Attala County Brides


TALLEY, Angie STRIBLEN, Ison 1911-Oct-01
TANKERSLEY, Elvie STEVENS, Troy 1915-Oct-23
TANKERSLEY, Lillian CUMMINS, Ernest 1915-Apr-16
TATE, Lou HAMILTON, Edward 1916-Mar-08
TATEM, Daisey SMITH, John 1900-Dec-17
TATEM, Sarah M WILLIAMS, C W 1895-Mar-14
TAYLOR, Ada EDDLEMANN, G C 1915-Sep-09
TAYLOR, Ada LOUSDALE, Hilliard 1912-Dec-25
TAYLOR, Alice MCCOOL, O T 1918-Mar-24
TAYLOR, Angie Mrs DOSS, R J 1897-Nov-22
TAYLOR, Arlevia BRUNT, H P 1913-Dec-16
TAYLOR, Bettie B MORGAN, J W 1903-Dec-22
TAYLOR, Cassie Ruth FLETCHER, C A 1916-Oct-15
TAYLOR, Daisey TAYLOR, Ira S Dr 1905-May-11
TAYLOR, Dollie COOK, John Jr 1904-Dec-20
TAYLOR, Dora H NORRIS, W W 1901-Oct-14
TAYLOR, E G Miss NASON, S N 1898-May-29
TAYLOR, Eva L WEAVER, J A 1899-Feb-15
TAYLOR, Gillie COOK, Max 1910-Jun-04
TAYLOR, Laura Alma DISMUKE, R J 1902-Oct-15
TAYLOR, Lillie B SWEATT, B K 1911-Nov-15
TAYLOR, Maggie HAYLES, E J 1911-Dec-20
TAYLOR, Nola WHITE, Ervin Jr 1908-Aug-13
TAYLOR, Nora BENNETT, Edward 1909-Oct-29
TAYLOR, Vilas F SUMMERS, Iver 1906-Jul-28
TAYLOR, Virgie MASSEY, D D 1905-Mar-05
TEAGUE, Caroline BROOKS, January 1896-Feb-13
TEAGUE, Fannie TEAGUE, Oscar 1905-Mar-01
TEAGUE, Mary D WYSE, S C 1905-Nov-29
TEAGUE, Zelda BELL, D C 1911-Apr-09
TEAT, Jessie G MILLER, Van 1918-Dec-25
TEAT, Lily Ann DORDIN, J A 1906-Jan-16
TEAT, Lizzie HEMPHILL, Andy 1910-Aug-14
TEMPLE, Asciola HIGHT, C T 1899-Jun-28
TEMPLE, Etta CALDWELL, W T 1905-Jan-25
TEMPLE, Lula SPROLES, James G 1898-Dec-11
TEMPLE, Texanna SPAIN, Sidney J 1905-Dec-24
TERRY, A A Miss TERRY, C W 1899-Nov-17
TERRY, Alice ODORN, J J 1895-Nov-13
TERRY, Blanche M ROBY, E W 1897-Oct-20
TERRY, Eula THORNTON, H L 1910-Mar-20
TERRY, Ida TURNER, R J 1897-Jan-06
TERRY, J E Miss PARISH, W T 1903-Dec-13
TERRY, June POCE, W H 1895-Dec-29
TERRY, L M Miss CROFT, W S 1903-Dec-23
TERRY, Lillie THORNTON, T C 1908-Dec-27
TERRY, Pogil MCMUTTON, P 1895-Dec-18
TERRY, Ruby THORNTON, S 1906-Dec-25
TERRY, Ruth BLAILOCK, Albert 1910-Dec-25
THERRELL, Ara Mrs BARRETT, R G 1916-Oct-29
THERRELL, Clara RANDOLPH, F P 1916-Jun-11
THERRELL, Laula SALLIS, C G 1905-Dec-31
THERRELL, Rosa E LANEY, J R 1897-Nov-15
THERRELL, Zula Ophelia HERRING, J R 1901-Nov-07
THERRILL, Eula HANNA, O T 1898-Feb-27
THOMAS, Ellen RAMSEY, C R 1903-Mar-01
THOMAS, Eula HAMMOCK, C A 1910-Jan-18
THOMAS, Hattie S BARNETTE, B J 1898-May-04
