Chickasaw County Grooms

K - L

KEELING, Deck BASKIN, Fairola 1897-May-30
KEENEY, Robert RAGSVILLE, Margaret 1892-Apr-10
KEENEY, Will BUCHANAN, Mattie Belle 1896-Nov-07
KEETING, William MCINTOSH, Mary Jane 1897-Jun-06
KELLY, Aaron SHACKELFORD, Ada 1884-Dec-10
KELLY, J W DALLAS, Lillie 1897-Jun-20
KELSO, J H ROGERS, Lina 1886-Sep-19
KELSO, R S HATHCOCK, Margaret 1896-Feb-23
KEMPT, Harrison CATON, Lizzie Mrs 1883-Jun-23
KENDRICK, Abraham VICKERSON, Cindy 1895-Dec-18
KENDRICK, Alfred BASKIN, James Etta 1889-Jan-22
KENDRICK, Robert GARDNER, Dora 1895-Dec-22
KENDRICK, Willis BOON, Charlotte 1885-Apr-23
KENNEDY, Felix GILLESPIE, Bertha 1888-Dec-26
KENNEDY, Newton SPRINGER, Roxie 1900-Feb-18
KENNEDY, Thomas DOSS, Martha 1890-Dec-06
KILPATRICK, C T PULLIAM, Minnie H 1888-Apr-18
KING, Anderson COUSIN, Bettie 1897-Dec-12
KING, Anderson GUNN, Virginia 1885-Feb-27
KING, B F CHANDLER, Susie 1895-Dec-18
KING, Fed ROUSTER, Fannie 1899-Jan-31
KING, Freddie HARDEN, Pinkie 1895-Dec-26
KING, H HODGES, J F (Mrs) 1866-Oct-15
KING, Henry THOMAS, Ella Jane 1899-Feb-10
KING, John Henry STEVENSON, Mary E 1886-Dec-22
KING, Rias MULLINS, Maggie 1887-Jul-09
KING, Steve GLADNEY, Anna Gusta 1894-Dec-12
KING, Tom GILLESPIE, Lou 1896-Dec-24
KING, Willie WALKER, Annie 1896-Dec-24
KIRK, George WILSON, Callie 1898-Oct-26
KIRKPATRICK, W L MORGAN, Estelle 1897-Dec-21
KIRKPATRICK, W N RUTH, Phelia 1899-Sep-15
KIRKS, Perry HOLLIMON, Cily 1898-Dec-27
KIRKSEY, Mose MERRIWETHER, Lizzie 1898-Jun-05
KNOWLES, James B BEAL, Delia 1866-Oct-23
KNOX, W R BUCKINGHAM, Zelda 1893-Dec-20
LAGROVE, Charles CHANDLER, Ada 1895-Sep-25
LAGROVE, M H BUCKINGHAM, Nellie Lou 1895-Dec-03
LAGROVE, Walker MCINTOSH, Entura 1899-Dec-28
LAGROVE, Washington BOOSER, Catharine 1895-Dec-23
LAIN, John MURPHY, C E 1866-Apr-21
LAMBERS, James ADAMS, Dosey Ann 1886-Sep-02
LAMBERT, Milus HARRIS, Rinda 1885-Aug-24
LAMBERT, Robert KID, Amy 1883-Feb-15
LANCASTER, M L SHARP, Rebecca Nimrod 1883-Dec-26
LAND, Cato OWEN, Harriet 1900-Aug-21
LANDERS, Richard HOWARD, Virginia 1887-Oct-29
LANKFORD, John W TAYLOR, M 1863-Apr-28
LAURANCE, Isom MEYERS, Sallie 1893-Aug-05
LAVALLE, Del GILLIAM, Bettie 1887-Apr-10
LAWRENCE, Arthur COLEMAN, Mary Lou 1900-Sep-22
LAWRENCE, Lou Gerrie JONES, Zelda 1898-Aug-29
LAWSON, John WHITE, Lucy 1897-Nov-27
LAWSON, Levi WEBBER, Mary A (Mrs) 1866-Jan-29
LEATHERWOOD, Steven L CROMWELL, Maggie 1866-Sep-15
LEDBETTER, Daniel MORRIS, Eliza 1892-Sep-03
