Attala County Grooms


GADDY, J H HINES, Mozelli 1895-Dec-18
GALLAWAY, W F WILLIAMS, Leanna 1911-Mar-22
GALLOWAY, G T JACKSON, Josie Leo 1895-Jan-23
GANEY, B T OWEN, Thena 1917-Dec-03
GARNER, E D KELLY, Irene 1901-Dec-29
GARNER, J S MASSEY, Alice 1911-Jul-12
GARNER, W J SHEILDS, Edith 1917-Oct-10
GARRETT, J M FLEMING, Amanda 1899-Jul-06
GARRETT, J T SIMS, Nannie E 1898-Apr-20
GARRETT, T B RHODES, Mabel C 1919-Jun-07
GASS, William TYLER, Ada 1896-Jan-02
GASTON, W P SLEDGE, A G Miss 1893-Dec-25
GATES, Charlie REED, Willie 1911-Aug-19
GATES, G W Jr SEAWRIGHT, Ethel 1914-May-10
GAYDEN, Frank T SAWYER, Vivian 1907-Sep-09
GAYLOR, Ernest ALDHAM, Amanda 1910-Dec-01
GAYNE, M M ROSS, Annie B 1895-Mar-20
GAYORNE, S A Jr MCKEE, Sallie 1902-Nov-10
GAYTON, Joe S SIMMONS, Lovella 1911-Aug-19
GELSTON, George NEWSOM, Nettie D 1906-Aug-18
GERINER, B G CLAITON, Emma 1913-Apr-10
GERRARD, S G MOOREHEAD, Lola C 1914-Jun-23
GIBBS, G T DUNKIN, Mary Elizabeth 1893-Nov-16
GIBBS, R N SISTRINK, Mary J 1896-Sep-30
GIBSON, A T CARTLEDGE, Rowe 1902-Jun-03
GIBSON, Edgar MILNER, Loreno 1908-Dec-13
GIBSON, Elmer HUNT, Jessie 1908-Nov-01
GIBSON, Martin CROOK, Ethel 1899-Oct-15
GIBSON, Noley BURNETT, Leatha 1905-Nov-31
GIBSON, R A CURTIS, Birtie A 1899-Jan-15
GILBERT, H ADCOCK, Annie 1911-Dec-27
GILBERT, J B W HAWBRICK, Nannie 1914-Dec-27
GILBERT, L D MCDANIEL, Gerthie 1919-Dec-24
GILBERT, Lou MILLER, R W 1899-Mar-15
GILBERT, W J THOMPSON, Alma P 1892-Nov-02
GILES, G F HUGHES, Francis I 1894-Oct-17
GILES, Leonard L THORNTON, Minnie Lou 1919-Feb-19
GILLILAND, Electo RAY, W S 1919-Sep-14
GILLILAND, J W FURR, Bessie P 1909-Dec-22
GILLILAND, O B JONES, R E Miss 1917-Aug-12
GILLIS, S K MCKINNON, May 1896-Jan-24
GINES, W O SMITH, Emma R 1900-Dec-25
GIPSON, E W PALNERTREE, Bertie Lee 1918-Mar-04
GIVEN, J F MILLER, Urville 1910-Sep-28
GIVIN, Bob BALLARD, Carrie 1914-Dec-15
GLAZE, Percy JORDAN, Mamie Lee 1911-Apr-26
GLODNEY, J E DOWDE, Dora 1898-Nov-11
GOBER, J HINES, Nettie 1895-Dec-22
GOBER, W C DUNCAN, Mary 1905-Oct-29
GOBER, W C MILLER, Carrie 1911-Jun-22
GOFF, A C BLOCK, Pearl Mrs 1919-Feb-04
GOFF, George LINDSEY, Georgia 1909-Jun-13
GOFF, O C BEACH, Sallie 1905-Jul-25
GOLDEN, W H MIMS, Katie Mrs 1897-Sep-16
GONEY, Jessie BIGBEE, Lizzie 1896-Nov-12
GOOLSBY, Hollie BELK, Lillian 1917-Aug-29
GORDEN, S A MILLER, Emma M 1901-Apr-06
GORDIN, C F REED, Anna 1903-Oct-28
GORDON, E L WALLACE, Lula Belle 1897-Dec-16
GORDON, J G GUYTON, Hattie 1895-Nov-13
GORDON, J J KELLY, May 1897-Dec-27
GORDON, R M CRAFT, Jessie L 1899-Dec-16
GORDON, R V ROMAGE, Agnes 1904-Feb-21
GORDON, Willie CROWDER, W E 1898-Jan-13
GOSS, J C HERROD, Zelma 1919-Dec-27
GOSS, J T SINGLETON, Billie 1901-Oct-08
GOSS, J V BOND, Hassie Mrs 1907-Oct-20
GOSS, J V HANCOCK, Emma F 1903-Dec-23
GOSS, J W STUCKEY, Laura 1916-Aug-27
GOSS, John T TYLER, Jessie Lee 1901-Jun-09
GOSS, S R NASH, Ida 1901-Dec-18
GOSS, Watson W DAVIS, Annie 1909-Dec-29
