Chickiasaw County Brides


CABAMISS, Ora SCULLY, John 1900-Oct-10
CALAHAN, M J Miss BRADBERRY, D O 1898-Dec-28
CALDWELL, D J (Mrs) COUSINS, W D 1866-Oct-26
CALLAHAN, Mary I R BRANTLEY, J R 1866-Aug-25
CALVERT, Leah Ann BASKIN, Price 1887-Jan-16
CAMP, Emma BROWN, W W 1883-Jan-18
CAMPBELL, Etta OWEN, Joe 1886-Mar-14
CAMPBELL, Hannah JOHNSON, Archie 1893-Sep-27
CAMPBELL, Julia THORNTON, Thomas 1886-Nov-18
CAMPBELL, Mary Ann BETTS, Meredith 1886-Nov-30
CANADY, Bell HOLSTER, Ras H 1887-Nov-26
CANLEY, Alice STRINGFELLOW, Judd 1894-Dec-11
CARATHERS, Lizzie BUCHANAN, William 1884-Dec-11
CAREY, Rachel CLARK, Stephen 1891-Jan-01
CARLEY, Alice WILLIS, Jerry 1893-Jan-14
CARODINE, Fannie THOMPSON, William 1900-Dec-24
CARODINE, Fanny MCINTOSH, Fred 1891-Dec-22
CAROTHERS, Cressa GREGORY, James B 1891-May-25
CAROTHERS, Rosa WARE, Perry 1900-Dec-26
CARR, Alice ORR, William Gates 1883-Dec-06
CARR, Annie AIKEN, John 1893-Feb-21
CARR, Judy SYKES, Tilman 1883-Dec-31
CARROLL, Bettie SANSING, W H 1887-Apr-26
CARTER, Bessie NEAL, George 1894-Jan-28
CARTER, Ella NEAL, D J 1891-Aug-23
CARTER, Jennie WELLS, Sam 1895-Nov-25
CARTER, Mamie RAWLES, Josh 1892-Aug-26
CARTER, Mary JAMES, James 1884-May-15
CARTER, Nancy SHAW, Smith 1891-May-06
CARTER, Pearly HOLLIMAN, Sam 1898-Dec-28
CARY, Ammar C SPENCER, M C 1900-Feb-21
CASSMAN, Hodges WILSON, Gus 1889-Mar-08
CATON, Lizzie Mrs KEMPT, Harrison 1883-Jun-23
CAVANAUGH, Anna BAKER, Sam 1894-Apr-02
CHANDLER, Ada LAGROVE, Charles 1895-Sep-25
CHANDLER, Addie HUDDLESTON, Thomas Jr 1891-Dec-25
CHANDLER, Fannie TAYLOR, W A 1897-Nov-03
CHANDLER, Ida V HARPER, W W 1888-May-23
CHANDLER, Maggie HUDDLESTON, Samuel 1891-Dec-24
CHANDLER, Sarah Mrs GOREE, Dan 1891-Oct-22
CHANDLER, Susie KING, B F 1895-Dec-18
CHENAULT, S A CASTLES, James A 1866-Oct-03
CHENAULT, S C CASTLES, Henry 1866-Sep-05
CHERGNERD, Fortuniee RYAN, Jerry 1885-Feb-05
CLARK, Ann MYERS, Willie 1894-Aug-11
CLARK, Anna ABBOTT, Lige 1894-Dec-27
CLARK, Bama WHITAKER, Albert 1893-Dec-28
CLARK, C A Miss BISHOP, W C 1891-Feb-08
CLARK, C Ann CHANDLER, Ed 1898-Nov-27
CLARK, Hannah WILLIS, D 1900-Feb-01
CLARK, Lula CAROTHERS, Tom 1898-Apr-18
CLARK, M I Miss ROBBINS, O T 1896-Sep-02
CLARK, Margaret G MARION, David T 1883-Nov-13
CLARK, Nancy BABBITT, Dick 1892-Dec-01
CLARK, Sallie HOOKER, L W 1867-Jan-18
CLARKE, Ella ROGERS, Anthony 1883-Apr-28
CLARKE, Julia STEVENS, Branch 1892-Aug-14
CLARKE, Patsy MOORE, Ed 1889-Apr-08
CLAY, Gracie JACKSON, Andrew 1899-Dec-12
CLEARY, Mary A MCCARLEY, William T 1895-Nov-27
CLEMENT, Emma JUDD, W J 1883-Dec-05
CLICK, Nancy WILLIS, Phil 1890-Oct-23
CLOPTON, Ann Eliza HAMILTON, Wash 1884-Apr-26
CLOPTON, Becky GATES, Gus 1884-Apr-30
CLOPTON, Fannie Belle BOYD, John 1886-Nov-18
CLOPTON, Lavinia GILLESPIE, Ezekiel 1885-Jan-01
CLOPTON, Martha Ann GILLISPIE, John B 1888-Jan-11
CLOPTON, Sarah NABORS, Richard 1895-Dec-14
COBBS, Sylvia HARRIS, Richard 1889-Apr-17
COCKERELL, Ella HOWARD, Wes 1895-Nov-24
COCKINN, Nancy MYERS, William 1898-Nov-26
COCKMILL, Mattie BRANDON, Mat 1886-Jul-01
COEOLOUGH, Clara E GRIFFIN, Jim 1898-Mar-02
COINELIA, Minn DAVIS, J A 1846-Feb-12
