Chickasaw County Grooms

W - Z

WADE, H T DOSS, M E Miss 1891-Oct-07
WAGGONER, Charles B WISEWELL, Estelle E 1893-Oct-04
WAGGONER, Walter JOHNSON, Annie 1894-Mar-03
WAGNER, Walter MILLER, Hettie 1884-Jul-12
WAITS, James HUNT, Mollie 1886-Nov-20
WALDEN, J T HAGUE, Eddie 1891-Apr-08
WALKER, Alex GORDON, Milly 1888-Apr-25
WALKER, Alfred PULLIAM, Irene 1898-Jan-05
WALKER, Anthony BEAN, Rox 1895-Nov-14
WALKER, Antony BOWEN, Isabell 1893-Nov-18
WALKER, Granville BOWERS, Nancy Lee 1897-Jul-07
WALKER, Green EZELL, Butty 1888-Jun-03
WALKER, H W BROWN, Elvira 1900-Feb-23
WALKER, J F POUNDS, F A 1866-Mar-17
WALKER, J R BARNES, Ida 1886-Dec-16
WALKER, James KING, Sidney Ann 1899-Jan-23
WALKER, James MOORE, Bettie 1886-Dec-21
WALKER, John DELASHMENT, Carrie 1896-Oct-04
WALKER, John T WHITE, Della 1893-Feb-14
WALKER, Marshall BUCHANAN, Winnie 1886-Dec-27
WALKER, Reuben JORDAN, Vina Mrs 1883-Apr-23
WALKER, Richard SHANNON, Sallie 1890-Feb-23
WALKER, Robert Lee GATES, Mary 1887-Jan-27
WALKER, Thomas WALKER, Amelia 1887-Jan-13
WALKER, Tom GUNN, Mary Mrs 1896-Jan-16
WALKER, Voylie SPRINGER, Lou 1886-Dec-25
WALKER, Will LOGAN, Antoinette 1896-Dec-24
WALKER, Willie BOWEN, Anna 1893-Dec-22
WALL, John C EWING, Charity 1888-Apr-04
WALLACE, Bob BURKELY, Martha Ann 1884-Dec-13
WALLACE, Charley WILLIAMS, Ida 1898-Dec-29
WALLACE, Clint BUCHANAN, Emma 1893-Jan-03
WALLACE, Rial STANFIELD, Mary 1895-Jan-05
WALLACE, Umphrey GRAHAM, Lavina 1900-Mar-28
WALLER, G W HILL, Addie 1889-Nov-29
WALLER, M R MONTCASTLE, Emma 1888-Oct-31
WALLIS, Wilborne BELL, Judy 1896-Dec-22
WALLS, Albert WILLIAMS, Jane 1895-Jun-15
WALLS, Frank BUCHANAN, Palestine Mrs 1884-Dec-13
WALLS, George WORTHY, Molie 1886-Oct-28
WALLS, July FOSTER, Susan 1898-May-21
WALLS, Neely GATES, Sarah 1892-Jun-21
WALLS, Taylor GLADNEY, Susie 1889-Jan-03
WALTON, Amos W WHEELER, Fannie 1892-May-09
WAMBLE, Henry HOWELL, Effie 1893-Jun-11
WARD, Frank GRIGGS, Susie 1883-May-10
WARD, Lennie LAWSON, Jean Anna 1893-Nov-30
WARD, Marshall WOODS, Mattie Lee 1891-Oct-01
WARD, Peter CUNNINGHAM, Callie 1896-Nov-19
WARD, Peter WHITE, Emma 1890-Jun-07
WARD, S L WHITEHEAD, Bottie 1866-Jun-16
WARD, W A FOY, Lillie A 1897-Dec-01
WARD, William WHEELER, Mary Blanche 1898-Dec-20
WARE, Harrison MCINTOSH, Maria 1897-Dec-26
WARE, Perry CAROTHERS, Rosa 1900-Dec-26
