Attala County Brides

P - Q

PACE, Amanda NOWELL, T A 1906-Jun-03
PACE, Ara ROSS, T L 1910-Dec-27
PACE, Mary Lee HOLLIDAY, Fred 1912-Aug-05
PAGE, Sarah MANGNUM, George W 1917-Nov-04
PALMENTREE, Mary STEEN, Victor 1904-Aug-26
PALMER, Laura WILLIS, H N 1898-Feb-23
PALMER, Nora WILLIS, S L 1896-Dec-23
PALMERTREE, Emma Mrs REEL, William R 1919-Nov-07
PALMERTREE, Jennie UPCHURCH, Meoders 1909-Dec-23
PALMERTREE, Martha STEEN, Sam J 1902-Nov-25
PALNERTREE, Bertie Lee GIPSON, E W 1918-Mar-04
PANE, Maggie SHOOK, Walter 1908-Mar-08
PAREMORE, Dora KING, Wiley 1905-Apr-30
PAREMORE, Ella SHUMAKER, W P 1909-Jan-27
PAREMORE, Lottie NORRIS, Pleasant 1917-Nov-04
PARISH, Leitha SELF, Clark 1908-Apr-05
PARISH, Mary JOHNSON, Lee 1898-Feb-24
PARISH, Maudie BRUCE, Sam 1906-Jul-29
PARISH, Ollie SANDERS, Joe 1907-Dec-11
PARISH, P N Miss JOHNSON, M A 1893-Oct-26
PARISH, Roxie JOHNSON, Marshall 1917-Dec-23
PARKENSON, Aria SMITH, H S 1910-Dec-25
PARKENSON, Sallie CHANNELL, A B 1896-Dec-17
PARKER, Annie HODGES, W L 1902-Mar-31
PARKER, Annie HUTCHISON, A D 1906-Oct-09
PARKER, Claudie TEAGUE, C G 1911-Jun-26
PARKER, Dora A MCDANIEL, G E 1898-Nov-02
PARKER, Eunice COMFORT, Clifton C 1917-Oct-24
PARKER, Georgia CROSS, Gerome 1911-Apr-30
PARKER, Jinnie F BAIN, J H 1896-Mar-18
PARKER, Lillian G LEHNER, Robert 1902-Nov-26
PARKER, M E Mrs BISHOP, R 1909-Jan-06
PARKER, Myrtle DAVIS, L F 1917-Oct-15
PARKER, Nana STEWART, Fred 1901-Nov-11
PARKER, Nannie ALLEN, John F 1896-May-03
PARKER, Nettie May HUTCHISON, David 1906-Dec-12
PARKER, Phebie CROSSWELL, L E 1893-Jul-20
PARKER, Rosa SANDERS, J F 1901-Dec-22
PARKINSON, Roxanna M BRASWELL, E G 1893-Aug-10
PARKS, Alice PARKS, John 1911-Aug-25
PARKS, Maggie J ELLISON, W E 1908-Nov-01
PARKS, Oadie May BANNER, H C 1919-Jul-13
PARMESTREE, Elizabeth OVERSTREET, William 1896-Feb-12
PARRISH, Ola FRY, Joe 1909-Sep-23
PARSONS, S A Miss WALLACE, L F 1895-Jan-18
PASEY, Minnie Lee THOMPSON, James E 1908-Nov-29
PASSON, Bertha CUMMINS, Joe 1912-Nov-17
PATECT, Livia ALLEN, Shuba -   -
PATTERSON, Emma ALSTON, Lafayette 1896-Nov-26
PATTERSON, Fannie THREET, H F 1909-Oct-21
PATTERSON, Lizzie BRUNT, J B 1904-Jan-05
PATTERSON, M E Mrs HARVEY, D L 1899-Oct-12
PAULE, Mattie GREGORY, Marshal E 1915-Apr-01
PAULETTE, Flora HERRIN, Robert 1909-Sep-11
PAYNE, Lela May MORGAN, E G 1908-Aug-30
PAYNE, Pearlie PEARSON, Eugene 1913-Dec-18
PAYNE, Vallie WHITTINGTON, Earl 1915-May-09
PEA, Daisey CROSBY, J T 1900-Dec-24
PEARSON, Beatrice DEMPSEY, J A 1905-Aug-04
PEARSON, Lizzie ADAMS, Dumas 1908-Apr-12
PEE, Helen VICTOR, Graham 1914-Jan-04
PEE, Jewel FLINT, Wesley 1913-Jan-11
PEE, Lillie RILEY, W T 1913-Dec-14
