Chickasaw County Grooms

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PADEN, Matt BELL, Bennie 1895-Dec-25
PAGE, Jerry BOONE, Willoby 1899-May-04
PAGE, Waddell GRIFFIN, Lou Berty 1900-Dec-16
PAGE, William MORRIS, E J E Miss 1889-Feb-18
PALEN, Isiah MITCHELL, Mattie 1896-Nov-26
PALMER, Wiliam SMITH, Mary 1885-Dec-25
PANNELL, John GLIDEWELL, Mattie 1899-Oct-12
PANNELL, W M GLIDEWELL, Maggie 1895-Dec-20
PANNELL, W R BEDFORD, Nannie 1898-Feb-22
PARCHMAN, C W POINDEXTER, Kathleen B 1899-Apr-20
PARCHMAN, Ike GAITHER, Clemmie 1888-Jan-25
PARCHMAN, Murphy WELLS, Maggie 1895-Aug-12
PARK, W Leonard FITZPATRICK, Brownie 1899-Dec-24
PARKER, Frank R HADLEY, Avery 1899-Mar-23
PARKER, J B SEAY, Lula 1894-Dec-15
PARKER, John H OWEN, Nora 1889-Dec-19
PARKER, Johnnie DAVIS, Lucy 1895-Feb-23
PARKER, Jonas JOHNSON, Sarah 1887-Dec-10
PARKER, P S STRING, Vera 1900-Dec-26
PARKER, Spencer ORR, Lettie 1884-May-10
PARKER, Spencer ORR, Rosa Lee 1894-Dec-22
PARKER, Starling HENDERSON, Georgie Ann 1893-Dec-16
PASLEY, Byron Hickland MOFFAT, Mary Bell 1900-Feb-15
PATRICK, Medlar SULLIVAN, Celie 1894-Dec-25
PATRICK, U S GLADNEY, Dora 1886-Oct-22
PATTERSON, Preston GLADNEY, Sue 1888-Sep-04
PATTISON, Allen CONN, Ella 1891-Feb-27
PAYLOR, Isaih PETERS, Jo Anna 1888-Jul-03
PAYLOR, Isiah LITTLE, Priscilla 1886-Jan-14
PAYLOR, Johnson FIKES, Rubie 1886-Jul-20
PAYNE, Jackson FIELDS, Martha 1896-Dec-21
PAYNE, John BANKS, Ida 1898-Dec-25
PAYNE, Miller MCNARY, Sarah 1898-Dec-28
PEARCE, Lenord COONEY, Ellie 1894-Oct-14
PEARSON, James MINETT, Alice 1888-Jan-05
PEARSON, Liji GUNN, Bettie 1889-Mar-24
PEARSON, Monroe ELSEY, Ellen 1890-Jan-18
PEARSON, R P BLACK, Annie Kate 1888-Oct-24
PEARSON, William HOBSON, Joe Alice 1899-Dec-13
PEARSON, William Jr MOORE, Addie 1890-Dec-20
PEDEN, Henry S COOK, Maggie 1887-Jan-12
PEDEN, J M WILSON, E L Miss 1900-Oct-23
PEDEN, Joe WALKER, Jane 1885-Nov-11
PEDEN, Madison MOODY, Pinkie 1898-Nov-24
PEDEN, T S BOYD, Mary 1894-May-16
PEDEN, W S WALDROP, Estelle 1899-Aug-06
PEEL, G S GREEN, Fannie L 1885-Dec-23
PEPPER, George MABURY, Tempie (Mrs) 1866-Jun-18
PERRY, Abe MOORE, Anna 1886-Jul-25
PERRY, Frank BASKIN, Annie 1900-Jan-10
PERRY, Frank MADREY, Josie 1899-May-17
PERRY, G G HENDERSON, Ella 1894-Dec-25
PERRY, J W S ELLIOTT, Ada E 1891-Dec-23
PERRY, Lucian HUDDLESTON, Emma 1896-Jun-13
PERRY, Lucian PULLIAM, Nancy 1896-Apr-05
PERRY, Sam C B HAYS, Annie F 1887-Jan-11
PETERS, Ephrain COLE, Susan 1894-Sep-15
PHOEBE, Jones LOCKETT, Mack 1885-Sep-11
PIERCE, Eldridge GILLESPIE, Cindy 1897-Mar-02
PIERCE, Eli ATKINSON, Minnie 1891-Aug-09
PIERCE, Everett LANIER, Susan 1866-Dec-03
