Chickasaw County Grooms

I - J

IDSON, W W SHURBERT, Elizabeth 1863-Jun-27
INGE, Jesse APPLEWHITE, Amanda 1866-Oct-25
INGRAHAM, J J JOHNSON, E L (Mrs) 1866-Aug-07
INGRAHAM, John GATLIN, Elmira (Mrs) 1866-May-03
INMAN, John MULLINS, Mollie 1888-Jan-16
INMAN, Wiliam H HOLMES, P D Miss 1884-Jan-15
IRBY, David BAKER, Jane 1884-Jan-05
IRBY, Lewis HOBSON, Eliza 1891-Feb-05
IRBY, Thomas GATES, Mariah 1886-Dec-30
IRELAND, Boss LAWSON, Crecey 1898-Apr-30
ISBELL, J L ISBELL, W A Miss 1889-Mar-07
ISBELL, Rice HOBSON, Bettie 1891-Dec-02
ISBELL, Rice THOMPSON, Ellen 1888-Aug-30
ISBELL, Thomas BUCHANAN, Emma 1886-Dec-31
IVY, Aaron ROBINSON, Phereby 1883-Aug-12
IVY, Alec BAILEY, Gertrude 1899-Dec-22
IVY, Archie HOLBROOKS, Mittie 1888-Jan-26
IVY, Dots COOPWOOD, Cinderella 1896-Jan-06
IVY, Harry DARDEN, Emma 1888-Dec-25
IVY, Henry HAUGHTON, Emma 1885-Dec-30
IVY, John GLADNEY, Mandy 1896-Nov-12
IVY, Lawrence BARR, Lula 1892-Dec-22
IVY, Monroe FIELDS, Mary 1892-Dec-26
JACKSON, Andrew CLAY, Gracie 1899-Dec-12
JACKSON, Grix COMBS, Laura 1888-Jan-07
JACKSON, Isaac CUNNINGHAM, Anna 1896-Nov-21
JACKSON, Jack GUNN, Roxy 1889-Nov-22
JACKSON, P J LITTLE, Sarah 1897-Jul-09
JACKSON, Pleasant BALDWYN, Liza 1886-Dec-31
JACKSON, Ralph SHELL, Maggie 1900-Jan-16
JACOBS, M L EVANS, Ada Belle 1900-Jul-30
JAMES, James CARTER, Mary 1884-May-15
JAMISON, Handy SIMS, Alice 1892-Dec-10
JARMAN, Moses GUNN, Ella 1883-Feb-20
JARMAN, R A BAKER, Manerva Mrs 1884-Nov-25
JARMON, Aaron WATSON, Gracie 1894-May-11
JENKINS, Daniel GATES, Ida 1883-Mar-04
JENNINGS, Donnie PULPUS, Charlotte 1897-May-22
JENNINGS, O T JENNINGS, Margaret B 1866-Aug-15
JETER, Jess WHITE, Maggie 1894-Dec-24
JOHNSON, Aaron BABBITT, Lucy 1884-Nov-20
JOHNSON, Archie CAMPBELL, Hannah 1893-Sep-27
JOHNSON, Archie MCKINNEY, Anna 1886-Dec-02
JOHNSON, Berry ATKINSON, Azaline 1886-Dec-26
JOHNSON, Buford BURKS, Francis Elizabeth 1897-Nov-10
JOHNSON, Charles MCASHAN, Maggie 1890-Feb-20
JOHNSON, Ed BRAMLETT, Lugenia 1894-Dec-26
JOHNSON, Ed MOORE, Rose 1890-Dec-18
JOHNSON, Ed TAYLOR, Sarah 1897-Dec-20
JOHNSON, Frank WILLIAMS, Winnie 1888-Oct-18
JOHNSON, G W Jr SIDES, R P Miss 1884-Dec-24
JOHNSON, Henry WILLIAMS, Minerva 1897-Jan-28
JOHNSON, J H ALEXANDER, Belle 1893-Nov-22
JOHNSON, Jack RILEY, Georgia 1893-Dec-24
JOHNSON, Jim ROYSTER, Mattie 1900-Feb-28
JOHNSON, Joe BACON, Jennie 1896-Dec-23
JOHNSON, Joe HOYLE, Carolina 1898-Jan-13
