Chickasaw County Brides


RACHETT, Moses EDWARDS, Annie 1894-Dec-20
RAIFORT, P T EZELL, J J Miss 1890-Mar-04
RANDLE, Asa GLADNEY, Mary 1883-Dec-01
RANDLE, Clinton GLADNEY, Henrietta 1891-Jun-06
RANDLE, Kenny WARD, Ella 1886-Oct-02
RANDLE, Owen FORTSON, Robert 1887-Dec-30
RANDLE, Robert GATES, Josie 1899-Dec-24
RANDLE, Will STUBBS, Roselin 1896-Dec-29
RANDLER, Peter MCINTOSH, Alice 1884-Oct-02
RANDOLPH, Charles IVEY, Alice 1889-Mar-15
RANKIN, Edmund BUCHANAN, Biddy 1886-Apr-01
RANSON, W M DEAL, Lizzie 1885-Mar-01
RAWLES, Josh CARTER, Mamie 1892-Aug-26
RAWLS, Joe DOSS, Rachel 1891-Oct-03
RAWLS, John LIGON, Josie 1895-Dec-26
RAWLS, Joshua BOGAN, Mollie 1883-Sep-15
RAWLS, Joshua BUCHANAN, Fannie 1886-Nov-25
RAY, Dave WILLIAMS, Maggie 1883-Mar-04
RAY, Frank CUMMINGS, Mary 1890-Jan-02
RAY, H D NEAL, Zora 1897-Oct-24
RAY, James IVY, Emma 1889-Feb-02
RAY, Jim BROWN, Emma 1899-Apr-07
RAY, John PACK, Hattie 1885-Nov-25
RAY, Perry OWEN, Maude 1891-Sep-21
RAY, Washington HENDERSON, Caroline 1892-Aug-17
RAY, Willie WILLIAMS, Laura 1895-Nov-16
REECER, Thomas J YOUNG, Eliza J 1866-Sep-01
REED, R M ROBERSON, Florence 1884-Jan-02
REEDER, E BARLEY, Addie 1895-Jul-14
REID, Louis SKINNER, Mary Anna 1900-Jan-27
REID, Preston WILSON, Lilly 1891-Dec-24
REID, W D MCJUNKIN, H P Miss 1892-Dec-21
REYNOLDS, E B MCCARLEY, Katie W 1896-Jun-29
RHODES, James DOTY, Maggie 1885-Jan-01
RHODES, John MOORE, Harriet 1889-Apr-01
RHODES, Tim MCMILLIAN, Abbie 1895-Aug-21
RICE, Hudson LIGON, Elvira Mrs 1886-Jun-12
RICHARD, John BEAN, Sarah Ann 1899-Jan-03
RICHARDSON, J R GATES, Lee Anna 1899-Aug-04
RICHARDSON, R B EARNEST, Katie 1889-Mar-16
RICHARDSON, T M BROWN, Helen 1866-Sep-15
RICHARDSON, William C SHEARER, Mattie 1866-Nov-03
RIEL, Louis HAUGHTON, Mattie 1885-Dec-09
RIGGS, J M KIMBROUGH, Henrietta 1886-Sep-01
RILEY, Alex VAUGHN, Mary 1895-Jun-13
RILEY, John R JOLLY, Etta 1898-Jun-22
RILEY, Samuel HENDERSON, Dilsy A 1883-May-23
RNADLE, Joe DOSS, Bettie 1899-Jun-15
ROBBINS, James WHITE, Ella 1898-Mar-24
ROBBINS, O T CLARK, M I Miss 1896-Sep-02
ROBERSON, Henry LIGON, Josephine 1883-Apr-01
ROBERSON, J R NAUGLE, N S Mrs 1884-Oct-01
ROBERSON, Sam JONES, Lillie 1895-Oct-14
ROBERTS, Austin EDWARDS, Jane 1889-Jan-26
ROBERTS, Josh NATHAN, Candas 1892-Feb-07
ROBERTS, Webster EDWARDS, Addie 1888-Jan-14
ROBERTS, William LOGAN, Mandy 1897-Oct-25
ROBERTS, William READ, Lillian 1887-Jul-07
ROBERTSON, Henry BLEWITT, Caroline 1888-Nov-26
ROBINSON, James L LYON, Lizzie 1866-Sep-21
ROBINSON, Joe HILL, Cinderella 1888-Feb-23
ROBINSON, John WILSON, Mary Jane 1883-Dec-30
ROBINSON, W M MAYO, Essie 1898-Jul-12
RODGERS, Frank LYLES, Sarah 1891-Dec-24
RODGERS, Henry EVANS, Della 1893-Apr-18
RODGERS, Sam WELFORD, Callie 1899-Nov-09
ROFFIUS, Willie WEST, Nannie 1897-May-26
ROGERS, Anthony CLARKE, Ella 1883-Apr-28
ROGERS, Austin HARRIS, Julie Ann 1888-Jun-14
ROGERS, Edward WALKER, Caroline 1888-Dec-20
ROGERS, Frank DOSS, Maria 1884-Jan-19
ROGERS, Frank LYLES, Sarah 1890-Dec-12
ROGERS, Hampton STRONG, Georgia 1884-Apr-26
ROGERS, James FORD, Annie 1900-Sep-19
ROGERS, Lewis BUCHANAN, Lucy Mrs 1885-Jan-14
ROLLIN, John HOBSON, Ella 1892-Apr-04
ROOKER, Sam MERRITT, Katie 1896-Mar-28
ROPER, A D DAVIS, A B Miss 1885-Dec-23
ROPER, W T LINCOLN, I J Miss 1885-Nov-15
ROSE, Early DEWOOD, Lena 1899-Dec-21
ROSEBOROUGH, Andrew HOLLIDAY, Edna 1885-Mar-11
ROSEBOROUGH, William Henry COUSINS, Sylvia 1889-Nov-07
ROSEBOROUGH, William Henry THOMPSON, Crecey 1893-Nov-05
ROSENSTIL, B Franklin MORRIS, Marie 1899-Dec-27
ROSS, Ausey BASKIN, Lucy 1890-Mar-13
ROSS, R R GATES, Lucilla 1889-Dec-04
ROWLAND, Edmond WALKER, Mary 1885-Jan-15
RUCKER, Henry WILLIAMS, Sue Mrs 1896-Oct-03
RUCKER, J B HARRIS, Nettie 1897-Dec-27
RUFF, Jack GATES, Parthenia 1886-Jan-07
RUFF, John BROWN, Bettie 1890-Feb-19
RUSH, James A WILLIAMS, Mollie 1883-Oct-23
RUSSELL, Gilbert BUCHANAN, Catharine L 1896-Apr-29
RUSSELL, R L HARRIS, Julia 1884-Jun-15
RUTLEDGE, W A SUTTON, Rebecca E 1884-Feb-13
RYAN, Jerry CHERGNERD, Fortuniee 1885-Feb-05


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