Attala County Grooms


EADES, W N DAVIS, Eliza 1904-Nov-19
EAKIN, E P JENNINGS, Annie E 1896-Oct-15
EAKIN, J E MAYO, Eula 1898-Sep-01
EAKIN, J H C JOHNSON, Virgie 1907-Jul-21
EAKIN, Ozema FOWLER, J C 1907-Nov-10
EARLEY, F M MCDANIEL, Minnie 1906-Apr-12
EARLY, J B MOORE, Amanda R Mrs 1898-Dec-18
EARLY, J B VERNON, Mattie E 1904-Feb-02
EASTERLING, W D DULIN, Annie 1912-Apr-29
EDDLEMAN, R A POWER, Flossie N 1908-Jul-06
EDDLEMANN, G C TAYLOR, Ada 1915-Sep-09
EDDLEMANN, W H FRAZIER, Lula 1908-Sep-04
EDGAR, Evan MABRY, Mamie 1910-Jun-28
EDNEY, R N WEST, Mildred 1917-Jul-22
EDRINGTON, R E GREGORY, Nellie 1901-Oct-23
EDWARD, Luther FERRELL, Nora 1901-Sep-05
EDWARDS, Barnett CLARK, Parilee 1903-Oct-21
EDWARDS, Felix L KELLY, Lillian N 1892-Dec-22
EDWARDS, George WINTERS, Nina 1903-Jun-18
EDWARDS, Georgia THOMPSON, W H 1911-Dec-27
EDWARDS, J A MANGRUM, Adiel 1919-Jun-15
EDWARDS, J J HOPKINS, Edna 1910-Nov-27
EDWARDS, W E ROBERTSON, Joanna 1896-Oct-20
EDWARDS, W P BELL, Rosa 1915-Dec-12
EDWARDS, William ALLEN, Mary 1919-Dec-01
EGGER, E F ASHLEY, Annie E 1893-Dec-28
EKDAHL, Herring JONES, Helen 1902-Jun-16
ELLAND, J I MAY, Mollie 1894-Dec-14
ELLARD, W J RULE, Bessie L 1898-Apr-17
ELLARD, Willis HERRINGTON, Willie 1895-Oct-12
ELLINGTON, A B MOORE, Bertha 1919-Jan-11
ELLINGTON, B L STINGLEY, Bessie 1904-Dec-25
ELLINGTON, J J WOOD, I A Miss 1894-Jan-23
ELLINGTON, R W P FISHER, Ophelia 1913-May-04
ELLINGTON, Robert A FORRESTER, Flora E 1905-Nov-22
ELLINGTON, W A SUDDUTH, Mollie 1904-Nov-20
ELLINGTON, W E SHELLY, Jennifer 1895-Jan-02
ELLINGTON, Walter B UNGER, Olivia 1911-Sep-21
ELLIOTT, J B HOLEMAN, Jessie M 1912-Jul-04
ELLIS, Everett STEED, Estelle 1917-Jun-03
ELLIS, G R JENNINGS, M B Miss 1895-Sep-04
ELLIS, Homer MCCLELLAND, Dora 1908-Nov-01
ELLIS, J F BRISTER, Etta 1893-Aug-02
ELLIS, Jf SHERLEY, A A Miss 1894-Dec-26
ELLIS, W O GLINES, May 1917-Dec-22
ELLIS, Walter L BALLARD, Dora 1895-Dec-20
ELLIS, Willie SIMPSON, John F 1903-Oct-01
ELLISON, H A WOODS, Cleora 1902-Nov-02
ELLISON, J M BURK, Bettie 1895-Dec-19
ELLISON, S R MILLER, Lena 1901-Nov-14
ELLISON, W E PARKS, Maggie J 1908-Nov-01
ELY, Burton GOSS, Alice 1897-Dec-22
ENGLAND, L F RUSSELL, Cora May 1911-Nov-26
ENGLAND, O L MCMILLON, Leota 1914-May-03
ENGLE, J E WARWICK, Tessie 1911-Aug-12
ESTES, G F FRAZIER, Bettie 1899-Dec-25
ETHRIDGE, Ely WEATHERLY, Annie B 1898-Oct-27
ETHRIDGE, R P HANNA, Onie 1918-Dec-20
EUBANKS, E H RANDALL, Ida May 1918-Jul-25
EUBANKS, J E ALKISEEN, Olive B 1898-Dec-15
EUBANKS, J E HALL, Tressie 1913-May-18
EUBANKS, J F ROSAMAND, Florence 1897-Feb-24
EUBANKS, John I ROOK, Ida E 1902-May-25
EUBANKS, Steve Frank SHEILDS, Eva 1917-Jul-08
EUBANKS, Thomas E MANGNUM, Lettie 1915-Dec-15
EUBANKS, W S CORR, Mary 1915-Feb-14
EUBANKS, W S W CARR, Mary 1910-Aug-22
EUBANKS, William S SNELLING, Annie S 1905-Aug-05
EVANS, C T COOK, Phallie Z 1896-Dec-27
EVANS, J H MCCRORY, Dora 1904-Jul-04
EVANS, R L HARVEY, Lottie 1904-Oct-30
EVANS, W L WALLACE, Sadie 1906-Apr-30
EVERETT, J R ADAMS, Nannie E 1894-Apr-05
EVERETT, J W MUNN, Mollie 1907-Nov-13
EVERETT, M C ROSAMOND, Carrie Lee 1912-Dec-15


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