Chickasaw County Brides


SADDLER, Zenildia CLARKE, William 1866-Apr-18
SADLER, Maria LYON, G H 1894-Jan-10
SADLER, Nannie L MILWEE, Lucian 1883-Oct-18
SANDERS, Helen DOBBS, Edmond 1892-Jun-04
SANDERS, Mary BRANCH, Henry 1883-Dec-26
SANDERS, Milly Ann OWEN, George 1895-Jun-06
SANDERS, Narcis PROFIT, Scott 1892-Aug-13
SARTER, Elvy ANDERSON, Orne 1889-Dec-26
SAVAGE, Annie LYLES, Thomas J 1897-Nov-24
SAVAGE, Mary Clifford DAY, C P 1897-Feb-03
SAXON, Ophelia NORMAN, F M 1900-Jan-24
SCHILET, Jane WILLIAMS, Jumbo 1894-Sep-04
SCHLICHT, Mary WILLIAMS, Hiram 1898-Mar-16
SEALES, Laura BOWDEN, Charles 1891-Dec-10
SEAY, Lula PARKER, J B 1894-Dec-15
SESSUMS, Rose HOLLIDAY, Steven 1887-Sep-27
SHACKELFORD, Ada KELLY, Aaron 1884-Dec-10
SHACKELFORD, Hester HOLLY, Joe 1887-Aug-11
SHACKELFORD, Ida MCINTOSH, George 1886-Sep-01
SHACKELFORD, Minnie MAYFIELD, Jacob 1885-Dec-20
SHACKELFORD, Susie COSBY, Thomas C 1886-Dec-09
SHANNON, Ann BASKIN, Allen 1884-Jan-19
SHANNON, Joanna GATES, George 1890-Jul-25
SHANNON, Sallie WALKER, Richard 1890-Feb-23
SHANON, Mary BELL, Dave 1889-Jan-19
SHARP, Rebecca Nimrod LANCASTER, M L 1883-Dec-26
SHARP, Sallie PYRON, G J 1866-Dec-18
SHATTUCK, Anna M CHISHOLM, S S 1885-Dec-14
SHAW, Annie CARTER, Adoniram 1891-Jun-20
SHAW, Hannah SANDERS, Howard 1892-Jan-19
SHAW, Zudie SMITH, George W 1891-Feb-10
SHEARER, Mattie RICHARDSON, William C 1866-Nov-03
SHELL, Maggie JACKSON, Ralph 1900-Jan-16
SHELL, Margaret C FORD, James R 1867-Jan-23
SHEPHARD, Della FAIR, Alfred 1887-Sep-17
SHURBERT, Elizabeth IDSON, W W 1863-Jun-27
SIDES, R P Miss JOHNSON, G W Jr 1884-Dec-24
SIMS, Alice JAMISON, Handy 1892-Dec-10
SIMS, Hattie WHITE, Cank 1889-Nov-28
SIMS, Ida GUNN, Peter 1883-Feb-01
SIMS, Leola SANDERS, Joe 1895-Jul-12
SIMS, Lizzie GUNN, Anderson 1884-Sep-12
SIMS, Mary BOYD, Louis 1898-Jan-06
SIMS, Mary GREGORY, William 1890-Feb-10
SIMS, Patsy HEARD, John 1889-Oct-09
SISK, Lovie HUFFMAN, W D 1893-Sep-21
SKINNER, Francis HUGHES, George 1886-Jul-25
SKINNER, Martha LUCAS, Wesley 1893-Jan-26
SKINNER, Mary Anna REID, Louis 1900-Jan-27
SKINNER, N E BEAN, John B 1866-Feb-07
SMITH, A C Miss SMITH, H K 1892-Nov-27
SMITH, Amanda AYCOCK, A J 1866-Aug-14
SMITH, Anna T QUINN, W F 1893-Sep-05
SMITH, Annie MARDIS, W J 1891-Nov-18
SMITH, Archie DALE, Helen 1889-Jan-31
SMITH, Bettie COUSINS, Ephrain 1885-Dec-20
SMITH, C O Miss LITTLE, E A 1888-Dec-11
SMITH, Callie Ann WISE, Charles H 1898-Dec-25
SMITH, Carrie HAND, J M 1899-Jul-13
SMITH, Celia TOWNSEND, George 1884-Nov-15
SMITH, Darthula SANDS, Samuel 1899-Feb-02
SMITH, Ella CRIDDLE, J M 1898-Aug-07
SMITH, Hannah BASKIN, Ephrain 1896-Nov-04
SMITH, Hattie LYLES, Frazee 1894-Oct-04
SMITH, Isabella FORD, Fonzie 1898-Oct-24
SMITH, L B Miss MCGRAW, J D 1900-Apr-01
SMITH, Luavenia GILLESPIE, Baylos 1899-Oct-10
SMITH, M J (Mrs) GLIDERWELL, J H 1866-Mar-
SMITH, Maria HASKINS, William M 1892-Sep-29
SMITH, Maria WILLIAMS, Price 1888-Mar-14
SMITH, Mary NABORS, Dock 1899-May-20
SMITH, Mary PALMER, Wiliam 1885-Dec-25
SMITH, Minnie FORD, J E 1892-Jan-02
SMITH, Sallie BISHOP, Robert L 1892-May-05
SMITHEN, Martha GUIDON, Samuel 1883-Dec-26
