Attala County Grooms


RACHEL, J R LAMPKIN, Lizzie 1909-Jan-19
RAGON, R J CRUISE, Lillie C 1909-May-25
RAINEY, A L LANSDALE, Tillie 1910-Jul-04
RAINEY, Felix CARTER, Virgie May 1916-May-27
RAINEY, John WEATHERLY, Mollie 1907-Dec-15
RAINEY, V B BRASWELL, Alphe 1917-Jun-17
RAINWATER, Syd CARR, Bertha 1910-Jun-22
RAMAGE, A F CUMMINS, Mattie 1910-Dec-11
RAMAGE, Alonzo HODGES, Etta 1909-Jul-24
RAMAGE, Frank BRUNT, Lucy Mrs 1912-Aug-15
RAMAGE, J R DOWNS, Erie 1914-Nov-21
RAMAGE, James F WILLIAMS, Delia 1919-Aug-09
RAMAGE, John FLINT, M E Miss 1895-Jan-24
RAMAGE, M C ARNOLD, Fannie 1903-Aug-10
RAMAGE, P J RIGBY, Vassie 1909-Aug-01
RAMSAY, A L FULLILOVE, Annie E 1901-Nov-14
RAMSEY, B B TOLER, Estelle 1907-Dec-17
RAMSEY, C R THOMAS, Ellen 1903-Mar-01
RAMSEY, James TURNER, Mary 1912-Oct-27
RAMSEY, R S ALSWORTH, Jossie 1916-Dec-24
RANDOLPH, F P THERRELL, Clara 1916-Jun-11
RANDOLPH, G S PICKLE, Estel 1917-Apr-04
RASBERRY, J S KIMBLE, Annie Belle 1916-Mar-11
RASBERRY, Percy ROBERTSON, Lucille 1919-Sep-27
RASBERRY, Willie FLINT, Minnie 1915-Sep-11
RASON, Ernest STOKES, Bertha 1910-Jun-13
RATCLIFF, George E LORD, Bessie B 1897-Aug-01
RATLIFF, Arthur THORNTON, Vera 1908-Feb-23
RATLIFF, L N COMFORT, Bertie 1901-Jan-16
RATLIFF, Lewis E FERGUSON, Eva M 1917-Nov-24
RATLIFF, Will CODE, Lou Emma 1907-Jul-26
RATLIFF, Z E CROSBY, Fannie L 1900-Mar-14
RAWLES, J T TOWNLEY, Pearl 1916-Aug-03
RAWSOM, R W MAY, Bessie 1917-Jan-07
RAWSON, A S FULTON, Edna Mrs 1919-Apr-27
RAWSON, G H LEE, Lucy T 1901-May-26
RAWSON, J P RAY, Maggie L 1915-Apr-06
RAWSON, Vester MCKINNON, Florence 1913-Nov-21
RAY, A D JENNINGS, Cora 1912-Mar-30
RAY, A G NORRIS, Maggie 1898-Mar-20
RAY, A T NORRIS, Lee 1897-Jul-25
RAY, C C THOMPSON, Eva Lena 1906-Jan-07
RAY, D B GIRNAR, Mai Bell 1911-Dec-24
RAY, D N LEWIS, C E Miss 1904-Nov-13
RAY, E G BREAZEALE, Emma 1909-Dec-12
RAY, E J DEWITT, Effie 1915-Jan-10
RAY, Emmit L WEBB, Annie Harriot 1896-Nov-17
RAY, Fonley HODGE, Berttie 1913-Mar-13
RAY, G D WALDON, Mary E Mrs 1917-Sep-24
RAY, J A WELLS, Ella 1919-Apr-13
RAY, J B ELLINGTON, Ernestine 1907-Dec-22
RAY, J Herman THORNTON, Allezne 1917-Sep-16
RAY, J M WILLIAMS, Katie 1896-Oct-04
RAY, J P BROWN, Maggie 1908-Dec-20
RAY, L V BURNS, Emma 1902-Dec-14
RAY, Milton MILLS, Lena 1910-Jul-31
RAY, N T RAY, Lola 1906-Jan-14
RAY, Neal STEED, Bettie 1909-Aug-26
RAY, Oscar MCCRORY, Nola A 1904-Mar-20
RAY, R S HOUSTON, E V Miss 1896-Dec-20
RAY, Richard BOYETTE, Viola 1915-Apr-14
RAY, Ross ROWE, Ivey 1910-Jul-31
RAY, T W STEED, Maggie 1917-May-12
RAY, Taylor RAY, Sallie 1896-Dec-17
RAY, U B WOODS, Esther 1911-Dec-08
RAY, W B SISTRUNK, Belle 1913-May-04
RAY, W F MCINTIRE, Nannie Belle 1918-Aug-11
RAY, W S GILLILAND, Electo 1919-Sep-14
RED,  Dr BRUCE, Mollie 1895-Feb-28
REDDING, G C MCGEE, Celeste 1918-May-24
REED, D ARMSTRONG, Annie 1910-Dec-25
REED, J W ATKINS, P E 1896-Apr-02
