Attala County Grooms

P - Q

PACE, B J BURCHFIELD, Lenora 1909-Jan-24
PACE, Cass LOWERY, Callie 1905-Dec-26
PACE, Earl PYLE, Minnie 1914-May-31
PACE, George BOND, Exie 1909-Dec-26
PACE, Kelly JONES, Ida 1908-Dec-30
PAGE, Thomas MIXON, Alma 1918-Sep-08
PALES, H C CUMMINS, Francis 1909-Jun-06
PALMER, N S HINES, Maggie 1895-Nov-19
PALMERTREE, Andrew ARMSTRONG, Edna F 1893-Jul-05
PALMERTREE, William GRAGG, Ella 1911-Jun-18
PALMERTREE, William VINSON, Minnie 1911-Aug-17
PALMERTSSI, Jackson ARMSTRONG, Emma E 1894-Feb-15
PARHAM, H S CAMPBELL, Ava 1912-Nov-28
PARISH, A M JOHNSON, Callie 1898-Feb-23
PARISH, C R WILSON, Maggie 1893-Nov-28
PARISH, E T JOHNSON, Mattie 1916-Oct-22
PARISH, J N QUARLES, Emily 1898-Nov-26
PARISH, W J JOHNSON, Stella 1916-Nov-01
PARISH, W T TERRY, J E Miss 1903-Dec-13
PARKER, J L MCCRORY, Myrtle 1908-Mar-04
PARKER, J Willie BUNT, Naomi R 1893-Dec-21
PARKER, S L DAVIS, S F Miss 1900-Dec-14
PARKER, W F MCMULLEN, Mary 1907-Jan-13
PARKER, Wm MINCHEW, Screnthy 1897-Dec-23
PARKERSON, V L BOWLES, Nettie 1919-Mar-22
PARKINSON, A N SPROLES, J Wilma 1916-Oct-22
PARKS, Asa SHEILDS, Mary Etta 1906-Dec-12
PARKS, C A CLARK, Lovie 1917-Nov-18
PARKS, J H EVANS, Winnie D 1919-Oct-12
PARKS, John PARKS, Alice 1911-Aug-25
PARROTT, W S RIGBY, Nannie 1902-Aug-08
PASSON, C A DOTY, Thelma 1916-Dec-07
PASSONS, Andrew MCCOOL, Willie 1904-Dec-19
PASSONS, G E STUDE, Allice 1904-Feb-14
PASSONS, J W SHUMAKER, Mary A 1899-Dec-21
PASSONS, W G RAY, L F Miss 1892-Dec-08
PATTERSON, Charles T PULLIN, Alice V 1896-Dec-18
PATTERSON, E G BELL, Sadie 1908-Aug-09
PATTERSON, J F MURPHY, Maggie 1902-Dec-24
PATTERSON, R I FULLILOVE, Fannie 1907-Dec-22
PATTERSON, R J FULLILOVE, Fannie 1909-Apr-25
PATTON, E N LEIR, Eddie 1894-Dec-26
PAULETT, W N STINGLEY, Lela 1908-Dec-04
PAULETT, Wm MABRY, Eulalia 1906-Feb-21
PAY, L E GLASS, Eva 1900-Jul-01
PAYNE, A L MCALEE, Emma 1907-Oct-26
PAYNE, J M MCATIE, Mary Alice 1911-Nov-29
PAYNE, J W LONG, Mabel 1915-Jan-16
PAYNE, John F MOORE, Mattie S 1909-Nov-28
PAYNE, W J ODOMS, Daisey 1915-Dec-24
PAYNE, W M MEGGS, Etha 1912-Oct-26
PAYTON, WOODS, Susie 1905-Feb-20
PEARLMAN, L MCLEAN, Lula 1907-Aug-19
PEARSON, Eugene PAYNE, Pearlie 1913-Dec-18
PEARSON, Horace CHUN, Ethel 1915-Feb-14
PEARSON, J M DUNCAN, Lena 1900-Sep-23
PEARSON, S S KELLY, Cora 1898-Jan-20
PEE, Benjamin BROSWELL, Bessie 1903-Oct-25
PEE, C E STEEN, Era 1918-Jul-08
PEE, C T ADAMS, Annie 1915-Aug-25
PEE, Eddie GUESS, C M 1895-Oct-26
PEE, G R RYNE, Myrtie 1910-Feb-13
PEELER, E A BRANTLEY, Bertha 1915-Jul-04
