Chickasaw County Grooms


SADDLER, Thomas R BUCHANAN, Aphia S 1867-Feb-18
SADLER, Henderson DORDEN, Jane 1884-Feb-14
SADLER, R M MERRIWETHER, Emma Rs 1884-Jan-17
SAFFEL, W J AIKEN, Mary L 1866-Feb-20
SALTER, Liss BOGAN, Cindy 1887-Aug-24
SAMPLE, James HALSEY, Delia Ann 1886-Oct-06
SAMPLE, Solon BROWN, Virginia 1888-Jan-24
SAMPLES, Andrew TURNER, Lizzie 1886-Mar-28
SANDERS, Andrew GUNN, Sylvania 1886-Nov-18
SANDERS, Calvin MANNING, Rose 1895-Sep-09
SANDERS, Horace RICHARDSON, Milly Mrs 1888-Feb-09
SANDERS, Howard SHAW, Hannah 1892-Jan-19
SANDERS, James A GASKINS, Emma A 1886-Jun-20
SANDERS, Jesse EVANS, Sarah J (Mrs) 1867-Jan-09
SANDERS, Joe SIMS, Leola 1895-Jul-12
SANDERS, John W ADAIR, Lillie 1897-Jul-04
SANDERS, Washington DOBBS, Maria Lou 1892-May-10
SANDERS, Will STOVALL, Susie 1897-Jul-03
SANDS, Samuel SMITH, Darthula 1899-Feb-02
SANSING, W H CARROLL, Bettie 1887-Apr-26
SAUNDERS, C E STOVALL, Anna 1894-Mar-19
SAUNDERS, Hal M DANDRIDGE, Mattie (Mrs) 1866-Aug-04
SAVELEY, Richard E COOK, M A F 1866-Nov-06
SAVELY, C C JOHNSON, Susie 1895-Jan-06
SCOTT, J M FARIED, Sallie D 1895-Feb-22
SCOTT, Jim FANNIER, Lizzie 1884-Oct-08
SCULLY, John CABAMISS, Ora 1900-Oct-10
SEALES, John BUCHANAN, Melissa 1890-Jan-16
SELF, Early O BUSH, Annie Mrs 1900-Dec-25
SHACKELFORD, Henry COOK, Irene 1884-Dec-09
SHACKELFORD, Julius Jr WOODS, Anna Lee 1900-Oct-14
SHACKELFORD, T H TAPLEY, Virginia 1883-Dec-17
SHACKELFORD, Thad WARD, Mary Ella 1888-Oct-28
SHANNON, Nathan GILLIAM, Mary 1890-Jun-09
SHANNON, Oscar SWINSON, Delia 1900-Sep-01
SHANNON, Silas BROWN, Jane 1893-Sep-16
SHAW, George CROW, Nettie 1892-Apr-26
SHAW, Smith CARTER, Nancy 1891-May-06
SHAW, Smith MCGRAW, Mamie 1898-Sep-01
SHAW, William WELLS, Florence 1897-Sep-29
SHELL, George GILLESPIE, Sarah 1897-Dec-16
SHELL, Nathan Henry LACEY, Tilda 1887-Nov-24
SHELL, William HOLLIDAY, Mary 1883-Feb-26
SHEPPARD, J A BROWNLEE, E D Miss 1887-Dec-26
SHEPPARD, Joseph WILLIAMS, Laura 1891-Jan-04
SHOTWELL, George EZELL, Amanda 1887-Oct-24
SIMMONS, Robert BOYD, Cora 1897-Jul-22
SIMMONS, Sam GREY, Holland 1889-Jan-03
SIMON, Oliver TURNER, Mamie 1897-Mar-23
SIMONS, Mon QUINN, Mary Eliza 1889-Feb-07
SIMPSON, George BAKER, Gertrude 1894-Jun-30
SIMS, Ben IVY, Mary 1900-Nov-22
SIMS, George BOONE, Penny 1898-Dec-25
SIMS, Harrison HARRIS, Maggie 1898-Dec-17
SIMS, James R HUSSEY, Lovina J (Mrs) 1866-Jan-24
SIMS, John Wesley WHITE, Roxie 1894-Jun-30
SIMS, Noah GEE, Celia 1886-Dec-29
SISK, Nero BLUFORD, Ella 1887-Jan-19
SISK, W H HUFFMAN, Sallie E 1885-Nov-15
SKINNER, J M WOODS, Amanda 1897-Mar-11
SMITH, A A SNODDY, M E Miss 1888-Dec-01
SMITH, Dick PARKS, Emma 1885-Dec-23
SMITH, E W BUCHANAN, Hannah 1884-Dec-17
SMITH, Ed MOORE, Hannah 1896-Jan-18
SMITH, George W SHAW, Zudie 1891-Feb-10
SMITH, H K SMITH, A C Miss 1892-Nov-27
SMITH, J C HANNON, Patsy 1885-Nov-28
SMITH, J W GORDON, Matilda 1887-Dec-31
