Chickasaw County Grooms

D - E

DALE, Henry BIRNEY, Lucy 1898-Dec-18
DALLAS, B L DAVIDSON, Mollie 1896-Oct-15
DALLAS, J B KELLY, M E Mrs 1890-Dec-28
DALLAS, T H HINTON, Callie 1887-Jan-24
DALLAS, T H MORRIS, Florence 1895-Oct-03
DALLAS, Tom DAVIDSON, Zora 1896-Dec-28
DALLAS, W E DAVIDSON, Alice 1896-Jan-02
DANCEY, Shelby BOGAN, Creley 1896-Dec-27
DANCY, A G GILLESPIE, India G 1888-Nov-08
DANGLER, John WALKER, Lula 1896-Oct-02
DANIEL, Burnell BANKS, Lizzie 1895-Apr-04
DARBY, H G WELLS, Elizabeth 1866-Jan-13
DARDEN, Alexander GOREE, Patsy 1890-Jan-10
DARDEN, Ambrose WORD, Charity 1889-Aug-01
DARDEN, Lem WHITE, Mattie 1890-Mar-15
DARDEN, Walter SYKES, Malissa 1892-May-19
DARDEN, West IVY, Bell 1886-Dec-26
DARDEN, Will TOWNSEND, Lillie 1900-Dec-26
DAVENPORT, A L BLANCHARD, Lizzie A 1898-Feb-15
DAVENPORT, Thomas DOSS, Lucindy 1900-Dec-02
DAVIDSON, M L HADLEY, Clara 1899-Mar-09
DAVIS, Bob BAKER, Maria 1893-May-10
DAVIS, C D AYCOCK, Mollie 1894-Dec-12
DAVIS, Ed WOODS, Mary Ella 1888-Jan-26
DAVIS, G C COLE, Josie 1897-Jan-06
DAVIS, Henry BABBITT, Jane 1888-Sep-12
DAVIS, I L GRAHAM, Annie 1894-Jan-14
DAVIS, J A COINELIA, Minn 1846-Feb-12
DAVIS, J C HARRISON, C E Miss 1888-Dec-02
DAVIS, J F WILLIAMS, Idonia 1888-Jan-11
DAVIS, J N HAMLIN, M S Miss 1898-Oct-06
DAVIS, James HENDERSON, Leona 1894-Feb-21
DAVIS, James C GREGORY, Leah 1891-Jun-28
DAVIS, John Henry JOHNSON, Josie 1898-Dec-14
DAVIS, L A TURMAN, R A 1867-Dec-24
DAVIS, P C RANKINS, Rena 1885-Dec-24
DAVIS, Phillip MCLENDON, Amelia 1890-Jun-20
DAVIS, Samuel GARDNER, Ida 1889-Dec-22
DAVIS, T C COLE, G L Miss 1891-Oct-27
DAVIS, W R MORROW, Mamie 1892-Jan-31
DAWSON, W MOORE, Annie L 1883-Feb-06
DAY, C P SAVAGE, Mary Clifford 1897-Feb-03
DEAL, Joe BROWN, Candice 1894-Jul-21
DEAL, Lafayette PERRY, Patsy 1899-Dec-26
DEAN, William SPENCER, Mary Mrs 1884-Apr-05
DEARING, Spencer HARRIS, Katie 1885-Mar-05
DEARING, Washington MULLINS, Eliza 1885-Jan-07
DENTON, Chester ROBINSON, Josie 1889-Jun-13
DENTON, J E DUNN, Dora 1885-Dec-24
DENTON, Oscar PULLIAM, Susie 1883-Oct-24
DEXTER, John W HUSSEY, Amanda 1866-May-14
DICKSON, Chap JOHNSON, Mollie 1885-Oct-12
DOBBS, Albert MCCLENDON, Zadie 1897-Sep-10
DOBBS, Edmond MERRIWETHER, Hattie 1896-Aug-06
DOBBS, Edmond SANDERS, Helen 1892-Jun-04
DOBBS, Henry BALDWIN, Mahala Mrs 1883-Nov-29
DOBBS, James KEENEY, Minnie 1896-Dec-30
DOBBS, Mose GLADNEY, Zuleka 1899-Jul-29
DOBBS, Oliver PARCHMAN, Maggie 1890-Jan-02
DOBBS, Taylor MUDD, Ella Mrs 1890-Nov-26
DOBBS, Taylor Jr KENDRICKS, Sallie Ann 1894-Aug-07
DOBBS, Tilghman LOTHIC, Bettie 1888-Dec-25
DOBSON, Amzie MCINTOSH, Laura Kate 1897-Jun-03
DOLLISON, Frank KIDD, Alberta 1890-Jan-04
DONALDSON, Jerry GARDNER, Dink 1889-Dec-03
DONALDSON, Jerry ORR, Henretta 1889-Oct-08
DONELSON, Anthony HUDSON, Rachel 1893-Sep-16
DONELSON, Jimmie HUDSON, Leah 1893-Sep-16
