Attala County Grooms


ABELS, J R CRISWELL, Edna 1901-Jul-14
ABELS, Thomas J CRISWELL, Hattie M 1903-Feb-08
ABELS, William Henry BURRELL, Minnie Lee 1909-Oct-12
ABERNETHY, James B RATLIFF, Bess 1917-Jun-12
ABLE, G W BANKSTON, D L O Miss 1910-Jul-03
ABLES, William C CRISWELL, Myrtle 1910-Dec-31
ABSTON, J T Jr THOMPSON, Cornelia 1918-Aug-15
ADAMS, A H SIMPSON, Bettie 1906-Dec-19
ADAMS, A J MCADAMS, Mabel 1908-Oct-27
ADAMS, Amos CURRY, Eliza 1893-Aug-10
ADAMS, Arthur REEVES, Ella May 1903-Sep-30
ADAMS, Ben BRIDGES, Mary 1892-Dec-31
ADAMS, C C BIGGS, Hathe 1904-Mar-03
ADAMS, C F SANDERS, Nola B 1900-Dec-19
ADAMS, Cicero ASHFORD, Alice 1899-Apr-08
ADAMS, Clarence SANDERS, Moray 1914-May-17
ADAMS, D H JENKINS, Fannie B 1902-May-14
ADAMS, Dumas PEARSON, Lizzie 1908-Apr-12
ADAMS, E A SEWARD, Alberta 1896-Aug-08
ADAMS, E T LORD, Nina 1902-Jun-22
ADAMS, E T ROBINSON, Mary 1908-Dec-24
ADAMS, Earnest WINTERS, Chanie 1895-Nov-03
ADAMS, Ed MOORE, Bell 1917-Dec-09
ADAMS, Emmett GASTON, Celie 1895-Apr-24
ADAMS, F M WADE, Eula 1899-Dec-05
ADAMS, H F ELLINGTON, H L Miss 1899-Nov-31
ADAMS, Isaac ROBY, Betsey 1900-Aug-06
ADAMS, J C IVEY, Ellen 1918-Apr-15
ADAMS, J E DELANEY, Clara 1904-Dec-04
ADAMS, J E REED, Ester 1907-Aug-22
ADAMS, J R BURCH, Sarah A 1892-Dec-25
ADAMS, J W CARPENTER, Lumie 1909-Jan-20
ADAMS, James SALLIS, Celia 1894-Oct-23
ADAMS, Jessie IRVING, Henrietta 1893-Feb-10
ADAMS, Monroe WILLIAMS, Mary Jane 1898-Oct-16
ADAMS, Roscoe O WILLIAMS, Leverne 1916-Oct-22
ADAMS, Toler SEWARD, Nelia 1893-Nov-26
ADAMS, W N TOLER, Rosie 1907-May-26
ADAMS, W T THOMPSON, Azema 1908-Nov-22
ADAMS, Willie COVINGTON, A C 1908-Apr-12
ADCOCK, A L GOWAN, Belle 1908-Dec-20
ADCOCK, E A HOWARD, Della 1904-Jul-17
ADCOCK, E C VOWELL, Anna 1919-Sep-21
ADCOCK, H M GOWAN, F E Miss 1905-Dec-17
ADCOCK, J W KELLERS, Mattie 1904-Jan-14
ADCOCK, Jim CURTIS, Louvenia 1917-Mar-04
ADCOCK, Joe ROBERTSON, Alice 1919-Jan-12
ADCOCK, W A ADCOCK, Lillie 1904-Mar-20
ADCOCK, W A MCADAMS, Martha 1898-Nov-12
ADDKINSON, Clinton A SIMMONS, May Belle 1917-Aug-12
ADDKISON, E D KERR, Janice 1916-Jan-16
ADDKISON, Grover REYNOLDS, Rosa 1912-Mar-31
ADKINSON, George CASEY, Ethel M 1919-Nov-23
AIKENS, E J SHUMAKER, Callie 1913-Dec-04
AIKENS, H M MASSEY, Audie O 1912-Feb-29
AIKINS, Walter PILCHER, Maggie 1907-Dec-19
AKIN, W W BROWN, Nettie 1918-Nov-19
AKINS, Lock WHEELESS, Allice 1893-Oct-08
ALBIN, D M HEMINGWAY, Mamie 1898-Nov-10
ALBIN, Hal J BRANCH, Callie E 1906-Aug-09
ALBIN, W A LOWE, M A Miss 1895-Mar-05
ALBIN, W A SHIELDS, N S Miss 1897-Sep-19
