Attala County Grooms


FALLEN, J L JENNINGS, Pearl 1916-Sep-18
FALLEN, J L ODOM, Erman 1914-Feb-03
FANCHER, C C SEWARD, Mollie 1907-Aug-18
FANCHER, H O HUTCHINSON, Lillian 1915-Jul-23
FANCHER, Henry H BOWIE, Bessie 1918-Sep-02
FANCHER, J S BLANTON, Merle Olive 1917-Sep-01
FANCHER, L A BLOCK, Bessie 1913-Apr-23
FAUCHER, C C HEARN, Lela 1895-Sep-29
FEAT, James A ANDERSON, Mary 1904-Jun-22
FEILD, Graham REED, Katie May 1903-Dec-16
FEILD, Hamilton BOYD, Sarah 1905-Dec-12
FELDER, John MCCRORY, Clara Belle 1916-Oct-28
FENWICK, John F HOLLAND, L M Miss 1897-Apr-13
FENWICK, W H TIMS, Pattie 1895-Sep-28
FERGERSON, J J WARREN, M E Miss 1894-Aug-19
FERGERSON, S W CREMUN, Daisy 1907-Dec-24
FERGUSON, H M ARMSTRONG, Lottie 1895-Feb-06
FERGUSON, Unis Z HANNA, Mabel A 1918-Sep-30
FERGUSON, W M KELLUM, Texanna 1892-Dec-22
FERREL, G W YOUNG, Nancy 1900-Jun-24
FERRELL, Bob DECENT, Minnie 1904-Dec-22
FERRELL, Clifford ARMSTRONG, Armzada 1918-Jun-22
FERRELL, G W REED, Hettie 1912-May-02
FERRELL, J W YEAGER, Etta 1912-Feb-06
FERRER, S F OREAGON, Julia 1897-Jan-04
FERRILL, James G FLETCHER, Irene M 1908-Apr-18
FETTERMAN, John T SAWYER, Viola 1906-Jul-17
FIELDS, Russell TURNER, Hattie K 1908-Dec-29
FILES, R O THOMAS, Lutitia 1903-Oct-04
FISHER, A M ODOM, Amanda 1899-Aug-03
FISHER, John COLLINS, Mary 1896-Nov-01
FISHER, Robert WYNN, Linnie 1906-Nov-16
FLANAGAN, S J BELL, Kate 1899-Dec-30
FLANAGIN, W E MOORE, Nora 1917-Oct-18
FLEMING, A L CAMPBELL, Mary Lou 1897-Jul-21
FLEMING, E T YATES, M A Miss 1893-Dec-21
FLEMING, J E CAMPBELL, Nora 1894-Aug-22
FLEMING, J L MANGNUM, Mattie 1902-Jan-25
FLEMING, Joe YATES, Minnie 1897-Jan-27
FLEMING, L L HOLLIS, Julia 1899-Jan-22
FLEMING, W A BROWN, H E Miss 1906-Jan-02
FLEMINGS, George MANGNUM, Annie 1906-Sep-30
FLETCHER, C A TAYLOR, Cassie Ruth 1916-Oct-15
FLETCHER, J T DUNCAN, Kittie 1896-Nov-18
FLINT, O W BRENT, Emma 1899-Feb-02
FLINT, Stewart ORAGON, Alice 1899-Feb-14
FLINT, W J BALLARD, Ella 1902-Nov-10
FLINT, Wesley PEE, Jewel 1913-Jan-11
FLOWER, R M PEELER, Anna S 1901-Dec-26
FLOYD, W L ALLEN, Edna 1909-May-30
FONDREN, G T HOUSTON, E J Miss 1896-Aug-16
FONTAINE, P L BAILEY, E G Miss 1901-Mar-01
FORD, W H DAINWOOD, Sallie 1904-Dec-18
FORD, W J HARMON, Hattie L 1908-Oct-21
FORESTER, C F BIGBIE, Callie 1899-Dec-05