DOSS, Henry COLBERT, Maggie 1890-Oct-18
DOBBS, L N MERRIWETHER, Maggie 1887-Nov-24
DOSS, Phillip MILLSAPS, Mattie 1891-Feb-03
DOSTER, J L FAULKNER, Mary M 1866-Oct-16
DOWNING, J E DAVENPORT, E B (Mrs) 1866-Oct-30
DRAGGER, Anderson THREAT, Mary Emma 1899-Dec-26
DRAKE, H J DELASHMET, R B Mrs 1886-Mar-18
DRAKE, H J HENDERSON, Hassie 1896-Mar-25
DRAKE, Jim BOOSER, Sarah 1900-Mar-12
DRIVER, D T STONE, H E 1866-Jan-09
DRIVER, William MCCRACKEN, M H 1866-Jan-09
DRUMMOND, William TROOP, Mary 1892-Oct-10
DUFF, Henry HARRIS, Martha 1888-Oct-11
DUGGER, Jerry REID, Florence 1896-Jan-19
DUGGER, Luther LOWERY, Lizzie 1896-Oct-07
DUKE, Thomas MOORE, Mary 1893-Feb-02
DUMONT, Fritz LAVOIE, Cecile Mrs 1883-Aug-07
DUNCAN, Phillip PULLIAM, Belle 1889-Mar-07
DUNCAN, W R LOYD, Belle Mrs 1883-Jan-18
DUNNING, Charles DICKSON, Louisa 1885-May-09
EARLY, Jim FORBES, Bettie 1883-Dec-24
EARNEST, Joe GULLETT, Addie 1888-Aug-25
ECKFORD, Derrell GATLIN, Mariah Mrs 1883-Jan-11
ECKFORD, Frank FORD, Matilda 1884-Nov-20
ECKFORD, James EZELL, Mamie 1899-May-13
ECKFORD, John H GILMORE, Callie Mrs 1884-Jan-10
EDENS, J E FRAZEE, Hattie L 1889-Oct-02
EDGE, Julius BLAIR, Mary 1866-Sep-19
EDINGTON, W R IVY, Anna 1896-Oct-22
EDMOND, Ben LOWERY, Lidia Ann 1899-Sep-15
EDWARD, Van GATES, Ellen 1889-Dec-12
EDWARDS, A J OWEN, Julia 1891-Dec-30
EDWARDS, Albert ROBEY, Alice 1899-Dec-24
EDWARDS, Alexander MCINTOSH, Rhody 1899-Dec-28
EDWARDS, Benjamin J HODGES, Sibbie 1885-Jan-04
EDWARDS, Phil DOBBS, Rose 1899-Nov-16
ELLIOTT, B F ELLIOTT, Nan 1899-Nov-15
ELLIOTT, E S Jr TYSON, Marion Lee 1898-Aug-31
ELLIOTT, F M FRAZEE, Irene 1898-Feb-25
ELLIOTT, J W GREGORY, Edna E 1893-Dec-10
ELLIOTT, Rufus C GRADY, Mamie 1887-Feb-03
ELLIOTT, T W PENNY, Sallie D 1866-Jan-
ELLIS, C C MURRY, Elizabeth 1898-May-07
ELLISON, John WALKER, M A (Mrs) 1867-Feb-18
ERNEST, A J WITT, Annie 1899-Oct-24
ERNEST, Joe JOHNSON, Leila 1894-Sep-26
EVANS, C B MORRIS, Roxie E 1895-Apr-07
EVANS, Harvey HARRIS, Julia 1895-Oct-20
EVANS, Henry FINLEY, Nancy 1890-Nov-07
EVANS, J R HADLEY, Lou Ella 1892-Oct-09
EVANS, Jack BURNETT, Alice 1883-Apr-26
EVANS, Jack TAYLOR, Linda 1885-Aug-05
EVANS, Jackson GATES, Dilly 1888-Dec-31
EVANS, Jerry REID, Sophie 1885-Dec-30
EVANS, King Solomon DAVIS, Mary 1895-Nov-29
EVANS, Mose LACEY, Matilda 1885-Dec-27
EVANS, Sol KYLE, Lou 1888-Nov-13
EVANS, Soloman MOORE, Callie Ann 1900-Dec-14
EWING, Gabriel FORD, Mary 1891-Dec-26
EWING, Jacob BONDER, Caroline 1889-Sep-21
EWING, Jake JAMISON, Amy 1885-Dec-28
EWING, R P WHEELER, Lucy 1886-Nov-25
EZELL, Ed HUNT, Rena 1894-Dec-26
EZELL, Ed MULLINS, Dora 1886-Jan-13
EZELL, Phil HARRIS, Martha Ann 1895-Sep-07
EZELL, W L CRAWFORD, Rothy 1898-Mar-05
EZELL, W L JOHNSON, Maria 1893-Dec-23
EZELL, Walter ABBOTT, Rosa 1899-Dec-23


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