Attala County Brides

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NABORS, E G Miss BIGBEE, J A 1898-Sep-29
NABORS, Sallie WARD, B L 1915-Jan-27
NAIL, Maude MURON, F O 1908-Oct-19
NASH, Eula HAVELL, G H 1898-Jan-27
NASH, Florence BOGUE, M L 1904-Jun-26
NASH, Ida GOSS, S R 1901-Dec-18
NASH, Jessie BRISCOE, W 1911-Aug-13
NATIONS, Della TINDOLL, A J 1902-Sep-07
NATIONS, Ella TINDOLL, L M 1902-Feb-02
NEAL, Dorsey HENDERSON, R N 1906-Sep-19
NEAL, Edna MCDANIEL, H T 1916-Feb-26
NEAL, Mable HANNA, R B 1906-May-31
NEAL, Mary G Mrs ALLEN, W C 1916-Jul-24
NEAL, Mary Mrs SHIPP, J E 1913-Apr-06
NEAL, S M Mrs LEACH, A P 1906-Sep-30
NEAL, Zella MCGAW, E E 1905-Dec-19
NEAVES, Katie MCATIE, A M 1908-Sep-02
NEAVES, Mary MCDANIEL, Lamar 1916-Sep-16
NEEL, Lilla S MCNEELEY, Edgar T 1913-Nov-15
NEIGHBORS, Elador BRUNT, J H 1904-Oct-16
NEVELS, Alice JENKINS, T G 1901-Dec-25
NEVELS, Sallie SIMMONS, J H 1917-Apr-22
NEW, Mary MCCRORY, M P 1897-Dec-22
NEWELL, Emma CLAWLEY, David E 1917-Oct-13
NEWELL, Fannie MOORE, Ernest 1915-Nov-23
NEWELL, Hattie ALLEN, Robert 1900-Feb-22
NEWMAN, S ALLEN, G H 1864-Dec-01
NEWSOM, Ella BAILEY, H L 1900-Feb-18
NEWSOM, Nettie D GELSTON, George 1906-Aug-18
NICKLES, Lula KIMBOL, William 1897-Jan-13
NOAH, Bessie FULLILOVE, Charles Barton 1919-Jun-15
NOAH, Ella Mae DAVIS, Cleveland 1907-Oct-30
NOAH, Eva ROBINSON, W T 1919-Dec-14
NOAH, Florence AVERY, B D 1904-Feb-09
NOAH, Grace HUDSON, A P 1916-Sep-12
NOAH, Kate MILLER, John F 1907-Mar-19
NOAH, Linnie KERR, Alex 1912-Dec-23
NOAH, Nennie M MANSELL, S L Jr 1904-Feb-09
NOLLINS, Zaretho CUMMINS, Melvin 1909-Jun-20
NORDIN, Docia WILLIAMS, J T 1902-Feb-18
NORDIN, J N HESTER, Barnie 1897-Aug-11
NORDIN, Minnie STEED, B F 1901-May-19
NORRIS, Callie BROWN, A L 1905-Dec-14
NORRIS, Ersul JONES, Hobert G 1918-Aug-31
NORRIS, Maggie RAY, A G 1898-Mar-20
NORWOOD, Emily KENDALL, W J 1909-Jan-16
NORWOOD, Mamie HOWARD, Claude 1914-Nov-08
NOWELL, Bertie BUCKNER, E C 1915-Nov-07
NOWELL, Lee Etta BALLARD, James 1905-Jan-22
NOWELL, O'Kalowa Miss ROBERTSON, Carl 1908-Dec-13
NUNN, Annie WOOD, W A 1899-Feb-22
NUNN, Minnie L CHESTNUTT, Robert L 1911-Dec-23
O'CAIN, Effie May HARPER, S J 1908-Oct-06
OAKES, Ida MILLER, T M 1898-Jun-01
OAKES, Laura Belle GUNTER, Walter Joe 1919-Oct-26
OAKES, Lovie BURROUGH, J P 1902-May-24
OAKES, M Miss OWEN, T J 1911-May-21
OAKS, Annie E MAYO, W A 1908-Mar-22
