Chickasaw County Brides


ABBOTT, Charlotte SMITH, William 1895-Jul-05
ABBOTT, Dollie BASS, C S 1892-Jun-29
ABBOTT, Eliza J HUGGINS, Bird 1900-Jan-14
ABBOTT, Hallie ABBOTT, John 1897-Dec-29
ABBOTT, Maggie MAGBY, Sam 1892-May-28
ABBOTT, Rebecca BRANDON, Wash 1892-Mar-03
ABBOTT, Rosa EZELL, Walter 1899-Dec-23
ABBOTT, Sallie Ann GRAHAM, Robert 1891-Dec-21
ABERNATHY, Almira JOLLY, S H 1893-Jan-19
ADAIR, Lillie SANDERS, John W 1897-Jul-04
ADAMS, Dosey Ann LAMBERS, James 1886-Sep-02
ADAMS, Elizabeth FOSTER, James 1884-Nov-21
ADAMS, Lima GILLIAM, Perry 1898-Sep-10
ADAMS, Mamie THOMSON, Will 1892-Jan-12
AIKEN, Mary L SAFFEL, W J 1866-Feb-20
ALEXANDER, Belle JOHNSON, J H 1893-Nov-22
ALEXANDER, Mattie CHANDLER, Wes 1896-Oct-07
ALLEN, Catherine LOWRY, Humphrey 1883-Nov-06
ALLEN, Charley GLADNEY, Eliza 1891-Jan-02
ALLEN, Mariah J BALDWIN, C C 1898-Jan-02
ALLEN, W A Miss MERRIWETHER, W M 1889-Mar-14
ANDREWS, Maggie BROWN, William F 1900-Sep-21
ANDREWS, Mary Ann COCHRAM, T A 1865-Oct-10
ANTHONY, Jenny JONES, Wilson 1884-Mar-08
ANTHONY, Tislie JONES, Isiah 1896-Feb-13
APPLEWHITE, A B THORNTON, George A 1866-Dec-15
APPLEWHITE, Amanda INGE, Jesse 1866-Oct-25
ARMSTRONG, Addie WHITFIELD, Shep 1896-Nov-15
ARMSTRONG, Mary BELL, Tom 1899-Dec-27
ARMSTRONG, Minnie HALEY, Oscar 1896-Aug-13
ARMSTRONG, S A Miss TUNNELL, J W 1885-Oct-21
ARMSTRONG, Virgie CHAPMAN, Charley 1895-Jan-13
ARTHUR, Emily JONES, Anderson 1887-May-26
ASHLEY, Nannie STATEN, A E 1890-Dec-18
ASTON, Maggie HOWAN, Pinkey Bell 1898-Mar-24
ATKINS, Sanda JOHNSON, Richard 1886-Jan-27
ATKINSON, Azaline JOHNSON, Berry 1886-Dec-26
ATKINSON, Bettie GATES, Josh 1883-Dec-16
ATKINSON, Ida MINUTE, Laurence 1884-Dec-24
ATKINSON, Minnie PIERCE, Eli 1891-Aug-09
AUSBORN, Lucy MCDONNELL, Harrison 1896-Dec-29
AUSBORN, Missouri PRICE, Harvey 1898-Feb-25
AUSTIN, Dovie GAINES, Leroy 1896-May-06
AUTREE, Lula BALL, Albert 1900-Feb-25
AYCOCK, Mollie DAVIS, C D 1894-Dec-12


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