Attala County Grooms

I - J

INGRAM, Burgus B BLAIN, Fannie 1899-Nov-31
INGRAM, D F ROY, Myrtis 1919-Nov-16
INGRAM, Emmett J SMITH, Maggie 1919-Oct-06
INGRAM, J L THOMPSON, Ula 1905-Aug-31
INGRAM, J M SHUMAKER, Ada 1911-Dec-10
INGRAM, M T LEWIS, Nannie 1902-Nov-16
IRVING, Edwin BELL, Minnie Lee 1917-Jan-24
IRVING, Edwin COOK, Mavis 1919-Sep-03
IRVING, Harvey BELL, Carrie 1917-Sep-10
IRVING, S A WEATHERLY, Martha L 1895-Oct-15
IVEY, Eugene ROBERTS, Ora 1912-Mar-18
IVEY, Rolin SANDERS, Hattie 1911-Feb-03
IVY, E D IVY, Dee 1914-Aug-26
IVY, John HERRINGTON, Lottie 1907-Feb-18
IVY, Wiley FLOWERS, Mollie 1905-Oct-01
JACKSON, C M FENWICK, Jessie 1919-Jun-15
JACKSON, D F JAMESON, Moriah 1894-Mar-25
JACKSON, Fredrick C Jr JORDAN, Hazel 1919-Feb-16
JACKSON, H W BOSWELL, Lillie 1895-Oct-17
JACKSON, J R BROWN, Laura 1893-Nov-23
JACKSON, Josie Leo GALLOWAY, G T 1895-Jan-23
JAMES, Oscar WOODS, Lillie 1904-Oct-30
JAMES, P SIMS, Alice 1909-Dec-12
JAMISON, Archie M MITCHELL, Minnie W 1899-Apr-09
JAMISON, H B WILSON, Fannie 1894-Nov-22
JAMISON, Henry C JAMISON, Dovie Lee 1915-Sep-07
JAMISON, J R E STONESTREET, Mollie 1911-Jan-04
JAMISON, S B SMITH, Mary J 1905-Nov-16
JAMISON, S H SMITH, Martha E 1897-May-20
JAMISON, W D MCWHORTER, Minnie Iris 1892-Dec-21
JENKINS, B I STONESTREET, Hattie Lee 1910-Dec-27
JENKINS, Ben J JONES, Sallie Corine 1918-Sep-09
JENKINS, Charley BUNCH, Amanda 1901-Jan-09
JENKINS, D D ELLINGTON, M J Miss 1893-Jan-08
JENKINS, E J BRITT, Biddie 1912-Dec-29
JENKINS, E J BURRELL, Mary Elizabeth 1900-Oct-06
JENKINS, E O BALLARD, Bonnie 1916-Oct-21
JENKINS, Earl HARMON, Lutha 1906-Jan-29
JENKINS, George H ROBERTS, Lela May 1911-Dec-03
JENKINS, George P OLIVER, Lela E 1906-Dec-19
JENKINS, J H BURCHFIELD, Minnie 1902-Jul-18
JENKINS, J L MCNEAL, Nannie E 1900-Nov-27
JENKINS, J N FLOWERS, L E Miss 1900-Feb-04
JENKINS, J N MCLEAN, Annie 1893-Feb-12
JENKINS, J S EDWARDS, Allie 1896-Nov-11
JENKINS, R A MAYO, Effie Mrs 1915-Jan-05
JENKINS, R H GUNTHER, Dethila 1894-Dec-20
JENKINS, R S SMITH, Sallie M 1898-Feb-17
JENKINS, T G NEVELS, Alice 1901-Dec-25
JENKINS, Tobie HIGGINS, Maggie 1917-Aug-12
JENNINGS, Adolphus FOWLER, Mary L 1914-Dec-23
JENNINGS, C S CUMMINS, Mary Jane 1915-Nov-05
JENNINGS, D L FOWLER, Babe 1907-Mar-29
JENNINGS, E L FOWLER, Barbarah 1914-Jan-29
JENNINGS, H J FOWLER, Manora 1911-Aug-27
JENNINGS, J C BURKS, S E Miss 1908-Oct-08
JENNINGS, J C ROOK, N I Miss 1894-Jan-06
JENNINGS, J E MASSEY, Dona 1896-Oct-17
JENNINGS, M C STEPHENS, Alna 1916-Mar-05
JENNINGS, M L FURGERSON, Mamie 1919-Mar-30
JENNINGS, Samuel T BELL, Cora E 1919-Nov-25
JIRK, J B MORGAN, Donna 1895-Oct-18
JOHNSON, A J PROCTOR, Nellie 1900-Nov-30
JOHNSON, A J TURNER, Dovie Beatrice 1915-Jul-27
JOHNSON, B W THREATT, Ida 1912-Jan-05
JOHNSON, C L PINCHARD, Nettie 1907-Feb-17
JOHNSON, C R ROWLING, D Miss 1911-Dec-20
JOHNSON, C T BOYETT, Annie 1908-Dec-15
JOHNSON, Curtis COTTON, Sallie A 1904-Nov-19
JOHNSON, David C CROSBY, Dana 1903-Nov-15
JOHNSON, E R COMFORT, Margaret L 1902-Sep-07
JOHNSON, F P ALLEN, Arda D 1894-Mar-28
JOHNSON, Floyd MCGEE, Ethel 1907-Dec-25
JOHNSON, George HUGGINS, Allie 1919-Jan-27
JOHNSON, H H MCGEE, Ida 1906-Feb-11
JOHNSON, H M MCCOY, Nannie 1897-Dec-24
JOHNSON, J C SKINNER, Emma 1913-Jul-13
