Claiborne County Brides

P - Q

PAGE, Jane Willis POWERS, Uriah B 1847-Oct-19
PAGE, Kiziah Mrs FRYER, William 1833-Aug-24
PAGE, Lizzie PERINO, Samuel 1870-Sep-29
PAHNKE, Christinona BOBO, C B 1896-Apr-11
PAINE, Lizzie PORTER, Henry 1869-Aug-14
PALDIN, Tena KEIZER, Green 1866-May-22
PALMON, Gabriella THOMPSON, Henry 1869-Feb-23
PAN, Louisa A RENAND, William G 1835-Mar-02
PARHAM, Lizzie EMERICK, George P 1866-Jan-08
PARHAM, Sallie GILBERT, Nathan 1868-Dec-17
PARISH, Polly COLEMAN, Michael 1823-Oct-03
PARKAN, Emma J GREEN, James C 1872-Dec-16
PARKER, Charlotte GRAY, Andrew 1867-Mar-02
PARKER, Eugenia B COLTHORP, J A 1866-Oct-11
PARKER, Fannie PERKINS, James I 1898-Jan-09
PARKER, Martha Rosss DUNCAN, Samuel P 1854-May-04
PARKER, Mollie ROAN, Walter 1895-Apr-25
PARKER, Nancy CLEVELAND, William 1821-May-15
PARKER, Patsy CLARKE, Ben 1867-Jan-30
PARKER, Pennie ELLIOTT, R W 1888-Dec-01
PARKER, Sallie HARRELL, Horace 1893-Sep-03
PARKER, Sylvia WEDDINGTON, David 1866-Sep-15
PARKMAN, Laura DAVIS, John H 1894-Jun-19
PARKS, Clarissa LEE, Francis B 1828-Dec-13
PARKS, Cynthia Ann ELLIS, David C 1844-Feb-19
PARKS, Elizabeth STRONG, Abel 1847-Jan-13
PARKS, Elizabeth THOMPSON, Thomas W 1839-Jan-29
PARKS, Elizaeth THOMPSON, Thomas W 1839-Jan-28
PARKS, Margaret WILSON, Robert 1850-Jan-31
PARKS, Rachel CLARK, Robert 1836-Dec-29
PARKS, Sarah BRISCOE, Eli C 1830-Jan-20
PARMER, Malinda HUMPHREYS, William 1870-Mar-21
PARSONS, Mattie Mrs BIRD, Geo Y 1888-Jul-18
PATE, Mary RICHEY, Geo W 1835-May-09
PATTEN, Ester W SHAIFER, Stephen P 1845-Nov-19
PATTEN, Rhoda KENLY, James H 1836-Mar-03
PATTERSON, Jane CLAIBORNE, Osman 1832-May-29
PATTERSON, Lucy Raymond JEFFERIES, Nathaniel 1872-Nov-20
PATTERSON, Martha A JONES, William S 1880-Mar-05
PATTERSON, Mary FULLERTON, Samuel 1840-Jul-18
PATTERSON, Nannie J NORMAN, Horace H 1876-Sep-20
PATTERSON, O J Mrs BAKER, Wilson 1857-Sep-19
PATTERSON, Sidia TAYLOR, Louis 1867-Nov-23
PATTERSON, Viney COFFEY, Joseph 1868-Dec-26
PATTISON, Ann KEY, Ellick 1869-Apr-04
PATTISON, Anna B GATES, E C 1880-Sep-14
PATTISON, Judy CEVILLION, Henry 1869-Feb-13
PATTISON, Mary S Mrs BARRETT, G W 1884-Oct-04
PATTON, Alice W SIMMS, Ludolphus A 1875-Jun-02
PATTON, Angusta DODD, John 1851-Feb-06
PATTON, Artemis PEYTON, Ephraim S 1831-Mar-25
PATTON, E B COLSON, Jacob 1897-Jun-26
PATTON, Eliza DAVENPORT, Presly 1847-Oct-26
PATTON, Ellen DAVIS, Ater 1837-Oct-10
PATTON, Ellenor WATKINS, Benjamin 1826-Jul-16
PATTON, Emily HOLLIDAY, Thomas 1836-Oct-07
PATTON, Louissa MACKLEMORE, James 1870-Jul-25
PATTON, Mary A M EAGAN, John R 1844-Sep-28
PATTON, Myra E YOUNG, T R Dr 1877-Jun-16
PATTON, Nancy Ann RAWLS, Daniel L 1854-Jan-28
PATTON, Sally DELANEY, Spencer 1867-Aug-03
PATTON, Sarah GRAVES, Joseph 1834-Apr-12
PATTON, Virginia E GRIFFIN, J W 1834-Feb-17
PAUL, Martha A ROBINSON, Joseph 1832-Oct-17
PAUL, Martha Ann BEALE, William 1848-Apr-03
PAUL, Matilda RAGSDALE, Robert 1819-Nov-21
PAYNE, Ema S WILKINSON, James 1852-Nov-11
PAYNE, Martha NORTON, Galen 1836-Mar-03
PAYNE, Nancy E WHARTON, William 1844-Jul-20
