Chickasaw County Grooms


MABRY, George WILLIAMS, Ella 1888-Sep-13
MADDEN, Tony BEAN, Sophia 1896-Dec-31
MAGBY, Sam ABBOTT, Maggie 1892-May-28
MAGBY, Van HAMPTON, Maggie 1900-Feb-15
MAHARREY, B F WEST, Emma 1895-Oct-24
MAJORS, William DOBBS, Ella 1897-Nov-20
MANAR, J H PRIEST, Ada 1897-Jul-04
MANNING, George HORNBERGER, Mary 1888-Jan-13
MANNING, Moody BARKER, Rose 1883-Sep-10
MANNING, Nelson NEWTON, Francis 1898-Dec-05
MANNING, Rafe KING, Jane Mrs 1886-Dec-07
MANNING, Reeder BEAN, Mariah 1888-Sep-05
MANNING, Reeder HINLEY, Della 1887-Dec-01
MARDIS, W J SMITH, Annie 1891-Nov-18
MARION, Andy WILSON, Emma 1884-Sep-25
MARION, David T CLARK, Margaret G 1883-Nov-13
MARION, Edmond GREGORY, Jane Mrs 1891-Aug-05
MARION, J T ROBINSON, Annie Kate 1900-Feb-04
MARION, Leonard L PRICE, Jodie E 1887-Jan-12
MARION, Ned DAVIS, Antoinette 1893-Sep-17
MARION, Ned GIBSON, Emma 1891-Dec-13
MARION, Ned MULLINS, Ann 1883-Oct-12
MARION, R B STEEN, Ann C 1866-Apr-07
MARION, R B WILSON, E R Miss 1898-Jul-03
MARION, W A BAKER, Etna 1893-Dec-27
MARION, William HOLLADAY, N W 1866-Jun-16
MARSHALL, Anderson GOVAN, Minnie 1896-Sep-12
MARSHALL, Hays GORDON, Sallie 1889-Jan-04
MARSHALL, Henry BROWN, Josie 1896-Jan-19
MARSHALL, John BELL, Lou Ella 1895-Nov-30
MARSHALL, John FITZGERALD, Ellen 1892-Sep-17
MARSHALL, John ISBELL, Josie 1888-Dec-31
MARSHALL, John MINUTE, Patient 1883-Oct-13
MARSHALL, Louis HARRIS, Mary Ella 1897-Dec-23
MARSHALL, W K NEAL, L F (Mrs) 1867-Feb-07
MARSHALL, William BARNETT, Jane (Mrs) 1866-May-07
MARTIN, George SPRINGER, Georgia Ann 1883-Dec-20
MARTIN, Lawrence F BRISTOL, Mickie 1888-Aug-09
MARTIN, Tom BLUE, Martha Jane 1883-Dec-29
MARTIN, Tom OWENS, Jennie 1890-Dec-26
MATHERS, John JACKO, Harriett M 1866-Sep-06
MATHEWS, Olivier MORRIS, Sam 1898-Nov-26
MATHIS, James PARK, Sarah J 1866-Nov-30
MAY, Aaron WILLIAMS, Eugenia 1898-Oct-02
MAY, Berry KNOX, Maria 1895-Jan-12
MAY, Berry WILLIAMS, Violet 1897-Nov-30
MAY, Harry UDELL, Maria 1889-Aug-20
MAY, John STEPHENSON, Delia 1897-May-19
MAY, Sonnie SULLIVAN, Harriett 1894-Mar-10
MAY, T B PAYNE, Lillie 1898-Jan-11
MAY, Wallace COLLIER, Sarah 1896-Jan-13
MAYFIELD, J F DOSS, Gertrude 1898-Feb-27
MAYFIELD, Jacob SHACKELFORD, Minnie 1885-Dec-20
MAYFIELD, Will THREAT, Sylvia 1898-Mar-26
MAYO, Gilbert GREGORY, Paulina 1888-Dec-11
MAYO, Gilbert STEEN, Mollie 1885-Nov-29