PEELER, Ernest CONN, Maude 1912-Jun-09
PEELER, I J GRAHAM, Elvira Mrs 1908-Mar-05
PEELER, Isaac J GRAHAM, Elvina 1900-Mar-21
PEELER, Lem SMITH, Minnie 1914-Apr-24
PEELER, S J JAMISON, Estelle 1904-Dec-22
PEIRCE, W F RAY, Roxie 1898-Dec-07
PENDER, C A Dr WEEKS, Kate 1911-Nov-29
PENDER, R N GELSTON, Fannie L 1906-Dec-23
PENDER, T H TRIMBLE, May 1901-Feb-20
PENDON, G D BRISTER, Fannie 1896-Oct-28
PENLER, J F THORNTON, S A Miss 1894-Mar-07
PENN, Thomas G BEAUCHAMP, Carrie N 1907-Jun-26
PENYARD, Jeff COOK, Unie 1906-Aug-01
PERKINS, Henry Norby BLAILOCK, Katherine Clara 1919-Aug-17
PERRY, R C TURNAGE, Sue 1896-Dec-27
PERRY, William D BROOKS, Annie Estell 1906-May-23
PERRY, Willie TURNER, Lottie 1910-Jan-05
PETER, J B JOHNSON, Pearlie 1904-Dec-29
PETTIT, A P WHEELESS, Salle 1900-Sep-02
PETTIT, B F PHILLIPS, Ethel 1900-Dec-27
PETTIT, C W WILLIAMS, Myrtle 1899-Mar-09
PETTIT, H D KELLY, Florence 1919-Sep-29
PETTIT, H L JORDAN, Lula B 1894-Nov-25
PETTIT, Homa E HOLLAND, Kate 1906-Oct-24
PETTIT, Hower E WHEELER, Kate 1919-Feb-11
PETTIT, W N MAYO, Lidia 1919-Oct-12
PETTIT, W R LEON, Mary M 1897-Dec-02
PEVEY, W H COMMANDER, Ruth 1917-Aug-01
PEW, B J FRAZIER, Elva 1910-May-22
PHILLIPS, E F MCADAMS, Herriet 1911-Apr-09
PHILLIPS, E L CHENNAULT, Abbie N 1893-Nov-09
PHILLIPS, H A MCADAMS, Lavada 1914-Apr-16
PHILLIPS, J T JONES, Clara 1919-Jun-11
PHILLIPS, James M MCADAMS, F M Miss 1910-Oct-12
PHILLIPS, L I DEAN, Ella D 1914-Oct-18
PICKER, James SMITH, Minnie 1896-Sep-06
PICKLE, Crawley WOODS, Alvia 1906-Jan-23
PICKLE, Ernest E HOLLINGSWORTH, E Miss 1903-Dec-24
PICKLE, G W CARLISLE, Lillie 1900-Aug-02
PICKLE, George SISTRUNK, Etta 1913-Nov-27
PICKLE, H F JONES, Celia 1915-Jul-18
PICKLE, J A HALEY, Eliza 1905-Feb-12
PICKLE, J R COLLINS, Rhetta 1916-Mar-27
PICKLE, W F BROOKS, M A Mrs 1913-Mar-06
PICKLE, W G ROSS, Minnie Mrs 1910-Oct-21
PIGRAM, T M MABRY, Edna Mrs 1903-Dec-23
PILCHER, J W HARRIS, Laura 1911-Jan-08
PILCHER, R L SHIRLEY, Lena 1898-Dec-21
PILCHER, Robert Lee HARRIS, Sallie 1901-Mar-28
PILGRIM, H C CHESTEIN, Estelle 1906-Aug-09
PILGRIM, Hilery ALLGOOD, Lindie 1904-Aug-07
PINCHARD, James E PETTIT, Susie 1905-Mar-30
PINCHARD, Jessie SIMMONS, Mabel 1915-Jan-24
PINE, Eddie RYALS, J A 1902-Dec-31
PLEASANTS, J S GIBSON, Lucille R 1902-Oct-14
PLUNKET, T E SMITH, S R Miss 1903-Oct-03
PLYLER, J V RAY, Ozema 1903-Apr-21
PLYLER, Otho CARSON, Johnnie Miss 1905-Mar-05
POCE, W H TERRY, June 1895-Dec-29
POOL, Frazier BOWIE, Burton 1905-Dec-22
POOLE, D F KOENBER, Pearl 1902-Mar-13
POOLE, J E ADCOCK, Luleika 1897-May-16