LEE, L W PEARSALL, M A 1866-Sep-12
LEE, Mack WALKER, Delia 1885-Aug-01
LEE, William WHITFIELD, Matilda 1887-Jan-13
LEQUEY, L J MCINTOSH, E D Miss 1889-Jan-26
LIGON, Adam BRANDON, Mary 1883-Dec-25
LIGON, George COOPWOOD, Lucy 1897-Oct-07
LIGON, Jonas DAVIS, Rose 1891-Mar-21
LIGON, Joseph JOHNSON, Ellen 1890-Dec-11
LIGON, Major BOGAN, Maggie 1896-Dec-24
LIGON, Raymond H MARABLE, Antionette 1895-Feb-27
LINLEY, S M HENDON, Mandy 1894-Feb-11
LINN, F H WESTBROOK, Nannie 1892-Feb-11
LIPSEY, MARION, Addie B 1898-Aug-25
LITTLE, Charles LITTLE, Belle 1889-Feb-28
LITTLE, E A SMITH, C O Miss 1888-Dec-11
LOCKETT, Mack PHOEBE, Jones 1885-Sep-11
LOFTIS, David MARION, Mary 1897-Feb-04
LOFTON, George D FOSTER, Jane E 1866-Oct-12
LOGAN, A J VAUGHN, Martha Belle 1884-Oct-25
LOGAN, Adam FINNIE, Daisy 1897-Aug-22
LOLLAR, J M DARDEN, Ellen 1891-Oct-04
LONG, Eddie EZELL, Mary 1893-Dec-27
LONG, Eddie VAUGHAN, Francis 1900-May-29
LONG, Will BELL, Minnie 1896-Sep-05
LONGEST, J I THOMPSON, Annie L 1893-Sep-05
LOUGHRIDGE, Green BOX, Vinia Mrs 1890-Oct-20
LOUGHRIDGE, Scott SNOW, Eliza 1885-Dec-15
LOUTHRIDGE, Jake BABBITT, Caroline 1896-Dec-10
LOVE, Charley HOBSON, Mattie 1891-Dec-22
LOVE, Henry FAIRCHILD, Rhoda 1900-Sep-08
LOVE, Henry FELAN, Kate 1893-Jun-13
LOVE, Henry HOBSON, Fisher 1893-Dec-28
LOVE, Jim STEVENSON, Rosa Lee 1900-Dec-19
LOVE, Milas STEVENSON, Mattie 1900-Dec-21
LOVE, Sidney VAUGHN, Amey 1895-Dec-19
LOVE, Simon COLLIER, Carrie 1893-Dec-24
LOWER, A J HADLEY, Maggie 1888-Oct-19
LOWERY, Wash ROWLAND, Adeline 1897-Sep-08
LOWRY, Humphrey ALLEN, Catherine 1883-Nov-06
LOWRY, Wash DICKSON, Lou Vanny 1883-Apr-08
LOWRY, William GARNER, Mattie 1885-Jan-05
LOYD, J M MCINIS, Laura 1898-Jan-26
LUCAS, Chester DAVIS, Susie 1896-Jan-07
LUCAS, Frank HARDIN, Rebecca 1892-Dec-24
LUCAS, Jim WHITE, Lula 1893-Mar-08
LUCAS, Wesley SKINNER, Martha 1893-Jan-26
LYLE, J E KNOX, Callie 1900-Feb-07
LYLES, Frazee SMITH, Hattie 1894-Oct-04
LYLES, Thomas J SAVAGE, Annie 1897-Nov-24
LYNCH, Mose SYKES, Agnes 1885-Dec-19
LYON, G H SADLER, Maria 1894-Jan-10
LYON, George JONES, Mamie 1897-Jan-27
LYON, J T HILL, Mattie 1894-Jan-04
LYON, Jack E ROBINSON, Lizzie 1866-Jan-10
LYON, Rush MILLSAPS, Catherine 1887-Oct-01
LYON, W H ELLIOTT, Alice 1886-Apr-27
LYON, W J BOUCHER, N V Miss 1887-Dec-17
LYONS, John F FOY, Ella 1885-Feb-05
LYONS, Mack BAILEY, Lou Genia 1886-Dec-23


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