Attala County Grooms


TANERS, John M SANDERS, Minnie D 1900-Jan-11
TANNER, L F HEALD, Minnie Rhea 1919-Mar-12
TARVER, Eugene LEACH, Georgia 1899-Apr-02
TATEM, Jim F WYNN, Myrtle 1909-Jan-26
TATUM, W J JAMISON, Maggie 1902-Mar-04
TAYLOR, E REAVES, Ida 1908-Jul-11
TAYLOR, E A MORGAN, Irene 1916-Mar-05
TAYLOR, E T MORGAN, Elizabeth 1916-Mar-27
TAYLOR, F M MCGEE, Emma 1902-Jan-01
TAYLOR, Follye HOLLIS, Charlie 1919-Oct-19
TAYLOR, G R ADCOCK, Lillie V 1912-Mar-12
TAYLOR, Herman REYNOLD, Lillie 1907-Sep-16
TAYLOR, Ira S Dr TAYLOR, Daisey 1905-May-11
TAYLOR, J C LANSDALE, Clyde 1916-Dec-17
TAYLOR, J L JONES, Virgie 1908-Sep-13
TAYLOR, J S BOWERS, Blanche 1903-Jan-11
TAYLOR, Josh MASSEY, Lela 1906-Dec-06
TAYLOR, O L MANGNUM, Vollie 1906-Dec-23
TAYLOR, Sallie SILLS, J L 1902-Feb-05
TAYLOR, Sam RAMSEY, Rosa Leo 1910-Mar-17
TAYLOR, T M JOHNSON, Ludie 1913-Jun-08
TAYLOR, W E WHITWORTH, E L Miss 1894-Feb-08
TEAGIRE, C G GLASS, Minnie 1894-Nov-14
TEAGUE, C G PARKER, Claudie 1911-Jun-26
TEAGUE, Oscar TEAGUE, Fannie 1905-Mar-01
TEAT, John EDWARD, Minnie 1910-Oct-23
TEMPLE, C H Jr JAMISON, Nannie 1912-Nov-19
TEMPLE, Frank SHUMAKE, Emaline 1919-Apr-13
TEMPLE, H F GILBERT, M Miss 1894-Aug-29
TEMPLE, J B CAMPBELL, Bettie 1900-Nov-28
TEMPLE, J C CUMMINS, Dovie 1911-Dec-24
TEMPLE, J H FREEMAN, Alice 1897-Aug-04
TEMPLE, J H WILLIAMS, Annie 1896-Feb-26
TEMPLE, Kelly Dale RUSSELL, Maynie 1919-Jan-14
TEMPLE, T B GUYTON, Maggie L 1911-Sep-02
TEMPLE, W B CALDWELL, Lelia 1908-Jul-29
TERRELL, Pierce DAVIS, Mary 1896-Aug-10
TERRY, A L STEWART, Mattie 1908-Nov-22
TERRY, C C MAULDIN, Alma 1910-Jan-08
TERRY, C W TERRY, A A Miss 1899-Nov-17
TERRY, J B TURNER, Lillian 1903-Oct-11
TERRY, J W E ADAMS, Ada 1899-Feb-15
TERRY, L G HUTCHISON, C M Miss 1899-Dec-04
TERRY, Leland TURNER, Katie 1918-Jun-29
THERIOT, R M MATHIS, Maude 1905-Jan-31
THERRELL, E M WHITTINGTON, Laura May 1893-Nov-30
THERRELL, H J BYAS, Ara 1907-Dec-15
THERRELL, J W BEACHAM, Ella 1904-Jan-10
THIVEATT, J C JOHNSTON, Georgia Ann 1907-Oct-20
THIVEATT, M A BRISTER, Gatsa A 1899-Feb-22
THIVEATT, M D WEEKS, Ethel 1899-Nov-14
THIVEATT, W G GREGORY, Effie 1896-Aug-02
THOMAS, A E BARRETT, Susie 1908-Aug-31
THOMAS, B T ARMSTRONG, Minnie 1893-Nov-26
THOMAS, George W STRINGLEY, Mamie 1917-Apr-29
THOMAS, H C JENKINS, Wessie 1903-Sep-01
THOMAS, W A MCELROY, Lillie 1909-Dec-15
THOMAS, Will BALLARD, Will 1900-Aug-26
THOMPSN, E M DOTY, J O Miss 1902-Jan-12
THOMPSON, A R JONES, Stella 1909-Aug-08
THOMPSON, A W COMMANDER, Mabel 1917-Apr-22
THOMPSON, B E HALL, Nola 1912-Nov-09
THOMPSON, B E MCCOOL, Perla 1903-Nov-25
THOMPSON, B S STANDARD, Leona 1909-Jan-31
THOMPSON, Claude W LIPSCOMBE, Mattie 1910-Feb-03
THOMPSON, D M ADKISON, Lillie D 1918-Aug-04
THOMPSON, E B LEE, Roxie 1919-Mar-16
THOMPSON, Everette ROCHEL, Nellie 1913-Dec-24
THOMPSON, G J SEAWRIGHT, Lillian 1909-Mar-15
THOMPSON, G W BRUNT, Nannie E 1909-Jun-06