JOHNSON, Mark PORTER, Virgie 1892-Dec-24
JOHNSON, Mose EZELL, Emily 1895-Dec-05
JOHNSON, Richard ATKINS, Sanda 1886-Jan-27
JOHNSON, Robert DOSS, Patsy 1892-Dec-29
JOHNSON, Rufus JORDAN, Mary T 1883-Dec-11
JOHNSON, Scott CRAWFORD, Emma 1897-Dec-25
JOHNSON, Sulone BAILEY, Anna 1894-May-20
JOHNSON, Terrel WALLACE, Sarah 1900-Sep-24
JOHNSON, Thomas GUNN, Agnes 1886-Oct-28
JOHNSON, Tobe MANSFIELD, Sarah 1896-Feb-28
JOHNSON, Tucker CROWELLE, Belle 1897-Mar-23
JOHNSON, W F JOLLY, Minta 1883-Nov-08
JOHNSON, W F SPRAGGINS, Lula 1887-Nov-16
JOHNSON, William COOK, Levy 1889-Dec-26
JOHNSON, William MILLER, Phyllis 1898-Nov-06
JOHNSON, Willis JUDD, Vina 1892-Jan-05
JOLLEY, S J TENNISON, Minnie 1888-Aug-29
JOLLY, C TOPP, Ida Neal 1884-Apr-17
JOLLY, C C NOE, Maud 1895-Jul-11
JOLLY, L FOWLKES, Mollie 1894-Dec-30
JOLLY, S H ABERNATHY, Almira 1893-Jan-19
JOLLY, S J PORTER, Theda 1900-Jul-08
JOLLY, Sam SULLIVAN, Molly 1892-Dec-21
JOLLY, W M GASKINS, Fannie 1888-Sep-05
JONES, Alfred ISBELL, Rosa 1899-Mar-04
JONES, Anderson ARTHUR, Emily 1887-May-26
JONES, Ben LAURY, Ada 1897-Jan-07
JONES, Casper JAMES, Josie 1894-Mar-08
JONES, Charley ISWELL, Birdie 1898-Jul-20
JONES, Charley WHITE, Rachel 1900-Sep-10
JONES, E H MAJORS, Della 1893-Jan-15
JONES, F C DEHAY, Fannie 1887-Oct-30
JONES, Green ROBERSON, Amy 1883-Feb-14
JONES, Isiah ANTHONY, Tislie 1896-Feb-13
JONES, Isiah MERRITT, Clara 1896-May-27
JONES, J G GOZA, C D 1866-Dec-28
JONES, Jeff BURDIN, Mary Jane 1898-Jan-29
JONES, Johnny JOHNSON, Bidsey Ann 1900-Mar-04
JONES, Oscar T MURPHY, Mamie 1898-May-29
JONES, Richard BARKER, Ellenora Mrs 1887-Apr-22
JONES, Richard RILEY, Eldora 1896-Jan-09
JONES, Robert JOHNSON, Mattie 1898-Jun-11
JONES, Robert TRICE, Eva 1899-Jul-10
JONES, Sam HOLDER, Catherine 1900-Mar-14
JONES, Sherman VAUGHN, Annie 1892-Nov-20
JONES, Sperman BAKER, Ann 1899-Nov-09
JONES, Thomas BOATWRIGHT, Sarah 1866-Aug-14
JONES, Tom MIMMS, Easter 1894-Dec-10
JONES, W H HURLBERT, Addie C 1887-Feb-24
JONES, Wiley IVY, Lucy 1900-Sep-19
JONES, Wiley VAUGHN, Mary 1892-Sep-11
JONES, Wilson ANTHONY, Jenny 1884-Mar-08
JONES, Wilson GATES, Sarah 1887-Jan-15
JORDAN, John B GRIFFIN, Ray 1891-Jul-08
JORDAN, Marion MILLER, Eliza 1886-Mar-18
JORDAN, William MARTIN, Millie 1898-Jul-03
JORDAN, William RILEY, Barbara 1887-Dec-20
JUDD, W J CLEMENT, Emma 1883-Dec-05
JUDD, Wiley DANCER, Bettie 1888-Dec-29


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