THOMAS, Ida HERRING, L 1895-Jan-23
THOMAS, Katie KEY, E L 1919-Dec-25
THOMAS, Lela CALDWELL, A E 1912-Apr-07
THOMAS, Lennie BROWN, H B 1899-Dec-06
THOMAS, Lula NAIL, J P 1900-Dec-20
THOMAS, Lutitia FILES, R O 1903-Oct-04
THOMPSON, Ada ROBY, James A 1918-Jul-23
THOMPSON, Alice KIMBOLL, Mike 1900-Jul-22
THOMPSON, Alma P GILBERT, W J 1892-Nov-02
THOMPSON, Azema ADAMS, W T 1908-Nov-22
THOMPSON, Belle ALLEN, Will 1895-Dec-04
THOMPSON, Carmilla LAMASTERS, Perry 1913-May-13
THOMPSON, Cornelia ABSTON, J T Jr 1918-Aug-15
THOMPSON, Cornelia WAINWRIGHT, Ralph 1905-Jun-06
THOMPSON, Effie LEWIS, J A 1900-Oct-03
THOMPSON, Ethel STEED, J C 1900-Oct-02
THOMPSON, Eula WASSON, D N 1903-Dec-27
THOMPSON, Eva Lena RAY, C C 1906-Jan-07
THOMPSON, Ida BARTON, J C 1906-Feb-11
THOMPSON, Ivory BOWIE, Elmar 1913-Jan-05
THOMPSON, Katy ROWLAND, W B 1915-Apr-07
THOMPSON, Lizzie M DOTY, J E 1901-Feb-11
THOMPSON, Lorena WALKER, J L 1904-Dec-28
THOMPSON, Lou RILEY, John T 1894-Sep-30
THOMPSON, Lula B FOWLER, J A 1895-Jan-03
THOMPSON, Mabel MUNSON, James 1915-Jun-13
THOMPSON, Mary JOHNSON, J S 1898-Feb-03
THOMPSON, Mary MUNSON, Clark 1906-Jan-04
THOMPSON, Maudie BLAIN, George 1908-Nov-22
THOMPSON, Mavis SWEATT, C M 1917-Oct-14
THOMPSON, Rosa BOWER, G W 1894-Dec-19
THOMPSON, Rosa WHEELES, A W 1900-Jul-22
THOMPSON, Rotall KIMBOLL, William 1900-   -
THOMPSON, Ula INGRAM, J L 1905-Aug-31
THOMPSON, Viola NOWELL, J J 1901-Dec-01
THOMPSON, W D Miss TOMLIN, J E 1898-Nov-19
THOMPTON, Sarah LOVE, Amos 1893-Feb-11
THOMSON, Jane E BROWN, Hugh Z 1914-Apr-22
THORNTON, Allezne RAY, J Herman 1917-Sep-16
THORNTON, Beulah WILLIAMS, G L 1901-Dec-12
THORNTON, Della WHITE, H D 1906-Jun-24
THORNTON, E B Miss WEAVER, B E 1896-Jul-24
THORNTON, Eula SMITH, W C 1899-May-24
THORNTON, Flocie STUCKEY, P D 1919-Aug-30
THORNTON, Katie S LOWRY, S L 1910-Jun-26
THORNTON, Laura Annie BURKES, S M 1896-Aug-23
THORNTON, Maggie V Mrs HEALD, R J 1901-Oct-01
THORNTON, Mary Allie TRIMBLE, J R 1909-Jan-10
THORNTON, Millie HOLT, W S 1918-Jan-31
THORNTON, Minnie CROFT, W J 1906-Dec-23
THORNTON, Minnie Lou GILES, Leonard L 1919-Feb-19
THORNTON, Mollie G CARTER, William B 1902-Dec-24
THORNTON, S A Miss PENLER, J F 1894-Mar-07
THORNTON, S S Miss CAMPBELL, R F 1897-Dec-08
THORNTON, Vera RATLIFF, Arthur 1908-Feb-23
THRAILHILL, Ida DOWNING, James Davis 1907-Oct-17
