Claiborne County Brides


AARONS, Levinia HUDNEL, Iasih 1818-Jan-08
AARONS, Sally WHITE, John C 1823-May-29
ABBEY, Lucinda VAN HORN, James 1825-Mar-03
ABBY, Ann KEMP, Benjamin 1868-Jul-25
ABERCROMBIE, Susan HARING, Cornelius 1830-Jan-14
ABRAHAM, Alice ABBOT, Dock 1865-Dec-19
ABRAHAM, Bertha SON, N A 1879-May-20
ABRAHAM, Stella FISCHER, Albert S 1900-Oct-24
ABRAMS, Cynthia Ann COX, George W 1842-Jan-18
ABRAMS, Elvira Sarah MADDOX, Anderson B 1837-Dec-12
ABY, Augustus S COOPER, Robert Samuel 1881-Nov-22
ABY, E Kate DARDEN, Pat 1885-Nov-05
ABY, H Alice SUGG, Lucius V 1887-Nov-08
ABY, Mary Jane BARNES, William 1841-Dec-22
ADAIR, Anna Mrs ANDERSON, John 1896-Jan-09
ADAIR, Emma CLARKE, W A 1891-Sep-03
ADAIR, Martha KINNESON, Nathaniel 1832-Mar-06
ADAIR, Mary CLARK, J A 1891-Sep-03
ADAMS, Anna WEEKLY, Henry 1865-Dec-20
ADAMS, Josephine SMOTHERS, Williams 1870-Aug-04
ADAMS, Ludie JONES, J W 1899-Dec-19
ADAMS, M L HARVEY, John B 1869-Dec-28
ADAMS, Nancy M CLARK, John W 1855-Jul-08
ADAMS, Tresa BRAZELTON, Edward W 1825-Aug-11
ADDISON, Annie BRAXTON, Wm H 1894-Oct-02
ADDISON, Elizabeth WASHINGTON, Thomas 1869-Jul-26
ADDISON, Jane TIMPSON, Green 1869-Aug-07
ADIS, Martha IMPSON, Benjamin 1820-Dec-08
ADKINS, Henrietta FARRIS, Edward 1880-Jan-24
ADKINS, Penny ROSS, Washington 1866-Sep-08
ADKINS, Rosa BAILEY, Louis 1870-Apr-28
ADKINS, Rose ROSS, Isaiah 1866-Sep-08
AKEN, Nancy CALHOUN, Peter C 1833-Dec-25
ALEXANDER, Fanny PERKINS, Ishmael 1867-Jun-29
ALEXANDER, Mary E WHIPPLE, John 1854-Feb-23
ALEXANDER, Matilda PERRY, Olivar 1867-Nov-28
ALFORD, Catherine MCEVERS, Archibald 1824-Sep-02
ALFORD, Fanny DENTON, Solomon G 1824-   -
ALISON, Martha SIMMONS, Thomas 1821-Jan-18
ALISTER, Mary DAVIS, Sammie 1818-Jul-26
ALL, Sophia E MURPHY, Andrew W 1820-Dec-31
ALLEN, Bertha NESMITH, E F 1899-Jan-26
ALLEN, Elizabeth A RUSSELL, William 1851-Jul-22
ALLEN, Emeline CARTER, William 1841-May-25
ALLEN, Emma E MOREHEAD, B H 1895-Apr-30
ALLEN, J C MARLER, Jno I 1892-Jun-03
ALLEN, Jane JOHNSON, Charles 1869-Sep-19
ALLEN, Jennie HARTLEY, H T 1892-Dec-15
ALLEN, Margaret PARKES, John C 1821-Dec-27
ALLEN, Sally GOING, Thomas 1820-Feb-10
ALLISON, Jenny RUNDELL, Isaac 1868-Mar-21
ALLRED, Eugenia CARAWAY, E D 1887-Dec-21
ALSTON, Betsy Ann ENLOE, James R 1827-Dec-20
ALSTON, Elizabeth E HENDERSON, John F C 1830-Nov-20
ALSTON, Sarah Ann WALKER, Emmanuel J 1828-Jan-17
ALTHLON, Elizabeth GOSHOON, Jno R 1888-Apr-09
ALVIS, Mercy SCARBOROUGH, Patrick N 1824-Jan-05
ANDERSON, Amanda HUTCHINS, Patrick H 1868-Oct-22
