Chickasaw County Grooms

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TABB, J H GOODWIN, Francis A 1866-Jun-09
TACKER, W D HOWELL, Georgia 1896-Nov-26
TAYLOR, Frank HARRIS, Olive 1899-Jan-18
TAYLOR, James BUCHANAN, Mariah 1896-Dec-06
TAYLOR, Joe BOOZER, Rosa 1899-Dec-23
TAYLOR, Sylas HARRIS, Julian 1900-Dec-25
TAYLOR, Thomas M NASON, M C 1866-Nov-23
TAYLOR, W A CHANDLER, Fannie 1897-Nov-03
TAYLOR, W L NATHAN, Sarah Jane 1893-Mar-01
TELL, Thomas LUCAS, Mary Ella 1896-Dec-05
TEMPLE, E F HARRELL, Carrie V 1897-Dec-15
TENNISON, John RAVERS, F A (Mrs) 1866-Feb-07
THAKER, J E COX, Mollie 1893-Feb-16
THOMAS, Arthur HOLLOMAN, Jensie 1894-Nov-27
THOMAS, Bird WILLIAMS, Cindy 1897-Aug-29
THOMAS, Brown HARRIS, Addie Lee 1899-Feb-21
THOMAS, Henry BANKS, Darcus 1897-Mar-07
THOMAS, Henry Jr TOWNSEND, Callie 1899-Oct-11
THOMAS, J B WINTER, W F 1891-Dec-22
THOMAS, James LOGAN, Alina 1900-Dec-26
THOMAS, Jesse WALKER, Ida 1889-Feb-09
THOMAS, Jim HARRIS, Ada 1883-Sep-15
THOMAS, John STOVALL, Millie 1890-Dec-24
THOMAS, L L THOMAS, Mary Ella 1891-Aug-05
THOMAS, Sam BALDWYN, Leah 1888-Jan-14
THOMAS, Tim BEAN, Sallie 1894-Nov-29
THOMAS, William BUCHANAN, Rose Lee 1890-Oct-18
THOMAS, William FOOSHEE, H N (Mrs) 1867-Jan-20
THOMAS, Word BOLEN, Maggie 1890-Dec-12
THOMPSN, Jesse DAWKINS, Emmaline 1888-Aug-10
THOMPSON, A JOHNSON, Sophy 1889-Mar-09
THOMPSON, Aaron WORD, Chatty 1888-Dec-01
THOMPSON, Alfred BAKER, Lucy 1892-Feb-24
THOMPSON, Ananias BRIDGES, Anna 1885-Sep-07
THOMPSON, Ananias TURNER, Jane 1884-Sep-23
THOMPSON, Chris HENDERSON, Patience 1891-Aug-07
THOMPSON, Ellis WHEELER, Leonora 1896-Apr-17
THOMPSON, G W WHEELER, H D Miss 1884-Jul-21
THOMPSON, Gatt PAULK, Lucy 1888-Oct-02
THOMPSON, Giles FIELDS, Roxie 1888-May-20
THOMPSON, J K MCNALLY, E J Miss 1889-Jan-30
THOMPSON, James Madison HAMPTON, Milly 1891-Sep-04
THOMPSON, Jesse MOORE, Mahala 1890-Dec-24
THOMPSON, L L COLLINS, E A Miss 1884-May-14
THOMPSON, Lee V KING, S T 1891-Feb-05
THOMPSON, Lewis THOMPSON, Anger Leaner 1897-May-14
THOMPSON, Mat PAYNE, Julia 1898-Feb-12
THOMPSON, Milton MORRIS, Mandy 1896-Jan-01
THOMPSON, Ollie BLACKMAN, Amanda 1898-Nov-03
THOMPSON, Rees GILLIAM, Sarah 1888-Dec-20
THOMPSON, T G PILGREEN, Mary R 1891-Sep-13
THOMPSON, Walter WATSON, Charity 1894-Oct-31
THOMPSON, Wess DAVIS, Annie 1893-Dec-27
THOMPSON, William CARODINE, Fannie 1900-Dec-24
THOMSON, Will ADAMS, Mamie 1892-Jan-12
THORNTON, Andy THOMPSON, Alberta 1893-Jul-08
THORNTON, Columbus HORTON, Ad 1891-Nov-23
THORNTON, George A APPLEWHITE, A B 1866-Dec-15
THORNTON, Henry DAVIS, Rebecca 1886-Dec-05
THORNTON, John MARSHALL, Josie 1899-Apr-19
THORNTON, M K KNOX, Annie 1891-Apr-22
THORNTON, Phillip JORDAN, Eula 1893-Mar-16
