Chickasay County Grooms


CAFFEY, C A HUDDLESTON, L M Miss 1895-Dec-17
CAIN, Joe (Mrs) NEW, Edward 1866-Aug-20
CAIN, Stephen DOSS, Mollie 1890-Nov-16
CAIN, Steve JOHNSON, Emma 1893-Sep-17
CAIN, W NAUGLE, Elizabeth C 1867-Mar-04
CALVERT, Gus WALKER, Ella 1887-May-05
CAMEL, M J MILLS, R A 1867-Feb-18
CAMPBELL, J D HERRAN, Nannie Lyde 1894-Nov-11
CANNON, Judge WHEELER, Ada 1883-Jun-10
CAPWELL, William COKER, Ida 1891-Jul-26
CARATHERS, Frank BEAN, Matilda 1885-Jul-23
CARODINE, George HOLLIMON, Ella 1900-Jan-20
CARODINE, Willie GILLESPIE, Rachel 1897-Dec-16
CAROTHERS, Anderson DIXON, Katie 1893-Apr-29
CAROTHERS, David WILSON, Emma 1891-Nov-21
CAROTHERS, Emanuel HAYS, Mariah 1886-Dec-22
CAROTHERS, George LOGAN, Julia 1894-Dec-23
CAROTHERS, Henry WALLACE, Mary 1893-Mar-28
CAROTHERS, Tom CLARK, Lula 1898-Apr-18
CARR, Albert CUNNINGHAM, Carrie 1899-Nov-14
CARR, Ambrose BOWEN, Augusta 1893-Dec-20
CARR, George HENDERSON, Gussie 1887-Dec-28
CARR, James WHITE, Fannie 1886-May-02
CARR, John BROWN, Susie 1899-Mar-04
CARR, Pat GATES, Angeline 1884-Dec-25
CARRY, Jeremiah MAYS, Callie 1883-Sep-26
CARSON, R C PENDEGUST, Katie 1900-May-24
CARTER, Aaron MCNAIRY, Mag 1890-Apr-18
CARTER, Adoniram SHAW, Annie 1891-Jun-20
CARTER, Green FORD, Callie 1888-Dec-27
CARTER, Green A BLUFORD, Jenny 1890-Feb-16
CARTER, Hamp GUINN, Maggie 1900-Mar-14
CARTER, J T JOHNSON, Bettie 1893-Jul-20
CARTER, W J HIGH, Mary Jane 1897-May-14
CARTER, White JOHNSON, Della 1898-Mar-03
CARTER, Will GLADNEY, Jennie 1892-Jan-09
CARTER, William Henry BLUE, Ella 1899-Feb-25
CARTER, William M DENSON, M A 1866-Oct-27
CARY, Charles GILLESPIE, Rachel 1888-Dec-24
CARY, J M BURKETT, Jennie Lee 1890-May-13
CASTLES, Henry CHENAULT, S C 1866-Sep-05
CASTLES, James A CHENAULT, S A 1866-Oct-03
CAUSBY, Jerry ROGERS, Elvira 1891-Jan-10
CAUSBY, Jerry ROGERS, Elvira 1891-Dec-29
CAVANAUGH, Joe P RANDLE, Ella 1888-Oct-18
CAVIN, Otha BABBITT, Theresa 1898-Oct-13
CHANDLER, A J BUFORD, Annie 1896-Feb-26
CHANDLER, Aaron DOSS, Anna Agusta 1898-Dec-04
CHANDLER, Ed CLARK, C Ann 1898-Nov-27
CHANDLER, George WRIGHT, Martha 1891-Nov-25
CHANDLER, Henry CUNNINGHAM, Mollie 1898-Jul-16
CHANDLER, Henry GATES, Fannie 1896-Nov-08
CHANDLER, Henry MILLER, Amy 1898-Oct-23
CHANDLER, James GHOLSTON, Mahala 1889-Feb-05
CHANDLER, Jesse ROBERSON, Mollie 1899-Mar-11
CHANDLER, Preston IVY, Mary 1896-Dec-21
CHANDLER, R W KNOX, Mary L 1888-Sep-04
CHANDLER, Warner ORR, Tabitha 1885-Dec-27
CHANDLER, Wes ALEXANDER, Mattie 1896-Oct-07
