Chickasaw County Grooms


NABORS, Anthony FOWLKES, Effie 1897-Dec-30
NABORS, Dock SMITH, Mary 1899-May-20
NABORS, Dock STEVENSON, Ella 1894-Dec-13
NABORS, James WHITFIELD, Margaret 1889-Apr-18
NABORS, Richard CLOPTON, Sarah 1895-Dec-14
NABORS, Willie MERRITT, Charlott 1892-Jan-20
NANCE, J C HOLSELL, Bettie 1886-Nov-29
NANCE, W T BROWN, Lona 1895-Jan-02
NASH, John CUNNINGHAM, Nancy 1888-Dec-13
NASH, William MOORE, Ada 1890-Dec-24
NASON, M C TAYLOR, Thomas M 1866-Nov-23
NASON, T J DENDY, M E 1866-Sep-20
NATHAN, Ambrose MURDOCK, Dora 1891-Dec-05
NATHAN, Amos BUCHANAN, Nora 1895-Dec-17
NEAL, A T HOLMS, Lilla 1894-Oct-25
NEAL, C G HAGUE, M A 1866-Aug-25
NEAL, D J CARTER, Ella 1891-Aug-23
NEAL, George CARTER, Bessie 1894-Jan-28
NEAL, Oscar TURMAN, Ellen 1899-Jun-28
NEALY, William WAIR, Annie 1900-Nov-25
NEIGHBORS, Warner WALKER, Queen 1889-Jun-13
NEIL, H C GEE, Mary Louisa 1863-May-12
NEUBERT, R L BUCKINGHAM, Lucilla M 1896-Jan-15
NEVILLE, Walter TROUP, Anna Laura 1896-Aug-31
NEVILLES, Taylor DOBBS, Lucy 1890-Oct-25
NEW, Edward CAIN, Joe (Mrs) 1866-Aug-20
NEWTON, Charlie EVANS, Rachel 1890-Dec-30
NICHOLS, John BARKER, Rosa 1892-Dec-23
NICHOLS, Robert WELLS, Mattie 1891-Apr-29
NICHOLSON, George GATES, Laura 1893-Dec-19
NOBLEY, James F DAVIS, Julia W 1866-Dec-31
NOE, Thornton WHEELER, Sallie 1887-Mar-24
NOLAN, J F MCKNIGHT, D A Miss 1890-Jan-02
NORMAN, F M SAXON, Ophelia 1900-Jan-24
NORMAN, W A DAVIS, Sarah A 1866-Dec-06
NORRIS, T W TRIMMIER, Ellie T 1883-Jan-31
NORWOOD, Richard EWING, Rachel 1887-Jul-26
OLIVE, John COOK, Ellen Mrs 1900-Mar-25
OLLIE, John Jr DEHUY, Alice 1894-Nov-29
ORNE, Anderson MARION, Sylvia 1883-Jan-06
ORNE, Emanuel BAILEY, Ida 1883-Sep-15
ORR, Eli WHITE, Franci 1889-Dec-28
ORR, George BROWNLEE, Estelle 1897-Dec-23
ORR, Henry GLADNEY, Mary 1886-Dec-26
ORR, Jasper WHITE, Mary 1896-Nov-28
ORR, John POE, Lee Anna 1896-Dec-02
ORR, Mat BEAN, Minnie 1898-Dec-24
ORR, Pleasant KILGORE, Caroline 1900-Dec-24
ORR, Robert IVY, Daisey 1899-Dec-23
ORR, Walter GATES, Daisey 1898-Dec-15
ORR, William Gates CARR, Alice 1883-Dec-06
OSBERN, Robert PAGE, Addie 1892-Jul-08
OSBORNE, Washington LYON, Lucy 1891-Jan-10
OWEN, Alfred HODGES, Bettie 1886-Sep-01
OWEN, Alfred WHEELER, Martha 1898-Dec-28
OWEN, Anderson GATHINGS, Harriet 1896-Aug-20
OWEN, Anderson GRIFFIN, Rose 1886-Nov-18
OWEN, Charlie HARRIS, Maude Mrs 1883-Mar-08
OWEN, Frank NEWBERT, Nettie 1897-May-02
OWEN, George ORGAN, Mary 1899-Apr-10
OWEN, George SANDERS, Milly Ann 1895-Jun-06
OWEN, George WALKER, Emeline 1890-May-01
OWEN, George WOODWORD, Mary 1888-Jan-17
OWEN, Joe CAMPBELL, Etta 1886-Mar-14
OWEN, Richard DAVIS, Viney 1896-Apr-29
OWEN, Richard MARION, Violet 1896-Jul-12
OWEN, Wesley PETERS, Margaret 1886-Feb-13
OWEN, William GREGORY, Antonette 1889-Dec-17
OWEN, Willis DOSS, Caroline Mrs 1883-Dec-24
OWENS, John HARRIS, Bessie 1896-Jul-04
OWENS, William HARRIS, Josie 1891-Mar-28


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