Attala County Grooms


LACEY, C T RUTHERFORD, Carrie 1903-Feb-15
LACEY, E F Jr SMITHSON, Jannie B 1903-Aug-30
LACEY, E W HOOPER, Addie H 1902-Dec-24
LACEY, T N WHITTEN, Mary 1909-Dec-22
LACEY, W R SANDERS, Fannie 1913-Nov-05
LACY, Boggain SMITH, Emma 1913-Mar-26
LAMASTERS, Perry THOMPSON, Carmilla 1913-May-13
LAMB, A M SHALER, Hattie R 1909-Apr-25
LAMB, Oscar LOVE, Kai 1905-Oct-10
LAMB, Oscar WARE, Edna 1896-Sep-30
LAMPKIN, W B JONES, P L Miss 1899-Sep-09
LAND, Howard BAINE, Lena Sue 1917-Mar-09
LAND, John R ARMSTEAD, Willie 1896-Oct-21
LANDRUM, C C VEAL, Jessie 1914-Jan-18
LANDRUM, H TRIPLETT, Mollie 1906-Dec-09
LANDRUM, J H HEMINGWAY, Katie 1896-Mar-24
LANDRUM, W C RAMSEY, Louella 1899-Dec-24
LANDRUM, W P WADE, Dollie 1901-Jan-06
LANDRUM, W T HUTCHINSON, Francis M 1893-Dec-29
LANE, Earl PRICE, Edith 1918-Aug-15
LANE, Jo BRUNT, Effie 1903-Dec-28
LANE, John Jr BROOKS, Lola 1906-Aug-26
LANE, Otis RAY, Luda 1896-Dec-15
LANE, W M PRICE, Nina 1911-Apr-21
LANEY, E L WALKER, Minnie 1912-Dec-01
LANEY, George BAILEY, Estelle 1919-Oct-26
LANEY, J R THERRELL, Rosa E 1897-Nov-15
LANEY, O J WELLS, Louella E 1897-Dec-07
LANEY, Robert L BAILEY, Ida May 1900-Dec-13
LANGDON, G R SANDERS, Zelda 1907-Feb-17
LANSDALE, Clyde TAYLOR, J C 1916-Dec-17
LANSDALE, M L BROWN, Sallie 1908-Dec-07
LASSITER, C B BURRELL, Louiza 1899-Jan-03
LASSITER, John MCBRIDE, Bertha King Mrs 1919-Oct-11
LAW, N J COMFORT, Willie 1895-Sep-20
LAW, R C COMFORT, Anna O 1902-Nov-05
LAWRENCE, Clyde KING, Mary 1916-Oct-15
LAWRENCE, George GUESS, Viola 1899-Jan-22
LAWRENCE, H L BROOKS, Mattie H 1898-Dec-23
LAWRENCE, Harrison HOOF, H T Miss 1894-Aug-26
LAWRENCE, M H MILLS, Mattie 1897-Jan-21
LAWRENCE, P F MILES, Clara 1914-Aug-20
LAWRENCE, T B SILLS, Edna 1916-Dec-21
LAWRENCE, Wiley M JAMISON, Emma 1904-Jun-15
LEA, John F LONG, Mary G 1901-Nov-06
LEACH, A P NEAL, S M Mrs 1906-Sep-30
LEACH, Ben MCCOOL, Ethel 1908-Jun-21
LEACH, Dee ALMON, Hattie 1915-Dec-26
LEACH, E W WILLIAMS, Noami 1916-Mar-08
LEACH, Frank FOX, Annie May 1905-Dec-24
LEACH, Georgia TARVER, Eugene 1899-Apr-02
LEACH, Henry TURNER, Pearl 1910-Dec-14
LEACH, Oscar DICKERS, Lucy 1905-Dec-20
LEACH, Robert BAILEY, Lillie 1914-Feb-12
LEACH, Sam MCCOOL, Maudie 1904-Sep-18
LEACH, Tilman MASSEY, Kate 1919-Apr-12
LEACH, W B MCCOOL, Fannie 1899-Jan-15
LEACH, Walter WELLS, Sallie 1905-Dec-23
LEAMKIN, S M BRANT, M J Miss 1893-Dec-25
LEAMKIN, W B JENNINGS, Amandie 1892-Nov-24
LEANEY, J J D WELLS, Emma J 1892-Dec-20
LEE, Ansel B HINES, Myrtle 1913-Jul-08
LEE, Frank GOWERS, Etta 1907-Jun-13
LEE, H E MCADORY, Nola M 1899-Nov-26
LEE, J C LOVE, Willie B 1919-Aug-27
LEE, J F PETTIT, Mattie 1911-Jan-22
LEE, J W SMITH, L L Miss 1898-Jul-24
LEE, S A SMITH, Sallie 1898-Jul-14
LEGGETT, W I JORDAN, Anna 1912-Nov-28
LEHNER, Robert PARKER, Lillian G 1902-Nov-26
LEIR, Eddie PATTON, E N 1894-Dec-26
LEONARD, J E BOAR, Mollie 1915-Aug-01
LEONARD, J N LINDSEY, Vernie Mrs 1908-Jan-18
LEONARD, W E BOYD, Verna 1914-Aug-20
LEOPARD, L C VOWELL, Maggie 1919-Jan-23
LERIN, R B ALBIN, Lena 1900-Dec-05
LESLIE, James A TIERCE, Dora Lee 1906-Mar-04
LESLIE, Luther Lee TURNER, Ora Lee 1916-Apr-15
