, Richard B RUNDELL, Mary E 1860-May-03
FLOWERS, Robert A HALE, Mary Ann 1845-Sep-22
FLOWERS, S J PEYTON, F A 1886-Dec-15
FLOWERS, W W RUNDELL, Nancy Mrs 1856-Jul-16
FLOYD, J F BAGGET, Francis A 1881-Jun-25
FLOYD, K E JOBE, Mahala 1896-Feb-02
FLOYD, Kenneth WILDPRATT, Sarah O 1869-Feb-13
FLOYD, Samues MCGINTY, Elizabeth 1833-Apr-10
FLOYD, Soloman JOHNSON, Hester 1869-Jul-04
FLYNN, George LION, Margaret 1836-Sep-21
FOLKES, Albert Augustine SPARKS, Fanny A 1861-Oct-07
FOLLMOR, Jacob SCHEIDT, A Mary 1846-Apr-07
FOOTE, Francis H COLE, Betty 1865-Oct-11
FOOTE, Hayward HENDERSON, Eliza 1866-Jul-12
FOOTE, William E BETHEA, M C 1874-Jan-12
FORBES, Aldin Spooner THOMPSON, Sarah Ann Mrs 1839-Feb-19
FORD, A L STRONG, Mariah 1897-Jan-25
FORD, Elias WHATLEY, Susanna 1868-May-03
FORD, J M COOPER, S A 1879-Dec-10
FORD, Richard H STAMPLEY, Anna 1870-Nov-10
FORREST, Robert GRAY, Clarinda 1868-Dec-29
FORTNER, L H LUM, Fannie 1887-Dec-01
FORTNER, Martin THORNTON, Catherine 1841-Dec-21
FOSTER, A H Jr DAVENPORT, Kate 1898-Sep-05
FOSTER, A R CALVIT, Matilda 1835-Apr-01
FOSTER, C H DREXLER, Jennie 1876-Mar-31
FOSTER, Charles W DOCHTERMAN, Emma F 1868-Dec-29
FOSTER, E E B EMERICK, J W 1879-Apr-17
FOSTER, Edgar DEAN, Fanny B 1874-Mar-07
FOSTER, G O WALLACE, Sallie 1881-Jan-25
FOSTER, Hugh ARNOLD, Winney 1822-Dec-26
FOSTER, J W WILLIAMS, Anna J 1883-Jan-02
FOSTER, John GLOVER, Altha 1856-Oct-15
FOSTER, John WELLS, Emma 1876-Jan-19
FOSTER, S E GRICE, B F 1881-May-10
FOSTER, Shadrack COX, Milly 1817-Jan-27
FOSTER, Wallace DIXON, Pascallena 1869-Aug-03
FOSTER, William FOSTER, Emma 1839-Jan-15
FOSTER, William JOHNSTON, Rebecca 1835-Nov-12
FOSTER, Willie HICKS, Luty 1896-Jul-29
FOSTER, Wm SWANSON, Maria 1873-Dec-13
FOX, Stephen WILLIAMS, Catharine 1866-Nov-03
FOY, Andrew KENNEDY, Martha Ann 1847-Mar-10
FRAKES, Thompson HALL, Ferriby 1824-Feb-16
FRANCIS, James BROWN, Martha 1851-May-01
FRANKENBUSH, Jacob GRAVES, Ellen A 1857-Feb-24
FRANKLIN, Prince SALES, Helen 1867-Mar-02
FRANKLIN, Wm TOWNSEND, Martha 1865-May-19
FRASHIER, J A DIXON, Amy 1869-Jul-24
FRAZIER, Burgess SMITH, Mary 1868-Dec-30
FRAZIER, Charles PERKINS, Sillet 1870-Jan-27
FRAZIER, Henry JACKSON, C 1865-Dec-23
FREELAND, Thomas SKINNER, Lavinia 1828-May-06
FREELAND, Thomas Jr BEALL, Cecelia 1854-Jul-20
FREELAND, Thomas Jr BELL, Sarah A 1847-Mar-23
FREELICK, Gideon LLOYD, S P 1900-Jun-14
FREEMAN, Hinchey QUINE, Nancy 1833-Dec-19
FREEMAN, Isaac SEVIERE, Charlotte 1823-Nov-27
FREEMAN, John Alfred SHANNON, Archillo 1867-Jan-01
FRENCH, Armstead ARCHER, Matilda 1870-Aug-27
FRENCH, C A DAVENPORT, Cynitha 1881-Dec-16
FRENCH, E B ABY, L W 1884-Dec-15
FRENCH, Quincy A GOFF, Myra A 1846-Dec-29
FREY, Ludwig ROSEN, Alice 1859-Feb-09
FREY, Robert FRY, Jane 1869-Oct-08
FRIAR, Isaac A ANDERSON, Caroline 1833-Mar-19
FRISBY, Alvah RUNDELL, Eliza 1837-Jul-18
FRISBY, Henderson SIMS, Martha 1843-Jan-23
FRIZELL, William MORRISON, Rachel 1821-Jun-14
FRUIT, Henry ELLIS, Omy 1866-Jun-23
FRY, Baily WILLIAMS, Patience 1869-Oct-05
FRYER, William PAGE, Kiziah Mrs 1833-Aug-24
FUEKERSON, Horace S MCBRYDE, Charlotte E 1845-Feb-26
FULLER, Ambrose MEARS, Amanda 1872-Jul-05
FULLER, Daniel KELLY, Mary Mrs 1883-Dec-08
FULLER, Geo Wash GRAY, Mary 1873-Dec-23
FULLER, J E MEADERS, Mary J 1874-Apr-31
FULLER, Wm H MCCAA, Minnie A 1890-Oct-28
FULLERTON, Samuel PATTERSON, Mary 1840-Jul-18
FURGUSON, Charles BROWN, Caroline 1868-Dec-30
FURGUSON, Henry ROSE, Angeline 1868-Feb-02
FURR, Isaac GOZA, Eliza Jane 1879-Jan-13
FURR, J N JONES, Emma E 1888-Jan-11
FURR, W P JONES, Della 1890-Jan-25


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