PEE, Zenie PULLIN, Z N 1912-Mar-24
PEELER, Anna S FLOWER, R M 1901-Dec-26
PEELER, Eve HOPKINS, M G 1909-Feb-21
PEELER, Hattie VEAZEY, P T 1916-Feb-19
PEELER, Janie STEADMAN, Robert N 1898-Nov-15
PEELER, Kate BRUNT, Amos 1909-Dec-05
PEELER, Katie DAVIS, J H 1908-May-03
PEELER, L Miss BUNCH, A J 1909-Dec-26
PEELER, Leona DEES, J H 1910-Nov-20
PEELER, Lillie HART, G P 1909-May-30
PEELER, Lizzie GREGORY, J W 1894-Apr-01
PEELER, Nina WHEAT, W A 1896-Jan-01
PENDER, A J SMITH, Luther 1901-Dec-15
PENDER, Bessie HODGES, M A 1916-Dec-03
PENDER, Effie HODGES, James E 1909-Apr-18
PENDER, M E Miss COVINGTON, J A 1900-Dec-03
PENDER, Mary Rebecca BLANTON, Ernest Lee 1916-Jun-04
PENDER, Neona SUMMERHILL, W B 1907-Sep-01
PENDER, S L Miss HODGES, J R 1902-Sep-13
PENDER, Susie May TOWNSEND, W L 1912-Aug-18
PERKINS, Eva DELOACH, J A 1910-Dec-27
PERKINS, Mannie BRASWELL, Z A 1908-Jan-16
PERLEMAN, Ana BERGER, Max 1906-Jan-09
PERMENTER, M L Miss GREGORY, W T 1902-Oct-12
PERRY, Carrie KITSINGER, C G 1911-Nov-13
PERRY, Ellen GREGG, Bailey 1897-Aug-08
PERRY, Rosa DRANE, Bill 1908-Aug-02
PETIT, Alma C BROOKS, Cooper E 1910-Jun-05
PETITT, Leitha SIVILS, O F 1911-Jan-12
PETTIT, Ada C MCLEON, Edmond 1899-Mar-16
PETTIT, Alto JOHNSTON, Mat A 1905-Dec-24
PETTIT, Clemine Belle CHENNAULT, J H 1914-Apr-04
PETTIT, Lela JORDAN, B W 1899-Mar-09
PETTIT, Loma SUMMERS, Sawyer O 1911-Apr-16
PETTIT, Mattie LEE, J F 1911-Jan-22
PETTIT, Raimoth KELLY, J D 1918-Mar-17
PETTIT, Rosa JORDAN, B F 1903-Jun-28
PETTIT, Susie PINCHARD, James E 1905-Mar-30
PHILIPS, Ellen WHITNEY, C W 1909-Jun-23
PHILIPS, Lizzie SPAIN, Charley M 1906-Mar-05
PHILLIPS, Delia COOK, K R 1903-Jun-24
PHILLIPS, Ethel PETTIT, B F 1900-Dec-27
PHILLIPS, Jewell M MOORE, Joseph R 1919-Jan-17
PHILLIPS, Racheal SUSK, Ike Jr 1899-Feb-08
PICKETT, Ida M SMITH, W B 1907-Mar-17
PICKLE, Alice B CULPEPER, D H 1897-Sep-29
PICKLE, Anna NOWELL, D S 1898-Feb-13
PICKLE, Annie M CULPEPPER, J E 1898-Feb-09
PICKLE, Estel RANDOLPH, G S 1917-Apr-04
PICKLE, J Roberta BAILEY, J J 1912-Feb-13
PICKLE, Leana WOODS, J P 1900-Nov-18
PICKLE, Lizzie MCCOOL, B A 1894-Dec-30
PICKLE, Maggie CONN, T W 1902-Nov-11
PICKLE, Mattie WHEAT, J H 1901-Nov-19
PILCHER, Maggie AIKINS, Walter 1907-Dec-19
PILCHER, Mattie JONES, W D 1898-Dec-21
PILCHER, Minnie VEAZEY, William R 1906-Mar-19
PILCHER, Sallie ATTEBERRY, W J 1898-Dec-21
PILGRIM, Mabel MYERS, Robert 1908-Nov-29
PINCHARD, Nettie JOHNSON, C L 1907-Feb-17
PINCHARD, Ruth BARNETT, A F 1906-Jan-07
PINCKARD, Emma MOORE, John W 1902-Dec-04
POAG, Hattie May WYATT, John D 1901-Oct-16
POCE, Victoria RYALS, J S 1915-Jun-11
POLL, Dina BURNES, J A 1906-Feb-18
