Chickasaw County Brides

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PACK, Alsie MOORE, Rufus 1896-Dec-09
PACK, Hattie RAY, John 1885-Nov-25
PADEN, Dora BUCHANAN, Lawrance 1895-Jan-25
PAGE, Ada GUNN, Jim 1895-Dec-20
PAGE, Addie OSBERN, Robert 1892-Jul-08
PAGE, Ella GREEN, George 1900-Dec-03
PALMER, Bettie COCKERAL, Ed 1894-Dec-25
PALMER, Matilder TRICE, Frank 1887-Dec-
PARCHMAN, Amanda WOODS, Charles 1884-Jan-10
PARCHMAN, Emma HERNDON, Ed 1895-Dec-12
PARCHMAN, Maggie DOBBS, Oliver 1890-Jan-02
PARK, Eliza VANCE, Jim 1894-Jan-26
PARK, Sarah J MATHIS, James 1866-Nov-30
PARKE, Zula HOUSE, G W 1899-Dec-24
PARKER, Mamie PORTER, J F 1900-Oct-28
PARKER, Mary HUDDLESTON, Wyatt 1892-Jan-22
PARKER, Sarah GARDNER, Hobb 1896-Dec-23
PARKS, Emma SMITH, Dick 1885-Dec-23
PARKS, Liza COX, Tom 1898-Dec-24
PARSON, G W MCDOWELL, Eliza 1883-Jul-23
PATE, Daisey HOUSER, C A 1900-Jul-26
PATRICK, Dora GLADNEY, Reuben 1900-Dec-26
PATRICK, Maria PULLIAM, Wash 1886-Apr-11
PATRICK, Pearl BUCHANAN, Robert 1890-Dec-20
PAULK, Adaline WILLIAMS, George 1886-Jan-21
PAULK, Lucy THOMPSON, Gatt 1888-Oct-02
PAYNE, Julia THOMPSON, Mat 1898-Feb-12
PAYNE, Lillie MAY, T B 1898-Jan-11
PAYNE, Lilly HILL, Coleman 1886-Jul-18
PAYNE, Mary BANKS, Sam 1892-Dec-31
PAYNE, Maude A BAKER, J S 1890-May-27
PEARCE, Martha BEAN, Andrew 1899-Sep-23
PEARSALL, M A LEE, L W 1866-Sep-12
PEARSON, Addie MILLER, Wesley 1883-Feb-20
PEARSON, Emily MONTGOMERY, Richard 1886-Dec-29
PEDEN, Carrie MOORE, Robert 1895-Feb-19
PEDEN, Emma HARPER, Thomas 1884-Nov-20
PEDEN, Nannie CHENAULT, N W 1890-Dec-16
PENDEGUST, Katie CARSON, R C 1900-May-24
PENDERGEST, Amelia BURLISON, Jeff M 1888-Aug-15
PENNY, Sallie D ELLIOTT, T W 1866-Jan-
PERRY, Jane PRYER, John 1899-Nov-23
PERRY, Nora PULLIAM, William 1895-Dec-22
PERRY, Patsy DEAL, Lafayette 1899-Dec-26
PETERS, Jo Anna PAYLOR, Isaih 1888-Jul-03
PETERS, Margaret OWEN, Wesley 1886-Feb-13
PETERS, Sophia Mrs GATES, Mose 1885-Aug-29
PHILLIPS, Belle GREEN, James 1889-Mar-10
PIERCE, Alice CUNNINGHAM, Jacob 1897-Dec-23
PILGREEN, Mary R THOMPSON, T G 1891-Sep-13
PLAXICO, Minnie SULLIVAN, Enclid 1896-Sep-30
POE, Lee Anna ORR, John 1896-Dec-02
POINDEXTER, Kathleen B PARCHMAN, C W 1899-Apr-20
POLLARD, Fanny Bert GATES, I K 1888-May-02
POOL, Amy PULLIAM, Joe 1886-Dec-26
POORE, Lydia Louisa HODGES, H R 1895-Nov-06
PORTER, Flora PORTER, G C 1900-Nov-23
PORTER, Theda JOLLY, S J 1900-Jul-08
PORTER, Virgie JOHNSON, Mark 1892-Dec-24
POTEN, Jane GREGORY, Jeff 1899-Nov-06
PREWITT, Cresey GATES, James 1886-Aug-27
PREWITT, Mary BOON, Horace 1884-Sep-14
PRICE, Mollie STEGALL, J S 1894-Dec-09
PRIEST, Ada MANAR, J H 1897-Jul-04
PROFIT, Cora BOYD, Louis 1893-Jun-03
PRYOR, Annie WELLS, William 1891-Aug-27
PULFORD, Lucinda HENDERSON, Monroe 1896-Nov-28
PULFUS, Pearl SNOW, George W 1899-Dec-04
PULLIAM, Alberta PULLIAM, George 1890-Dec-25
PULLIAM, Belle DUNCAN, Phillip 1889-Mar-07
PULLIAM, Belle C BOX, Rufus O 1900-Apr-18
PULLIAM, Emma Jane GLADNEY, Stephen 1889-Jan-05
PULLIAM, Irene WALKER, Alfred 1898-Jan-05
PULLIAM, J L VAUGHAN, M Joe 1866-Oct-31
PULLIAM, Lucey HOLLIMON, Elijah 1896-Dec-23
PULLIAM, Mary Alice COOPER, Joe 1898-Jan-18
PULLIAM, Minnie Ella GARDNER, Henry 1898-Dec-21
PULLIAM, Minnie H KILPATRICK, C T 1888-Apr-18
PULLIAM, Nancy PERRY, Lucian 1896-Apr-05
PULLIAM, Patsy VAUGHN, Tom 1891-Sep-26
PULLIAM, Sallie GATES, Briston 1896-Aug-26
PULLIAM, Sallie Belle YOUNG, William 1896-Dec-19
PULLIAM, Susie DENTON, Oscar 1883-Oct-24
PULPUS, Charlotte JENNINGS, Donnie 1897-May-22
PYRON, M E SMITH, William 1866-Oct-24
QUINN, Bettie BOOKER, Jordan 1889-Dec-26
QUINN, Daisey FOWLKES, R G 1898-Apr-24
QUINN, Mary Eliza SIMONS, Mon 1889-Feb-07


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