GOWAN, Lewis SUDDUTH, Pattie 1906-Oct-14
GOWAN, Richard I MCADAMS, Estelle 1915-Apr-11
GOWEN, Alex WOOD, Sallie 1894-Apr-11
GOWEN, M L BIGGS, Lela 1903-Dec-13
GRAHAM, C M ROAN, Annie Matt 1895-Oct-22
GRAHAM, D A HINES, Katie 1893-Feb-12
GRAHAM, M K BURNS, M E Miss 1902-Feb-23
GRAHAM, S M JONES, Willie 1910-Dec-25
GRAHAM, Thomas CRITTINGTON, Amanda 1904-Dec-14
GRANT, S B LINSEY, M A Miss 1899-Dec-24
GRANTHAM, Fred HERRON, Maggie 1912-Apr-29
GRANTHAM, Homer HEARON, Annie 1912-Jul-21
GRAVES, James L MANGNUM, Hattie 1912-Jan-01
GRAVES, W H Jr ELLINGTON, Murtis 1915-May-26
GRAY, J N MANGNUM, Icey 1912-Nov-26
GRAY, James L SHELLEY, Alice 1911-Mar-02
GREEN, A C JACKSON, Cottie 1901-Oct-16
GREEN, Arthur SANDERS, Maudie 1906-Aug-22
GREEN, Blackie MCADAMS, J L 1906-Feb-11
GREEN, J B FAIRCHILD, Nellie Mrs 1915-Jun-29
GREEN, J J MAY, Annie 1896-Nov-01
GREEN, J S KYLE, L B Miss 1893-Jan-23
GREEN, W B CAIN, Minnie 1897-Jul-11
GREEN, W F HARRIS, Jane Mrs 1918-Oct-20
GREEN, W H BROWN, Lena 1912-Dec-01
GREEN, Walter LINDSEY, Ella 1904-Dec-11
GREENWALD, Isaac GREENWALD, Henrietta 1898-Nov-06
GREER, A L GOWAN, Ruth 1915-Feb-07
GREER, Ellis THORNTON, O R 1915-Dec-15
GREER, J B RUSSELL, Edna 1912-Feb-11
GREER, W B SUDDUTH, Mattie 1919-Sep-06
GREGG, Bailey PERRY, Ellen 1897-Aug-08
GREGORY, C H BELL, Ella 1895-Apr-25
GREGORY, Calhoun BELL, Georgia 1915-Oct-10
GREGORY, D L WILLIAMS, Sue Kelly 1907-Dec-24
GREGORY, J B CROWDER, Iris 1913-May-11
GREGORY, J S WALLACE, Vernon 1919-Dec-03
GREGORY, J W PEELER, Lizzie 1894-Apr-01
GREGORY, Marshal E PAULE, Mattie 1915-Apr-01
GREGORY, Sam BURCHFIELD, Della 1916-Oct-01
GREGORY, W L LANDSDALE, V E Miss 1898-Oct-20
GREGORY, W T PERMENTER, M L Miss 1902-Oct-12
GREGORY, William H ADAMS, Stella 1917-Nov-03
GRESHAM, W W BREAZEALE, Nettie J 1918-Jun-04
GRICE, B F DOWNS, Georgia 1912-Oct-06
GRICE, B F WALTON, Nannie 1908-Jun-04
GRIGGS, R M RAINEY, F A Miss 1892-Dec-21
GRUMWOLD, Jake LAZARUS, Ellis 1895-Aug-04
GUARLES, J P BAILEY, Eva 1896-Jan-30
GUESS, A S MCCRORY, Addie 1910-Sep-11
GUESS, C M PEE, Eddie 1895-Oct-26
GUESS, George TURNER, Lela Bell 1904-Dec-25
GUESS, H P HINES, Ophelia 1897-Jul-06
GUESS, Hines M DUNNING, Agnes E 1908-Dec-24
GUESS, J A MCADAMS, Myrtle 1914-Sep-20
GUESS, J H TURNAGE, E T Miss 1900-Jun-06
GUESS, J J BINGHAM, Addie 1894-Aug-21
GUESS, Johnnie SEVENY, Ella 1894-Aug-05
GUESS, M B COVINGTON, Missouri 1902-Dec-28
GUESS, William B STRAHAM, Lou 1910-Mar-05
GUESS, Z M SMITH, Celia 1900-Sep-18
GUNTER, C W MYRICK, Vera C 1919-Oct-20
GUNTER, Clarence KEITH, Katherine 1915-Feb-10
GUNTER, R D CAMPBELL, Geneva E 1896-Jan-01
GUNTER, Walter Joe OAKES, Laura Belle 1919-Oct-26
GUNTOR, Thomas P LOVE, Annie D 1902-Jun-18
GUYTON, E C STINGLEY, Hattie 1900-Dec-25
GUYTON, Joseph S SIMMONS, E L Miss 1915-Aug-03
GUYTON, Thomas L ROGERS, Maude Louise 1914-Nov-10
GWIN, R A ELLINGTON, Dena 1919-Aug-09


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