Claiborne County Brides



NAILOR, Narcissa BELT, Stephen 1867-Jul-21
NALLEY, M J JOBE, James 1895-Mar-25
NALLY, M J MCMAHAN, J F 1880-Mar-19
NANCE, Mary Elizabeth Mrs SCHAAF, 1877-Feb-08
NASH, Priscella NASH, Henry 1868-Jul-04
NAUSON, Sallie DUPREE, M M 1888-Feb-11
NEAL, Rebecca J Mrs SIMS, William M D 1856-Dec-03
NEELEY, Eliza Ann HAWKINS, Joseph P 1830-Apr-17
NEELLY, Mary J EDWARDS, Benjamin C 1857-Jan-07
NEELLY, Rebecca C JAMES, E H 1835-Aug-12
NEIL, Elizabeth C TIDWELL, Gideon G 1826-Dec-29
NEIL, Martha L MAGRUDER, Isaac D 1868-Dec-21
NEILL, Leuanna GOFF, William B 1827-Oct-04
NEILL, Martha E JOURDAN, Henry L 1856-Dec-23
NELSON, Christine LAWSON, Henry 1873-Jan-09
NELSON, Lula V HULLUM, G T 1886-Apr-29
NELSON, N J ROBERTS, Berry 1881-Jan-13
NESMITH, Clara DARDEN, C B 1895-Oct-09
NESMITH, Clara WADE, W R 1890-Jan-08
NESMITH, Maria BRIDGES, John D 1865-Feb-12
NESMITH, Susan E CHILDS, F A 1869-Nov-29
NESMUTH, N K Mrs OLIVER, L R 1888-Aug-09
NETRE, Fanny GASENBERGER, Wolf 1857-Oct-21
NETRE, Maria LEVEY, Lazard 1856-Jan-02
NETTRE, Bettye BENJAMIN, Samuel 1861-Apr-19
NEWELL, Sarah COMPTON, William T L 1836-Feb-01
NEWLAND, Eliza GARVEY, Alex 1870-Nov-26
NEWMAN, Hancey FAITH, Archilus 1825-Jun-30
NEWMAN, Harriet DAVIS, John 1868-Dec-28
NEWMAN, Martha MCCAA, David 1837-Dec-04
NEWMAN, Mollie N WHITE, J L 1900-Oct-02
NEWMAN, Rachel WALKER, Enoch 1868-Jan-29
NEWMAN, Thelma BROOKS, Joseph 1817-Sep-06
NEWMAN, Zerrilla E LUPO, James L 1875-Feb-04
NEWSOM, Charlotte SANDERS, Jefferson 1870-Nov-05
NEWSOM, Fanny BULLIT, Valentine 1870-Jan-18
NEWSOM, Katie S BENTON, J B 1895-Dec-03
NEWSOM, May E COBB, H P 1881-Sep-10
NEWTON, Eliza MARSHALL, John 1867-Oct-20
NEWTON, Sarah Mrs WILSON, Arva 1832-Sep-04
NICHOLLS, Mary Jane HARRISON, Wade 1841-Dec-07
NICOLLS, Celest Ann MOORE, Robert F 1834-May-29
NIDEFFER, Lizzie BROWN, Frederick 1861-Nov-17
NILE, Margaret HAMILTON, Cyrus 1817-Jan-24
NOAH, Dafney MUNOR, Peter 1869-Jul-09
NOBLE, Emily J POOLE, William F 1867-Jun-19
NOBLE, Fannie NESMITH, Italy 1871-Nov-11
NOBLE, Jane MOORE, Joseph 1826-Jun-08
NOBLES, Elizabeth GRIDDON, James D 1830-Jun-18
NOBLES, Margaret GREER, William 1836-Dec-14
NOREL, Catherine GRISSAM, William 1838-Jan-08
NORRELL, Amanda CHRISTIAN, Nicholas H 1824-Aug-21
NORRELL, Amanda COE, Francis P 1824-Oct-19
NORRELL, Martha O GOULEY, George 1861-Apr-23
NORRELL, Mary LUSTER, Mills 1823-Dec-11
NORRELL, Matilda MATTHEWS, Samuel 1821-Jan-18
NORWOOD, Allah E SMITH, William R 1874-Dec-15
NORWOOD, C E JORDAN, J W 1899-Apr-04
NORWOOD, Lena A WALTON, J T 1882-Jul-14
NORWOOD, Mary A BUFKIN, Thos W 1886-Mar-11
NOWAN, Rebecca GREEN, Manuel 1866-Jun-23
NUGENT, Ann Elizabeth MOODY, Nathaniel P 1845-Sep-22
NUGENT, Louisa RUSK, William L 1834-Apr-10
NULL, Mary BANKS, Phillip 1870-Jul-30
NUSOM, Martha J ALFRED, Sylvester 1867-Jan-24
NUSOM, Mary E JOHNSON, G O 1891-Mar-21
NUSON, Jenny BAGGERT, S C 1890-Feb-20
NUTT, Henrietta CONGO, William 1866-Oct-15
ODENIDE, Darcus DORSEY, Chapman 1867-Mar-15
OGDEN, Margaret H MCDONALD, E H 1837-Jun-16
OGLESBY, Thiodosia CAMPBELL, Joseph 1888-Dec-26
OGLSBY, Rose Elizabeth TEMPLE, Jas H 1888-Dec-26
OLIVAR, Emma WHITE, Jacob 1869-Feb-13
OKEEFFE, Huley J LARGANT, James C 1835-May-01
ONEIL, Martha WADE, Jeff 1881-Mar-25
ONEW, Jennie MCCLOUD, William 1882-Jan-29
OQUINN, Hannah HOLT, Riley 1869-Jul-15
OQUINN, Nannie KELLEY, Cornelius W 1875-Oct-20
ORILEY, Mary RYAN, Thomas 1851-Jun-18
ORNEY, Harriet HALL, Squire 1880-Feb-07
OSBURNE, Mary SMITH, Samuel 1817-May-05
OSTEEN, Tabitha DAVIS, Albert 1883-Dec-07
OSTEIN, Martha Ann KENNEDAY, James 1854-Jan-27
OVERAKER, Ann RIDER, Henry 1836-Jan-27
OWEN, Ellen C THORNTON, John H 1867-Jun-03
OWEN, Frances HEZEKIAH, Smith T 1852-Jun-03
OWEN, Thersa LYONS, Robert 1871-Feb-21
OWENS, Elenor THOMPSON, James W 1837-Apr-13
OWENS, Elizabeth JOHNSON, Alfred 1846-Jul-14

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