WARE, Perry EZELL, Ruth 1893-Oct-29
WARE, Peter FEATHERSTON, Paralee 1895-Dec-23
WARE, Reese MCINTOSH, Susie 1896-Dec-27
WARE, Wiley THOMAS, Mollie 1897-Oct-21
WARE, William WHEELER, Maggie 1891-Nov-21
WATKINS, Isaac MUNSON, Mollie 1895-Mar-21
WATKINS, S M BIRD, Mary 1894-Dec-09
WATSON, Ben ROCKETT, Ida 1893-Dec-25
WAYNAN, William KYLE, Annie 1888-Oct-10
WEAVER, David WEAVER, Emily Mrs 1888-Jan-02
WEAVER, W F RAY, Elizabeth 1866-Apr-01
WEDDLE, W E WHITE, Allien 1867-Mar-02
WELDEN, William E LUCAS, Sallie Ann 1892-Dec-28
WELDON, J W B FLAHERTY, Ellen M 1886-Oct-10
WELLS, Sam CARTER, Jennie 1895-Nov-25
WELLS, William PRYOR, Annie 1891-Aug-27
WETHERALL, Henry HARRIS, Elizabeth 1890-May-04
WHEELER, Abe DANIEL, Fannie 1900-Mar-11
WHEELER, Calvin LUCAS, Lucy 1891-Jan-07
WHEELER, Green RUCKER, Sallie 1889-Aug-24
WHEELER, Hezekiah HENRY, Emma 1892-Jan-27
WHIFFIN, Jordan RANDLE, Mandy 1888-Mar-17
WHITAKER, Albert CLARK, Bama 1893-Dec-28
WHITE, A J THOMAS, Bettie 1897-Mar-07
WHITE, Ady MERRITT, Belle 1888-Sep-16
WHITE, Alex DANIEL, Ella 1888-Jan-07
WHITE, Andrew MONTGOMERY, Bertha 1892-Mar-13
WHITE, Asberry HOWARD, Emma 1896-Dec-25
WHITE, Ben ORR, Lena 1891-May-28
WHITE, Benjamin GATES, Harriet 1884-Dec-21
WHITE, Calvin MULLINS, Flora 1888-Jan-07
WHITE, Cank RHODES, Maggie 1898-Dec-18
WHITE, Cank SIMS, Hattie 1889-Nov-28
WHITE, D W MCMURRY, Lucy 1898-Mar-02
WHITE, Foster DUDLEY, Sarah 1889-Feb-27
WHITE, Foster GOREE, Patsy 1886-Dec-22
WHITE, George Lee TINDALL, Helene J 1900-Jun-02
WHITE, Hence FIELDS, Candice 1886-Mar-14
WHITE, James B RILEY, Mattie A 1866-Dec-09
WHITE, Joe Thomas NIX, Dink 1900-Nov-20
WHITE, Julius WHITE, Mattie 1884-Jan-30
WHITE, Mack LAWSON, Susanna 1899-Mar-26
WHITE, Moses MCCLENDON, Lucy 1888-Nov-29
WHITE, Nichodemus BOUCHER, Rosa 1899-Aug-20
WHITE, Richard LUSBY, Fannie 1900-Apr-14
WHITE, Robert BAKER, Katy 1895-Feb-27
WHITE, Robert KELLY, Ada 1900-Dec-21
WHITE, Sam GUNN, Nancy 1893-Jan-07
WHITE, Samuel DELASHMET, Jennie 1890-Jan-12
WHITE, Webster MCNARY, Ida 1897-Jan-08
WHITFIELD, Edward HOLDNESS, Catharine 1891-Feb-17
WHITFIELD, Edward MADRY, Fanny 1890-Jan-23
WHITFIELD, Henry MANNING, Lula 1893-Jan-25
WHITFIELD, Prince YOUNG, Ellen 1897-Jun-23
WHITFIELD, Shep ARMSTRONG, Addie 1896-Nov-15
WHITFIELD, Shep MONTGOMERY, Linda 1891-Dec-12