ALDAY, Walter BURRELL, Bessie 1905-Dec-24
ALDERMAN, J M WALLACE, Cassie 1908-Mar-12
ALDY, B H MCDANIEL, Hollie D 1901-Mar-14
ALDY, Earl CULPEPPER, W M 1919-Dec-07
ALDY, J J CRISWELL, Florence 1913-Dec-28
ALDY, R L BURRELL, Mary 1900-Dec-29
ALDY, Walter C MCGRIFF, Annie 1910-Dec-25
ALEXANDER, Earl RAMSEY, Lula 1918-Mar-14
ALEXANDER, Jerry CLARK, Salina 1894-Jan-02
ALEXANDER, W J SMITH, Myrtle 1901-Nov-14
ALEXANDER, Wes MIMS, Ann 1897-Jan-17
ALGOOD, Charlie FOWLER, Eugenia 1913-Feb-09
ALLEN, A S DUNCAN, Fannie A 1899-Dec-12
ALLEN, Anthony DONALD, Della 1900-Dec-27
ALLEN, Charles E FLINT, Mattie Belle 1918-Mar-06
ALLEN, D W MCMILLON, Evie 1903-Dec-23
ALLEN, E C STONESTREET, Della 1899-Oct-04
ALLEN, Ernest GLASS, Carrie Lee 1908-Oct-07
ALLEN, G H NEWMAN, S 1864-Dec-01
ALLEN, Grant EUBANKS, Mollie 1893-Oct-12
ALLEN, Grant JAINES, Janie 1898-Dec-08
ALLEN, Henry FLEMING, Addie 1899-Dec-28
ALLEN, Henry MALLETT, Willie 1899-Jan-28
ALLEN, Jake MANDY, Gentry 1898-Feb-13
ALLEN, James SLEDGE, Charlie E Miss 1894-Sep-10
ALLEN, Jeff ZOLLICOFFES, Mollie 1900-Nov-15
ALLEN, John F PARKER, Nannie 1896-May-03
ALLEN, John H CULPEPPER, Lyna 1908-Jan-29
ALLEN, L D MCMULLON, Durkie 1905-Dec-24
ALLEN, Madison GUYTON, Emma -   -
ALLEN, Robert NEWELL, Hattie 1900-Feb-22
ALLEN, Robert W BERNHARD, Irene 1919-Jul-20
ALLEN, Samuel ELLIS, Sarah 1898-Jan-03
ALLEN, Shuba PATECT, Livia -   -
ALLEN, T C CLARK, Mamie 1911-Dec-26
ALLEN, W C DOODD, Minnie Alivio 1914-Jun-27
ALLEN, W C NEAL, Mary G Mrs 1916-Jul-24
ALLEN, W R BLAKER, Bessie 1902-Jun-10
ALLEN, W W EDWARDS, J L Miss 1900-Apr-08
ALLEN, Wes SALLIS, Luella 1895-Mar-04
ALLEN, Will THOMPSON, Belle 1895-Dec-04
ALLEN, Will WEATHERLY, Jennie 1897-Mar-11
ALLEN, Willie HODGES, Ethel 1915-Nov-03
ALLGOOD, A L CONN, Sallie 1898-Feb-06
ALLISON, J D DICKERSON, Bell 1899-Feb-22
ALLRED, Jones J SMITH, Ivey Lynn 1916-Apr-16
ALMON, M MILNER, M L Miss 1903-Mar-05
ALSTON, Alexander ALSTON, Stella 1894-Mar-01
ALSTON, Clarls ROBERTSON, Mattie 1896-Feb-15
ALSTON, Frank SMITH, Minnie 1895-Nov-21
ALSTON, J H ASFORD, Maggie 1897-Oct-20
ALSTON, J H SANDERS, Nora Mrs 1918-Sep-07
ALSTON, Joe HEMPHILL, Cora 1894-Jul-01
ALSTON, John SMITH, Julia 1893-Feb-07
ALSTON, Lafayette PATTERSON, Emma 1896-Nov-26
ALSTON, Lincoln SIMPSON, Betsy Ann 1898-Jan-05
ALSTON, Littleton KNOX, Emily 1899-Nov-31
ALSTON, Mitchell HANNA, Sarah 1893-Aug-12
ALSTON, Mose WELLS, Mollie 1897-Jul-09
ALSTON, Nees BLUMENBERG, Savannah 1895-Jan-12
ALSTON, T J ALSTON, Idella 1899-May-13
ALSTON, Wm MCCLUB, Bettie 1897-Sep-04
