Carroll County Grooms

Y - Z

YANGER, George GOZA, Sarah L 1873-Nov-09
YANTIS, Aaron COCHRAN, Patsy 1810-Mar-01
YARBOR, Manock HOBB, Martha 1848-Jan-24
YARBRA, Riley RAY, Amanda 1846-Jun-25
YARBROUGH, Micajah P MATTHEWS, Minerva 1847-Sep-16
YATES, Gilson FORD, Catherine 1821-Feb-22
YATES, Isaac COLLINS, Rachel 1813-Jul-22
YATES, John ALFORD, C S 1852-Apr-05
YATES, Jonathan LUCAS, Sarah 1804-   -
YATES, Lafayette ROE, Mary 1877-Sep-16
YEARGER, L R HOGE, G C 1885-Mar-01
YELVINGTON, I C MCEACHERN, Margart 1842-Jan-06
YELVINGTON, I S SANDIGE, Sarah 1875-Dec-23
YERGER, L C SOUTHWORTH, Susie F 1879-Dec-10
YEWELL, James C BALEY, Mattie 1873-Dec-25
YEWELL, P A DUNN, Isaac 1856-Oct-07
YEWELL, P A DUNN, Mae 1856-Oct-09
YEWELL, Wm. T BELTON, W F 1883-May-05
YORBARO, Danl MATTHEWS, Martha 1849-Dec-23
YOUNG, Anthony COOK, Henrietta 1876-Dec-24
YOUNG, Cald STAFFORD, Cathrine 1843-Mar-30
YOUNG, Dennis WRIGHT, Arlena 1873-Mar-31
YOUNG, Elijah RICHEY, Rebecca 1810-Apr-
YOUNG, Ellington MCBRIDE, Mary 1877-Dec-25
YOUNG, F M GREEN, Martha A F 1851-Sep-29
YOUNG, H L RANDLE, Eliza 1877-Apr-22
YOUNG, H M ARNOLD, M J Miss 1883-Jan-24
YOUNG, Harrison GADEN, Winnie 1872-Jan-13
YOUNG, Illiam P NEWMAN, Mary E 1852-Mar-26
YOUNG, J D WILLIAMS, M E 1882-Dec-20
YOUNG, James L WHITAKER, Frances 1807-Nov-30
YOUNG, James W MCCAIN, Mollie L 1873-Feb-20
YOUNG, Jesse T BIRD, Jane C 1842-Jul-14
YOUNG, Jesse T CHAMBERS, Eliza Ann 1846-Jan-02
YOUNG, John ATHERTON, Margaret 1820-Mar-28
YOUNG, John FUQUA, Frances 1803-Apr-04
YOUNG, John K JOHNSON, Elizabeth 1845-Sep-14
YOUNG, John O WHITEHEAD, Martha L 1856-Aug-27
YOUNG, Joseph R WIMBERLY, Eliza Jane 1841-Aug-19
YOUNG, L C HOLLOWAY, N I 1880-Mar-02
YOUNG, M J GRUS, J W 1872-Dec-11
YOUNG, Saml CARNINE, Anna 1814-Oct-27
YOUNG, Saml H SMALL, Cathrine 1845-Jul-10
YOUNG, T A PITTMAN, W W Miss 1883-Dec-19
YOUNG, Thomas UPSHAW, Winney 1873-Sep-19
YOUNG, W M WILLIAMS, Augusta J 1881-Jan-22
YOUNG, W W SMITH, Ariana A 1854-Jan-26
YOUNG, William M RANSOM, Roiena 1841-Nov-18
YOUNT, Benj ELDER, Rebecca 1809-Apr-23
YOUNT, Jonathan REDMON, Mary 1800-Oct-10
YOUNT, Jos SMITH, Mary 1820-Feb-10
YOUNT, Nichs GRIFFITH, Eliz 1807-Apr-13
YOUNT, Wm SACRE, Catherine 1810-Apr-24
YOUNT, Wm TRACY, Nancy 1819-Jan-07
ZIMMERSON, Wallace MOORE, E W 1881-Jan-12
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