WHITT, Jim M FOWLKES, Johnnie 1895-Jan-13
WILDER, Jesse ROYSTER, E A Miss 1885-Oct-07
WILDER, Walter GIBBS, Susie 1898-Jan-14
WILDER, William T OWENS, Lizzie 1888-Dec-20
WILLIAMS, A A THOMAS, Tempie 1900-Apr-21
WILLIAMS, Abram HOBSON, Cora 1893-Dec-27
WILLIAMS, Alf BAKER, Nannie 1894-May-28
WILLIAMS, Alonzo RAY, Minerva 1890-Dec-24
WILLIAMS, Ambrose DAVIS, Pearl 1900-Mar-20
WILLIAMS, Andrew WALKER, Lillie Gray 1897-Dec-23
WILLIAMS, B J HILL, Georgia Ann 1889-Aug-14
WILLIAMS, Bill GLADNEY, Maggie 1884-Mar-06
WILLIAMS, Billy HERRON, Lizzie 1885-Nov-16
WILLIAMS, Charles WILLIAMS, Sarah 1885-Dec-04
WILLIAMS, Charley HARRIS, Sue 1895-Feb-17
WILLIAMS, D C MAULDIN, M C Mrs 1892-Nov-09
WILLIAMS, Dan SYKES, Almeta 1887-Sep-10
WILLIAMS, Ed JOHNSON, Leanna 1892-Sep-30
WILLIAMS, Elijah GRIFFIN, Mary 1898-Dec-25
WILLIAMS, Frank BAKER, Francis 1892-Nov-27
WILLIAMS, George PAULK, Adaline 1886-Jan-21
WILLIAMS, Grant GILLESPIE, Julia Ann 1889-Aug-17
WILLIAMS, Henry DAVIS, Mary 1885-Aug-23
WILLIAMS, Henry ROGERS, Isabella 1886-Jul-31
WILLIAMS, Hiram SCHLICHT, Mary 1898-Mar-16
WILLIAMS, Isaac HARRIS, Eliza 1887-Nov-24
WILLIAMS, Isaac JONES, Emma 1897-Sep-19
WILLIAMS, Isaac WESTBROOKS, Chaney 1883-Jan-11
WILLIAMS, Isaac WOODHOUSE, Nancy Mrs 1887-Aug-17
WILLIAMS, Israel LIPSEY, Susie 1884-Sep-20
WILLIAMS, J B NORWOOD, Julia 1885-Oct-08
WILLIAMS, J R HOBSON, Nora 1896-Nov-24
WILLIAMS, James THOMPSON, Lina 1883-Oct-20
WILLIAMS, Jefferson HILL, Bettie 1887-Jan-29
WILLIAMS, Jesse HUSSY, Ibee 1900-Dec-20
WILLIAMS, John WHITE, Mary 1886-May-08
WILLIAMS, Joseph WILLIAMS, Bettie 1883-Dec-26
WILLIAMS, Jumbo SCHILET, Jane 1894-Sep-04
WILLIAMS, Lewis MCALISTER, Rachel 1887-Sep-18
WILLIAMS, Price SMITH, Maria 1888-Mar-14
WILLIAMS, Robert P MCINTOSH, Alice 1883-Dec-13
WILLIAMS, U S Jr BOX, Emma 1885-Jan-29
WILLIAMS, Wesley MARSHALL, Ella 1889-Aug-15
WILLIAMS, Zedrick HAMILTON, Lidia 1883-Feb-22
WILLIE, Walker BOLEN, Belus 1887-Mar-24
WILLIS, D CLARK, Hannah 1900-Feb-01
WILLIS, Jerry CARLEY, Alice 1893-Jan-14
WILLIS, Phil CLICK, Nancy 1890-Oct-23
WILSON, Abraham THOMPSON, Lula 1899-Dec-19
WILSON, Andrew WHITE, Mary F 1883-Mar-27
WILSON, Andy BRANDON, Victoria 1888-Jul-08
WILSON, C F RHODES, Minnie 1899-Nov-26
WILSON, Charles J TORNWALL, H S Miss 1885-Oct-25
WILSON, Ellison HILL, Alice 1883-Nov-25