CHAPMAN, Charley ARMSTRONG, Virgie 1895-Jan-13
CHAPMAN, W C BOUCHER, Ophelia Mrs 1892-Sep-07
CHENAULT, N W PEDEN, Nannie 1890-Dec-16
CHEW, John H GILLIAM, Callie 1887-Dec-30
CHILARS, Samuel D TINDALL, Edna 1885-Dec-16
CHISHOLM, S S SHATTUCK, Anna M 1885-Dec-14
CLANTON, John WILSON, Mattie 1899-Apr-19
CLARK, J N LYON, L J Miss 1896-Dec-31
CLARK, J T BERRY, Georgia A 1898-Feb-27
CLARK, John Baxter YOUNG, Saint Ivy 1898-Oct-17
CLARK, Levi FINNIE, Bettie 1895-Aug-04
CLARK, R L HOLMES, V W Miss 1886-Sep-03
CLARK, Stephen CAREY, Rachel 1891-Jan-01
CLARK, Thomas KIRK, Clara 1895-Dec-26
CLARK, Will NELSON, Anna Lee 1886-Dec-23
CLARKE, James Henry BOWEN, Mandy 1896-Nov-18
CLARKE, Levi LANSFORD, Effie 1898-Feb-02
CLARKE, William SADDLER, Zenildia 1866-Apr-18
CLAY, Anthony BOOKER, Gracie 1887-Jan-29
CLAY, Claiborne BUCHANAN, Kate 1886-Dec-27
CLAY, Claiborne LEE, Mattie 1890-Sep-18
CLAY, J D BUCK, Josie Mrs 1884-Dec-18
CLAY, N R DRAKE, Bettie 1885-Dec-15
CLIFTON, Ed WATSON, Kizzie 1886-Nov-02
CLOPTON, Fred WREN, Emma 1899-Dec-12
CLOPTON, Mose MCCLENDON, Anna L 1883-Nov-22
COCHRAM, T A ANDREWS, Mary Ann 1865-Oct-10
COCKERAL, Ed PALMER, Bettie 1894-Dec-25
COCKERELL, Bill MILES, Letha 1895-Dec-07
COCKRELL, Henry THOMAS, Leanna 1887-Dec-22
COCKRELL, Joe S HOBSON, J F 1866-Nov-20
COKELIN, Ed RIPPERS, Caroline 1884-Jul-13
COLBERT, A L BOWLES, Maggie 1900-Dec-05
COLBERT, W C LAWRENCE, Estell 1900-Dec-26
COLBURN, D L LOGAN, Mattie 1898-Nov-27
COLE, E B EDWARDS, Mary 1898-Sep-10
COLE, Lee DAVIS, Essie 1896-Mar-12
COLE, Lonie DELASHMINT, Sely 1897-Oct-05
COLEMAN, Butler JONES, Mariah Mrs 1884-Mar-10
COLEMAN, Eddie BAREFIELD, Mandy 1885-Feb-05
COLEMAN, Thomas WAMBLE, Molly 1888-Dec-02
COLEMAN, Will THORNTON, Alice 1896-Jul-04
COLLIER, Elliott WREN, Lula 1896-Feb-06
COLLINS, Handy JONES, Ellen 1886-Feb-25
COLLINS, R E BEATY, Minnie 1893-Apr-24
COMPTON, Daniel DOTY, Dina 1897-Feb-03
COMPTON, Felix EVANS, Rena 1887-Mar-27
COMTON, Felix WILLIAMS, Bettie 1891-Sep-26
CONG, George TODDY, Rena 1888-Feb-05
CONNER, Harry JACKSON, Rosa 1887-Feb-23
COOK, Archie WALKER, Mary 1888-Nov-18
COOK, C T SULLIVAN, Nannie 1900-Jun-03
COOK, Crockett DOSS, Sarah 1890-May-07
COOK, George HAMLEN, Ida 1885-Dec-28
COOK, James R TOURY, Hellen (Mrs) 1866-Dec-01
COOK, Levy JOHNSON, William 1889-Dec-26
COOK, Morton LUSTER, Minerva 1898-Dec-25
COOK, N E FOWLKES, Mattie 1896-Nov-19
COOK, Peace BOON, Ellen 1884-Dec-06
COOK, W C Wilson GUNN, Ruthy Mrs 1887-Dec-15
