Chickasaw County Brides

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TAPLEY, Virginia SHACKELFORD, T H 1883-Dec-17
TATE, Adla MOORE, John 1885-Jun-04
TAYLOR, Leona GARDNER, Ambrose 1898-Dec-27
TAYLOR, Linda EVANS, Jack 1885-Aug-05
TAYLOR, M LANKFORD, John W 1863-Apr-28
TAYLOR, Mattie GEWIN, Ephrain 1888-Feb-05
TAYLOR, Sarah JOHNSON, Ed 1897-Dec-20
TAYLOR, Virginia WINSTON, William 1887-Nov-23
TENNISON, Minnie JOLLEY, S J 1888-Aug-29
THOMAS, Bettie WHITE, A J 1897-Mar-07
THOMAS, Ella Jane KING, Henry 1899-Feb-10
THOMAS, Leanna COCKRELL, Henry 1887-Dec-22
THOMAS, Mary A WILSON, Tom 1886-Jan-16
THOMAS, Mary Ella THOMAS, L L 1891-Aug-05
THOMAS, Minnie SPRAGIUS, Lee 1896-Nov-03
THOMAS, Mollie WARE, Wiley 1897-Oct-21
THOMAS, Tempie WILLIAMS, A A 1900-Apr-21
THOMAS, Viney BANKS, Sam 1898-May-25
THOMPSON, Alberta THORNTON, Andy 1893-Jul-08
THOMPSON, Angeline Mrs CUNNINGHAM, Julius 1883-Nov-30
THOMPSON, Anger Leaner THOMPSON, Lewis 1897-May-14
THOMPSON, Annie L LONGEST, J I 1893-Sep-05
THOMPSON, Crecey ROSEBOROUGH, William Henry 1893-Nov-05
THOMPSON, E A Miss GORDAN, C L 1893-Aug-24
THOMPSON, Ellen ISBELL, Rice 1888-Aug-30
THOMPSON, Lina WILLIAMS, James 1883-Oct-20
THOMPSON, Lula WILSON, Abraham 1899-Dec-19
THOMPSON, M E BEARD, John W 1866-Jan-15
THOMPSON, Mattie MCNARY, Alfred 1897-May-27
THOMPSON, Sarah E MCNAMEE, Peter 1866-Oct-12
THOMPSON, Susie FITZPATRICK, Bluford 1900-May-29
THORNTON, Alice COLEMAN, Will 1896-Jul-04
THORNTON, Julia BAKER, John 1887-Dec-31
THORNTON, Lizzie YOUNG, James A 1866-Dec-17
THORP, Nancy E HENLEY, John B 1866-Dec-18
THREAT, Anna BUCHANAN, Benton 1898-Dec-25
THREAT, Julia GOREE, William 1893-Feb-27
THREAT, Mary Emma DRAGGER, Anderson 1899-Dec-26
THREAT, Sylvia MAYFIELD, Will 1898-Mar-26
THREAT, Ursula BELLS, Louis 1884-Oct-23
TIMMS, Fannie GILLIAM, James 1899-Dec-20
TIMS, Fanny PORTER, Henry 1895-Dec-04
TINDALL, Edna CHILARS, Samuel D 1885-Dec-16
TINDALL, Helene J WHITE, George Lee 1900-Jun-02
TODDY, Rena CONG, George 1888-Feb-05
TOOLS, Georgia Ann CUNNINGHAM, Jerry 1894-Dec-22
TOPP, Ida Neal JOLLY, C 1884-Apr-17
TORNWALL, H S Miss WILSON, Charles J 1885-Oct-25
TOURY, Hellen (Mrs) COOK, James R 1866-Dec-01
TOWNSEND, Callie THOMAS, Henry Jr 1899-Oct-11
TOWNSEND, Ellen GRIFFIN, John 1890-Jul-31
TOWNSEND, Lillie DARDEN, Will 1900-Dec-26
TRICE, Eva JONES, Robert 1899-Jul-10
TRICE, Virginia HAYS, John 1887-Dec-29
TRIMMIER, Ellie T NORRIS, T W 1883-Jan-31
TROOP, Mary DRUMMOND, William 1892-Oct-10
TROUP, Anna Laura NEVILLE, Walter 1896-Aug-31
TROUP, Sarah PULLIAM, Barry 1889-Jan-05
TUBBS, Luberta BUCHANAN, Pilgrim 1900-Dec-09
TUCKER, H S GILLESPIE, Stacey F 1888-Nov-08
TUCKER, Leah BREWER, Lewis 1891-Mar-01
TUCKER, Rose Lee BATTLE, C S 1896-Jun-17
TUMER, Mamie BOWDEN, Charles 1894-Mar-13
TURMAN, Ellen NEAL, Oscar 1899-Jun-28
TURNER, Ada FISHER, Mike 1886-Dec-29
TURNER, Jane THOMPSON, Ananias 1884-Sep-23
TURNER, Lizzie SAMPLES, Andrew 1886-Mar-28
TURNER, Lizzie B MILLER, A S 1897-Jan-26
TURNER, Mamie SIMON, Oliver 1897-Mar-23
TURNER, Susan GREEN, Wade 1889-Dec-14
UDELL, Cassie HOBSON, William 1889-Dec-10
UDELL, Maria MAY, Harry 1889-Aug-20
VANCE, Eugena GIBBS, Randle 1897-Oct-03
VANCE, Sarah MOSELEY, Ab 1895-Dec-31
VASSER, Elvira TURNER, Armstead 1883-Feb-24
VAUGHAN, Francis LONG, Eddie 1900-May-29
VAUGHN, Amey LOVE, Sidney 1895-Dec-19
VAUGHN, Anna GARDNER, Peter 1886-Jun-22
VAUGHN, Annie JONES, Sherman 1892-Nov-20
VAUGHN, Martha YOUNG, Rolin 1895-May-18
VAUGHN, Martha Belle LOGAN, A J 1884-Oct-25
VAUGHN, Mary GARDNER, Aaron 1885-Dec-31
VAUGHN, Mary JONES, Wiley 1892-Sep-11
VAUGHN, Mary RILEY, Alex 1895-Jun-13
VAUGHN, Violet PRYOR, John 1887-Aug-28
VICKERS, Jane HILL, J C 1866-Jul-26
VICKERSON, Cindy KENDRICK, Abraham 1895-Dec-18
VOGEL, A B BUCKING, Mollie J 1865-Nov-16

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