COKER, Ida CAPWELL, William 1891-Jul-26
COLBERT, Maggie DOSS, Henry 1890-Oct-18
COLE, Ellen MCJUNKIN, A D 1889-Mar-23
COLE, Eola ASHLEY, O D 1898-Nov-20
COLE, G L Miss DAVIS, T C 1891-Oct-27
COLE, Josie DAVIS, G C 1897-Jan-06
COLE, Mary Belle HINTON, W C 1887-Dec-08
COLE, Susan PETERS, Ephrain 1894-Sep-15
COLE, T J Miss MORRIS, W T 1889-Dec-28
COLE, Tempie SWAN, J A 1893-Jan-26
COLEMAN, Bettie BAILEY, Henry 1893-Nov-05
COLEMAN, Mary Lou LAWRENCE, Arthur 1900-Sep-22
COLLEN, Emma Jane TURNER, Aaron 1884-Jan-08
COLLIER, Betsy MAYO, Roland 1887-Dec-08
COLLIER, Carrie LOVE, Simon 1893-Dec-24
COLLIER, Sarah MAY, Wallace 1896-Jan-13
COLLINS, E A Miss THOMPSON, L L 1884-May-14
COLLINS, Rosa MITCHELL, Calvin 1895-Dec-30
COLLINS, Sarah J FORD, Robert 1893-Dec-03
COMBS, Laura JACKSON, Grix 1888-Jan-07
CONAWAY, Rhody BOOTH, Ben 1890-Dec-26
CONN, Ella PATTISON, Allen 1891-Feb-27
COOK, Carrie ATKINSON, Charles 1888-Aug-10
COOK, Degara HALSELL, J S Jr 1893-Mar-09
COOK, Ellen Mrs OLIVE, John 1900-Mar-25
COOK, Irene SHACKELFORD, Henry 1884-Dec-09
COOK, Irene SMITH, Moses 1899-Mar-09
COOK, Lee FALKNER, Melvin 1887-Dec-11
COOK, M A F SAVELEY, Richard E 1866-Nov-06
COOK, Maggie PEDEN, Henry S 1887-Jan-12
COOK, Millie WILSON, Solomon 1886-Dec-14
COONEY, Annie FUQUA, Sam 1893-Sep-24
COONEY, Ellie PEARCE, Lenord 1894-Oct-14
COOPER, Cora PULPHUS, George 1893-Dec-14
COOPER, Elizabeth BURNS, G W 1866-Feb-27
COOPER, Mary PULLER, Ed 1889-May-12
COOPER, Mary Ella STEVENS, Booker 1898-Nov-03
COOPWOOD, Cinderella IVY, Dots 1896-Jan-06
COOPWOOD, Emeline HAMILTON, H M 1892-Nov-19
COOPWOOD, Lucy LIGON, George 1897-Oct-07
CORLEY, Eula MCGHEE, Peter Randolph 1890-Dec-17
COSCOLOUGH, Minnie STOVALL, Mose 1897-Mar-16
COUSIN, Bettie KING, Anderson 1897-Dec-12
COUSIN, Maggie HOYLE, Walter 1898-Apr-13
COUSINS, Sylvia ROSEBOROUGH, William Henry 1889-Nov-07
COVINGTON, Lydia ANDERSON, Clinton 1885-Jan-25
COX, Hannah GATES, Jake 1889-Dec-06
COX, Mollie THAKER, J E 1893-Feb-16
CRAIG, Isabell RAYMOND, Emera 1896-Dec-10
CRAWFORD, Emily POLLARD, Tom 1886-Apr-03
CRAWFORD, Emma JOHNSON, Scott 1897-Dec-25
CRAWFORD, Francis BUCHANAN, 1897-Jan-01
CRAWFORD, Francis MULLINS, Charley 1893-Jan-20
CRAWFORD, Rothy EZELL, W L 1898-Mar-05
CROCKEL, Lizzie TOWNSEND, Alfred 1897-Sep-25
CROMWELL, Lucinda FERGUSON, James 1886-Sep-03
CROMWELL, Maggie LEATHERWOOD, Steven L 1866-Sep-15
CROW, Nettie SHAW, George 1892-Apr-26
CROWELLE, Belle JOHNSON, Tucker 1897-Mar-23
CRUMP, Anna GREGORY, S R 1888-Mar-05
CUMMINGS, Mary RAY, Frank 1890-Jan-02
CUNNINGHAM, Anna JACKSON, Isaac 1896-Nov-21
CUNNINGHAM, Callie GATES, Ephrain 1887-Jan-21
CUNNINGHAM, Callie WARD, Peter 1896-Nov-19
CUNNINGHAM, Carrie CARR, Albert 1899-Nov-14
CUNNINGHAM, Charity GATES, William Sias 1888-Dec-26
CUNNINGHAM, Clara HOBSON, J E 1892-Aug-11
CUNNINGHAM, Hassie GLADNEY, Adam 1886-Nov-27
CUNNINGHAM, Julia Ann BOX, William 1885-Dec-25
CUNNINGHAM, Mattie MCALISTER, Will 1896-Jan-23
CUNNINGHAM, Mollie CHANDLER, Henry 1898-Jul-16
CUNNINGHAM, Nancy NASH, John 1888-Dec-13
CUNNINGHAM, Sarah FIELDS, Sam 1889-Dec-12

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