PIERCE, Gus BOONE, Catherine 1899-Jan-12
PIERCE, W E HATHCOCK, Harry 1892-Sep-18
PIERSON, Dave NICHOLS, Harriett 1896-Dec-17
PIERSON, James RANDLE, Georgia 1895-Dec-20
PILGRIM, Frank J SPENCER, Mada 1900-Nov-15
PITTS, C R FUTCH, Mary E 1896-Jun-24
POE, C W MCINTOSH, Della 1900-Oct-04
POGUE, R T HENDERSON, Eliza 1884-Dec-07
POLLARD, Tom CRAWFORD, Emily 1886-Apr-03
POOL, Willis BELL, Laura 1886-Dec-25
POPHAM, John B BRETNEY, Jettie May 1890-May-07
PORTER, B A SUMILL, Carrie 1889-Jan-22
PORTER, G C PORTER, Flora 1900-Nov-23
PORTER, Henry TIMS, Fanny 1895-Dec-04
PORTER, J F PARKER, Mamie 1900-Oct-28
PORTER, J W BUGG, Lucy 1897-Jul-27
PORTER, John C GRIN, Margaret (Mrs) 1866-Feb-28
PORTER, Lee STEEL, Annie 1898-Dec-29
PORTER, William WILLIAMS, Malissie 1896-Dec-29
POUNDS, F A WALKER, J F 1866-Mar-17
POWELL, Letch MILLER, Emma 1891-Mar-01
PRATT, Lewis HARTWELL, Matilda 1889-May-25
PRESTON, James Benjamin FORTSON, Lida 1899-Jul-16
PREWETT, T E BUFORD, Mary E 1889-Sep-16
PRICE, Harvey AUSBORN, Missouri 1898-Feb-25
PRICE, Jodie E MARION, Leonard L 1887-Jan-12
PRICE, John HOGAN, India 1899-Oct-20
PRICE, Mat ISBELL, Jinnie Mrs 1900-Dec-02
PRICE, Scott FEILDS, Julia 1899-Dec-23
PRICE, Wiley WHITAKER, Anna 1891-Feb-08
PRIEST, W L BARRETT, Mollie 1890-Dec-23
PROCTOR, Isaac JOHNSON, Rebecca 1885-May-28
PROFIT, Scott SANDERS, Narcis 1892-Aug-13
PRUETT, Eli MALONE, Josie 1900-Dec-20
PRYER, John PERRY, Jane 1899-Nov-23
PRYOR, John VAUGHN, Violet 1887-Aug-28
PRYOR, Richard GLADNEY, Marye 1899-Dec-22
PRYOR, Will WOODS, Rebecca 1898-Jan-23
PULFUS, Alfred BEAN, Pearl 1893-Dec-28
PULFUS, Alfred BOWEN, Violet 1899-Mar-02
PULFUS, Lee LAWSON, Eliza 1900-Dec-10
PULLER, Ed COOPER, Mary 1889-May-12
PULLIAM, Alex WHITE, Jeans Anna 1892-Mar-03
PULLIAM, Anderson HOLLIMAN, Isabella 1894-Jan-10
PULLIAM, Andrew Jackson WILSON, Roxanna 1900-Dec-28
PULLIAM, Barry TROUP, Sarah 1889-Jan-05
PULLIAM, Doc LYLES, Sarah 1895-Aug-12
PULLIAM, Dock BASKIN, Jenetta 1898-Jan-15
PULLIAM, Dock HADLEY, Alice 1894-Nov-03
PULLIAM, George PULLIAM, Alberta 1890-Dec-25
PULLIAM, Henry ROSS, Lucile 1897-Mar-13
PULLIAM, Homer FOWLKES, Mollie 1883-Mar-14
PULLIAM, James HUDDLESTON, Della 1890-Dec-25
PULLIAM, Joe POOL, Amy 1886-Dec-26
PULLIAM, John HORNBERGER, Louisa 1884-Mar-21
PULLIAM, Lee HODGES, Alice 1884-Dec-10
PULLIAM, Lee MCINTOSH, Letha 1886-Dec-12
PULLIAM, Wash PATRICK, Maria 1886-Apr-11
PULLIAM, William PERRY, Nora 1895-Dec-22
PULPHUS, George COOPER, Cora 1893-Dec-14
PURKEY, John WALLACE, Courtney 1886-Jun-17
PYRON, G J SHARP, Sallie 1866-Dec-18
QUINN, W F SMITH, Anna T 1893-Sep-05


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