MAYO, J M MARION, M B Miss 1886-Dec-02
MAYO, Roland COLLIER, Betsy 1887-Dec-08
MAYO, Roland Jr STEEN, Josie 1883-Jul-22
MCALISTER, Andrew MOORE, Melissa 1891-Jan-03
MCALISTER, Henry DOSS, Sarah 1883-May-13
MCALISTER, Will CUNNINGHAM, Mattie 1896-Jan-23
MCAMY, Moses GLADNEY, Ann 1886-Dec-23
MCATEER, W L RUSSELL, Leanna 1889-Dec-17
MCCALISTER, Ben BLACKMAN, Alice 1896-Dec-30
MCCALL, William BUCHANAN, Hattie 1895-Jan-01
MCCANNIE, Archie WHITE, Cornelius 1898-Sep-17
MCCARLEY, William T CLEARY, Mary A 1895-Nov-27
MCCASKELL, R E NEWBERT, Cecile 1897-May-02
MCCLENDON, Frank LOVE, Susan 1885-Dec-25
MCCLENDON, Jim GARDNER, Hannah 1896-May-09
MCCLENDON, Joe MCCLENDON, Susie 1884-Feb-22
MCCLENDON, John MOORE, Cathrine 1892-Jan-19
MCCLENDON, Silas GILLESPIE, Nora 1884-Jan-23
MCCLENDON, Wash MCINTOSH, Lizzie 1893-Nov-22
MCCONNELL, Alex HILL, Ardella 1899-Mar-16
MCCONNELL, Anthony MAYHO, Perlina 1899-Dec-26
MCCONNELL, J M GREGORY, Liza Ann 1892-Dec-22
MCCONNELL, W M GREGORY, Mahala 1893-Dec-28
MCCONNELL, William GREGORY, Mary 1899-Dec-20
MCCOY, Robert SYKES, Virginia 1890-Oct-02
MCDANIEL, J A WILSON, Catharine A 1890-Jan-14
MCDONALD, Harrison LANDERS, Sarah 1884-Dec-31
MCDONALD, Harrison WHIFFIN, Ann 1890-Jan-02
MCDONNELL, Harrison AUSBORN, Lucy 1896-Dec-29
MCDOWELL, Joe Sadler STANFORD, Mattie 1894-Jan-16
MCDOWELL, R A RAWLS, Ellen E 1866-Apr-14
MCFERSON, DOBBS, Delia 1900-Dec-25
MCGAHEE, Sam GATES, Rotha 1898-Dec-28
MCGEE, Mack HOLBROOK, Maggie 1889-May-03
MCGHEE, Peter Randolph CORLEY, Eula 1890-Dec-17
MCGILL, S F LOYED, Sallie 1892-Dec-14
MCGILL, T B REID, Emma 1900-Nov-22
MCGILL, W G MARTIN, S J Miss 1886-Jun-13
MCGRAW, J D SMITH, L B Miss 1900-Apr-01
MCINTOSH, Charley MIDDLEBROOKS, Emma 1887-Mar-01
MCINTOSH, Clem STANFIELD, Anna 1900-Dec-26
MCINTOSH, Ed HAYS, Victoria 1888-Jan-31
MCINTOSH, Elijah BUCHANAN, Della 1898-Dec-25
MCINTOSH, Fayette NAUGLE, Mattie 1891-Jan-07
MCINTOSH, Fred CARODINE, Fanny 1891-Dec-22
MCINTOSH, George SHACKELFORD, Ida 1886-Sep-01
MCINTOSH, George WILLIAMS, Eliza 1895-Nov-28
MCINTOSH, Jack STEVENS, Lucy 1895-Mar-08
MCINTOSH, James BUCHANAN, Ellora 1884-Jun-19
MCINTOSH, Lafayette BROWNLEE, James Anna 1890-Oct-04
MCINTOSH, Morris EZELL VICTORIA, Mrs 1883-Feb-08
MCINTOSH, Morris JONES, Pheba 1893-Dec-28
MCINTOSH, Morris RILEY, Belle 1896-Feb-19