THOMPSON, Harvey DAVIS, Sallie 1918-Sep-19
THOMPSON, Heber BLOCK, Lottie 1912-May-12
THOMPSON, J B WADE, Carrie 1918-Jan-02
THOMPSON, J H BEAUCHAMP, Nannie K 1907-Oct-20
THOMPSON, James E PASEY, Minnie Lee 1908-Nov-29
THOMPSON, Jim FLINT, Claudia 1910-Dec-25
THOMPSON, John KELLUM, Ora 1911-Dec-10
THOMPSON, Lennie SIMS, W W 1900-Oct-26
THOMPSON, Levado BELL, L N 1905-Aug-30
THOMPSON, Noah ROOK, Una 1905-Aug-20
THOMPSON, Sam B WILLIAMS, Maude 1916-Sep-03
THOMPSON, T B STEPP, Bettie 1905-Dec-24
THOMPSON, T R DOTY, Clarisa 1899-Nov-26
THOMPSON, Vaugie BURNES, Lunnie 1906-Feb-25
THOMPSON, W A WASSON, Theiney 1899-Jan-29
THOMPSON, W E IRISH, Annie Lou 1911-Jun-01
THOMPSON, W H EDWARDS, Georgia 1911-Dec-27
THOMPSON, W L GARDNER, Della 1895-Dec-12
THORNELL, John M HARPER, Florence M 1897-Oct-24
THORNTON, E N STUCKEY, Maude 1893-Dec-24
THORNTON, E S CAMPBELL, Mary 1898-Oct-25
THORNTON, H L TERRY, Eula 1910-Mar-20
THORNTON, Harvey Allen GILBERT, Sallie Ann 1911-Nov-06
THORNTON, J W WORTON, Johnnie 1900-Jul-25
THORNTON, M E STUCKEY, Laura 1909-Sep-05
THORNTON, O R GREER, Ellis 1915-Dec-15
THORNTON, Robert HEARON, Maudie 1914-Dec-11
THORNTON, S TERRY, Ruby 1906-Dec-25
THORNTON, T C TERRY, Lillie 1908-Dec-27
THORNTON, T D MILLER, Comera 1901-Jul-21
THORNTON, T J MILNER, Millie 1900-Feb-18
THORNTON, T N WHITE, Sallie 1896-Dec-08
THRAILKILD, John J STRAHAN, Nannie 1900-Dec-26
THRAILKILL, C P MATHIS, Eula 1907-Apr-28
THRASHER, J E BERRY, Maude Ethel 1901-Nov-14
THREATT, B G WOOD, Emma 1905-Dec-31
THREATT, Sam WOODS, Mattie 1911-Dec-24
THREET, E M BUCKNER, S J Miss 1894-Nov-20
THREET, H F PATTERSON, Fannie 1909-Oct-21
THREET, H J BALLARD, Florence 1895-Oct-04
THREET, Lee STANDARD, Alice 1903-Dec-13
THWEALT, Elbert MCCRORY, Ida 1906-Dec-12
THWEALT, Walter C MCMILLAN, Ala 1906-Nov-14
THWEATT, Jodr STEPHENS, Fannie 1905-Jun-04
THWEATT, Luther RODGERS, Nettie V 1908-Jul-19
THWEATT, M D YATES, Myrtle 1904-Dec-08
THWEATT, Otho MUNN, Jessie 1918-May-12
THWEATT, R B INGRAMS, Eliza 1912-Sep-12
THWEATT, R B MCDANIEL, Nannie Mrs 1915-Aug-11
THWEATT, W J CROFT, M A Mrs 1914-Feb-04
TIER, John CROSBY, Ida 1906-Jul-10
TIERCE, W T MANGNUM, Vera 1912-Dec-29
TIMS, W BUCKNER, Emerdine 1908-Dec-06
TINDOLL, A J NATIONS, Della 1902-Sep-07
TINDOLL, L M NATIONS, Ella 1902-Feb-02
TIPTON, Jimmie BELL, P H 1894-Jan-31
TIPTON, W W PULLEN, Sydnay J 1894-Jul-24
TISDALE, A W KEITH, Mary 1909-Dec-08
TOAL, Fred POWELL, Caldanie 1905-Jun-11
TODD, H P SMITH, Leah 1905-Dec-27
TODD, Hugh VOWELL, Elsie 1917-Nov-04
TODD, R E SHAW, Liddie 1914-Feb-19
TOLEN, Ben P DODD, Minnie L 1896-Sep-16
TOLEN, Victor H JOPLIN, Annie L 1914-Sep-27
TOLER, E M REEVES, Bessie 1908-Feb-16
TOLER, E S BROWN, Alice 1911-Nov-16
TOLER, William M TURNER, Lucille 1919-Dec-06
TOMBS, Lewis A DICKEN, Annie Block 1897-Nov-09
TOMLIN, J E THOMPSON, W D Miss 1898-Nov-19
TOTEN, W E TULLAS, Luda 1901-Mar-05
