Chickasaw County Brides

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INGRAM, Addie WOODALL, D K 1890-Nov-20
ISBELL, Jinnie Mrs PRICE, Mat 1900-Dec-02
ISBELL, Josie MARSHALL, John 1888-Dec-31
ISBELL, Leila HARRIS, Aaron 1884-Oct-30
ISBELL, Rosa JONES, Alfred 1899-Mar-04
ISBELL, W A Miss ISBELL, J L 1889-Mar-07
ISWELL, Birdie JONES, Charley 1898-Jul-20
IVEY, Alice RANDOLPH, Charles 1889-Mar-15
IVY, Anna EDINGTON, W R 1896-Oct-22
IVY, Anna L TORNWALL, G E 1886-Jan-10
IVY, Bell DARDEN, West 1886-Dec-26
IVY, Daisey ORR, Robert 1899-Dec-23
IVY, Dissie GLADNEY, Louis 1892-Dec-28
IVY, Emma RAY, James 1889-Feb-02
IVY, Louise BOOKER, General 1896-Jan-11
IVY, Lucy JONES, Wiley 1900-Sep-19
IVY, Lucy SPENCER, A M 1888-Dec-20
IVY, Mary CHANDLER, Preston 1896-Dec-21
IVY, Mary SIMS, Ben 1900-Nov-22
JACKO, Harriett M MATHERS, John 1866-Sep-06
JACKSON, Emma BOON, William 1890-Dec-31
JACKSON, Rosa CONNER, Harry 1887-Feb-23
JAMES, Josie JONES, Casper 1894-Mar-08
JAMIESON, Mollie MOORE, C C 1866-Nov-28
JAMISON, Amy EWING, Jake 1885-Dec-28
JAMISON, Nancy ANDERSON, Arthur 1887-Jan-07
JENKINS, Lucy GATES, Moses George 1883-Apr-07
JENKINS, Manerva HAYS, George 1883-Apr-12
JENNINGS, Margaret B JENNINGS, O T 1866-Aug-15
JOHNSON, Ada BELL, Henry 1896-Dec-10
JOHNSON, Alice WILSON, Jessie 1897-Dec-23
JOHNSON, Annetta GASSAWAY, Henry 1898-Dec-24
JOHNSON, Annie BOX, A L 1889-Dec-24
JOHNSON, Annie WAGGONER, Walter 1894-Mar-03
JOHNSON, Bettie CARTER, J T 1893-Jul-20
JOHNSON, Bidsey Ann JONES, Johnny 1900-Mar-04
JOHNSON, Cora CRUMP, W J 1894-Feb-04
JOHNSON, Della CARTER, White 1898-Mar-03
JOHNSON, Dora TURMAN, Eddie 1900-Oct-08
JOHNSON, E L (Mrs) INGRAHAM, J J 1866-Aug-07
JOHNSON, Ellen LIGON, Joseph 1890-Dec-11
JOHNSON, Emma CAIN, Steve 1893-Sep-17
JOHNSON, Josie DAVIS, John Henry 1898-Dec-14
JOHNSON, Josie MCMORRIS, Ruben 1897-Mar-21
JOHNSON, Leanna WILLIAMS, Ed 1892-Sep-30
JOHNSON, Leila ERNEST, Joe 1894-Sep-26
JOHNSON, Lucy GATES, Dick 1885-Jun-04
JOHNSON, Maria EZELL, W L 1893-Dec-23
JOHNSON, Martha BECKETT, Riley 1884-Jan-05
JOHNSON, Mary BROWN, John 1888-Dec-17
JOHNSON, Mary HUNT, Richard 1898-Jan-20
JOHNSON, Mattie JONES, Robert 1898-Jun-11
JOHNSON, Millie BRYANT, Warren 1890-Dec-20
JOHNSON, Mollie DICKSON, Chap 1885-Oct-12
JOHNSON, Parthenia TRICE, Willis 1884-Dec-26
JOHNSON, Pearl BUNCH, R D 1897-Dec-23
JOHNSON, Rebecca PROCTOR, Isaac 1885-May-28
JOHNSON, Sarah HUGGINS, Bird 1894-Sep-15
JOHNSON, Sarah PARKER, Jonas 1887-Dec-10
JOHNSON, Sophy THOMPSON, A 1889-Mar-09
JOHNSON, Susie SAVELY, C C 1895-Jan-06
JOLLY, Edna GASKINS, J L 1899-Dec-21
JOLLY, Etta RILEY, John R 1898-Jun-22
JOLLY, Mamie BOON, J C 1899-Aug-23
JOLLY, Mattie SULLIVAN, J W 1895-Dec-18
JOLLY, Minta JOHNSON, W F 1883-Nov-08
JONAS, Mattie HARRIS, William H 1888-Jun-03
JONES, Adella FOWLER, Gaton 1888-Feb-14
JONES, Amey ATKINSON, Frank 1894-Aug-21
JONES, Ann COX, Ephrain 1891-Dec-10
JONES, Anna BUCHANAN, William 1892-Jan-22
JONES, Eliza HUNTER, Ben 1889-Dec-31
JONES, Ellen COLLINS, Handy 1886-Feb-25
JONES, Emma WILLIAMS, Isaac 1897-Sep-19
JONES, Estelle BLACKWELL, Milton 1900-Mar-26
JONES, Jennie Mrs MINETT, Sam 1886-Dec-07
JONES, Lee HARRELL, Morris 1889-Dec-13
JONES, Lillie MCINTOSH, Ned 1898-Apr-11
JONES, Lillie ROBERSON, Sam 1895-Oct-14
JONES, Mahala SWANSON, J W 1889-Jan-06
JONES, Mamie LYON, George 1897-Jan-27
JONES, Mariah Mrs COLEMAN, Butler 1884-Mar-10
JONES, Mattie FIELDS, Sam 1883-Dec-27
JONES, Minnie N BRETT, Alexander 1884-Jun-10
JONES, Pheba MCINTOSH, Morris 1893-Dec-28
JONES, Polly HILL, Elias 1886-Mar-06
JONES, Susette ALLEN, Tom 1887-Jan-27
JONES, Zelda LAWRENCE, Lou Gerrie 1898-Aug-29
JORDAN, Eula THORNTON, Phillip 1893-Mar-16
JORDAN, Hettie TURNER, Jonas 1888-Nov-01
JORDAN, Mary T JOHNSON, Rufus 1883-Dec-11
JORDAN, Vina Mrs WALKER, Reuben 1883-Apr-23
JUDD, Elly RILEY, Mollie 1884-Sep-14
JUDD, Lou HODGES, Clara V 1896-Jan-29
JUDD, Vina JOHNSON, Willis 1892-Jan-05



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