PAYNE, Parmelia Mrs OWEN, R G 1882-Aug-30
PEARCE, Emeline STARNES, Moses D 1847-Apr-13
PEARSON, Clara V HARRWOOD, Thos M 1884-Apr-12
PEARSON, L S WOODS, S J 1892-Feb-27
PEARSON, Lizzie CHRISTMAS, Ed 1869-Aug-27
PEARSON, Mariah JONES, Cuff 1868-Mar-20
PEARSON, Mary G HARWOOD, S 1880-Nov-10
PEERS, Malissa LYON, Harmon R 1838-Jun-12
PELMORE, Gabarilla PLEASANT, George 1869-Jul-04
PENDLETON, Ann SMITH, Jesse 1842-Mar-17
PENNEVOKER, Phebe MONROE, Henry 1869-Jul-19
PERKINS, Abba WILLIAMS, George 1868-Dec-28
PERKINS, Adaline E DAVENPORT, David Shelby 1853-Dec-20
PERKINS, Belle STEPHEN, Francis M 1865-Oct-30
PERKINS, Bettie NEALS, William 1870-Feb-09
PERKINS, Blanche A SMITH, W E 1886-Dec-08
PERKINS, Celeste ELLIS, John 1870-Mar-19
PERKINS, Cornelia STEPHENS, Wm M 1862-Sep-10
PERKINS, Dorinda A GREEN, Stephen L 1858-Jun-15
PERKINS, E L PERKINS, Henry C 1858-Sep-23
PERKINS, Emma MARLING, D W 1886-Dec-29
PERKINS, Hettie D WILLIAMS, Theodore W 1884-Jan-03
PERKINS, Jennet C GRIFFING, Lumkin G 1874-Jan-21
PERKINS, Josephine BRUCE, William Maddison 1877-Dec-26
PERKINS, Lillian SORRELS, Sidney 1898-Feb-23
PERKINS, Minerva WEST, William 1841-Jul-17
PERKINS, Polly J MOORE, James 1827-Jan-10
PERKINS, Rebecca E DABNEY, Thomas P 1856-Sep-03
PERKINS, Sarah R BARROT, Joseph E 1860-Oct-11
PERKINS, Sillet FRAZIER, Charles 1870-Jan-27
PERRY, Hester Ann STREET, William 1869-Jul-03
PERRY, Mary GARDINER, Jesse 1841-Jan-18
PERRY, Rachel MINTER, Lemuel 1869-Sep-11
PERSON, Louisa A ANDERSON, Lomax S 1898-Jul-14
PETERSON, Anna Justiana ANDERSON, Peter 1887-Feb-13
PETT, Hollie S PARKER, W L 1891-May-07
PEYTON, F A FLOWERS, S J 1886-Dec-15
PEYTON, Harriet YARBER, Perry 1867-Oct-18
PHELAN, Fannie SYALL, Joseph D 1853-Jan-05
PHILIPS, Amanda R WRIGHT, James R 1837-Sep-28
PHILIPS, Caroline M GERMAN, Robert B 1838-Jan-09
PHILLIPS, Amanda VANN, Charles 1877-Aug-15
PHILLIPS, Charlotte WHEELEN, George 1849-Oct-11
PHILLIPS, Cynthia HALL, Samuel 1826-Mar-23
PHILLIPS, Eliza RICHMOND, Jasper 1839-Feb-19
PHILLIPS, Florence King WHITNEY, Samuel 1844-Oct-06
PHILLIPS, Georgia VAN, Thomas L 1892-Feb-23
PHILLIPS, Louisa L MCCLURE, James 1830-Jan-23
PHILLIPS, Martha Ann DOCHTERMAN, Benjamin 1843-Mar-18
PHILLIPS, Mary MCNEELY, John R 1846-Dec-06
PHILLIPS, Mary Ann ROBINSON, Benjamin F 1874-Feb-16
PHILLIPS, Mary E PARKER, M H 1891-May-20
PHILLIPS, Matilda BECK, James Harrison 1868-Dec-21
PHILLIPS, Rachel EVANS, George W 1825-Feb-18
PHILLIPS, Thena Ann CLARKE, William 1826-Sep-15
PHILLIPS, Victoria SNYDER, Charles L 1893-Dec-13
PICARD, Bertha LEVY, Henry S 1881-Nov-14
PICHETT, Inoiana SCOTT, Williams S 1850-Nov-05
PICKARD, Satira SMITH, Ben 1867-Jun-17
PICKEN, Fanny BROWN, William 1869-Sep-19
PIERCE, Abie HAWKINS, George 1869-Nov-18
PIERCE, Alice LONG, Payton 1866-Dec-26
PIERCE, C C HAWKINS, Edna 1896-Mar-04
PIERCE, Jenny Lind SPILLER, Wade 1869-Jan-31
PIERCE, Kattie ABBEY, Dock 1869-Dec-29
PIERSON, Margaret KELLEY, Ephraime 1853-Mar-25
PILMORE, Charity WATT, Lewis 1870-Oct-29
PLEASANT, Charlotte Mrs THOMPSON, Crockett 1870-May-20
