Claiborne County Brides


TAGGART, Meanerva A TAYLOR, W L 1874-Mar-07
TANKSLEY, Allie MCFATTER, Jno A 1893-Dec-20
TANKSLY, Augusta WATSON, Thomas C 1891-May-20
TANNAHILL, Sinia BRINSON, James 1837-Jan-13
TANNEHILL, Eliza ROHILIA, Emanuel 1822-Nov-14
TANNEHILL, Tennessee BRIDGES, Elias 1818-Nov-19
TANNER, Charlotte CARPENTER, Lawrence L C 1822-Aug-06
TANNEYHILL, Sally SALES, Alex 1869-Jul-03
TARPLEY, Missouri HOWARD, Nicholas C 1844-Aug-19
TATE, Ana Mrs GLASON, George N 1876-Jun-29
TATUM, Esther W WALL, John J 1858-Mar-09
TAYLOR, Alice ROBERTS, Joseph W 1876-Feb-02
TAYLOR, Amelia J ISRAEL, Elijah 1873-Jan-11
TAYLOR, Celia CLARKE, Isaac 1869-Dec-28
TAYLOR, Celia CLARKSON, E W 1871-May-13
TAYLOR, Charlotte WILLIAMS, Prince 1870-Jul-18
TAYLOR, Cornelia MYERS, Isaac 1869-Dec-28
TAYLOR, Damerine CAMERON, John 1819-Nov-20
TAYLOR, Emily Mrs HUGHES, Samuel 1870-Jul-09
TAYLOR, Emma WILLIAMS, Thomas 1869-Oct-12
TAYLOR, Hezekiah STOKER, Cynthia Ann 1833-May-15
TAYLOR, Judia V JARROTT, B E 1899-Feb-16
TAYLOR, Julia Ann CLEURY, John 1823-Jun-09
TAYLOR, Lizzie MCCAA, D E Sr 1896-Aug-06
TAYLOR, Louisa WILLIAMS, Henry 1869-Jul-14
TAYLOR, Maria BARNES, Major 1867-Apr-22
TAYLOR, Martha M Mrs CADE, Robert 1846-Jul-08
TAYLOR, Mena BESSAC, Charles 1865-Nov-28
TAYLOR, Minerva MCCAA, W W 1890-Nov-27
TAYLOR, Nancy NELSON, Peter 1828-Oct-23
TAYLOR, Phoebe HICKMAN, Paris A 1828-Nov-17
TAYLOR, Sarah WILSON, William 1880-May-22
TAYLOR, Sarah M RITCHEY, Leonard B 1832-Feb-06
TAYLOR, Silas GOZA, Francis 1853-Dec-11
TAYLOR, Susan KINCKE, Edwan 1872-Jul-03
TEMPLETON, Ella IRBY, J F 1895-May-18
TEMPLETON, Jennie ANDERSON, Johny 1890-Feb-06
TEMPLETON, Jennie BAKER, Jake 1897-May-04
TEMPLETON, Sallie IRBY, Monroe 1896-Dec-24
TEMPLETON, Sarah Jane BRUCE, Wm H 1877-Apr-22
TERRIL, Kemilla WHITE, Gloster 1867-Jul-13
TERRILL, Phillis MCCRAY, Tillman 1866-May-19
TERRY, Atline C BYRD, John T E 1830-Dec-17
TERRY, Emiline NEIL, Charles C 1829-Dec-19
THALER, Lottie PARKER, Herman 1872-Feb-22
THARP, Louvenia LEGGITT, William 1827-Jul-28
THARP, Nancy ROBERTS, David 1821-May-17
THERFORD, Polly NEEL, Robert 1830-Aug-17
THETFORD, Florence L WATSON, John A 1893-Apr-12
THOMAS, Alma BRUCE, R W 1891-Oct-03
THOMAS, Barbara SMITH, Elias 1866-Sep-20
THOMAS, E L HERLONG, George W 1858-Aug-18
THOMAS, Esther SHELVY, Essex 1868-Nov-07
THOMAS, Fanny JOHNSON, Henry 1869-Oct-19
THOMAS, Josie D MILLER, P Y 1885-Mar-16
THOMAS, Lizzie DAVIS, Silar 1869-May-15
THOMAS, Mary CAMPBELL, J G 1881-Nov-21
THOMAS, Mary DOUGLASS, Marshall 1866-Jul-07
THOMAS, Serena HARPER, Warren 1870-Jan-13
THOMAS, Viney THOMAS, Lewis 1869-May-20
THOMPKIN, Jennie M MCNEILLTHOMAS, Thomas B 1866-May-22
THOMPSON, Adeline MARTIN, James 1867-Dec-27
THOMPSON, Amanda TREFOE, James 1845-Feb-12
THOMPSON, Ann HARRISON, John 1869-Mar-11
THOMPSON, Anna L ELLIS, F A 1895-May-22
THOMPSON, Betsy YARBER, Harvey 1867-Mar-09
THOMPSON, Charlotte WORTHINGTON, Loyd 1867-May-18
THOMPSON, Elizabeth W WILSON, Chas W 1833-Nov-20
THOMPSON, Emily HUGHES, Samuel 1837-Dec-30
THOMPSON, Emma Lee FLOOD, Clarence 1893-Dec-02
THOMPSON, Enchel CONGER, William 1817-Mar-04