POOLE, R E SMITH, Robbie 1912-Oct-20
POPE, J C TIPTON, Sudie 1906-Apr-24
POPE, W B SWEATT, Lillian 1903-Jun-24
PORTER, Charlie FRAZIER, Lena 1910-Dec-24
PORTER, J D COTTON, Eliza 1902-Dec-14
PORTER, J J MORSIWEATHER, Maggie S 1893-Mar-05
PORTER, Mitchell ARMSTRONG, Bettie 1908-Jan-12
PORTER, W R WHITE, Martha M 1910-Feb-08
PORTER, Willie LUCAS, Mattie L 1902-May-19
POTTER, George HAGGINS, Fannie 1902-Mar-02
POTTS, Houston HAMMOND, Alice 1905-Feb-15
POTTS, Warren HAMMOND, Mary 1902-Apr-10
POWELL, Carlos W JAMISON, J A Miss 1917-Dec-23
POWELL, E J JONES, Annie Liza 1909-Dec-25
POWELL, H F COTTON, E M Miss 1903-Aug-09
POWELL, John W CAGLE, Floyd 1899-Jan-04
POWER, John O JONES, Anna M 1892-Nov-24
PRATHER, W L HINES, Mamie 1918-Sep-22
PRESLEY, D B HEARST, Bunnie B 1901-Jan-21
PRESLEY, J H GRAHAM, M E Miss 1902-Jan-15
PRESLEY, John C OBRYANT, Talula 1906-Jan-11
PRESSLEY, J C BAIN, Flora 1917-Jul-26
PRESTON, J H ROBY, Edna E 1893-Dec-27
PREVOST, C A ROWE, Ella 1906-Jan-14
PREVOST, E L MILTON, Lovie 1913-Dec-14
PREVOST, O T MCNEAL, Ella May 1912-Oct-06
PREVOST, Zack RYLE, Attie 1907-Oct-27
PREWETT, Bettie ROBINSON, Angie 1898-May-04
PREWITT, Horace W RUNNELLS, Ophelia 1906-Jun-12
PREWITT, L F BLACK, L B Miss 1893-Dec-23
PREWITT, S BOYD, Bertha 1904-Dec-27
PRICE, Edith LANE, Earl 1918-Aug-15
PRICE, Nina LANE, W M 1911-Apr-21
PRICE, R O HANEY, Eula E 1903-Dec-13
PRICE, Robert SHIELDS, Matilda 1907-Dec-11
PRIDE, John C THWEATT, Lovie 1909-Dec-19
PRITCHARD, J E KEITH, Della 1912-Nov-24
PRITCHARD, S K RULE, Emma R 1916-Jan-01
PROCTOR, C C OLIVE, Viola 1899-Mar-26
PROCTOR, Otis O STANDARD, Hattie 1899-Dec-19
PROCTOR, Phillip RAWLS, Eula 1907-Nov-10
PROCTOR, S J JOHNSON, Matura A 1893-Dec-14
PUCKETT, W N BOYD, Matilda 1896-May-19
PUGH, D L RAPPOW, Fannie 1896-Dec-24
PUGH, Edgar KINZIE, Lou 1909-Aug-03
PUGH, Henry GREEN, Cora 1911-Feb-12
PULLIN, J A BRENT, Georgia 1902-Aug-04
PULLIN, L J DEES, S Miss 1899-Nov-01
PULLIN, W M BRUNT, Exie 1901-Dec-11
PULLIN, Z N PEE, Zenie 1912-Mar-24
PURDOM, Wilson W KELLY, Mary H 1912-Dec-25
PUSSER, J R SEINS, Anna 1900-Oct-11
PYLATE, Noah MARTIN, Winnie 1911-May-25
PYLOTE, J W STOKES, Ada 1912-Jul-04
QUICK, Alvin HADDOCK, Sallie 1912-Apr-07
QUICK, Emmett FRAZIER, Carrie E 1910-Dec-18
QUICK, Jeff LOVETTE, Mary Belle 1914-Sep-05
QUINN, David M SMYTHE, Annie R 1906-Jan-03
QUINN, Frank HORTON, Helen 1895-May-21
QUINN, Peter REEL, Virgie 1912-Jan-31
QUINN, Roscoe SANDERS, May 1918-Aug-18


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