LESLIE, W D WYSE, Mary Willie 1903-Nov-03
LESLIE, Willie H BRUNT, Lila Maude 1917-Dec-23
LESTER, C B BROWN, Bessie 1911-Nov-24
LEWIS, C D LEWIS, Mona 1912-Aug-18
LEWIS, C D LEWIS, Mona A 1911-Mar-10
LEWIS, D B LITTLE, Mary Ella 1918-Aug-14
LEWIS, E H JONES, Amie 1899-Oct-18
LEWIS, Eula LORD, Charles H 1905-Mar-19
LEWIS, J A BELL, Rosa Mrs 1916-Oct-08
LEWIS, J A MOON, Laura 1919-Jun-29
LEWIS, J A THOMPSON, Effie 1900-Oct-03
LEWIS, J H HINES, Zorodia 1911-Jan-15
LEWIS, J H PRICE, Sallie 1894-Jul-15
LEWIS, Jones J OLIVER, Florence 1905-Dec-03
LEWIS, Luther WALTON, Ida 1896-Mar-17
LEWIS, T K LEWIS, Allie 1899-Jan-22
LEWIS, Thomas D MCDANIEL, Nancy 1908-Nov-01
LEWIS, Wil MCCOOL, Leona 1899-Dec-26
LILE, J W DANIEL, Emma 1894-Dec-26
LINDOMOOD, W S JOHNSON, Hattie E 1894-Feb-15
LINDSEY, George BOYETTE, Sallie 1900-Aug-05
LINDSEY, J J CUMMINS, M L Miss 1902-Nov-16
LINDSEY, J M BUFFKIN, Addie Lee 1896-Mar-29
LINDSEY, John CHANNEL, Alice 1907-Dec-16
LINDSEY, Lafayette BOYETT, Mosey 1908-Dec-28
LINDSEY, W N CUMMINS, Annie 1902-Nov-30
LINDY, Thomas HOLT, Minnie 1900-Jul-01
LINN, C D CAUTHER, Myrtle 1901-Nov-03
LINN, Cauthen MILTON, Emagene 1908-Apr-01
LINN, Louis BRANCH, Allie 1901-Nov-19
LINSEY, G W ROSAMOND, Verdie 1899-Aug-16
LIPSCOMB, J J MINCHEW, Annie 1905-Oct-29
LITTLE, H G WASSON, Nellie 1898-Dec-25
LIVINGSTON, R E EUBANKS, Fannie Reed Mrs 1909-Oct-10
LLOYD, S L MITCHELL, Dilla 1893-Mar-09
LOCKHARDT, Canoday HUTCHISON, Ester Lee 1908-Dec-18
LOFTIN, J T FLINT, Fannie 1914-Dec-27
LOFTIN, R L STANDARD, Katie 1893-Dec-13
LONG, J E DAUGERTY, Minnie 1911-Feb-12
LONG, J M LEGGETT, Bessie 1916-Dec-24
LONG, J W Dr SIMMONS, Effie 1909-Dec-23
LONG, W A DOBBS, Mammie 1910-Jan-09
LONG, W N COX, Martha 1912-Mar-25
LONGMOTTI, David WADDINGTON, Leila 1895-Mar-21
LOOK, J N MOOU, Plina Miss 1893-Dec-27
LORD, A A LANE, Lura 1899-Dec-27
LORD, C C SMITH, Nola 1906-Apr-04
LORD, Charles H LEWIS, Eula 1905-Mar-19
LORD, D G DODD, Eula 1907-Jan-17
LORD, D L HUGHES, Emma Lee 1906-Oct-14
LORD, Frank COVINGTON, Laura 1906-Dec-23
LORD, Fred D HUGHES, Lovetta 1906-May-10
LORD, R F ADAMS, May 1911-Dec-24
LOUSDALE, Herbert HAYNES, Helen 1913-Mar-07
LOUSDALE, Hilliard TAYLOR, Ada 1912-Dec-25
LOVE, CLARK, Charlie 1905-Oct-18
LOVE, Amos THOMPTON, Sarah 1893-Feb-11
LOVE, Harvey C HOLMES, Bessie 1917-Feb-12
LOVE, J R SANDERS, Martha A 1900-Apr-01
LOVE, Willie B LEE, J C 1919-Aug-27
LOVOM, M E BISHOP, Gracie 1899-Jul-27
LOVOM, W G EUBANKS, Fannie 1899-Feb-13
LOVOM, W J WILLIAMS, Mabel 1899-Sep-17
LOVOM, Willie D BISHIOP, P C 1902-Jan-05
LOWE, C E ARMSTRONG, Minnie 1900-Jan-31
LOWE, Clayton DICKEN, Leila 1914-Jan-27
LOWE, J A BAILEY, Dora 1904-Jul-31
LOWE, J E CLARK, Lillian 1919-Oct-14
LOWE, J M WALTS, Lillie 1918-Jun-02
LOWENBERRY, Louis FEIBELMAN, Judith 1897-Jan-17
LOWERY, S L HUDSON, Mildred 1919-Jul-03
LOWERY, Wiley CARSON, Clara 1912-Jun-09
LOWRY, S L THORNTON, Katie S 1910-Jun-26
LUCAS, A E DEAR, Wardie 1907-Dec-25
LUCAS, John C CARNES, Martha Mabry 1917-Sep-09
LUCKETT, A A CLARK, Mattie E 1910-Jun-08
LUMAS, William F WRIGHT, Nora E 1901-Apr-21


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