Attala County Grooms


DANACOTT, L Wheller MILLER, Victoria 1916-Jul-19
DANIEL, D I HOLLAND, Josie 1906-Oct-07
DANIEL, W E RUCHER, Eula 1908-Mar-16
DANIELS, W H MANN, Mabel 1906-Nov-08
DAREDE, L A BLOCK, Ruth 1916-Jan-11
DARRAH, Louis J CLOWER, Callie 1905-Oct-01
DAUGHERTY, Joseph SUMMERLINE, Missouri 1914-Mar-01
DAUGHERTY, Leon HORN, Nancy 1907-Dec-22
DAVIS, A L DENDY, Carrie 1917-Oct-28
DAVIS, Albert SOLLIS, Sarah 1898-Aug-27
DAVIS, C C MARTIN, Julia 1916-Sep-06
DAVIS, Charlie MANGNUM, Lizzie 1907-Jan-13
DAVIS, Cleveland NOAH, Ella Mae 1907-Oct-30
DAVIS, Granville LESTER, Della B 1912-Sep-25
DAVIS, J A SANDERS, Amanda 1911-Aug-27
DAVIS, J C MORGAN, Jennie L 1897-Jul-06
DAVIS, J H PEELER, Katie 1908-May-03
DAVIS, J T HOWARD, Edna Mrs 1909-Dec-31
DAVIS, J W SHIRLEY, Leona 1899-Jul-11
DAVIS, John MANGNUM, Lizzie 1912-Nov-20
DAVIS, John B WHITE, Marie 1898-Dec-27
DAVIS, John Maloney POTTS, Mary Niles 1903-Dec-16
DAVIS, L F PARKER, Myrtle 1917-Oct-15
DAVIS, Lee ROOK, Eula 1918-Apr-20
DAVIS, R H ADAMS, Ella 1904-Apr-03
DAVIS, T L SHEARER, Jessie 1910-Aug-13
DAVIS, W M CRAWFORD, M L Miss 1893-Dec-28
DAVIS, W R ANTHONY, M E Miss 1903-Apr-30
DAVIS, W T Jr COOPER, E E Miss 1903-Mar-01
DAVIS, Walter V WEATHERLY, May 1897-May-05
DAWNS, Charlie KEEN, Katie 1904-Jan-24
DAY, C R BELL, Carrie Mrs 1908-Dec-27
DAY, L E BEAMON, Maggie 1899-Jan-01
DAY, Louis E JENNINGS, Mattie 1895-Feb-26
DEAN, E W HOLLAND, Lizzie 1894-Mar-29
DEAN, J S CRAWFORD, Rosie Gregory Mrs 1897-Feb-25
DEAN, Otis BELL, Lorena 1906-Jan-07
DEAR, Carlos MCCRORY, Lottie 1914-Jun-08
DEAR, G W HARMON, Aurie Mrs 1912-Feb-04
DEAR, Wardie LUCAS, A E 1907-Dec-25
DEASON, Earley HOLLEY, Josephine 1911-Nov-11
DEES, D C MILLER, Lillian 1912-Jun-04
DEES, J C GRAG, Sallie 1911-Feb-02
DEES, J E OREAGON, Mary Ellen 1893-Dec-03
DEES, J H PEELER, Leona 1910-Nov-20
DELOACH, George BOUTWELL, Mary 1919-Nov-25
DELOACH, J A PERKINS, Eva 1910-Dec-27
DELOACH, S C HENRY, Lola 1919-Jun-15
DELOACH, Thomas WEZ, Willie Lee 1910-Dec-01
DEMPSEY, C D RUSSELL, Ida Lou 1918-Jul-12
DEMPSEY, J A PEARSON, Beatrice 1905-Aug-04
DENDY, J L LOWE, Mollie Mrs 1912-Sep-05
DENDY, K A RAY, Lucy 1916-Oct-07
DENDY, V C DONALD, Mabel E 1905-Nov-01
DERRICK, Floyd CARBALLA, Pepe 1911-May-13
DERRICK, W S DONALD, Lillie 1908-Jul-05
DEW, John BOUTWELL, Estelle 1918-Aug-21
DEW, M L STEWART, Mary 1901-Mar-08
DICKEN, J H WILLIAMS, Laura 1906-Aug-01
DICKEN, Lindsay T COTTON, Fannie B 1910-Nov-22
DICKEN, R E GOWEN, J C Miss 1893-Dec-28
DICKENS, W F FILLIGIN, Kate Mrs 1919-Mar-23
DICKERSON, A L BRISCOE, A J Miss 1899-Aug-30
DICKERSON, A L GRAVES, Ella 1901-Aug-07
DICKERSON, A L TURNER, Emma 1904-Dec-01
DICKERSON, C D MCCRORY, Hattie 1912-Dec-15
DICKERSON, F M BURRELL, Miriam 1905-Apr-23
DICKERSON, H A BURRELL, Sallie 1915-Jan-10
DICKERSON, J B HERRIN, Edna 1912-Nov-23
DICKERSON, J J CAIN, Mary 1900-Dec-23
DICKERSON, J S HEARST, Loretta 1905-Apr-09
DICKERSON, John Henry TURNER, Clara Eva 1916-Dec-09
DICKERSON, V A MASSAY, Sallie 1903-Jul-07
DICKERSON, W L DONALD, Blanche 1912-Dec-15
DINDY, G P LAWRENCE, Maggie 1912-Jan-27
