Attala County Brides


LACEY, Francis A SHELBY, J A Jr 1901-Nov-07
LACEY, L L Miss DUNLOP, W V 1895-Jan-24
LAMKERSLEY, Annie BROWN, J F 1913-Dec-28
LAMONDS, Effie HUTCHISON, J T 1900-Jan-02
LAMPKIN, Lizzie RACHEL, J R 1909-Jan-19
LAMWORD, Fannie HODGES, D L 1895-Dec-25
LAND, Ella ANDERSON, Clint 1898-Dec-04
LAND, Nell BROOKS, W N 1912-Dec-29
LANDRUM, Lettie MCCULLOUGH, E C 1905-Nov-24
LANDRUM, Susie CORN, L H 1893-Aug-11
LANDSDALE, Ivey BOWIE, W L 1906-Apr-29
LANDSDALE, V E Miss GREGORY, W L 1898-Oct-20
LANE, Lura LORD, A A 1899-Dec-27
LANEY, Effie BLANTON, W W 1904-Dec-25
LANEY, Lura BARNETT, E E 1916-Nov-19
LANEY, Mary Anna SMITH, L E 1899-Feb-15
LANSDALE, Annie MASSEY, J T 1919-Nov-30
LANSDALE, Etta NOWELL, Charles A 1918-Apr-14
LANSDALE, Nola BENNETT, J H 1914-Jun-09
LANSDALE, Tillie RAINEY, A L 1910-Jul-04
LAULER, Jessie ROBERTS, J D 1901-Oct-13
LAUSDALE, Fannie DOSS, A 1906-Nov-25
LAVOM, Belah Mrs MAYO, J W 1903-Oct-28
LAWRENCE, Estelle CROW, Benton W 1916-Apr-12
LAWRENCE, Ester E DOWNS, Charley 1905-Aug-20
LAWRENCE, Julia KINEL, W L 1911-Jan-08
LAWRENCE, Maggie DINDY, G P 1912-Jan-27
LAWRENCE, Nettie TURNER, J W 1897-Dec-29
LAWRENCE, Roxie KELTNER, Graves 1905-Jun-25
LAWREY, Lettie MARSH, E C 1916-Oct-08
LAWRON, H C Miss SMITH, G L 1894-Mar-15
LAZARUS, Ellis GRUMWOLD, Jake 1895-Aug-04
LEACH, Effa CARR, George M 1899-Feb-09
LEACH, Emma ROBERTS, E S 1904-Nov-02
LEACH, M E Miss BARBER, N J 1892-Dec-02
LEACH, Maggie ROGERS, W E 1892-Dec-18
LEACH, Miffie KELLY, B L 1896-Dec-17
LEACH, Minnie CARR, W T 1910-Sep-25
LEACH, Minnie TURNER, J L 1912-Dec-22
LEE, Lucy T RAWSON, G H 1901-May-26
LEE, Mattie Mrs KIMBROUGH, J N 1916-Apr-13
LEE, Roxie THOMPSON, E B 1919-Mar-16
LEE, Susie WALLACE, Gordon 1917-Jul-12
LEGGETT, Bessie LONG, J M 1916-Dec-24
LEGGETT, Cora HOOF, H D 1916-Dec-26
LEON, Mary M PETTIT, W R 1897-Dec-02
LEONARD, J A Miss MAY, Goch 1902-Dec-31
LEONARD, Lucy BELL, Charles P 1912-Jan-07
LEONARD, Millie WHOTTLEY, W J 1894-Dec-27
LEOPARD, Francias FRASIER, W J 1895-Oct-20
LEOPARD, Tressie WARREN, W D 1919-Sep-15
LESLEY, Bessie ODOM, M V 1908-May-10
LESTER, Della B DAVIS, Granville 1912-Sep-25
LESTER, Dixie STEVENS, John E 1910-Nov-06
LESTER, Irene WOODS, J D 1906-Mar-25
LESTNER, Missouri CLARK, J E 1911-Dec-27
LEWIS, A T Miss MILLER, A L 1894-Dec-12
LEWIS, Alena BOND, B O 1915-May-14
LEWIS, Allie LEWIS, T K 1899-Jan-22
LEWIS, C E Miss RAY, D N 1904-Nov-13
LEWIS, J E Miss WINGARD, Muller 1918-Sep-01
LEWIS, Judy TINDOLL, Nettie 1906-Jul-29
LEWIS, Madge L MAYS, William E 1910-Jun-16
LEWIS, Martha AVERY, Mose 1893-May-27
LEWIS, Mona LEWIS, C D 1912-Aug-18