MCINTOSH, Ned JONES, Lillie 1898-Apr-11
MCINTOSH, Wallace MONTGOMERY, Lindie 1893-Apr-27
MCINTOSH, Wallace WOODS, Callie 1888-Dec-13
MCINTOSH, William EVANS, Ella 1900-May-19
MCINTOSH, William MINDY, Nancy 1897-Dec-24
MCJUNKEN, Roland GILLIAM, Amanda 1887-Sep-11
MCJUNKIN, A D COLE, Ellen 1889-Mar-23
MCKINLEY, R W FOY, Mary B 1892-Jan-12
MCMILLIAN, Ben WHITE, Sarah 1900-Jan-04
MCMILLIAN, Jim BLUFORD, Jennie 1895-Oct-29
MCMILLIAN, John GLADNEY, Birthie 1898-Dec-20
MCMORRIS, Clod WASHINGTON, Mattie 1886-Dec-23
MCMORRIS, Ruben JOHNSON, Josie 1897-Mar-21
MCNAMEE, Joe MYERS, Willie 1891-Dec-24
MCNAMEE, Nevada BERRY, Willie 1897-Dec-23
MCNAMEE, Peter THOMPSON, Sarah E 1866-Oct-12
MCNARY, Alfred THOMPSON, Mattie 1897-May-27
MCNORTON, W R FITZGERALD, Sallie 1884-Jun-11
MCSHAN, Sam LOVE, Laura 1896-Jan-02
MERRITT, Clem BUCHANAN, Rosa 1896-Dec-24
MERRITT, Clem DOSS, Rachel 1892-Jun-01
MERRITT, Jacob MARION, Etta 1895-Jan-24
MERRITT, Joe DOWARD, Lou 1888-Dec-29
MERRITT, Leandor WHITE, Dellie 1895-Dec-24
MERRITT, Newton MARSHALL, Maggie 1897-Feb-28
MERRIWETHER, George FRANKLIN, Francis 1892-Jun-25
MERRIWETHER, Pryor BUCHANAN, Maggie 1886-Sep-09
MERRIWETHER, Thomas BERRY, Melissa 1889-Dec-28
MERRIWETHER, W M ALLEN, W A Miss 1889-Mar-14
MIDDLEBROOKS, Will RANKIN, Penny 1884-Dec-25
MIDDLEBROOKS, Willis BOX, Theney Ann 1889-Feb-13
MILES, T M HAUGHTON, Sarah 1896-Dec-16
MILLER, A S TURNER, Lizzie B 1897-Jan-26
MILLER, Daniel MILLER, Queen Mrs 1886-Jan-02
MILLER, Douglas MOORE, Catharine 1899-Dec-12
MILLER, Douglas RILEY, Mary 1896-Jan-10
MILLER, E WALLER, Mamie S 1884-Feb-20
MILLER, Green WILLIAMS, Maggie 1893-Jan-11
MILLER, H P MURRY, Emma 1896-Nov-15
MILLER, Joe GREEN, Almeta 1896-Mar-17
MILLER, John HOLDER, Mattie 1887-Sep-01
MILLER, John SYKES, Cora 1885-Oct-03
MILLER, John C BROWNLER, Jennie 1866-Aug-06
MILLER, Jose TURNER, Scott 1866-Jan-23
MILLER, L S HOBSON, Elnora 1887-Dec-22
MILLER, Leroy DANIEL, Mary 1895-Nov-14
MILLER, Robert HUNT, Laura 1894-Apr-18
MILLER, Wesley PEARSON, Addie 1883-Feb-20
MILLER, William MCJUNKIN, Hattie 1889-Mar-28
MILLS, R A CAMEL, M J 1867-Feb-18
MILWEE, Lucian SADLER, Nannie L 1883-Oct-18
MINETT, Sam JONES, Jennie Mrs 1886-Dec-07
MINUTE, Laurence ATKINSON, Ida 1884-Dec-24
MITCHELL, Calvin COLLINS, Rosa 1895-Dec-30
MITCHELL, Calvin NAUGLE, Cora 1900-Jul-26