COOK, Wilson EWING, Phyllis 1898-May-10
COOK, Wilson HOLBROOKS, Millie 1885-Feb-12
COOPER, Bluford WAMBLE, Eugenia 1888-Dec-26
COOPER, Henry BASKIN, Pinkey 1892-Dec-30
COOPER, J H BARR, Lula 1897-Feb-10
COOPER, J H ORR, Cora 1887-Dec-23
COOPER, Joe PULLIAM, Mary Alice 1898-Jan-18
COOPER, Napoleon BERGAN, Mary 1885-Feb-05
COOPER, Thomas LAMB, Hattie 1889-Apr-19
COOPWOOD, Daniel MCCANRY, Josie 1895-May-28
COOPWOOD, Will MCNARY, Julie Ann 1900-Dec-26
CORLEY, R C BEAN, Lovie 1895-Apr-11
CORLEY, Robert BEASLEY, Leona 1891-Jan-07
COSBY, Thomas C SHACKELFORD, Susie 1886-Dec-09
COSCOLOUGH, Charley MANUEL, Emma 1898-Jan-19
COSCOLOUGH, John Henry BRETNEY, Susie A 1896-Dec-05
COSCOLOUGH, Sam WHEELER, Mamie 1896-Dec-28
COSSIN, Pink GREEN, Bird 1895-Sep-24
COTHRUN, John GRAY, Sarah L (Mrs) 1867-Mar-05
COUCH, Ben E BROWN, Lillie 1895-Jan-27
COUCH, W D BRAND, E A 1866-Sep-27
COUSIN, Mike GLADNEY, Rachel 1896-Nov-13
COUSINS, Ephrain SMITH, Bettie 1885-Dec-20
COUSINS, W D CALDWELL, D J (Mrs) 1866-Oct-26
COX, Ephrain JONES, Ann 1891-Dec-10
COX, Tom PARKS, Liza 1898-Dec-24
COZENS, Judy HALLIMAN, Chapman 1886-Aug-16
CRAWFORD, J F OWEN, M J 1865-Oct-28
CRAWFORD, N B FRAZEE, Sudie C 1885-Nov-12
CRIDDLE, J M SMITH, Ella 1898-Aug-07
CRIGHTON, William WEDDELL, Kate 1888-Nov-29
CRISTID, S E BUTLER, N E 1866-Oct-31
CROCKEL, Sam BANKS, Julia Ann 1894-Jun-16
CROCKETT, David LIGON, Mattie 1892-Jun-27
CROCKITT, Thomas WOODWARD, Enda 1887-Nov-17
CROCKREL, Sam GLADNEY, Virginia 1896-Dec-24
CROW, Newton DRAKE, Sarah 1889-Nov-23
CROW, Whiteman FANT, Rosa 1899-Nov-13
CRUMP, O W MILLER, Annie B 1900-Jan-21
CRUMP, W J JOHNSON, Cora 1894-Feb-04
CRUNK, W F MCIVER, Nancy 1891-Apr-21
CULLENS, Claude STEWART, Roberta 1898-Mar-16
CUMMINGS, J O WEST, Lillie 1897-Nov-17
CUMMINGS, W A BROCK, Annie 1898-Dec-21
CUNNINGHAM, Emanuel HOLLIDAY, Rowena 1886-Dec-18
CUNNINGHAM, George WHIFIELD, India 1894-Feb-02
CUNNINGHAM, George Hea rd    GREEN, Mary Sue 1883-Nov-07
CUNNINGHAM, Humphrey HOLLIS, Ella 1900-Nov-08
CUNNINGHAM, Jacob PIERCE, Alice 1897-Dec-23
CUNNINGHAM, James OCONNER, Julia 1894-Feb-06
CUNNINGHAM, Jerry TOOLS, Georgia Ann 1894-Dec-22
CUNNINGHAM, Julius THOMPSON, Angeline Mrs 1883-Nov-30
CUNNINGHAM, Peter ROBERTS, Callie 1889-Apr-29
CUNNINGHAM, Pleasant BROOKS, Kate Mrs 1883-Aug-11
CUNNINGHAM, Russell GATES, Lousa 1888-Mar-17
CUNNINGHAM, Stephen HOLLIDAY, Classie 1896-Dec-02
CURRY, Richard HAUGHTON, Annie 1896-Aug-27

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