Chickasaw County Brides


NABORS, De Ella BABBITT, Noon 1888-Feb-15
NABORS, Emma TURNER, George 1892-Dec-27
NABORS, Mamie TURNER, William W 1896-Aug-18
NASON, Sarah F GORE, R P 1866-Apr-19
NATHAN, Candas ROBERTS, Josh 1892-Feb-07
NATHAN, Henrietta HOLLIMAN, Nelson 1888-Nov-23
NATHAN, Sarah Jane TAYLOR, W L 1893-Mar-01
NAUGLE, Cora MITCHELL, Calvin 1900-Jul-26
NAUGLE, Eliza E BOYD, Robert N 1883-Feb-14
NAUGLE, Elizabeth C CAIN, W 1867-Mar-04
NAUGLE, Harriet BOOKE, Lucian 1891-Jan-22
NAUGLE, Mattie MCINTOSH, Fayette 1891-Jan-07
NAUGLE, N S Mrs ROBERSON, J R 1884-Oct-01
NAUGLES, Lila SPRAGIUS, Hal S 1896-Jan-02
NEAL, L F (Mrs) MARSHALL, W K 1867-Feb-07
NEAL, Zora RAY, H D 1897-Oct-24
NELSON, Anna Lee CLARK, Will 1886-Dec-23
NEWBERT, Caroline A ADAMS, S E 1895-Feb-20
NEWBERT, Cecile MCCASKELL, R E 1897-May-02
NEWBERT, Nettie OWEN, Frank 1897-May-02
NEWTON, Francis MANNING, Nelson 1898-Dec-05
NICHOLS, Harriett PIERSON, Dave 1896-Dec-17
NICHOLS, Rebecca MCMORRIS, Lil 1898-Jan-09
NIX, Anna BARNETT, W T 1890-Nov-26
NIX, Dink WHITE, Joe Thomas 1900-Nov-20
NOE, Maud JOLLY, C C 1895-Jul-11
NORWOOD, Julia WILLIAMS, J B 1885-Oct-08
OCONNER, Julia CUNNINGHAM, James 1894-Feb-06
OLIVER, H E Miss BROOKS, J W 1890-Jan-18
OLIVER, Maudine FRENCH, George 1896-May-10
OLLEY, Ann GRADY, Richard 1885-Jan-15
ORGAN, Mary OWEN, George 1899-Apr-10
ORR, Ada GELLISPIE, Isiah 1899-Mar-11
ORR, Agnes GLADNEY, Wiliam 1886-Nov-18
ORR, Cora COOPER, J H 1887-Dec-23
ORR, Henretta DONALDSON, Jerry 1889-Oct-08
ORR, Lena WHITE, Ben 1891-May-28
ORR, Lettie PARKER, Spencer 1884-May-10
ORR, Luvada FORT, David 1898-Dec-24
ORR, Rosa Lee PARKER, Spencer 1894-Dec-22
ORR, Tabitha CHANDLER, Warner 1885-Dec-27
OTEN, Rose HENDERSON, Sancho 1887-Apr-02
OWEN, Berthey VANIBLE, Leroy 1900-Dec-19
OWEN, Harriet LAND, Cato 1900-Aug-21
OWEN, Julia EDWARDS, A J 1891-Dec-30
OWEN, M J CRAWFORD, J F 1865-Oct-28
OWEN, Maude RAY, Perry 1891-Sep-21
OWEN, May BETTS, T L 1897-Jun-16
OWEN, Nora PARKER, John H 1889-Dec-19
OWENS, Jennie MARTIN, Tom 1890-Dec-26
OWENS, Lizzie WILDER, William T 1888-Dec-20


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