ANDERSON, Ann HYDER, Frank 1868-Dec-29
ANDERSON, Annie E WEATHERBY, R J 1900-Jun-03
ANDERSON, Caroline FRIAR, Isaac A 1833-Mar-19
ANDERSON, Christina ANDERSON, John 1873-Nov-10
ANDERSON, Elizabeth CHATHAM, James 1853-May-04
ANDERSON, Elizabeth DUNCANS, William 1868-Jul-25
ANDERSON, Laura EASTERLIN, Henry 1863-Apr-07
ANDERSON, Mary Ann KILLIAN, John 1849-May-03
ANDERSON, Mary Ann ROBINSON, Henry 1869-Jan-21
ANDERSON, Myra WARD, W J 1897-Nov-04
ANDERSON, Polly SWORDS, John 1841-Oct-02
ANDERSON, Rebecca HALLMAN, Henry 1875-Dec-25
ANDERSON, Sarah E CARTER, W T 1874-Nov-19
ANDERSON, Sarah I HUTCHINS, Samuel 1864-Jan-27
ANDERTON, Priscilla BRADFORD, Murphy 1819-Sep-05
ANDREW, Murrian POTTER, James 1850-Jan-21
ANDREWS, Catherine REEVES, E A 1887-Jan-02
ANDREWS, Charlotte WHITE, Jack 1870-Feb-28
ANDREWS, E A COLEY, A L 1894-Dec-24
ANDREWS, Eliza HENDERSON, Thomas 1866-Apr-03
ANDREWS, Fannie CLARK, H W 1885-Dec-30
ANDREWS, Jane HUTCHINSON, William 1848-Mar-03
ANDREWS, Maria ELMORE, Levi 1865-Jan-12
ANNETTE, Julia M WEEMS, L C 1891-Dec-16
ANTHONY, Mary A GOODMAN, John C 1881-Aug-02
APPLEGATE, Ann E IRISH, George 1831-Mar-30
APPLEGATE, Louisa Caroline MOORE, Peyton E 1847-Nov-18
APPLEGATE, Mary J ELLIS, Richard M 1838-Jan-29
APPLEGATE, Zora BOW, John D 1866-Feb-17
ARBRIL, Sally CARTER, Simon 1866-Sep-15
ARCHER, Catharine C HARPER, Robert W 1841-Sep-04
ARCHER, Gracie GILMORE, Prince 1869-Jul-31
ARCHER, Lizzie B PERCY, J R Dr 1870-Apr-19
ARCHER, Matilda BUTLER, Moses 1867-Dec-14
ARCHER, Matilda FRENCH, Armstead 1870-Aug-27
ARENHAND, Ann Mrs BAUMGARD, Charles H 1870-Oct-31
ARINTON, Betsey POWELL, John 1824-Jun-06
ARMISTED, B D MIDDLETON, Kelaugh 1900-Aug-15
ARMOND, Pearl LUDKE, Henry 1894-Aug-15
ARMSTRONG, Eliza STUART, James G 1834-Feb-04
ARMSTRONG, Frances GUILMINOT, Simon 1831-Jun-02
ARMSTRONG, Marie BOYES, James 1821-Aug-09
ARMSTRONG, Phobe DORSEY, Richard 1818-Apr-28
ARMSTRONG, Rachel GRANDON, Wesly 1866-Mar-08
ARMSTRONG, Sally WOODWARD, Thomas 1821-Apr-23
ARNOLD, Winney FOSTER, Hugh 1822-Dec-26
ARONS, Nancy GAFF, Randolph 1896-Dec-22
ARONS, Phebe LOVEJOY, John L 1825-Apr-22
ARTHUR, Cynthia DEAN, William 1837-Jul-24
ARTHUR, Lucy BALDWIN, Mordecai 1826-Sep-10
ARTHUR, Obediance YATES, Isnatius 1827-Jan-12
ARTHUR, Patsy WHITE, Benjamen 1819-Dec-23
ASHLEY, Antonia CREWS, T E 1897-Dec-16
ATCHINSON, Mollie BALLARD, Robert 1880-Jan-31
ATLER, GREENWALT, Jacob 1835-Apr-04
AUSTIN, May A GOZA, John Gibson 1866-Aug-23


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