REEL, B F MONK, Virginia 1901-Mar-13
REEL, William R PALMERTREE, Emma Mrs 1919-Nov-07
REIS, L T ROBERTS, Addie 1917-May-06
RELLUM, J D ADCOCK, Sara 1894-Dec-23
REYNOLD, William P Jr COOK, Lillian A 1918-Nov-23
REYNOLDS, A L JOHNSON, Lena 1919-Dec-22
REYNOLDS, Arthur JOHNSON, Pollie 1900-Nov-03
REYNOLDS, Arthur MOORE, Buro 1912-Dec-25
REYNOLDS, E E BLOCK, Mabel 1914-Jul-23
REYNOLDS, E L LINDSEY, M E Miss 1894-Jan-11
REYNOLDS, G L DUMUS, Anne 1903-Feb-19
REYNOLDS, G T THWEATT, Dora 1900-Dec-02
REYNOLDS, Irvin C OBRIANT, Mary 1908-Nov-15
REYNOLDS, J A COOK, Ida 1906-Sep-17
REYNOLDS, J M WASSON, Lillie 1908-Aug-23
REYNOLDS, R C JOY, Amanda 1893-Jul-02
REYNOLDS, W H WOODALL, Mary 1900-Dec-30
RHODES, A J WHINERY, Ida 1917-Jul-16
RHODES, J T HOLDER, Edna 1899-Jun-28
RHODES, R W FANCHER, M R Mrs 1910-Apr-05
RHODES, Willie SWEAT, Rosa 1909-Dec-28
RICHARDSON, Thomas HUFFMAN, Maggie H 1894-Feb-07
RICHARDSON, W H SMITH, Mollie 1894-Jan-15
RICKETTS, D A GALLOWAY, Tallula 1893-Dec-05
RICKETTS, G A SMITH, Sallie 1899-Dec-20
RICKETTS, R O HARVEY, Ada 1897-Dec-15
RICKLES, J L MAYO, Maggie 1895-Dec-11
RICKS, A P SWEATT, Ruth 1918-Aug-11
RICO, J H MONK, Mollie 1897-Dec-22
RICO, Paul MILLER, Leona 1911-Oct-01
RICO, Richard BUCKNER, Asilee 1907-May-05
RIDGEWAY, W R LUMPKIN, Edna 1898-Feb-06
RIGBY, Ernest W WILTSHIRE, Julia E 1906-Dec-16
RIGBY, J N CONNER, Minnie E 1893-Feb-01
RIGBY, L S KING, Laura Bell 1910-Dec-25
RIGBY, Lamar ARMSTRONG, Laura 1904-Nov-30
RIGBY, Roger BRUCE, Ethel 1910-Dec-24
RIGBY, W O MORGAN, Minnie 1913-Nov-03
RILES, Alson STEPHENS, Lela 1918-Sep-01
RILEY, H C BOYETT, Fannie 1908-Mar-01
RILEY, John T THOMPSON, Lou 1894-Sep-30
RILEY, M J EDWARDS, R Miss 1906-Sep-25
RILEY, R B BURNS, Neva 1919-Sep-01
RILEY, W J HOLMES, Flora 1905-Sep-17
RILEY, W T CLIFTON, Ester 1899-Aug-29
RILEY, W T MCKNIGHT, Magg 1895-Nov-05
RILEY, W T PEE, Lillie 1913-Dec-14
RIMMER, R W SHANKS, Cora 1915-Jun-22
RIMMER, S P MUNSON, Nettie 1913-May-01
RIMMER, W P OBRIANT, Annie 1902-Mar-16
RIMNER, Payton CROWDER, Ada L 1893-Oct-18
RINE, Joe YATES, Delia 1904-Sep-04
ROACH, W P WEEKS, Annie L 1914-Nov-22
ROBERSON, Bryant STEED, Vallie 1919-Mar-30
ROBERSON, George W SMITH, Lila 1903-Nov-04
ROBERTS, A G REYNOLDS, Savannah B 1893-Jun-04
ROBERTS, C D CLIFTON, Lorena 1916-Mar-11
ROBERTS, C E BURNEY, Bollie 1910-Oct-30
ROBERTS, D H POOLE, Jinnie 1895-Nov-01
ROBERTS, E B VEAL, Annie 1901-Jan-24
ROBERTS, E S LEACH, Emma 1904-Nov-02
ROBERTS, Fred KELLY, Mattie K 1919-Dec-25
ROBERTS, J D BROOKS, Ada 1896-Nov-19
ROBERTS, J D LAULER, Jessie 1901-Oct-13
ROBERTS, J V BEAUCHAMP, Leila 1907-Sep-01
ROBERTS, R C HORN, Geneva 1908-Oct-11
ROBERTSON, A P ALDOF, Josie 1895-Dec-24
ROBERTSON, A P ROSS, Alma S 1906-Nov-14
ROBERTSON, Carl NOWELL, O'Kalowa Miss 1908-Dec-13
ROBERTSON, F H CAMPBELL, Fannye 1919-Dec-25
ROBERTSON, J W FOSTER, Susie 1901-Dec-25