THRAILKILL, Lucy L COOK, Davis C 1909-Oct-24
THRAILKILL, Ollie BOWIE, C P 1907-Dec-25
THRASHER, Bessie BROWN, John M 1905-Mar-01
THRASHER, Jennifer HOLLIS, J S 1913-Oct-19
THREADGILL, Annie BRIDGES, O D 1899-Dec-14
THREADGILL, Bettie TURNER, Cooper 1900-Dec-06
THREADGILL, Carrie BRIDGES, W B 1899-Jul-26
THREADGILL, G E Miss WILLIAMS, Roscoe J 1905-Aug-13
THREADGILL, Lemma CARLISLE, J A Jr 1898-Oct-13
THREADKELL, Alice BENNETT, G W 1895-Mar-08
THREADWELL, Mattie SANDERS, Jeff 1912-Oct-06
THREATT, Ida JOHNSON, B W 1912-Jan-05
THWEALT, Ida ANTHONY, J W 1900-Feb-14
THWEATT, Dora REYNOLDS, G T 1900-Dec-02
THWEATT, Fannie CARMEANS, James L 1909-Sep-05
THWEATT, Lena BALLARD, John W 1909-Nov-10
THWEATT, Lovie PRIDE, John C 1909-Dec-19
THWEATT, Minnie WEEKS, A E 1900-Nov-07
THWEATT, Mollie DOWNS, M L 1908-Dec-20
TIDWELL, Bell OREAGON, J D 1905-Jan-18
TIERCE, Dora Lee LESLIE, James A 1906-Mar-04
TIMS, Florence WALLACE, Pearl 1903-Dec-12
TIMS, Pattie FENWICK, W H 1895-Sep-28
TINDELL, Mary Ella ARMSTRONG, S J 1897-Jul-04
TINDOLL, Nettie LEWIS, Judy 1906-Jul-29
TINDOLL, Sallie E KELLY, W R Dr 1908-Feb-16
TIPTON, Jennie Mrs WILLIAMS, R M 1907-Feb-07
TIPTON, Sudie POPE, J C 1906-Apr-24
TISDALE, Sallie NORWOOD, James 1894-Dec-01
TODD, Lara Mrs SELF, J E 1919-Aug-06
TODD, Velma MIXON, O A 1914-Feb-19
TOLEN, Katie TURNER, R E 1897-Nov-25
TOLER, Estelle RAMSEY, B B 1907-Dec-17
TOLER, Lila JONES, B R 1906-May-06
TOLER, Lula Belle WASSON, J W 1898-Dec-24
TOLER, Mary E JONES, R G 1905-Dec-20
TOLER, Rosie ADAMS, W N 1907-May-26
TOLER, Sallie ALSWORTH, C W 1909-Feb-21
TOTEM, Willie SMITH, Oscar J 1899-Jul-19
TOWNLEY, Ida Mrs COOK, J P 1918-Aug-19
TOWNLEY, Olive HAGGARD, E P 1911-Dec-20
TOWNLEY, Pearl RAWLES, J T 1916-Aug-03
TOWNSEND, Ada COOK, W L 1905-Mar-12
TOWNSEND, Bertha SHIELDS, Willie M 1910-Dec-11
TOWNSEND, Fannie HAMILTON, E E 1907-Oct-17
TOWNSEND, Laura ARMSTRONG, John 1905-Dec-24
TOWNSEND, Nettie HUNT, Luther 1908-Dec-13
TOWNSEND, Pearl BRETT, Luther 1912-Dec-24
TOWNSEND, Viola TOWNSEND, Ernest 1907-Sep-22
TREADWAY, Mirtie DUNCAN, P P 1904-Nov-06
TREDAWAY, Effa HOPKINS, G D 1899-Dec-05
TRIMBLE, Laura MCGARAH, Andrew 1910-Dec-25
TRIMBLE, Mary NASH, W D 1915-Nov-21
TRIMBLE, May PENDER, T H 1901-Feb-20
TRIPLETT, Annie Mrs CONN, T W 1919-Dec-16
TRIPLETT, Mollie LANDRUM, H 1906-Dec-09
