Chickasaw County Brides

D - E

DAHMER, Altie Marie SPENCER, E A 1896-Nov-22
DALE, Fanny FIKES, John 1885-Mar-18
DALE, Helen SMITH, Archie 1889-Jan-31
DALLAS, Lillie KELLY, J W 1897-Jun-20
DANCER, Bettie JUDD, Wiley 1888-Dec-29
DANCER, Mattie MITCHELL, Peter 1888-Dec-27
DANDRIDGE, Mattie (Mrs) SAUNDERS, Hal M 1866-Aug-04
DANIEL, Adeline GRIGSBY, Ligon 1897-Oct-23
DANIEL, Ella WHITE, Alex 1888-Jan-07
DANIEL, Fannie WHEELER, Abe 1900-Mar-11
DANIEL, Mary MILLER, Leroy 1895-Nov-14
DANIEL, T J BROWN, Jeffie 1866-Jan-06
DARDEN, Ella WINN, Mcduff 1900-Dec-27
DARDEN, Ellen LOLLAR, J M 1891-Oct-04
DARDEN, Emma IVY, Harry 1888-Dec-25
DARDEN, Fannie Kate SMITH, James Walter 1894-Mar-18
DARDEN, Hettie BANKS, William 1886-Dec-30
DARDEN, Laura BOOSER, Jake 1899-Jan-26
DARDEN, Mamie HOUSTON, W A 1896-Apr-16
DARDEN, Nancy BOON, Milton 1885-Sep-12
DARDEN, Peter HIL, Rosa 1885-Dec-05
DAVENPORT, Alice BLACKBURN, Sam 1897-Jan-08
DAVENPORT, E B (Mrs) DOWNING, J E 1866-Oct-30
DAVIDSON, Alice DALLAS, W E 1896-Jan-02
DAVIDSON, Mollie DALLAS, B L 1896-Oct-15
DAVIDSON, Zora DALLAS, Tom 1896-Dec-28
DAVIS, A B Miss ROPER, A D 1885-Dec-23
DAVIS, Annie THOMPSON, Wess 1893-Dec-27
DAVIS, Antoinette MARION, Ned 1893-Sep-17
DAVIS, Essie COLE, Lee 1896-Mar-12
DAVIS, Hannah YOUNG, Steven 1895-Jan-18
DAVIS, Hattie GATES, Henry 1897-Feb-13
DAVIS, Julia W NOBLEY, James F 1866-Dec-31
DAVIS, Lucy PARKER, Johnnie 1895-Feb-23
DAVIS, Mary EVANS, King Solomon 1895-Nov-29
DAVIS, Mary WILLIAMS, Henry 1885-Aug-23
DAVIS, Mollie HARRIS, W A 1889-Jun-13
DAVIS, Pearl WILLIAMS, Ambrose 1900-Mar-20
DAVIS, Rebecca THORNTON, Henry 1886-Dec-05
DAVIS, Rose LIGON, Jonas 1891-Mar-21
DAVIS, Sarah A NORMAN, W A 1866-Dec-06
DAVIS, Sophia HUGHES, Briston 1897-Dec-09
DAVIS, Susan GUNN, Silas 1895-Dec-24
DAVIS, Susie LUCAS, Chester 1896-Jan-07
DAVIS, Viney OWEN, Richard 1896-Apr-29
DAWKINS, Emmaline THOMPSN, Jesse 1888-Aug-10
DAWSON, Mary A BRETT, James M Jr 1892-Jun-14
DEAL, Lizzie RANSON, W M 1885-Mar-01
DEE, Lettie TUCKER, Romulus 1884-May-11
DEHAY, Fannie JONES, F C 1887-Oct-30
DEHAY, Mollie HOBSON, William M 1893-Dec-19
DEHUY, Alice OLLIE, John Jr 1894-Nov-29
DELASHMENT, Carrie WALKER, John 1896-Oct-04
DELASHMENT, Lula SPRINGER, William 1891-Dec-20
DELASHMET, Jennie WHITE, Samuel 1890-Jan-12
DELASHMET, R B Mrs DRAKE, H J 1886-Mar-18
DELASHMINT, Sely COLE, Lonie 1897-Oct-05
DENDY, M E NASON, T J 1866-Sep-20
DENNIS, Allice BROWN, Jasap 1892-Dec-01
DENSON, M A CARTER, William M 1866-Oct-27
DENTON, Tilda ANDERSON, Jesse 1885-Dec-17
DERRING, Mahala MONTGOMERY, Richard 1895-Dec-25
DEWOOD, Lena ROSE, Early 1899-Dec-21
DICKSON, Lou Vanny LOWRY, Wash 1883-Apr-08
DICKSON, Louisa DUNNING, Charles 1885-May-09
DILLARD, Patsy GOREE, Warren 1887-Mar-05
DILWORTH, Lee FORD, Lee 1900-Mar-27
DILWORTH, Malinda BROWN, Wilson 1885-Dec-31
DITTO, Harriet HAUGHTON, John 1890-Jan-13
DIXON, Katie CAROTHERS, Anderson 1893-Apr-29
DOBBS, Delia MCFERSON, 1900-Dec-25
DOBBS, Ella MAJORS, William 1897-Nov-20
DOBBS, Kelly BEAN, Horace 1890-Dec-06
DOBBS, Lucy NEVILLES, Taylor 1890-Oct-25
DOBBS, Maggie SYKES, George 1900-Jan-20
DOBBS, Maria Lou SANDERS, Washington 1892-May-10
DOBBS, Rose EDWARDS, Phil 1899-Nov-16
DONALDSON, Dicey GUNN, Jonas 1892-May-21
