Attala County Grooms

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NABORS, J C CARR, Estelle 1904-Aug-02
NABORS, W R LOWRY, S F Miss 1898-Jun-12
NAIL, J P THOMAS, Lula 1900-Dec-20
NAIL, Will DEES, Bessie 1917-Aug-20
NANCE, Will KELLY, Willie Miss 1906-Jan-21
NASH, J P ANTHONY, Mabel 1908-Mar-01
NASH, James MIDDLEBROOKS, Sarah Mrs 1898-Sep-18
NASH, Joe TYLER, Laura 1896-Jan-19
NASH, Luther GOSS, Ludy 1898-Dec-15
NASH, Robert SMITH, Mollie 1902-Oct-05
NASH, Tommie WEEKS, A B 1904-Feb-11
NASH, W D TRIMBLE, Mary 1915-Nov-21
NASON, S N CASEY, Rosa 1896-Feb-09
NASON, S N TAYLOR, E G Miss 1898-May-29
NEAL, G W BELL, Lillian 1912-May-11
NEAL, Grady HINSON, Ruby 1918-Jan-12
NEEL, G W GLASS, Annie May 1900-May-23
NEEL, J P YATES, Willie 1903-Dec-20
NEEL, Johnnie HUGHES, E W 1894-Dec-06
NEIGHBORS, Emmett BOYETT, Florence 1906-Nov-18
NELSON, J L FELDEN, Rebecca 1915-May-30
NEVEL, G W SIMMONS, Bertha 1912-Nov-03
NEW, J A FLEMING, Annie May 1897-Apr-14
NEWELL, Preston BOWERS, Ida 1914-Mar-18
NEWSOM, S A SIMS, Velma 1913-Feb-15
NEWSOM, W B GREENLEE, Fannie 1914-Jul-12
NICHOLS, Robert MILLER, Ida 1902-Nov-26
NILES, J A GILLILARD, Myrtis 1911-Feb-01
NILES, J S CAIN, Sarah Green 1915-Dec-15
NIMMERFALL, Norman E SULLIVANT, Mary P 1919-Dec-25
NIXON, Cass WEEKS, M J Miss 1909-Dec-12
NOAH, W A WHITE, Florence 1899-Aug-30
NOBLES, Julius Sidney ROPER, Ruby Rae 1917-Jan-23
NORDAN, L N JACKSON, Nina 1901-Feb-01
NORE, Tobe V DICKERSON, Mary Jane 1918-Mar-10
NORMAN, A F BAILEY, Ida 1903-Jan-04
NORRIS, Henry S LOWE, Josie S 1909-Sep-01
NORRIS, Lee RAY, A T 1897-Jul-25
NORRIS, P E MASSEY, Renna 1915-Dec-26
NORRIS, Pleasant PAREMORE, Lottie 1917-Nov-04
NORRIS, R E SKEEN, Bessie 1911-Jan-14
NORRIS, Tom VONLONDINGHORN, Maggie 1894-Jan-24
NORRIS, W W TAYLOR, Dora H 1901-Oct-14
NORWOOD, J N MAYO, Nancy 1896-Feb-13
NORWOOD, James TISDALE, Sallie 1894-Dec-01
NORWOOD, John W BUTLER, Minnie Bell 1911-Dec-03
NORWOOD, R C GREEN, Ella 1895-Jan-16
NOVELL, R L WOOD, Lula 1896-May-24
NOWELL, Aden E BAILEY, Ruby 1918-Feb-02
NOWELL, Charles A LANSDALE, Etta 1918-Apr-14
NOWELL, D S PICKLE, Anna 1898-Feb-13
NOWELL, E A REYNOLDS, Vera 1917-Jan-27
NOWELL, J I JOHNSON, Nettie Mrs 1914-Nov-30
NOWELL, J J THOMPSON, Viola 1901-Dec-01
NOWELL, T A PACE, Amanda 1906-Jun-03
NOWELL, Z C MCCOOL, Dixie 1899-Nov-05
NUCKOLS, F A SMITH, Mary A 1904-Oct-24
OAKES, A W CRAFT, Etta 1902-Oct-14
OAKES, C D GUNTER, Mazelle 1919-Oct-27
OAKES, C F ROLLIFF, Ella 1903-Feb-26
OAKES, T L Rev BOWILL, Carrie Ola 1915-Nov-28
OAKES, W H COMMANDER, E E Miss 1898-Apr-14
OAKES, W T YOUNG, Susie 1915-Dec-21