TOWNES, W H ROSS, Allie 1904-Nov-22
TOWNLEY, W L GRICE, Ida 1917-Apr-29
TOWNSEND, B H HOLLAND, Gracie 1915-Dec-29
TOWNSEND, Ernest TOWNSEND, Viola 1907-Sep-22
TOWNSEND, Jasper VEAZEY, Evie 1905-Dec-26
TOWNSEND, N O COOK, Jennie 1898-Apr-07
TOWNSEND, W G WALLACE, Inez 1909-Jan-20
TOWNSEND, W L PENDER, Susie May 1912-Aug-18
TRIMBLE, Dee HEROD, Laura B 1911-Dec-24
TRIMBLE, J R THORNTON, Mary Allie 1909-Jan-10
TRIMBLE, S M MORGAN, Katie Lou 1913-Dec-14
TRIPPE, S L ADAMS, Lela 1894-Mar-22
TUCKER, C N CROSSLEY, Bertie 1906-Jan-07
TUCKER, Claude KIRK, A E 1903-Dec-24
TUCKER, George Henry SEAWRIGHT, Mary 1901-Jul-14
TUCKER, J H CONNER, Maude 1898-Mar-03
TUCKER, R C MOSS, Eunice 1919-Aug-13
TUCKER, Thomas J BOYD, Henrieta 1908-Nov-18
TUCKER, William D COLE, Alberta 1895-Dec-24
TULLIS, William Henry HAYS, Pearly 1909-Feb-06
TULLOS, Arleto MANGNUM, T M 1915-Dec-26
TULLOS, D S Jr BLOCK, Eunice 1913-Dec-03
TULLOS, Harvey TURNIPSEED, Mary 1911-Apr-22
TULLOS, W M BUTLER, Lori 1895-Feb-26
TULLOS, W M RIGBY, Camelia 1908-Feb-06
TURNER, A B WOODS, Lennie 1894-Aug-17
TURNER, A G CRUISE, Bettie 1896-Jul-15
TURNER, Bob WOODS, Myrtle 1907-Feb-21
TURNER, Clarence MCCRORY, Pearl 1915-Dec-23
TURNER, Clarence POWELL, Effie Danie 1908-Aug-20
TURNER, Cooper THREADGILL, Bettie 1900-Dec-06
TURNER, E E WHEELER, Thelma 1919-Nov-16
TURNER, E Y BRIDGES, Estha 1905-Dec-28
TURNER, Emmis ADAMS, Annie J 1914-Mar-22
TURNER, G J HIGGS, Laura 1897-Aug-15
TURNER, Grover C SLOAN, Geneva 1911-Dec-03
TURNER, J B BOSWELL, Kate 1903-Jul-09
TURNER, J C Sr COLANISS, Martha 1893-Aug-03
TURNER, J H LONG, Rosa Lee 1896-Dec-31
TURNER, J L LEACH, Minnie 1912-Dec-22
TURNER, J L MASSEY, Clemmie 1915-Nov-14
TURNER, J M WHATLEY, Myrtle 1903-Jul-19
TURNER, J W LAWRENCE, Nettie 1897-Dec-29
TURNER, Joe K BLOCK, Myra 1910-Jul-17
TURNER, John EUBANKS, Annie Mrs 1909-Aug-21
TURNER, K S GREER, Minnie 1911-Jan-15
TURNER, L E ALLEN, Daisey 1910-Dec-11
TURNER, M E HARRIS, Nellie 1897-Mar-04
TURNER, R E TOLEN, Katie 1897-Nov-25
TURNER, R J TERRY, Ida 1897-Jan-06
TURNER, S M IRVING, Lillie 1897-Dec-30
TURNER, Stephen ADAMS, Eula May 1910-Aug-21
TURNER, Swinton W WASSON, Ella 1909-Nov-29
TURNER, T J MASON, Cora 1903-Feb-22
TURNER, W E CONNER, Montrose 1909-Nov-20
TURNER, W J MOORE, Susie 1905-Oct-08
TURNER, W S HOWELL, Martha 1904-May-22
TURNER, W W MASON, Florence A 1896-Mar-28
TURNER, Willie CATLEDGE, L J 1897-Dec-25
TURNES, H M KEEN, Ella 1894-Mar-25
TURNEY, Joe MCELROY, Eliza 1895-Feb-10
TURNIPSEED, F M SWEATT, Lillie B 1917-May-06
TWITCHELL, A L HEROD, Athol 1907-Feb-10
TWITCHELL, A M MCSHAN, Lutie 1903-Aug-03
TWITCHELL, Herman MCSLAN, Lutie 1905-Sep-20
TYLER, A V ROSAMOND, Hattie 1903-Dec-13
TYLER, H D HARVEY, Sippie 1893-Jan-15
TYLER, H H BOWLES, Hattie 1896-Jan-12
TYLER, J R ELLETT, Evie J 1898-Oct-18
TYLER, Van Buren GEDDY, Marie 1912-Feb-25



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