WILSON, F M EZELL, Mattie 1894-Dec-24
WILSON, Green WOODARD, Anna 1893-Nov-19
WILSON, Gus CASSMAN, Hodges 1889-Mar-08
WILSON, Jessie JOHNSON, Alice 1897-Dec-23
WILSON, John W WOODS, Eliza 1889-May-09
WILSON, Monroe BEAN, Florence 1884-Jan-22
WILSON, Ned GIBBS, Eugenia 1898-Dec-25
WILSON, Peter BETTS, Hattie 1896-Dec-09
WILSON, Peter BRAMLITT, Lula 1891-Feb-18
WILSON, Richard WALKER, Ida 1896-Dec-05
WILSON, Silas HODGES, Augustus 1893-Oct-19
WILSON, Solomon COOK, Millie 1886-Dec-14
WILSON, T R MAYO, Agnes M 1883-Dec-20
WILSON, Tom THOMAS, Mary A 1886-Jan-16
WILSON, Van MOORE, Adaline 1885-Mar-14
WINDBUSH, J W GILMORE, Darthula 1895-Jan-07
WINN, Mcduff DARDEN, Ella 1900-Dec-27
WINSTON, William TAYLOR, Virginia 1887-Nov-23
WINTER, W F THOMAS, J B 1891-Dec-22
WIRTZ, E W GREGORY, Levita 1898-Feb-23
WIRTZ, F J GREGORY, Rosa 1898-Nov-27
WISE, Charles H SMITH, Callie Ann 1898-Dec-25
WISE, John Jr HOLLIS, Zadie 1896-Jan-09
WISE, Lucian BURNETT, Katie 1892-Dec-24
WOFFORD, Charles BASKIN, Bettie 1884-Dec-12
WOOD, A B BRYANT, A W 1866-Oct-22
WOOD, John P HARRIS, Hasetine 1891-Jul-16
WOODALL, D K INGRAM, Addie 1890-Nov-20
WOODARD, Jackson Jr ECKFORD, Mary Jane 1899-Feb-27
WOODARD, Joe FITZGERALD, Dotise 1899-Nov-02
WOODS, Charles PARCHMAN, Amanda 1884-Jan-10
WOODS, Jasper WALKER, Ella 1891-Feb-17
WOODS, William KYLES, Emma 1892-Mar-14
WOODWARD, Ben WILLIAMS, Amy 1883-Mar-01
WORD, Burrill MERRIWETHER, Lydia Ann 1888-Feb-28
WORD, Tom RHODES, Ellen 1897-Apr-25
WORD, William HOBSON, Lee 1886-Dec-16
WRIGHT, Sidney MINDY, Ella 1900-Dec-24
WRIGHT, W M LUSKY, Maggie 1896-Nov-16
YOUNG, Emmerson WILLIAMS, Bettie 1899-Feb-23
YOUNG, James A THORNTON, Lizzie 1866-Dec-17
YOUNG, James C RUTLEDGE, Laura 1897-Dec-02
YOUNG, Joseph WILSON, Josie 1894-Dec-22
YOUNG, Meredith SNOW, Luberta 1897-Apr-28
YOUNG, Milton GATES, Lizzie 1900-Mar-15
YOUNG, Moses BOOKER, Roxanna 1899-Jan-21
YOUNG, Rolin VAUGHN, Martha 1895-May-18
YOUNG, Steven DAVIS, Hannah 1895-Jan-18
YOUNG, Thomas MOORE, Bettie 1900-Feb-15
YOUNG, Tom HENDERSON, Emma 1896-Jul-12
YOUNG, W T BRAMLITT, Eliza 1888-Dec-18
YOUNG, William GREGORY, Dilsy 1890-Jan-09
YOUNG, William PULLIAM, Sallie Belle 1896-Dec-19
YOUNGBLOOD, Andrew MATHIS, Martha Josephine 1886-Nov-04

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