JOHNSON, J H CUMMINS, Emma 1900-Dec-09
JOHNSON, J S THOMPSON, Mary 1898-Feb-03
JOHNSON, J W B TURNER, Mallissa Mrs 1903-Dec-06
JOHNSON, Lee PARISH, Mary 1898-Feb-24
JOHNSON, M A PARISH, P N Miss 1893-Oct-26
JOHNSON, M A SANDERS, Nellie 1918-Dec-26
JOHNSON, M B FRAZIER, Martha 1904-Dec-30
JOHNSON, Marshall PARISH, Roxie 1917-Dec-23
JOHNSON, Oliver T BENNETT, Lillian 1910-Oct-16
JOHNSON, R L MOORE, Mary Ellen 1914-Nov-08
JOHNSON, R L YATES, D E Miss 1894-Jan-25
JOHNSON, S C BURNEY, Lessie 1907-Jun-23
JOHNSON, Sam TURNER, Birdie 1916-Nov-15
JOHNSON, T W BLOCK, Winifred 1902-Oct-29
JOHNSON, W C PRICKARD, Anna 1897-Jan-21
JOHNSON, W W BURCHFIELD, Molona Jane 1894-Feb-01
JOHNSON, W W HANNA, Rubie E 1903-Jan-21
JOHNSON, Wesley J WOODFIN, Susie E 1903-Mar-22
JOHNSTON, A J BURRO, M J Miss 1894-Dec-20
JOHNSTON, C W MCCOOL, Norma 1905-Dec-20
JOHNSTON, Mat A PETTIT, Alto 1905-Dec-24
JOINER, Carl G HIGGINS, Lottie 1918-Jan-21
JONES, A B RUTHERFORD, Annie F 1911-Feb-26
JONES, A C POOLE, Sallie 1896-Nov-25
JONES, Andrew J ATTERBERRY, Attie May 1916-Jun-08
JONES, Archer G BOYD, Annie H 1895-Oct-30
JONES, B R TOLER, Lila 1906-May-06
JONES, C A ROWLES, Sela A 1902-Jun-18
JONES, Charles BOYD, Minnie 1906-Nov-28
JONES, Clint BROWN, Nettie 1910-Oct-01
JONES, D A HINES, Lucy 1914-Jan-11
JONES, Edgar Grayson MCCOOL, Mason 1917-Sep-30
JONES, F S PREVOST, Lillie 1918-Aug-14
JONES, G F CUMMINS, Nancy C 1907-Dec-14
JONES, H W HINES, Mamie 1909-Dec-28
JONES, Hobert G NORRIS, Ersul 1918-Aug-31
JONES, J C MASSEY, L B Miss 1894-Nov-22
JONES, J E MEEK, Daisey 1912-Dec-15
JONES, J J MCATEE, M D Mrs 1900-Feb-05
JONES, J S CROSSLEY, A M Miss 1899-Oct-25
JONES, J S DOTY, Leona Mrs 1919-Jun-14
JONES, J W CARMEANS, Bertha 1912-May-17
JONES, James MCCRORY, Minnie 1907-Feb-07
JONES, Jim FERRELL, Annie 1902-Jul-13
JONES, Joe SLATER, Annie Mrs 1899-Feb-23
JONES, John DORSEY, Martha 1917-Sep-10
JONES, L C CARWILE, D A Mrs 1917-Jan-24
JONES, L M MASSEY, S T Miss 1899-Jan-25
JONES, L W TURNER, Lula 1893-Dec-13
JONES, Lonie HOLMES, Cora 1907-Jan-27
JONES, R G TOLER, Mary E 1905-Dec-20
JONES, R L BURKS, Jamie 1896-Dec-24
JONES, S H CRAFT, Alice 1909-Sep-08
JONES, Stephen MILNER, Hettie 1913-Jan-18
JONES, Stokes P HARTON, Ettah C 1902-Dec-28
JONES, T V FLINT, Bertie 1917-Aug-21
JONES, W D PILCHER, Mattie 1898-Dec-21
JONES, W J B SMITH, Eugenia 1917-Jan-01
JONES, W M COLLINS, Sudie May 1907-Jan-05
JONES, William FRAZIER, Jennie Mrs 1899-May-02
JONES, Willie GRAHAM, S M 1910-Dec-25
JONES, Wyman W SMITH, Minnie M 1908-Jul-26
JOPLIN, J M RUSSELL, Ida M 1894-Dec-27
JORDAN, B F PETTIT, Rosa 1903-Jun-28
JORDAN, B W PETTIT, Lela 1899-Mar-09
JORDAN, D C SANDERS, Laura D 1909-Dec-05
JORDAN, H K HESTER, Minnie 1901-Jan-06
JORDAN, J S P MCMILLAN, S A Miss 1900-May-13
JORDAN, O R GUEST, Lena 1904-Feb-11
JORDAN, R H KELLY, Babe Mrs 1912-Jan-25
JORDAN, S M COMFORT, Mattie E 1902-Dec-28
JORDAN, W J BECKHAM, Maude 1911-Sep-10
JORDON, W A SPAIN, Lizzie 1896-May-20
JOURNEY, J T GRAHAM, Alma 1906-May-20
JOURNEY, Roby BELL, Katie 1913-Jun-12
JOURNEY, Smith MAY, Madge L 1917-Aug-15
JOURNEY, Smith R KING, Mabel 1910-Feb-12
JOURNEY, W D SANDERS, Pauline 1905-Jan-05


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