DISMUKE, G F SHIELDS, Nancy 1906-Feb-18
DISMUKE, H H BAILEY, Mozelle 1915-Aug-22
DISMUKE, P H HENNING, Lottie 1907-Dec-25
DISMUKE, R J TAYLOR, Laura Alma 1902-Oct-15
DISMUKES, J R DAY, Lula 1894-Dec-26
DIVINE, R N HENDERSON, L B Miss 1895-Dec-14
DOBBS, T P MINCHEW, Docia 1911-Mar-25
DOBBS, W H ALBIN, W S J Miss 1908-Apr-29
DODD, Allen P JACKSON, Lucille 1908-Nov-05
DODD, D L HOOPER, Ruby 1912-Jul-03
DODD, Henry Smith LOVE, Maude E 1904-Oct-18
DODD, J M BARRETT, Marjorie 1913-Apr-27
DODD, W A DEAN, Clara Belle 1913-Dec-25
DOLAN, Joseph ROSEMOND, Estelle 1911-Nov-03
DOMILL, S F DULIN, Emma C 1903-Dec-26
DONALD, J L ALLEN, J G Miss 1904-Jun-19
DONALD, Victor DICKERSON, Lizzie 1914-Jan-25
DONALDSON, J T JOHNSON, Roxie 1902-Nov-12
DONOHO, R E RATLIFF, Anna Lee 1898-Dec-27
DORDIN, J A TEAT, Lily Ann 1906-Jan-16
DORNILL, W N RAINEY, Mattie E Mrs 1897-Jan-10
DORSEY, J A BAILEY, M E Miss 1897-Jan-27
DOSS, A LAUSDALE, Fannie 1906-Nov-25
DOSS, F M REYNOLDS, Florence Mrs 1906-Oct-02
DOSS, H C DOTSUN, Nannie 1918-Jan-26
DOSS, M D ROBUCK, L A Miss 1897-May-19
DOSS, R J TAYLOR, Angie Mrs 1897-Nov-22
DOSS, W H KELLY, M L Miss 1903-Apr-12
DOTY, E O RAY, Margaret M 1905-Feb-01
DOTY, Emmett PROCTOR, May Ella 1917-Aug-26
DOTY, J E THOMPSON, Lizzie M 1901-Feb-11
DOTY, L G RAY, Sophia 1906-Aug-23
DOTY, L J BLOCK, Leora 1907-Feb-06
DOTY, M F WADE, Maudie 1907-Dec-08
DOTY, Marvin DANDE, Myrtle 1913-Feb-19
DOTY, Noah MCCOOL, Lillie 1904-Sep-11
DOTY, Tulo CLARK, Odas 1902-Jan-14
DOUDE, J W DOTY, Stella 1905-Jul-30
DOWDLE, E G MILLER, Lillie M 1917-Apr-07
DOWNING, James Davis THRAILHILL, Ida 1907-Oct-17
DOWNS, Charley LAWRENCE, Ester E 1905-Aug-20
DOWNS, Charlie DENHAM, Pearlie 1895-Mar-12
DOWNS, Henry GORDON, Myrt 1917-Aug-28
DOWNS, J W LINDSEY, Georgia E 1910-Jan-30
DOWNS, Jeff SIMMONS, Ophelia 1904-Sep-04
DOWNS, John BARRETT, Emma 1895-Oct-27
DOWNS, M L THWEATT, Mollie 1908-Dec-20
DOWNS, O J HODGES, Myrtle 1908-Nov-28
DOWNS, R E CUMMINS, Lela 1916-Jan-12
DOWNS, Reuben OVERSTREET, Bettie 1908-Dec-13
DOWNS, Robert B BIGBIE, Dollie 1896-Jul-05
DOWNS, Thomas HODGES, Hattie 1910-Sep-07
DOWNS, Tom GORDON, Mandie 1903-Jun-08
DOWNS, W H ELLINGTON, May 1918-Dec-22
DOWNS, W H KEEN, Jane 1901-Dec-31
DRAKE, Charles H CRAFT, Fannie B 1893-Aug-16
DRANE, Bill PERRY, Rosa 1908-Aug-02
DRANE, H M COLBERT, Ella 1903-Jun-28
DRANE, Lee D FARRION, Fannie 1916-Jan-08
DREWEY, Verner BARNES, George 1917-Sep-16
DUBARD, A E MORGAN, Willie M 1912-Dec-29
DUBARD, Alvin W HOWELL, Viola 1910-Jul-27
DUBARD, B F HARMON, Lee 1901-Jan-23
DUBARD, S A STRAHAN, Bessie 1896-Dec-16
DUE, J N BURRELL, Ida 1899-Jan-05
DUKE, S N DEES, Nettie 1909-Dec-23
DUKE, W J GIBSON, Zudie 1913-Dec-26
DUNCAN, A R GALLAWAY, Bettie 1894-Nov-07
DUNCAN, J N COOK, Edna K 1908-Apr-19
DUNCAN, James D ELLINGTON, Lillian 1915-Jul-14
DUNCAN, P P TREADWAY, Mirtie 1904-Nov-06
DUNLAP, T J MCGARAH, Ida 1907-Oct-13
DUNLOP, W V LACEY, L L Miss 1895-Jan-24
DUPREE, C C BROOKS, Ella Nora 1904-Jul-24
DUPREN, Thomas B POWELL, Emma E 1904-Jun-19



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