Claiborne County Brides


FADE, Rebecca KITCHENS, John 1830-Mar-06
FAEKERSON, Sallie GAGE, James A 1866-Apr-24
FANBER, Louisa WILLIAMS, Perry 1866-May-21
FARLEY, Elizabeth L Mrs OPP, Anthony 1858-Mar-06
FARMER, Emily GARNIER, Paul 1856-Sep-07
FARMER, Mary A GILLESPIE, Marcus A 1854-May-16
FAUKSLEY, Carrie NUSOM, Henry 1891-Feb-23
FAUKSLEY, Mollie LORD, A Y 1880-Jan-13
FAULK, Indiana HALL, Henry H 1843-May-16
FAVORS, Belle CLINTON, Isaac 1890-May-17
FERGUSON, Hannah WHEELER, George 1824-Jul-04
FERGUSON, Jane PARKER, William 1869-Dec-30
FERRIOT, Mary COOPER, William 1857-Apr-06
FIELDS, Mary QUIGLES, Charles 1869-Jun-12
FIFE, Annie DAVENPORT, Pressly 1886-Feb-02
FIFE, Lillie CAGDELL, Robert 1893-Dec-17
FIFE, Matilda DIXON, Beverly A 1846-Dec-22
FIFE, Mattie POWELL, S E 1897-Sep-29
FIFE, Peggy ALFORD, Jesse 1817-Jul-08
FIFE, Sallie E JORDAN, E C 1894-Oct-25
FIFE, Sarah FIFE, Berry P 1838-Sep-24
FIFE, Temperance DIXON, James 1848-Nov-02
FISHER, Alice ARMITAGE, R A 1884-Jan-04
FISHER, Catherine JONES, Drury 1827-Mar-07
FISHER, Ellen JOHNSON, Ellick 1868-Feb-29
FISHER, Emeline Mrs SHAW, James 1832-Oct-08
FISHER, Ida E LUSTER, G W Dr 1887-Feb-22
FISHER, Katie HUTCHINS, M 1899-Dec-21
FISHER, Lucinda MCGILPIN, Yorick 1838-Jun-15
FISHER, Martha LYNCH, Edmund 1865-Dec-27
FISHER, Martha Jane WINKLER, Jacob 1851-May-22
FISHER, Mary MCGEE, Thomas 1818-May-14
FISK, Nancy HANEY, Aaron 1835-Jun-23
FITSGERALD, Ann GRUBBS, James A 1838-Apr-26
FITZGERALD, Cassa JORDEN, James 1817-Sep-05
FLETCHER, Mary BROWN, Dock 1867-Sep-21
FLOWERS, Adelia ENDREWS, Robert C 1880-Mar-30
FLOWERS, Amanda LEGGETT, Wright 1823-Feb-20
FLOWERS, Anna S THOMPSON, L A 1865-Oct-25
FLOWERS, Effie HARPER, C C 1898-Dec-21
FLOWERS, Elizabeth DILLARD, Allen B 1825-Dec-29
FLOWERS, Elizabeth MORRIS, Thomas T 1828-May-05
FLOWERS, Elizabeth YOUNG, Claiborne 1830-Feb-04
FLOWERS, Elizabeth Ann ANDERSON, Noah C 1871-Jul-26
FLOWERS, Emily JONES, Augustus 1866-May-22
FLOWERS, Helen B POWERS, George M 1856-Sep-24
FLOWERS, Huldah KING, John L 1824-Jun-10
FLOWERS, Joicy F BONEN, W R 1879-Dec-12
FLOWERS, Josephine M CARROLL, Meshause 1829-Dec-05
FLOWERS, Lizzie A CORBIN, R C 1887-Dec-28
FLOWERS, M C Mrs PURVIS, T M 1887-Sep-06
FLOWERS, Mary STAMPLEY, Jacob E 1823-Mar-27
FLOWERS, Mary THORNTON, M O 1891-Oct-02
FLOWERS, Mary A SHERMAN, H 1835-Oct-13
FLOWERS, Mattie THORNTON, Jno A 1893-Nov-23
FLOWERS, Mattie J CURTISS, D S 1883-Jan-02
FLOWERS, Mercy ALVISS, Joseph 1827-Aug-28
FLOWERS, Omera L STRONG, Gerron 1866-Aug-22
FLOWERS, Phebe CUMMINGS, Tobias 1822-Nov-10
FLOWERS, Sarah V POWERS, John R 1847-Sep-24
FLOWERS, Sarah V STRONG, E L 1870-Dec-21
FLOWERS, Sudie A BRYANT, W A 1879-Dec-30
FLOWERS, Susan MCCOMB, Samuel 1844-Sep-04
FLOWERS, Susann TURPIN, Daniel 1830-Jan-27
FLOYD, Maria JOHNSON, Thomas 1857-Feb-27
FOOTE, Jennie PERKINS, Pinkard M 1867-Jun-04
FOOTE, May A BEGGS, John 1858-Mar-17