SMITH, James BUCHANAN, Ella 1895-Jan-29
SMITH, James H WESTBROOK, Mary J 1866-Aug-07
SMITH, James Walter DARDEN, Fannie Kate 1894-Mar-18
SMITH, Loyd EWELL, Elizabeth 1895-Dec-29
SMITH, Moses COOK, Irene 1899-Mar-09
SMITH, P C WARD, Mattie 1866-Feb-18
SMITH, Riley DOSS, Elizabeth 1893-Oct-26
SMITH, Thomas GEE, Millie 1887-Sep-11
SMITH, William ABBOTT, Charlotte 1895-Jul-05
SMITH, William PYRON, M E 1866-Oct-24
SMITH, Willie WALLACE, Jennette 1898-Dec-24
SMITH, York BOOSER, Pank 1898-Dec-28
SNOW, George O HUGGINS, Mary 1896-Nov-20
SNOW, George W PULFUS, Pearl 1899-Dec-04
SPENCER, A M IVY, Lucy 1888-Dec-20
SPENCER, Alfred YOUNG, Annie Lou 1900-Dec-25
SPENCER, E A DAHMER, Altie Marie 1896-Nov-22
SPENCER, J L WHITE, Carrie 1892-Apr-10
SPENCER, M C CARY, Ammar C 1900-Feb-21
SPENCER, R T WALKER, Jennie 1897-Jun-20
SPICER, George STEPHENSON, Emma 1887-Sep-29
SPRAGIUS, Billy BANKS, Pearlie 1898-Dec-22
SPRAGIUS, Hal S NAUGLES, Lila 1896-Jan-02
SPRAGIUS, Lee THOMAS, Minnie 1896-Nov-03
SPRAGUIS, Ad BANKS, Mary 1894-Dec-24
SPRINGER, Asberry MERRITT, Laura 1885-Dec-24
SPRINGER, G L LAMBERT, Ella 1900-Sep-03
SPRINGER, Mack BARR, Louisa 1888-Dec-16
SPRINGER, William DELASHMENT, Lula 1891-Dec-20
STATEN, A E ASHLEY, Nannie 1890-Dec-18
STATEN, Samuel J HALEY, Nannie Lee 1891-Dec-22
STECHER, Fred MAHAN, Sarah 1885-Nov-18
STEGALL, J S PRICE, Mollie 1894-Dec-09
STEPHENSON, Jim W MARSHALL, Annie 1900-Oct-14
STEPHENSON, William LOVE, Bettie 1899-Dec-20
STEVENS, Albert YOUNG, Lelia 1897-Sep-18
STEVENS, Booker COOPER, Mary Ella 1898-Nov-03
STEVENS, Branch CLARKE, Julia 1892-Aug-14
STEVENS, Branch WALLACE, Maria 1899-Dec-15
STEVENS, Malachi HUDDLESTON, Daisey 1900-Dec-12
STEVENSON, Ernest MCCLENDON, Fannie 1897-Feb-15
STEVENSON, Jim Jr WILLIAMS, Perlina 1898-Oct-15
STEVENSON, Jimmie EDWARDS, Delia 1892-Dec-03
STEVENSON, Robert MCCLENDEN, Lula 1887-Nov-30
STEVENSON, Walter MCCLENDON, Nannie 1896-Dec-24
STONE, H E DRIVER, D T 1866-Jan-09
STOVALL, Elijah WALKER, Daisy 1898-Jan-07
STOVALL, Henry GILLIAM, Liza 1892-May-26
STOVALL, Mose COSCOLOUGH, Minnie 1897-Mar-16
STOWERS, Willis LEWIS, Manda 1887-Sep-08
STRINGFELLOW, Judd CANLEY, Alice 1894-Dec-11
STRONG, Curtis WORD, Lizzie 1883-Dec-13
STRONG, Edward MCCULLOCH, Josephine 1886-Dec-23
STRONG, Samuel J WHITE, Ella J 1891-Dec-24
STUART, Alex GRAY, Roxie 1885-Jan-13
STUBBS, Charley MAY, Minnie 1890-Dec-18
STUBBS, Sale RANDLE, Bettie 1895-Dec-19
STUBBS, Sales HARRIS, Hattie 1900-Jan-22
SULLIVAN, Enclid PLAXICO, Minnie 1896-Sep-30
SULLIVAN, J W JOLLY, Mattie 1895-Dec-18
SWAN, J A COLE, Tempie 1893-Jan-26
SWANSON, J W JONES, Mahala 1889-Jan-06
SWANSON, Richard GUNN, Josephine 1888-Dec-25
SYKES, George DOBBS, Maggie 1900-Jan-20
SYKES, Joe MCINTOSH, Anna 1889-Dec-11
SYKES, Martin WALKER, Mattie 1888-Jun-07
SYKES, Tilman CARR, Judy 1883-Dec-31
SYKES, W P MABRY, Mollie 1883-Nov-21

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