ALSWORTH, C W TOLER, Sallie 1909-Feb-21
AMBROSE, Dock WYNN, Annie 1900-Dec-27
AMOS, J W SMITH, Susie 1898-Jul-09
ANDERSON, C M GREEN, Fannie 1895-Jan-09
ANDERSON, Clint LAND, Ella 1898-Dec-04
ANDERSON, E K LIONEL, Link Miss 1893-Sep-02
ANDERSON, Frank BELL, Sallie 1896-Feb-13
ANTHONY, J W THWEALT, Ida 1900-Feb-14
APPLEWHITE, Sammie C CAMPBELL, Shelby N 1903-Apr-26
ARD, T A ATKINSON, Lillie E 1903-Dec-24
ARMSTRONG, E HAYNES, Clara 1909-Sep-09
ARMSTRONG, G W BATES, Aileene 1893-Sep-14
ARMSTRONG, H W KELLY, Katie V 1896-Dec-02
ARMSTRONG, J W HOLLAND, Thelma 1919-Dec-26
ARMSTRONG, James E OAKS, Lola 1916-Dec-02
ARMSTRONG, John TOWNSEND, Laura 1905-Dec-24
ARMSTRONG, L F HARVEY, Ella 1899-Nov-08
ARMSTRONG, O F HUFFMAN, Hattie L 1895-Oct-24
ARMSTRONG, O N KELLY, Millie 1900-Sep-27
ARMSTRONG, P D ARNOLD, M M Miss 1898-Dec-21
ARMSTRONG, R C CUMMINS, Pearl 1916-Jan-21
ARMSTRONG, S J TINDELL, Mary Ella 1897-Jul-04
ARMSTRONG, T H HANNA, Annie Maude 1919-Oct-07
ARMSTRONG, W S JONES, Alice 1911-Dec-24
ARMSTRONG, Walter R HANCOCK, Ella K 1896-Mar-01
ARMSTRONG, William R POTTS, Helen Lamar 1918-Nov-21
ARNOLD, Ellis E BURELL, Jessie 1916-Dec-04
ARNOLD, Lewis RASPBERRY, Sallie Kate 1909-Nov-20
ASFORD, W W JAMISONS, Emma Lou 1893-Jan-15
ASHFORD, C G WILKS, Aberta 1895-Feb-20
ASHFORD, Charley KNOX, Lelie 1897-Jul-11
ASHFORD, Dewitt CHENNAULT, Willie Miss 1910-Jan-16
ASHFORD, Haze ALSTON, Mary Alice 1897-Oct-14
ASHFORD, Jake WALKER, Addie 1895-Feb-21
ASHFORD, John D CHENNAULT, Mabel Clair 1903-Dec-16
ASHFORD, John F HALLUM, Rosetta 1894-Nov-21
ASHFORD, Otis JONES, Kissie 1896-Jan-09
ASHFORD, Phillip JAMISON, Hattie 1899-Aug-23
ASHFORD, W P BROWN, Leona 1897-Jan-07
ATHEY, J B JENNINGS, Cora 1915-Jul-11
ATKINS, I J ATKINS, Vianna 1894-Nov-25
ATKINS, P E REED, J W 1896-Apr-02
ATKINSON, Authur E DEAN, Mamie E 1908-Apr-28
ATKINSON, W M EVANS, Lettie M 1899-Mar-29
ATTEBERRY, W J PILCHER, Sallie 1898-Dec-21
ATTEBERRY, W P WADE, Hattie 1905-Nov-19
ATTERBURG, John WARREN, Eliza 1899-Feb-09
ATWOOD, Alex WATSON, Mary 1898-Mar-06
ATWOOD, D C ENGLAND, Dora 1915-Mar-31
ATWOOD, Sarn WOODARD, Lucy 1900-Sep-06
ATWOOD, Thomas JAMES, Mary 1896-Feb-16
AUSTIN, C P BLOCK, Snodie 1910-Aug-21
AUSTIN, Duff S HARRIS, Anna 1906-Sep-30
AUSTIN, T J RIMMER, Mamie 1914-Feb-11
AUTRY, C S GELSTON, Sallie 1909-Jan-24
AVERY, B D NOAH, Florence 1904-Feb-09
AVERY, J F WILSON, Ozonia 1912-Oct-09
AVERY, Mose LEWIS, Martha 1893-May-27
AVERY, S G MCELROY, Willie 1918-Jan-27
AYCOCK, W W FANCHER, Lillian 1911-Nov-15



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