OAKS, Lola ARMSTRONG, James E 1916-Dec-02
OAKS, Maggie Sue MAY, W L 1911-Dec-24
OBRIANT, Annie RIMMER, W P 1902-Mar-16
OBRIANT, Effa J BAILEY, Francis M 1892-Nov-10
OBRIANT, Gladys BAILEY, E E 1917-Dec-16
OBRIANT, Lannie HEATH, H J 1898-Sep-03
OBRIANT, Mary REYNOLDS, Irvin C 1908-Nov-15
OBRIANT, Willie F Miss SIMS, J M 1892-Dec-14
OBRYANT, Laurie BREAZEAL, M L 1906-Mar-11
OBRYANT, Talula PRESLEY, John C 1906-Jan-11
ODEN, Codda BLANTON, W T 1914-Aug-28
ODEN, Isel SKEEN, W E 1912-Dec-11
ODEN, Myrtle WILLIAMS, John F 1904-Dec-18
ODEN, Susie FOSTER, A Y 1904-Aug-14
ODEN, Viola Mrs SAYLE, Ben B 1916-Jun-16
ODOM, Ada COOLSTON, Lee 1916-Dec-23
ODOM, Amanda FISHER, A M 1899-Aug-03
ODOM, Bessie MUNN, W W 1907-Jun-16
ODOM, Myrtis MUNN, Luther 1918-Aug-27
ODOM, Ophelia MOORE, Harvey 1918-Jan-05
ODOM, Pearlie MANDY, Mathias 1909-Nov-28
ODOMS, Daisey PAYNE, W J 1915-Dec-24
OLDHAM, Louisa SUTTON, Thomas P 1898-Jun-02
OLDHAM, M A Miss MIMMS, Dudley N 1899-Jul-05
OLIVE, Viola PROCTOR, C C 1899-Mar-26
OLIVER, Aubrey L COALSON, Irene 1918-Feb-10
OLIVER, Beatrice BOND, J A 1912-Dec-29
OLIVER, Emma E MCCOOL, W R 1900-Oct-28
OLIVER, Fannie VEAL, B H 1905-Dec-24
OLIVER, Florence LEWIS, Jones J 1905-Dec-03
OLIVER, Genie MILLER, W M 1905-Oct-12
OLIVER, Lela E JENKINS, George P 1906-Dec-19
OLIVER, Lenora E MAYFIELD, James A 1896-Mar-18
OLIVER, Ludie BUCKNER, G A 1907-Dec-22
OLIVER, Mary RONE, John J 1918-Oct-13
OLIVER, Mattie SIMS, J H 1905-Nov-26
OLIVER, Nina MILLS, J B 1900-Sep-27
OLIVER, Susie SMITH, J H 1909-Apr-03
OLMSTRONG, Ida FOSTER, J M 1898-Feb-09
ONEAL, Ellen HUGGINS, Arthur 1916-Mar-10
ORAGON, Alice FLINT, Stewart 1899-Feb-14
OREAGON, Julia FERRER, S F 1897-Jan-04
OREAGON, Mary Ellen DEES, J E 1893-Dec-03
OUSLEY, Annie BRANCH, J F 1896-Apr-26
OVERSTREET, Bettie DOWNS, Reuben 1908-Dec-13
OVERSTREET, S F Mrs STEWART, John A 1896-Apr-09
OVERSTREET, Sallie STEEN, Lewis 1908-Dec-03
OWEN, Callie SANDERS, R J 1897-May-16
OWEN, Dana BRANDON, J M 1899-Jun-27
OWEN, Fannie P WEEKS, H J 1896-Feb-12
OWEN, Martha E SMITH, E W 1895-Jan-17
OWEN, Mattie WEATHERLY, T H 1909-Oct-10
OWEN, N A Miss KILPATRICK, P T 1898-Nov-16
OWEN, Nora MURPHY, T D 1916-Aug-03
OWEN, Nora E CHENNAULT, C H 1900-Dec-20
OWEN, Pearlie Mrs MYERS, Crowley F 1919-Mar-16
OWEN, Thena GANEY, B T 1917-Dec-03


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