SNODDY, M E Miss SMITH, A A 1888-Dec-01
SNOW, Catharine HUGGINS, John Henry 1887-Dec-29
SNOW, Eliza LOUGHRIDGE, Scott 1885-Dec-15
SNOW, Luberta YOUNG, Meredith 1897-Apr-28
SNOW, Martha ARMSTRONG, Mose 1893-Dec-29
SNOWDEN, Amelia GILLIAM, James H 1889-Oct-28
SPENCER, M E Mrs HULSEY, W H 1889-Jul-07
SPENCER, Mada PILGRIM, Frank J 1900-Nov-15
SPENCER, Mary Mrs DEAN, William 1884-Apr-05
SPRAGGINS, Lula JOHNSON, W F 1887-Nov-16
SPRINGER, Georgia Ann MARTIN, George 1883-Dec-20
SPRINGER, Lou WALKER, Voylie 1886-Dec-25
SPRINGER, Marietta HARRIS, Willis 1896-Jul-05
SPRINGER, Mary Etta BOX, Sam 1900-Dec-16
SPRINGER, Roxie KENNEDY, Newton 1900-Feb-18
STANFIELD, Anna MCINTOSH, Clem 1900-Dec-26
STANFIELD, Mary WALLACE, Rial 1895-Jan-05
STANFORD, Mattie MCDOWELL, Joe Sadler 1894-Jan-16
STATEN, Ella FOWLER, Oscar 1895-Sep-04
STEEL, Annie PORTER, Lee 1898-Dec-29
STEEL, Josephine HARRIS, Marion 1897-Aug-28
STEEN, Ann C MARION, R B 1866-Apr-07
STEEN, Eliza Mrs BAKER, Samuel 1884-Aug-16
STEEN, Josie MAYO, Roland Jr 1883-Jul-22
STEEN, Mollie MAYO, Gilbert 1885-Nov-29
STEPHENSON, Delia MAY, John 1897-May-19
STEPHENSON, Emma SPICER, George 1887-Sep-29
STEVENS, Litly HOPKINS, Theodore 1890-Dec-06
STEVENS, Lucy MCINTOSH, Jack 1895-Mar-08
STEVENS, Martha BOOKER, Loyd 1891-Dec-27
STEVENSON, Annie BABBITT, Pat 1895-Jan-08
STEVENSON, Ella NABORS, Dock 1894-Dec-13
STEVENSON, Harriet GILL, Marcus 1883-Dec-20
STEVENSON, Mary E KING, John Henry 1886-Dec-22
STEVENSON, Mattie LOVE, Milas 1900-Dec-21
STEVENSON, Rosa Lee LOVE, Jim 1900-Dec-19
STEWARD, Margaret BANKHEAD, Peter 1884-Dec-12
STEWART, Roberta CULLENS, Claude 1898-Mar-16
STOVALL, Anna SAUNDERS, C E 1894-Mar-19
STOVALL, Florence BROWN, Lonna 1896-Aug-04
STOVALL, Flrence MOORE, Daniel 1899-Dec-05
STOVALL, Irene GRIFFIN, John 1900-Nov-06
STOVALL, Mattie Blanch e     MORRISON, Harvy Lee 1891-Sep-30
STOVALL, Millie THOMAS, John 1890-Dec-24
STOVALL, Susie SANDERS, Will 1897-Jul-03
STRONG, Georgia ROGERS, Hampton 1884-Apr-26
STRING, Vera PARKER, P S 1900-Dec-26
STUART, Belle GATES, Jonas 1895-Oct-31
STUART, Sarah VALENTINE, George 1897-Sep-01
STUBBS, Jennie Lee HARRIS, William 1900-Jan-05
STUBBS, Roselin RANDLE, Will 1896-Dec-29
SULLIVAN, Bettie Mrs BODENHAMER, John 1883-Mar-17
SULLIVAN, Celie PATRICK, Medlar 1894-Dec-25
SULLIVAN, Harriett MAY, Sonnie 1894-Mar-10
SULLIVAN, Lucy Lee HENDERSON, D L 1900-Dec-16
SULLIVAN, Molly JOLLY, Sam 1892-Dec-21
SULLIVAN, Nannie COOK, C T 1900-Jun-03
SUMILL, Carrie PORTER, B A 1889-Jan-22
SUMMIE, Emma HARDEN, Tobe 1893-Nov-29
SUTTON, Martha S BIRENS, Nathaniel 1886-Feb-04
SUTTON, Rebecca E RUTLEDGE, W A 1884-Feb-13
SWAN, Laura BROCK, H M 1899-Jan-15
SWINSON, Delia SHANNON, Oscar 1900-Sep-01
SWINSON, Venus GREGORY, Elias 1892-Mar-10
SYKES, Agnes LYNCH, Mose 1885-Dec-19
SYKES, Almeta WILLIAMS, Dan 1887-Sep-10
SYKES, Cora MILLER, John 1885-Oct-03
SYKES, Eva FRANKLIN, James 1888-Jan-05
SYKES, Malissa DARDEN, Walter 1892-May-19
SYKES, Malissie BUCHANAN, W D 1900-Jan-24
SYKES, Sallie MOORE, William 1883-Nov-08
SYKES, Virginia MCCOY, Robert 1890-Oct-02

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