FORRESTER, H J CROSBY, M A Miss 1893-Dec-25
FORRESTER, J Z JENKINS, Savanah 1906-Feb-01
FORTUNE, R L ROOK, Effie 1904-Nov-06
FOSTER, A Y ODEN, Susie 1904-Aug-14
FOSTER, Alonzo BUCKLEY, Marvel 1915-Feb-02
FOSTER, J E KELLY, Lillie 1898-Mar-29
FOSTER, J M OLMSTRONG, Ida 1898-Feb-09
FOSTER, O Z ANGEL, Ida 1895-Jul-03
FOSTER, S T KILLEBREW, Mollie B 1897-Sep-26
FOSTER, T J ROBERTSON, Annie 1901-Dec-22
FOUCHER, W H H ATTEBERRY, Annie 1901-Jun-25
FOWINKLE, S W WARE, Susie 1900-Apr-08
FOWLER, Burton P JENNINGS, Elsie 1919-Apr-13
FOWLER, J A THOMPSON, Lula B 1895-Jan-03
FOWLER, J C EAKIN, Ozema 1907-Nov-10
FOWLER, John M FANCHER, Mary 1898-Jun-05
FOWLER, P K RYALS, Millie 1903-Jun-21
FOWLER, W M WINBUM, Katie Lee 1903-Jan-14
FOWLER, W R SIMMONS, Stella 1906-Jul-15
FOWLER, Wilburn MAGNUM, Lillie 1913-Jun-18
FOY, J H KIMBROUGH, B R Miss 1893-Jan-17
FRANKLIN, Willie MCDANIEL, Annie Lee 1915-Oct-03
FRASIER, C H FRASIER, Mary A 1894-Jan-21
FRASIER, E T FRASIER, Maggie 1906-Nov-20
FRASIER, J S HUTCHINSON, Myrtle 1917-Sep-01
FRASIER, W J LEOPARD, Francias 1895-Oct-20
FRAZEY, J W PORTER, Ida L 1900-Sep-26
FRAZIER, Clarence HAYNES, Bessie 1905-Jan-12
FRAZIER, D M HUFFMAN, Katie 1896-Jan-20
FRAZIER, E FRAZIER, Lydia 1901-Mar-21
FRAZIER, J D SANDERS, Winfred 1913-Jun-29
FRAZIER, J T QUARLES, Della 1901-Jan-16
FRAZIER, James BURKS, Sarah Jane 1898-Aug-12
FRAZIER, Leonard FLOWERS, Andi 1904-Mar-02
FRAZIER, Luther BRITT, Mary 1914-Jan-01
FRAZIER, Luther SMITH, Mary 1903-Dec-13
FRAZIER, Quitman C BEACH, Ella 1919-May-03
FRAZIER, W C HEROD, Edna 1912-Nov-03
FRAZIER, W M HUTCHINSON, Estelle 1905-Jan-09
FRAZIER, W R TULLOS, Sallie 1919-Mar-16
FRAZURE, W H SIMPSON, Mollie 1898-Jan-19
FREDRICK, Emry HAMILTON, Lydia 1914-Sep-15
FREDWICK, Emmett BUSBY, Rena 1919-Nov-23
FRENCH, John T CRAWLEY, Maude 1905-Jul-26
FROST, Elbert SIMS, Izelle 1919-Jul-23
FRY, Joe PARRISH, Ola 1909-Sep-23
FULLER, C L SEAWRIGHT, Blonde 1908-Apr-19
FULLILOVE, Charles Barton NOAH, Bessie 1919-Jun-15
FULLILOVE, H P BELL, Eliza 1915-Oct-10
FUN, J E HOLLINGSWORTH, Pauline 1914-Dec-20
FURGUSON, M L ADCOCK, Ida 1894-Dec-23
FURR, S P MCADAMS, Vesta 1909-Feb-07
FURR, W H JOHNSON, L E Miss 1895-Nov-14


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