FOOTE, N C Mrs PHELPS, James F 1884-Jun-18
FOOTE, Nora Cole BRASHEAR, A K 1896-Apr-15
FOOTE, Rosa E WOOD, W A 1893-Apr-11
FORBES, Betty WATKINS, Edward 1865-Dec-27
FORBES, Elizabeth WALLACE, James 1828-Apr-24
FORBES, Louisa PRICE, William 1836-Apr-09
FORD, Augusta MCCRAY, George 1868-May-16
FORD, Louisa LEWIS, Green 1866-Apr-19
FORD, Margaret HUGHES, George 1868-Feb-08
FORD, Zenohio A Mrs ANTHONY, W A 1884-Nov-11
FOSTER, Adaline HARRISON, Joseph 1836-Jun-02
FOSTER, Anne LUMBLEY, Turner 1821-Dec-25
FOSTER, Caroline BALDWIN, Loren H 1824-Feb-19
FOSTER, Delila GOODWIN, William H 1827-Feb-02
FOSTER, Elizabeth B HEDRICK, Peter 1867-Jan-06
FOSTER, Ella E WRIGHT, Hansford 1878-Jul-15
FOSTER, Emily MILES, David 1866-Dec-25
FOSTER, Emma FOSTER, William 1839-Jan-15
FOSTER, Hollie E SIMMONS, Samuel 1865-Oct-18
FOSTER, Ida J DOCHTERMAN, Benjamin 1896-Jun-30
FOSTER, Jane GRODICK, M J 1888-May-31
FOSTER, Lavinie T GIBSON, Levi M 1827-Dec-20
FOSTER, Linda BENSON, Kennel 1870-Dec-14
FOSTER, Martha R WILLIAMS, Tyra C 1891-Jul-17
FOSTER, Mary PERKINS, Caleb 1868-Jan-23
FOSTER, Mary Ann WHEELER, George 1830-Jun-10
FOSTER, Mary D BONEN, George F 1876-Dec-11
FOSTER, Mattie V GRAY, C H 1893-Apr-10
FOSTER, Olivia A WALLACE, J C 1885-May-06
FOSTER, Phoebe Ann ARNOLD, William W 1832-Aug-22
FOSTER, Rebecca BEASLEY, William 1820-Apr-24
FOSTER, Rebecca HARLAN, Eanos 1832-Dec-29
FOSTER, Rebecca C NEWMAN, Seabourne 1855-Nov-29
FOSTER, Rosanna RODRICK, John A 1856-Oct-15
FOSTER, Ruth LICK, David I M 1863-Sep-29
FOSTER, Ruth R DAUGHERTY, Wm 1867-Jan-24
FOSTER, Sarah E GOOLSBY, Samuel 1871-Dec-20
FOSTER, Vickie A EMERICK, Thomas A 1878-Feb-05
FOURNGMET, E L SIDDON, Elisha A 1883-Jan-01
FOWLER, Elizabeth BOOLL, Bernhart 1817-Jun-22
FOX, Ann EINHART, Adam 1843-May-18
FOY, Virginia LYONS, Virginia 1860-Apr-08
FRANKLIN, Martha GERMAN, William A 1869-Dec-23
FREELAND, Catherine DANIELS, Smith C 1849-Jan-09
FREELAND, Eliza DIEFFERWITH, James M 1871-Jan-16
FREELAND, Sarah F BUCKNER, Robert H 1830-Nov-01
FREELAND, Susan H SMITH, Frederick 1834-Nov-06
FREEMAN, Nancy C MARBLE, Ira 1853-Jan-01
FRENCH, Lizzie HARPER, Titus 1868-Oct-03
FRENCH, Valencia J A REYONOLDS, Joseph 1851-Mar-03
FREY, Elizabeth BURNS, James 1839-Jan-05
FRIER, Elizabeth E THOMPSON, William 1830-Feb-23
FRISBY, Adaline GALLNEY, Robert 1837-Jan-17
FRISBY, Clarrisa GALTNEY, Joshua J 1836-Oct-25
FRISBY, Harriet M GRIFFING, John J 1836-Mar-20
FRISBY, Mary Ann SMITH, John Coleman 1846-Jan-19
FRISBY, Thirza GRIFFING, David C 1834-Nov-13
FRIVER, Joyce BINGHAM, C A 1849-Oct-28
FRY, Jane FREY, Robert 1869-Oct-08
FRY, Sophia CULVISS, Mike 1870-Aug-13
FRYDINZER, Sylvia LEWIN, Dirharon 1853-Dec-14
FUCKS, Leah ROBINSON, James 1825-Mar-01
FULKS, Leah ROBINSON, James 1826-Oct-10
FULTON, Laura BROWN, J W 1850-Sep-17
FURGERSON, Adelaide JONES, Daniel 1869-Nov-17
FURR, Mary O WEST, Isaac L 1878-Feb-09


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