THOMPSON, Hannah TAYLOR, Benoni 1836-Jul-27
THOMPSON, I M JONES, C M 1891-Jun-24
THOMPSON, Ida MARTIN, T J 1890-Jan-08
THOMPSON, Jane DEMUS, Cary 1867-Oct-12
THOMPSON, Jane Mrs CLARK, Benjamin M 1834-Jan-05
THOMPSON, Laura WILKINS, Samuel 1868-Jun-02
THOMPSON, Mary Ann BUTLER, Samuel H 1837-Oct-25
THOMPSON, Matilda WILSON, John P 1853-Mar-28
THOMPSON, Mattie B BROWN, P H 1871-Nov-10
THOMPSON, Myra RUSH, Samuel 1834-Oct-01
THOMPSON, Nancy DILLINGHAM, Alfred D S 1820-Jun-20
THOMPSON, Nova ANTHONY, Russell 1890-Sep-07
THOMPSON, Olivia KELLY, W P 1883-Jan-17
THOMPSON, Sarah Ann Mrs FORBES, Aldin Spooner 1839-Feb-19
THOMPSON, Sophia GUSTENE, Lemuel 1838-Jan-31
THONTON, Nancy C RUNDELL, Jacob 1838-Oct-10
THORNTON, Catherine FORTNER, Martin 1841-Dec-21
THORNTON, Nancy SETTLE, Edward D 1840-Dec-21
THORP, Sarah JOHNSTON, Edward 1824-Sep-02
THROCKMORTON, Elizabeth RAGSDALE, Elisha 1818-Jul-15
THROCKMORTOR, Lucy ROWLS, John C 1830-Aug-24
TICKELL, Rhoda E HALL, Thos H 1895-Oct-02
TIDWELL, Sarah BRIDGES, John 1831-Dec-23
TILL, Savanah KIND, J L I 1890-Aug-28
TILLMAN, Ada STRAHAN, L H 1897-Jun-06
TILLMAN, Laura E WEATHERSBY, Thomas A 1856-Aug-13
TILLMAN, Lillie DOREMUS, M A 1891-Jul-01
TILLOTSON, Tansey VAUSE, Samuel P 1824-Jan-17
TINSLEY, Josephine SNYDER, C S 1879-Jan-29
TISTARD, Eugenia DILLARD, Wiley 1836-Jan-13
TIZER, Elizabeth CHRISTIAN, John 1830-Dec-08
TOLBERT, Amanda BASLEY, Hickman 1868-Dec-29
TOLEN, Laura HOUPTMANN, Ernie 1888-Mar-13
TOLEY, Jane PERKINS, Caleb 1883-Dec-01
TOLLIS, Aby JOHNSON, Alfred 1867-Jul-06
TOMILSON, Susan H COLLINS, Wiley V 1837-Feb-20
TOMPKINS, Eliza HUGHES, Jasper 1869-Mar-07
TOWNSEND, Martha FRANKLIN, Wm 1865-May-19
TRAVILLIAN, Jessie MCCAA, D E Jr 1882-Aug-14
TRAVILLION, Martha Mrs LILLEY, Miles 1846-Jan-10
TREVILION, Eliza AUSTIN, Emanuel 1868-Oct-17
TREVILION, Martha NESMITH, Cornelius B 1865-Feb-15
TREVILLION, Annie FAIRLEY, John D 1866-Jan-25
TRIM, M A Mrs BRIDGERS, T J S 1878-Feb-07
TRIMM, C E COEN, W P 1879-Sep-27
TRIPLET, Emeline LUSTER, George W 1829-Mar-14
TRIPPIETT, Fannie S FAULK, S F 1872-Apr-17
TROWER, Caroline TARVER, John 1834-Apr-05
TRUET, Nancy CORBETT, Obie 1818-Nov-19
TRUETT, Charlotte CARRINGTON, Henry 1867-Jul-04
TRULY, Amanda CLARK, Charles B 1836-Jan-18
TRULY, Judith Amanda ROBINSON, Augustus W 1822-Dec-23
TRULY, Laura VAUGHAN, Willis 1870-Apr-02
TRULY, Lidia Mrs CLARK, Elijah L 1833-Jul-01
TUCKER, Caroline THROWER, John C 1830-Jun-09
TURNER, Alice YOUNG, Gilbert 1869-Mar-00
TURNER, Eliza MORRIS, Wilson 1867-Mar-28
TURNER, Eliza Mrs BURCH, William H 1872-Sep-04
TURNER, Harriet HARRIS, John 1869-Jan-16
TURNER, Mary SCOTT, George 1869-Dec-29
TURNIPSEED, Harriet F WALTERS, John W 1866-Jan-10
TURNIPSEED, Mary E WALTER, W A 1898-Mar-02
TURNIPSEED, Panola LOW, D A 1888-Jan-10
TURNIPSEED, Sue C WALTERS, Joseph 1867-Jan-10
TURNISSEED, Mathilda BRYAN, W B 1892-Jan-27
TURPIN, Ella D DRAKE, E S 1869-Sep-24
TUTT, Frances SELZER, Hiram 1827-Dec-30
TWINER, Frances DAVIS, John 1827-Mar-29
TWINER, Martha J PHILLIPS, Abner N 1855-Apr-08
TWINER, Mary IVEY, Henry T 1845-Mar-28

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