LEWIS, Mona A LEWIS, C D 1911-Mar-10
LEWIS, Nannie INGRAM, M T 1902-Nov-16
LEWIS, Nora YAGER, W J 1894-Feb-08
LINDSAY, Alice SCRIVNEN, W E 1894-Nov-21
LINDSEY, Ella GREEN, Walter 1904-Dec-11
LINDSEY, Georgia GOFF, George 1909-Jun-13
LINDSEY, Georgia E DOWNS, J W 1910-Jan-30
LINDSEY, Lillian YOUNG, Otis 1908-Dec-17
LINDSEY, M E Miss REYNOLDS, E L 1894-Jan-11
LINDSEY, Minnie MOORE, Fletcher 1906-Jan-21
LINDSEY, Vernie Mrs LEONARD, J N 1908-Jan-18
LINN, Maude BROWNING, J B 1901-Aug-23
LINSEY, Alba MAYO, S A 1901-Dec-04
LINSEY, Fannie BARRETT, Thomas 1899-Jul-03
LINSEY, M A Miss GRANT, S B 1899-Dec-24
LINSEY, Nancy E VINSON, J E 1894-Sep-02
LIONEL, Lena BEACH, T J 1893-Nov-09
LIONEL, Link Miss ANDERSON, E K 1893-Sep-02
LIPSCOMBE, Mattie THOMPSON, Claude W 1910-Feb-03
LITTLE, Mary Ella LEWIS, D B 1918-Aug-14
LOFTIN, Annie Sue MCDONALD, W C 1909-Sep-12
LOFTIN, Maude ROMAGE, William 1905-Feb-12
LOGAN, M V Miss CLOWER, W T 1904-Jul-07
LONG, Allice HARRIS, J A 1893-Nov-22
LONG, Bessie SEAWRIGHT, J H 1912-Sep-08
LONG, Bessie SHIPP, James A 1910-Oct-23
LONG, Clora B STUCKY, W W 1906-Feb-11
LONG, Lanie A OLIVER, F M 1892-Nov-24
LONG, Lois BELL, D A 1912-Dec-01
LONG, Mabel PAYNE, J W 1915-Jan-16
LONG, Maggie Ruth CONNER, Charles C 1912-Feb-28
LONG, Mary MASON, T B 1908-Dec-20
LONG, Mary G LEA, John F 1901-Nov-06
LONG, Myrtie BAILEY, W B 1895-Oct-29
LONG, Rosa Lee TURNER, J H 1896-Dec-31
LORD, Bessie B RATCLIFF, George E 1897-Aug-01
LORD, Nina ADAMS, E T 1902-Jun-22
LOVE, Annie D GUNTOR, Thomas P 1902-Jun-18
LOVE, Bessie L MUSSLEWHITE, Charles 1910-May-25
LOVE, Emma F BUCKLEY, H G 1905-Dec-20
LOVE, Kai LAMB, Oscar 1905-Oct-10
LOVE, Maude E DODD, Henry Smith 1904-Oct-18
LOVERN, Ida MAYO, John 1906-Feb-04
LOVETTE, Mary Belle QUICK, Jeff 1914-Sep-05
LOWE, Dora MASSEY, Howard 1909-Mar-03
LOWE, Josie S NORRIS, Henry S 1909-Sep-01
LOWE, M A Miss ALBIN, W A 1895-Mar-05
LOWE, Mollie Mrs DENDY, J L 1912-Sep-05
LOWENBERG, Julia CLARK, C P 1914-Feb-17
LOWERY, Callie PACE, Cass 1905-Dec-26
LOWERY, Emily T STATES, Alonzo 1903-Aug-19
LOWRY, Ida HIGGS, Z T 1895-Jan-07
LOWRY, Minnie SMITH, Bennett 1912-Aug-25
LOWRY, S F Miss NABORS, W R 1898-Jun-12
LOYD, Clara May YON, L L 1914-Jul-01
LOYD, Higgins WELCH, Nettie 1919-Jul-13
LUCAS, Bessie C BLOCK, J W Jr 1919-Oct-22
LUCAS, Mattie L PORTER, Willie 1902-May-19
LUCKER, Bettie SOMERS, Keeble 1914-Feb-28
LUCKETT, Lillian E CLEM, Walter B 1902-Jul-26
LUCROY, Mary Jane WHITTEN, William 1902-Feb-16
LUMPKIN, Edna RIDGEWAY, W R 1898-Feb-06
LUSE, Elizabeth BROOKS, G B 1899-Nov-19


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