MITCHELL, Henry MCGHANGHEY, Emma 1897-Jan-04
MITCHELL, Peter DANCER, Mattie 1888-Dec-27
MONTGOMERY, Jesse James BANKS, Eda 1889-Dec-30
MONTGOMERY, Richard DERRING, Mahala 1895-Dec-25
MONTGOMERY, Richard PEARSON, Emily 1886-Dec-29
MONTGOMERY, William HAMPTON, Nora 1897-Aug-29
MOORE, B B Jr HADLEY, Laura 1894-Jan-11
MOORE, Babe WILLIAMS, Annie 1890-Dec-29
MOORE, Carl BUCHANAN, Ada 1884-Dec-25
MOORE, Daniel STOVALL, Flrence 1899-Dec-05
MOORE, Demps ROSS, Alice 1889-Dec-12
MOORE, Ed CLARKE, Patsy 1889-Apr-08
MOORE, Ed WILLIAMS, Andy 1895-Jan-21
MOORE, Frank BRAMLETT, Mary Francis 1891-Nov-28
MOORE, George GATES, Francis 1891-Nov-13
MOORE, Grant MOORE, Mollie Belle 1890-Nov-24
MOORE, H R BLACK, Carrie E 1892-Jun-15
MOORE, Henry HODGES, Henrietta 1893-Dec-25
MOORE, Henry MAY, Maggie 1896-Feb-16
MOORE, James LEE, Mary 1883-Dec-26
MOORE, Jim WHIFFIN, Ada 1890-Dec-24
MOORE, John TATE, Adla 1885-Jun-04
MOORE, Robert PEDEN, Carrie 1895-Feb-19
MOORE, Rufus PACK, Alsie 1896-Dec-09
MOORE, Sam BRANDON, Mary Ellen 1890-Nov-25
MOORE, Sam GATES, Becky 1895-Jun-18
MOORE, Sterling P MOORE, Sallie E 1888-Dec-26
MOORE, Thomas YOUNG, Harriet 1900-Mar-03
MOORE, William SYKES, Sallie 1883-Nov-08
MOORE, William Jr GHOLSTON, Lizzie 1899-Mar-11
MORGAN, Lou GOODWYN, Creecy 1892-Mar-30
MORIARTY, J WHITE, Anna 1866-May-21
MORRIS, A T BIRD, Annie 1896-Jan-01
MORRIS, I WOLF, Annie 1900-Jan-06
MORRIS, J E BROWN, C C Miss 1895-Dec-29
MORRIS, Sam MATHEWS, Olivier 1898-Nov-26
MORRIS, W T COLE, T J Miss 1889-Dec-28
MORRISON, Harvy Lee STOVALL, Mattie Blanche 1891-Sep-30
MORROW, Joseph HUGGINS, Belle 1899-Apr-04
MORSE, William HARPER, Josie 1888-Jun-09
MOSEBY, Austin WHITFIELD, Amy 1894-Sep-09
MOSELEY, Ab VANCE, Sarah 1895-Dec-31
MOSELEY, Gus GREGORY, Candice 1883-May-27
MOSELY, J B MENASCO, Lillie 1886-Oct-20
MOSELY, S L GREEN, Dora 1898-Dec-25
MULLENS, Ed BEAN, Roxie 1896-Nov-22
MULLINS, Charley CRAWFORD, Francis 1893-Jan-20
MURAH, Isaac DOSS, Louisa 1886-Feb-25
MURDOCK, Andrew GREEN, Mary 1896-Nov-16
MURDOCK, Robert A WALLER, Laura Mrs 1892-Nov-23
MURFF, N B LOVE, Rosa 1899-Oct-07
MURRY, Eli HENLEY, Pollie 1893-Jul-27
MYERS, James LIPSEY, Rosalie 1889-Sep-06
MYERS, Ned Stout FARMER, Viney 1887-Apr-30
MYERS, William COCKINN, Nancy 1898-Nov-26
MYERS, Willie CLARK, Ann 1894-Aug-11

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