TROTTER, Hazel WILLIAMS, Martin Jr 1918-Jan-16
TUCKER, Maude KIRK, H E 1908-Apr-25
TULLAS, Luda TOTEN, W E 1901-Mar-05
TULLOS, Eula BALDRIDGE, Conrad 1908-Apr-14
TULLOS, Mary CALDWELL, W P 1909-Aug-26
TULLOS, Sallie FRAZIER, W R 1919-Mar-16
TURNAGE, E T Miss GUESS, J H 1900-Jun-06
TURNAGE, Ettie WORTON, G T 1896-Oct-15
TURNAGE, Metta HOLMES, John A 1914-Apr-08
TURNAGE, Sue PERRY, R C 1896-Dec-27
TURNER, Alva L MASSEY, Lillian L 1918-Dec-25
TURNER, Birdie JOHNSON, Sam 1916-Nov-15
TURNER, Celia WOODS, A L 1905-Dec-28
TURNER, Clara CUMMINS, R A 1909-Oct-14
TURNER, Clara Eva DICKERSON, John Henry 1916-Dec-09
TURNER, Dovie Beatrice JOHNSON, A J 1915-Jul-27
TURNER, Emma DICKERSON, A L 1904-Dec-01
TURNER, G E Miss CARLISLE, C S 1911-Dec-17
TURNER, H C Miss WOOD, J C 1903-May-28
TURNER, Hattie SIMPSON, John 1909-Oct-10
TURNER, Hattie K FIELDS, Russell 1908-Dec-29
TURNER, Issie B HARRISON, J H 1896-Jun-24
TURNER, Josie MCGEE, L N 1903-Jul-07
TURNER, Kate C Mrs MARDORF, Wesley J 1914-Feb-03
TURNER, Katie TERRY, Leland 1918-Jun-29
TURNER, Lela HAYES, Howard 1918-Jan-02
TURNER, Lela Bell GUESS, George 1904-Dec-25
TURNER, Lillian STREETMAN, W C 1917-Apr-04
TURNER, Lillian TERRY, J B 1903-Oct-11
TURNER, Lizzie ROBINSON, D M 1902-Aug-20
TURNER, Lonnie WATSON, Robert 1900-Mar-01
TURNER, Lottie PERRY, Willie 1910-Jan-05
TURNER, Lucille TOLER, William M 1919-Dec-06
TURNER, Lula JONES, L W 1893-Dec-13
TURNER, Maggie S BROWN, W P 1895-Nov-20
TURNER, Mallissa Mrs JOHNSON, J W B 1903-Dec-06
TURNER, Mammie BOWIE, Julius 1910-Dec-28
TURNER, Mary RAMSEY, James 1912-Oct-27
TURNER, Mary RUTHERFORD, W F 1918-Nov-20
TURNER, Mary WATSON, W G 1909-Apr-21
TURNER, Mollie SANDERS, James 1906-Dec-02
TURNER, Nannie ROWLES, P G 1903-Jan-15
TURNER, Ophelia HOWELL, Ed 1915-Sep-13
TURNER, Ora Lee LESLIE, Luther Lee 1916-Apr-15
TURNER, Pearl LEACH, Henry 1910-Dec-14
TURNER, Rebecca MCCRORY, Thomas 1904-Oct-23
TURNER, Stella CARR, Alonzo 1904-Mar-06
TURNIPSEED, Mary TULLOS, Harvey 1911-Apr-22
TUSTON, Lula HOUSTON, Virgil 1910-Oct-28
TYLER, Ada GASS, William 1896-Jan-02
TYLER, Ella BURNS, W W 1897-Dec-30
TYLER, Ellen May STEPHENS, J P 1899-Jan-01
TYLER, Exie YOUNG, C H 1911-Jan-19
TYLER, Hussie BOND, C E 1899-Dec-14
TYLER, Jessie Lee GOSS, John T 1901-Jun-09
TYLER, Laura NASH, Joe 1896-Jan-19



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