POLVERTREE, Zelma MCGARAH, H M 1916-Dec-24
POOLE, Annie BUNCH, J S 1915-Jan-31
POOLE, Jinnie ROBERTS, D H 1895-Nov-01
POOLE, Mary MCCULLOCK, F F 1905-May-14
POOLE, Sallie JONES, A C 1896-Nov-25
POOLE, Zella BALLARD, Bob 1912-Jan-14
PORTER, Addie HOWELL, A M 1909-Jul-27
PORTER, Annie BARKSDALE, Rush 1904-Jun-29
PORTER, Ida L FRAZEY, J W 1900-Sep-26
PORTER, Julia S HULL, O V 1893-Dec-29
PORTER, Martha WOODS, Willie C 1903-Jan-11
PORTER, Mary A CROFT, J M 1901-Aug-25
PORTWOOD, Sophia Lucy MILLER, H C 1919-Dec-11
POTTS, Florence MORGAN, C E 1919-Dec-17
POTTS, Genevieve BELL, Alfred A 1911-Apr-12
POTTS, Helen Lamar ARMSTRONG, William R 1918-Nov-21
POTTS, Ida KELLY, R W 1904-Apr-26
POTTS, Mary Niles DAVIS, John Maloney 1903-Dec-16
POWELL, Caldanie TOAL, Fred 1905-Jun-11
POWELL, Della RUSHING, Irvin 1908-Jan-05
POWELL, Effie Danie TURNER, Clarence 1908-Aug-20
POWELL, Emma E DUPREN, Thomas B 1904-Jun-19
POWELL, Eva T BELL, M W 1896-Dec-09
POWER, Flossie N EDDLEMAN, R A 1908-Jul-06
POWERS, Clarah UNGER, Wallie 1906-Jan-16
PREVOST, Lillie JONES, F S 1918-Aug-14
PRICE, Sallie LEWIS, J H 1894-Jul-15
PRICKARD, Anna JOHNSON, W C 1897-Jan-21
PRIDE, E Mrs CLARK, J E 1910-Mar-20
PROCTOR, Bettie WILLIAMS, T D 1893-Dec-07
PROCTOR, Blanche SEAWRIGHT, Paul 1917-Dec-23
PROCTOR, Dovie E BAILEY, William V 1916-Apr-26
PROCTOR, Ezelle MCCOOL, E L 1913-Jun-21
PROCTOR, Florence V BURNS, S J 1893-Nov-16
PROCTOR, May Ella DOTY, Emmett 1917-Aug-26
PROCTOR, Nellie JOHNSON, A J 1900-Nov-30
PRUETT, Bettie BLOCK, R L 1896-Jul-09
PRYOR, Sallie OLIVER, Sam 1904-Apr-27
PUGH, Fannie HEROD, M 1903-Sep-02
PUGH, M J Miss MOORE, W O 1897-Aug-06
PULLEN, Minnie BRIANT, Otis 1909-Jan-30
PULLEN, Sydnay J TIPTON, W W 1894-Jul-24
PULLIN, Alice V PATTERSON, Charles T 1896-Dec-18
PULLIN, Evie BRASWELL, Coalman 1918-Feb-13
PULLIN, Leona BRASWELL, John 1908-Jan-05
PULLIN, Lucy J MCCLELLAND, W R 1904-Jan-10
PULLIN, Stella COOK, D C 1913-Feb-02
PURRELL, Martha WHITE, John 1900-Nov-04
PURSER, Annie RUSSELL, J E 1898-Feb-13
PURSER, G B Miss MANGNUM, S E 1899-Dec-21
PYLE, Minnie PACE, Earl 1914-May-31
QUARLES, Cisroe BLOCK, Frazier 1906-Dec-16
QUARLES, Della FRAZIER, J T 1901-Jan-16
QUARLES, Ella BLOCK, P L 1906-Dec-03
QUARLES, Emily PARISH, J N 1898-Nov-26
QUARLES, Mollie YOUNGBLOOD, J H 1902-Jan-23
QUICK, Laura CHAPPEL, Bradford 1904-Feb-21
QUICK, Myrtle CAMPBELL, R E 1905-Jun-29
QUICK, Neava BROOKS, Will 1907-Nov-05
QUINN, Alice WALKER, L E 1907-Mar-26
QUINN, Hellen HUCKABEE, Charles 1900-Feb-08
QUINN, Minnie CAMPBELL, John R 1898-Apr-20
QUINN, Mollie BEER, Henry 1916-Nov-25


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