THORNTON, Silverster WALLACE, Annie Belle 1900-Sep-06
THORNTON, Thomas CAMPBELL, Julia 1886-Nov-18
THREAT, James GILLIAM, Jennie 1885-Dec-17
THREATT, Robert WHEELER, Machia 1891-Dec-21
TIMS, Joe GATES, Fannie 1885-Jun-05
TINDALL, John Lewis RUSHING, Mary Florence 1900-Dec-16
TORNUALL, P A FARNED, Ella 1895-May-06
TORNWALL, G E IVY, Anna L 1886-Jan-10
TOWNSEND, Alfred CROCKEL, Lizzie 1897-Sep-25
TOWNSEND, George SMITH, Celia 1884-Nov-15
TOWNSEND, Johnnie BENSON, Sallie 1888-Feb-11
TOWNSEND, T J LINDSEY, Lou 1900-May-09
TOWNSEND, Will REID, Georgia Ann 1900-Jan-07
TOWNSEND, William HAMLER, Ada 1893-Dec-24
TOWNSEND, William MCINTOSH, Osay 1888-Mar-04
TREADWELL, David ESTES, Margaret 1885-Sep-22
TRICE, Frank PALMER, Matilder 1887-Dec-
TRICE, O J WALTON, Ida M 1886-Feb-10
TRICE, S L BROOKS, Della 1898-Dec-28
TRICE, Sam HAUGHTON, Flora 1896-Nov-05
TRICE, Willis JOHNSON, Parthenia 1884-Dec-26
TRIMBLE, J L BELL, Emma 1888-Dec-20
TROOP, Eugene BUCHANAN, Lula 1895-Nov-21
TROTTER, Henry KYLES, Annie 1893-Oct-20
TUCKER, Bill HATCHET, Annie 1894-Sep-02
TUCKER, Romulus DEE, Lettie 1884-May-11
TUMBLIN, Mat MCINTOSH, Rebecca 1899-Dec-28
TUMLIN, Hays MURDOCK, Mary 1899-Dec-28
TUMLIN, Jack BOOSLEY, Sarah 1894-Jul-12
TUNNELL, J W ARMSTRONG, S A Miss 1885-Oct-21
TURMAN, Eddie JOHNSON, Dora 1900-Oct-08
TURMAN, R A DAVIS, L A 1867-Dec-24
TURNELL, D J BROWN, Sallie P 1900-Oct-28
TURNER, Aaron COLLEN, Emma Jane 1884-Jan-08
TURNER, Anderson MERRIWETHER, Fannie 1886-Dec-20
TURNER, Armstead VASSER, Elvira 1883-Feb-24
TURNER, George NABORS, Emma 1892-Dec-27
TURNER, John Wesley MILLER, Sarah 1898-Oct-15
TURNER, Jonas JORDAN, Hettie 1888-Nov-01
TURNER, Scott MILLER, Jose 1866-Jan-23
TURNER, William W NABORS, Mamie 1896-Aug-18
TYSON, Marion Lee ELLIOTT, E S Jr 1898-Aug-31
VALENTINE, George STUART, Sarah 1897-Sep-01
VALENTINE, James GATES, Rose 1866-Mar-05
VALLIANT, J M WIELDS, Maude 1893-Dec-27
VAN ANTWERP, Garrett LAIN, Catharine 1866-Nov-30
VAN BUREN, Martin HEARD, Carrie 1898-Nov-12
VAN BUREN, Martin HENDRICKS, Ella Mrs 1886-Jul-03
VANCE, Anthony MOSELY, Lucy 1886-Sep-06
VANCE, Jim PARK, Eliza 1894-Jan-26
VANIBLE, Leroy OWEN, Berthey 1900-Dec-19
VAUGHAN, M Joe PULLIAM, J L 1866-Oct-31
VAUGHN, Ross MARION, Ellen 1894-Dec-24
VAUGHN, Ross RUCKER, Mollie 1885-Nov-25
VAUGHN, Sterling BELL, Ella 1884-Nov-23
VAUGHN, Sterling LOGAN, Josephine 1885-Apr-07
VAUGHN, Tom PULLIAM, Patsy 1891-Sep-26
VAUGHN, William RANDLE, Ella 1894-Sep-25
VENABLE, Robert BRAMLETT, Jane 1889-Mar-04
VIANS, Smith GILLESPIE, Jennette 1893-Jan-07
VICE, J E RICHARDSON, Lula 1900-Nov-14
VINCE, Julius BLUETT, Lucy 1889-Jul-28
VIRGIN, Carrie GILL, Jim 1898-Apr-23

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