ROBERTSON, L F KIMBALL, Virginia 1904-Feb-22
ROBERTSON, M L WILSON, Dixie Lee 1916-Aug-15
ROBINSON, D M TURNER, Lizzie 1902-Aug-20
ROBINSON, W E HAND, Carrie 1909-Nov-09
ROBINSON, W T NOAH, Eva 1919-Dec-14
ROBISON, B R BAILEY, Estelle 1917-Aug-30
ROBISON, R B BEACH, Effa 1897-Oct-24
ROBY, E M FOSTER, Matilda 1902-Feb-16
ROBY, E W TERRY, Blanche M 1897-Oct-20
ROBY, J W JENKINS, Susie P 1901-Jan-06
ROBY, James A THOMPSON, Ada 1918-Jul-23
ROBY, W J HUDSON, Lou Mrs 1919-Nov-30
ROCHEL, Nellie THOMPSON, Everette 1913-Dec-24
RODGER, W R WILLIAMS, Lillian 1904-May-07
RODGERS, Albert EUBANKS, Annie 1911-Jan-01
ROE, A B MILLWOOD, Mollie 1897-Feb-24
ROEBUCK, Thurman MCGEE, Ruth 1916-Nov-29
ROGERS, Thomas M MCGAUGH, Leny 1897-Aug-05
ROGERS, W E LEACH, Maggie 1892-Dec-18
ROLF, William T KELLEY, Molinda C 1892-Dec-14
ROLL, R B HINES, Hattie 1901-Nov-27
ROLLINS, B J RIGBY, Bettie 1916-Apr-01
ROLLINS, Carl RIGBY, Mary E 1909-Aug-15
ROLLINS, R L MCGEE, Clara 1919-Apr-11
ROMAGE, Bob GARDIN, Martha 1904-Jan-03
ROMAGE, William LOFTIN, Maude 1905-Feb-12
RONE, H F MCMILLON, L E Miss 1904-Feb-07
RONE, H V DOTY, Bertha 1912-Apr-08
RONE, I R L SIMS, Lillian 1908-Nov-22
RONE, John J OLIVER, Mary 1918-Oct-13
RONE, L B BALLARD, Ola 1919-Jul-13
ROOK, W D E JENNINGS, M A Miss 1898-Sep-09
ROSAMOND, J M BURT, M E Miss 1903-Sep-20
ROSAMOND, Thomas MEEKS, Etta 1908-Mar-03
ROSAMONIE, C R SMITH, Verney 1894-Oct-10
ROSS, R J WILLIAMS, Minnie 1898-Oct-29
ROSS, T L PACE, Ara 1910-Dec-27
ROSS, W C ATKINSON, R C Miss 1898-Oct-25
ROUNDTREE, Lemon WEATHERLY, Amanda 1900-Jan-02
ROUSE, E C WHITTEN, L M Miss 1907-Dec-14
ROWE, H B MORGAN, Sallie 1900-Sep-18
ROWELL, Alonzo GILBERT, Esma 1908-Sep-26
ROWLAND, W B THOMPSON, Katy 1915-Apr-07
ROWLES, P G TURNER, Nannie 1903-Jan-15
ROY, E L MASSEY, Allie 1915-Dec-23
RUBARD, E F DONALD, Claudia 1899-Dec-11
RUCKER, Clifton MCGEE, Nannie 1908-Sep-02
RUCKER, T J SMITH, Nell 1916-Apr-01
RULE, J M BOYETTE, Florence 1898-Sep-18
RUNNELS, Isaac CUMMINS, Callie 1910-Dec-13
RUSHING, Irvin POWELL, Della 1908-Jan-05
RUSSELL, E J DEAN, Ella 1917-Sep-15
RUSSELL, Ernest H WHEELESS, Katie 1906-Oct-03
RUSSELL, J E PURSER, Annie 1898-Feb-13
RUSSELL, S J ELLIOTT, Eva 1899-Apr-20
RUSSELL, S J MAY, Laura 1902-Dec-23
RUSSELL, W A MAY, M V Miss 1901-Dec-01
RUTHERFORD, Hal CHUNN, Pearl 1918-Feb-23
RUTHERFORD, T F HARRIS, Annie 1895-Mar-13
RUTHERFORD, W F TURNER, Mary 1918-Nov-20
RYALS, E M BROWN, Minnie 1907-Jan-20
RYALS, J A PINE, Eddie 1902-Dec-31
RYALS, J F BREAZEALE, Mollie 1902-Sep-28
RYALS, J S POCE, Victoria 1915-Jun-11
RYALS, J S REYNOLDS, L M Miss 1893-Dec-24
RYALS, J S SIMS, Nannie 1901-Jan-27
RYALS, W P RUSSELL, Lillian 1913-May-17
RYAN, A D STEED, Annie 1910-Jul-03
RYLE, Lee R BROWN, Myrtle 1911-Dec-02
RYLE, T J BROWN, Lillie Agnes 1905-Aug-02
RYNUM, Lester SHULER, Siles 1914-Nov-12



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