OAKS, Kerr SANDERS, Clemmie 1918-Jun-23
OAKS, Weldon W MUSSLEWHITE, Lottie E 1911-Dec-26
OAKS, Willie COOK, J T 1906-Mar-01
OBRIAN, Dallas JOHNSON, Sophia 1898-Sep-04
OBRIANT, A B HESTER, Bessie 1906-Jul-08
OBRIANT, A B ROBERTS, Dullie 1901-Jul-24
OBRIANT, D RUSSELL, Emma 1895-Jan-13
OBRIANT, J A BREAZEALE, Calie 1909-Jun-27
OBRIANT, R H DODD, Genevieve 1908-Feb-12
OBRIANT, S D ROEBUCK, Anna May 1906-Jul-08
OBRIANT, W MCCOOL, Lela 1911-Jan-03
OBRIANT, W C CURTIS, Ella May 1919-Oct-19
ODAM, R R HOLEMAN, Lottie 1895-Jun-30
ODAM, W E HOLEMAN, Myrtle 1895-Jun-30
ODEN, Thomas B RIMMER, Mattie 1897-Sep-22
ODOM, A J MOLSON, Louella 1894-Dec-27
ODOM, B F FRAZIER, Martha Ann 1899-Nov-12
ODOM, B M FISHER, Lurinda 1910-Nov-29
ODOM, E R JENKINS, Lillian 1919-Sep-10
ODOM, Erman FALLEN, J L 1914-Feb-03
ODOM, J T YOUNG, Amanda 1898-Feb-17
ODOM, M E ELLINGTON, Annie E 1906-Sep-26
ODOM, M V LESLEY, Bessie 1908-May-10
ODOM, Otho ROSAMOND, Didd 1902-Sep-03
ODOM, V E CLARK, Velma 1913-Dec-21
ODOM, Will SLATER, Maude 1907-Sep-16
ODORN, J J TERRY, Alice 1895-Nov-13
OLDHAM, Lem E ALLEN, Leila C 1895-Jun-27
OLIVER, A A MCCOOL, Minnie J 1894-Dec-06
OLIVER, B VEAL, Vera 1907-Dec-13
OLIVER, C C BUCKNER, M J Miss 1893-Nov-02
OLIVER, C L BROWN, Ercelle 1918-Oct-13
OLIVER, C W BURCHFIELD, Anna 1893-Nov-23
OLIVER, Earl JAMES, Purkie 1905-Dec-24
OLIVER, F M LONG, Lanie A 1892-Nov-24
OLIVER, J H WHATLEY, Ida 1904-May-29
OLIVER, L H ADAMS, Mollie 1917-Apr-29
OLIVER, M N DAVIS, Carolyn 1919-Nov-16
OLIVER, Oscar N CROWE, Eula 1919-Aug-17
OLIVER, Sam PRYOR, Sallie 1904-Apr-27
OREAGON, J D TIDWELL, Bell 1905-Jan-18
ORR, Ernest FAULKNER, Edna 1918-Dec-01
ORR, F L SMITH, Mary Ethel 1905-Dec-20
ORR, J C SMITH, Vallie C 1912-Jun-19
OSBORN, W J FRAZIER, Mary Alice 1913-Jun-29
OUGH, P E GLASS, Lennie 1899-Jun-20
OUSLEY, J M HAWKINS, Emma 1916-Jun-30
OUSLEY, J Quitman ATKINSON, Nellie May 1907-Oct-09
OUSLEY, R M MABRY, Della 1894-Dec-20
OVERSTREET, John Jr SUMMERS, Nannie 1918-Oct-01
OVERSTREET, Preston STEEN, Annie 1908-Dec-07
OVERSTREET, William PARMESTREE, Elizabeth 1896-Feb-12
OWEN, A T Jr BARNETT, Pearl 1916-Aug-13
OWEN, E L CULPEPPER, Marie 1917-Sep-28
OWEN, J W DICKEN, Ada 1904-Dec-07
OWEN, John W WILKINS, Lena 1900-Oct-23
OWEN, Moses J SMITH, Katherine E 1903-Jan-14
OWEN, O S WHINERY, Rosea 1906-Mar-25
OWEN, S S SMITH, Alice 1904-Oct-12
OWEN, T J OAKES, M Miss 1911-May-21
OWEN, W B YATES, Essie R 1900-Jan-17
OWENS, W B DAVIS, Mary Stella 1897-Dec-24
OWENS, W E JENKINS, Dana 1896-Feb-19


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