PLEASANT, Mary SLATER, Frank 1870-Jan-25
PLEASANT, Rebecca JOHNSON, Richard 1868-Oct-24
POILS, Susan C MCDOUGALL, Daniel 1839-Jun-10
POLITH, Mary Ann SHUK, Jacob 1828-Oct-01
POLLE, Louisa KEISKER, Adolph 1873-Dec-13
POOL, Isabella A P WESTROPE, Jno B 1864-Oct-06
POOL, Nancy J M W P MELTON, Seth P 1855-May-11
POOL, Rebecca F P HOUSTON, Robert S 1856-Jun-09
POOL, Sarah Louisa W P RUSH, Asbury W 1846-Feb-04
POOL, Sarah W P NEILL, William Jr 1865-Aug-31
PORTER, Charlotte DANIEL, Soloman K 1856-Jan-20
PORTER, Clara ROAN, John A 1887-Oct-13
PORTER, Lizzie MARSHALL, Benjamin 1870-Oct-27
PORTER, M E HARLAN, A L 1887-Jul-07
PORTER, Mattie MCCLURE, J T 1891-Dec-22
PORTER, May WILLIAMS, Tom 1867-Feb-09
POTEET, Frances J Mrs WINTERS, William C 1855-Nov-19
POTTER, Susan BOLLS, John F 1842-Jul-12
POTTS, Emily CARLISLE, T C 1892-Jan-25
POWELL, Elizabeth TREVITT, William 1821-Aug-02
POWELL, Eugenia DAVIS, R E 1895-Dec-14
POWELL, Mary COGDELL, A K 1899-Aug-06
POWELL, Mary E LUM, Erastus W 1873-Dec-23
POWELL, Nancy MARLER, George 1825-Dec-20
POWELL, Nancy I HUTCHINS, Samuel 1842-Mar-29
POWERS, Alice E BAGNELL, Samuel 1874-Nov-03
POWERS, C M Mrs HURST, Noble 1896-Jul-14
POWERS, Delia A WRIGHT, Charles E 1860-Mar-20
POWERS, Emma W COOPER, Henry G 1887-Dec-21
POWERS, Jane Mrs WILSON, Richard G 1866-Aug-01
POWERS, Laura A Mrs OLIVER, William H 1854-May-04
POWERS, M E HARVEY, George W 1870-May-10
POWERS, Maggie ONEAL, Patrick 1870-Feb-09
POWERS, Martha PHILLIPS, James L 1835-Jun-27
POWERS, Mattie J WHITAKER, Charles W 1874-Jan-03
POWERS, Olive B HARPER, John J 1860-Nov-12
POWERS, Sarah E MILLER, G W 1876-Mar-28
POWERS, Sophy POWERS, Allen 1869-Jan-09
POWERS, Victoria R CURTISS, Robert S 1878-Apr-09
PREKET, C T Mrs BRAITHWAITE, Harrison John 1876-Dec-26
PREYER, Harriet BROWN, N J 1867-Jun-04
PRICE, Catherine WATSON, Early C 1877-Jan-03
PRICE, E E Mrs JONES, S G 1885-Mar-24
PRICE, Elizabeth DART, Christopher 1823-Jul-03
PRICE, Ella D HIGHLANDER, J K 1888-Feb-25
PRICE, Louisa PORTER, Draper 1837-Jan-07
PRICE, Margaret SNODGRASS, John 1827-Jan-15
PRICE, Mary E GREEN, Amus 1867-Mar-28
PRICE, Tilda HUNTLEY, W T 1883-Dec-27
PRINCE, Babyssa HUMPHREYS, George Wilson 1844-Jan-23
PRINCE, Martha Mrs HELM, William B 1861-Jan-13
PRINCE, Myra Jane KNOX, Andrew 1828-Dec-30
PRIOR, Sally BOOTH, John 1828-Apr-06
PRIOR, Sarah BOOTH, John 1826-Aug-31
PRITCHARD, Alonza GILCHRIST, M S 1883-Feb-07
PRUITT, E R GIBSON, A J 1884-Aug-26
PUCKETT, Catherine JAMISON, John R 1826-Nov-02
PUCKETT, Mary Ann PRICE, George 1837-Sep-23
PUCKETT, Rechel P BRUCE, Benjamon W 1820-May-25
PURDY, Ann W MCDOUGALL, William A 1839-Jan-07
PURNELL, Sally SCOTT, Paul 1870-Jul-04
PURVIS, Alice CURTIS, L J 1891-Jun-13
PURVIS, Ann FIFE, William 1823-Mar-03
PURVIS, Elizabeth JOHNSON, Thomas 1818-Mar-
PUTNAM, Bethsheba HENDERSON, Thomas 1830-Feb-11
PUTNAM, Charity MASON, Green 1867-Dec-27
QUINE, Nancy FREEMAN, Hinchey 1833-Dec-19
QUINN, Mary RIMMER, William 1857-Sep-22
QUIRE, Martha O KIMBALL, George C 1866-Jan-02


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