DORDEN, Jane SADLER, Henderson 1884-Feb-14
DOSS, Anna Agusta CHANDLER, Aaron 1898-Dec-04
DOSS, Bettie RNADLE, Joe 1899-Jun-15
DOSS, Caroline Mrs OWEN, Willis 1883-Dec-24
DOSS, Elizabeth SMITH, Riley 1893-Oct-26
DOSS, Gertrude MAYFIELD, J F 1898-Feb-27
DOSS, Louisa MURAH, Isaac 1886-Feb-25
DOSS, Lovena GOODWIN, Joe 1898-Sep-04
DOSS, Lucindy DAVENPORT, Thomas 1900-Dec-02
DOSS, M E Miss WADE, H T 1891-Oct-07
DOSS, Maria ROGERS, Frank 1884-Jan-19
DOSS, Martha KENNEDY, Thomas 1890-Dec-06
DOSS, Mollie CAIN, Stephen 1890-Nov-16
DOSS, Patsy JOHNSON, Robert 1892-Dec-29
DOSS, Pearly HODGES, George 1900-Dec-28
DOSS, Rachel MERRITT, Clem 1892-Jun-01
DOSS, Rachel RAWLS, Joe 1891-Oct-03
DOSS, Sarah COOK, Crockett 1890-May-07
DOSS, Sarah MCALISTER, Henry 1883-May-13
DOTSON, Mary GLADNEY, L D 1890-Dec-13
DOTY, Dina COMPTON, Daniel 1897-Feb-03
DOTY, Maggie RHODES, James 1885-Jan-01
DOTY, Sallie HENRY, J B 1897-Dec-26
DOWARD, Lou MERRITT, Joe 1888-Dec-29
DOZIER, Amanda GLADNEY, E D 1888-Jul-27
DRAKE, Bettie CLAY, N R 1885-Dec-15
DRAKE, Sarah CROW, Newton 1889-Nov-23
DRUMGO, Mary BUMPASS, Joe 1897-Jan-16
DUDLEY, Sarah WHITE, Foster 1889-Feb-27
DUKE, Bettie GRIFFITH, John 1898-Jan-07
DUKE, Cindy HOBSON, Louis 1893-Feb-04
DUNN, Dora DENTON, J E 1885-Dec-24
DUNN, H B Miss GARMON, J E 1889-Mar-14
DUPREE, Lou BUSH, Neal 1890-Jan-09
EARNEST, Katie RICHARDSON, R B 1889-Mar-16
ECKFORD, Flora BOX, Nathan 1888-Feb-06
ECKFORD, Mary Jane WOODARD, Jackson Jr 1899-Feb-27
EDWARD, Mary Ann ABBOTT, Henry Clay 1895-Jan-01
EDWARDS, Addie ROBERTS, Webster 1888-Jan-14
EDWARDS, Annie RACHETT, Moses 1894-Dec-20
EDWARDS, Belle HILL, Harrison 1890-May-29
EDWARDS, Delia STEVENSON, Jimmie 1892-Dec-03
EDWARDS, Jane ROBERTS, Austin 1889-Jan-26
EDWARDS, Jennie Kate HODGES, Frank 1889-Aug-29
EDWARDS, Mary COLE, E B 1898-Sep-10
EDWARDS, Missouri HAYS, George 1899-Dec-27
ELLIOTT, Ada E PERRY, J W S 1891-Dec-23
ELLIOTT, Alice LYON, W H 1886-Apr-27
ELLIOTT, Kathie BEATY, T M 1898-Jun-23
ELLIOTT, Nan ELLIOTT, B F 1899-Nov-15
ELLIS, Nannie HADLEY, Oscar 1895-Jan-03
ELSEY, Ellen PEARSON, Monroe 1890-Jan-18
ESTES, Margaret TREADWELL, David 1885-Sep-22
EVANS, Ada Belle JACOBS, M L 1900-Jul-30
EVANS, Angeline HOBSON, Jack J 1897-Jan-13
EVANS, Catherine GILLESPIE, Robert 1887-Dec-26
EVANS, Della RODGERS, Henry 1893-Apr-18
EVANS, Eliza C HUFFMAN, D R 1898-Aug-07
EVANS, Ella MCINTOSH, William 1900-May-19
EVANS, Rachel NEWTON, Charlie 1890-Dec-30
EVANS, Rena COMPTON, Felix 1887-Mar-27
EVANS, Sarah J (Mrs) SANDERS, Jesse 1867-Jan-09
EWELL, Elizabeth SMITH, Loyd 1895-Dec-29
EWING, Charity WALL, John C 1888-Apr-04
EWING, Mary GUNN, Henry 1887-Sep-03
EWING, Mattie BAKER, Jesse 1899-Apr-07
EWING, Phyllis COOK, Wilson 1898-May-10
EWING, Rachel NORWOOD, Richard 1887-Jul-26
EZELL, Ada Blanche BOLTON, William Wesley 1888-Nov-01
EZELL, Amanda SHOTWELL, George 1887-Oct-24
EZELL, Butty WALKER, Green 1888-Jun-03
EZELL, Emily JOHNSON, Mose 1895-Dec-05
EZELL, J J Miss RAIFORT, P T 1890-Mar-04
EZELL, Mamie ECKFORD, James 1899-May-13
EZELL, Mary LONG, Eddie 1893-Dec-27
EZELL, Mattie WILSON, F M 1894-Dec-24
EZELL, Ruth WARE, Perry 1893-Oct-29
EZELL VICTORIA, Mrs MCINTOSH, Morris 1883-Feb-08


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