Claiborne County Grooms


ABBEY, Dock PIERCE, Kattie 1869-Dec-29
ABBOT, Dock ABRAHAM, Alice 1865-Dec-19
ABRAHAM, Louis LEVY, Julia 1876-Sep-06
ABRAHAM, N M A JOSEPH, C 1900-Oct-28
ABY, L W FRENCH, E B 1884-Dec-15
ABY, Thomas J SMITH, Helen A 1855-Dec-18
ADAIR, Thos R GIRAULT, Anna 1891-Oct-06
ADAMS, Hiram T KINNISON, Sarah 1842-Oct-20
ADAMS, Isaac D CLARKE, Maria E 1846-Dec-22
ADAMS, Peter YARBER, Georgeanna 1870-Jul-02
ADAMS, Randel STEVENS, Ella 1870-Aug-19
ADAMS, W L BUICK, Kate 1883-May-26
ADAMS, William T MCCLELLAN, Mary R 1859-Oct-18
ADDISON, William JOHNSON, Page 1869-Dec-30
ADKINS, Prince DIXON, Heta 1869-Jan-07
ADOLPHUS, Johnson BOWMAN, Nancy 1867-Jan-19
AGNEW, Hugh MCCALL, Eliza 1841-Jun-08
AIRBRIDGE, Taylor CAMBELL, Amanda 1868-Jun-20
ALEXANDER, David ELDRIDGE, Mary Ann 1827-May-31
ALEXANDER, Davidson H DICKINSON, Mary E 1855-Jan-28
ALEXANDER, John B RICHARDSON, Mary E 1844-Jun-19
ALEXANDER, Samuel GREEN, Jane Mrs 1869-Jul-01
ALEXANDER, William HUDSON, Martha 1848-Sep-13
ALFORD, Gideon ROBINSON, Lear 1836-Sep-17
ALFORD, Jesse FIFE, Peggy 1817-Jul-08
ALFRED, Sylvester NUSOM, Martha J 1867-Jan-24
ALLEN, Benjamin F MCCALL, V A 1864-Jun-28
ALLEN, D N REMBERT, Mary H M 1867-Feb-15
ALLEN, G W WILSON, Elizabeth 1895-Jul-18
ALLEN, Henry W CRANE, Salome A 1844-Jul-01
ALLEN, James B BRISSOE, Lucy A 1881-Apr-12
ALLEN, Ned WOODS, Caty 1867-Mar-03
ALLEN, Richard WALLACE, Hannah 1866-Apr-12
ALLEN, Samuel E LESTER, Frances Amanda 1836-Jun-29
ALLIN, Andrew J KILCREASE, Joanna 1842-May-03
ALLISON, Andrew BOLLS, Mary 1844-Nov-15
ALLRED, Wm SEGRESS, Sallie 1884-Nov-25
ALRED, A H SEGRIST, Mittie 1891-Sep-17
ALSTON, William HOLMES, Maria 1867-Sep-18
ALVIS, John A MCCALL, Eliza 1848-Jun-08
ALVISS, Joseph FLOWERS, Mercy 1827-Aug-28
ANDERSON, George W SUSTER, Mary E 1879-Feb-24
ANDERSON, Henry F GREEN, Martha Ann 1876-Aug-05
ANDERSON, James MAYS, Mary Ann D Mrs 1834-Mar-30
ANDERSON, James C STERLING, Sarah 1875-May-15
ANDERSON, John ADAIR, Anna Mrs 1896-Jan-09
ANDERSON, John ANDERSON, Christina 1873-Nov-10
ANDERSON, John SMITH, Ellen 1867-Oct-05
ANDERSON, John W GREEN, Jennie L 1875-Dec-21
ANDERSON, Johny TEMPLETON, Jennie 1890-Feb-06
ANDERSON, Lomax BUCKNER, Nellie F 1867-Oct-31
ANDERSON, Lomax S PERSON, Louisa A 1898-Jul-14
ANDERSON, Noah C FLOWERS, Elizabeth Ann 1871-Jul-26
ANDERSON, Patrick MOODY, Belle 1899-Jul-05
ANDERSON, Peter PETERSON, Anna Justiana 1887-Feb-13
ANDERSON, R B MOREHEAD, Maria T 1899-Jan-26
ANDERSON, W H WOMACK, Mary 1900-Jan-07
ANDERSON, Wm SARGENT, Sarah 1818-Aug-15
ANDREWS, James Dr BRISCOE, Olivia 1838-Jan-25
ANDREWS, John W CLARK, Leleta A 1853-Dec-15
ANGEL, George W JOHNSON, Martha 1843-May-11
ANTHONY, Russell THOMPSON, Nova 1890-Sep-07
ANTHONY, W A FORD, Zenohio A Mrs 1884-Nov-11
ANY, William MCALPIN, Mary 1817-Aug-02
APPLEGATE, George P DORSEY, Eliza 1825-Jul-28
APPLEGATE, Thomas H WHITNEY, Anna 1872-Nov-13
ARCHER, Jacob HOLMES, Charlotte 1866-Dec-24
ARCHER, Richard BARNS, Ann 1834-Sep-01
ARCHER, Stephen BARNES, Katherine Mrs 1834-May-06
ARCHIE, Baltimore LEWIS, Harriett 1869-Sep-03
ARCHIE, Hannibal MURPHY, Henrietta 1868-Sep-26
ARMITAGE, R A FISHER, Alice 1884-Jan-04
ARMSTEAD, B D HEMPHILL, Essie 1881-Dec-06
ARMSTRONG, Alexander BENTLEY, Ann 1835-Jul-22
ARMSTRONG, Alexander RUNDELL, Rachel 1830-Jul-07
ARMSTRONG, Levi SIMMON, Orris 1866-Apr-06
ARNETTE, J D SMITH, C A 1900-Apr-11
ARNOLD, Thomas BAKER, Minnie 1898-Aug-26
ARNOLD, William W FOSTER, Phoebe Ann 1832-Aug-22
ARRINGTON, Robert E BERRY, Bielzora 1847-Dec-15
ARTHORS, Robert HAY, Mary Ann 1830-May-20
ARTHUR, Isham COOK, Cynthia 1832-Dec-23
ARTHUR, Isham WISEMAN, Mary 1819-Jan-16
ARTHURS, George REESE, Nancy 1825-May-05
ASHLEY, E J TOLER, J M 1881-Dec-21
ASHLEY, T J N RODGERS, M T Mrs 1897-Nov-03
AUGUSTUS, Reed JOHNSON, Harriet 1868-Dec-05
AUSTIN, Emanuel TREVILION, Eliza 1868-Oct-17
AUSTIN, Henry H BELL, Malinda J 1844-Aug-18
AVER, Daniel G SONG, Isabella I 1848-May-10
AYERS, Lewis COCHRAN, Betsy 1829-Jan-09


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