Carroll County Brides

Y - Z

YARBOROUGH, Isadora MARHSALL, R S 1854-Nov-15
YATES, Sophy MITCHELL, Andrew 1880-Jan-16
YATMAN, Elizabeth PITMAN, George 1874-Jul-29
YELVINGTON, Mary BRANCH, W T 1879-Dec-10
YEWELL, Eliza Jane DUNN, David 1852-Feb-23
YEWELL, Mattie DUNN, J H 1884-Feb-14
YONT, Peggy WENTWORTH, Levi 1818-Oct-06
YORK, Callie MCCUNE, J E 1883-Feb-14
YORK, Lou R SHELTON, R M 1873-Feb-20
YORK, Mollie COMPTON, T L 1883-Feb-14
YOUNG, Abby WRIGHT, Ceasar 1875-Jan-06
YOUNG, Cathrine WILLIAMS, William 1855-Nov-01
YOUNG, Delphia WRIGHT, Levi 1876-Mar-02
YOUNG, Elizabeth ALEXANDER, D D 1873-Feb-01
YOUNG, Elizabeth MCCAIN, John Sidney 1877-Jan-31
YOUNG, Elizabeth B GEORGE, James Y 1847-May-30
YOUNG, Emely LOTT, Aaron G 1860-Jun-14
YOUNG, Frances M COTHRON, Williams 1839-Jul-11
YOUNG, Josephine MARTIN, Charles 1872-Jan-04
YOUNG, Katty MCQUISTED, Judge 1883-May-30
YOUNG, Lucy BELL, Aleck 1877-Nov-18
YOUNG, Martha HARRIS, Joseph 1836-Aug-31
YOUNG, Martha A HARBUCK, J B 1848-Nov-21
YOUNG, Mary RAY, John A 1840-Dec-24
YOUNG, Mary A GRUBBS, James H 1842-Jun-09
YOUNG, Mollie HOLMES, Frank 1875-Jan-14
YOUNG, Rose TAYLOR, David 1874-Jan-23
YOUNG, Rose TAYLOR, David 1874-Jan-24
YOUNG, Ruth H JOHNSON, Richard J 1848-Jan-20
YOUNG, Sallie ROBERTS, Louis 1882-Apr-02
YOUNG, Sarah C TERRILL, William A 1839-Nov-05
YOUNG, Susan LAMAR, J J 1882-Oct-11
YOUNGER, Deborah SHANNON, Samuel 1820-Nov-30
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