Attala County Brides


GALLAWAY, Bettie DUNCAN, A R 1894-Nov-07
GALLOWAY, Lynn HODGES, M W 1915-Dec-19
GALLOWAY, Tallula RICKETTS, D A 1893-Dec-05
GANT, Carrie CUMMINS, R J 1917-Dec-25
GARDIN, Martha ROMAGE, Bob 1904-Jan-03
GARDNER, Della THOMPSON, W L 1895-Dec-12
GARNER, Rebecca YOUNG, J W 1911-Dec-08
GARNER, Saloma MASSEY, P T 1913-Jun-29
GARRETT, Rosa M CARTER, T J 1898-Jul-20
GARRY, Cilia BLOCK, N 1904-Jan-19
GARY, Lena SHOCKEROFF, A A 1913-Mar-18
GASS, Sallie A CROOK, T A 1896-Feb-17
GASTON, Celie ADAMS, Emmett 1895-Apr-24
GASTON, Ruby SHUMAKER, William H 1919-Jun-15
GAYNE, Beatrice HANKS, P M 1905-Jan-01
GAYTON, Mollie BAINE, J S 1911-Sep-24
GEDDY, Marie TYLER, Van Buren 1912-Feb-25
GELSTON, Fannie L PENDER, R N 1906-Dec-23
GELSTON, Sallie AUTRY, C S 1909-Jan-24
GIBSON, Eliza E CURTIS, E C 1898-Dec-18
GIBSON, Hattie CROOK, George V 1900-Dec-26
GIBSON, Lucille R PLEASANTS, J S 1902-Oct-14
GIBSON, Reila HODGES, Marvin 1911-Apr-01
GIBSON, Zudie DUKE, W J 1913-Dec-26
GILBERT, Alice MCCRORY, W P 1905-Aug-20
GILBERT, Callie HAMILTON, Andy 1898-Nov-19
GILBERT, Clara WARD, G C 1908-Dec-20
GILBERT, Ella STEED, C E 1905-Dec-17
GILBERT, Esma ROWELL, Alonzo 1908-Sep-26
GILBERT, M Miss TEMPLE, H F 1894-Aug-29
GILBERT, Sallie Ann THORNTON, Harvey Allen 1911-Nov-06
GILBERT, Tressie WILSON, Early 1919-May-27
GILES, Gertrude WEAVER, W A 1908-Feb-06
GILLILAND, Annie BAILEY, C C 1896-Jul-30
GILLILARD, Myrtis NILES, J A 1911-Feb-01
GIRNAR, Mai Bell RAY, D B 1911-Dec-24
GLADNEY, Kate HARRIS, Stanford C 1906-Jul-15
GLASS, Annie May NEEL, G W 1900-May-23
GLASS, Bettie M WALLACE, D L 1897-Nov-03
GLASS, Carrie Lee ALLEN, Ernest 1908-Oct-07
GLASS, Eva PAY, L E 1900-Jul-01
GLASS, Lennie OUGH, P E 1899-Jun-20
GLASS, Minnie TEAGIRE, C G 1894-Nov-14
GLASS, Nannie E HINES, J C K 1901-Dec-26
GLINES, May ELLIS, W O 1917-Dec-22
GOBER, Bessie MORGAN, W A 1906-Oct-28
GOBER, Ruby MCCOOL, S J 1917-Aug-26
GOFF, Millie BLAINE, Wesley 1906-Apr-07
GOOSE, Bessie O WHITEHEAD, F Z 1902-Feb-26
GORDON, Mandie DOWNS, Tom 1903-Jun-08
GORDON, Myrt DOWNS, Henry 1917-Aug-28
GOSS, Alice ELY, Burton 1897-Dec-22
GOSS, Annie May CUMMINS, L D 1905-Jun-18
GOSS, Hattie May HODGES, G R 1907-Mar-03
GOSS, Ludy NASH, Luther 1898-Dec-15
GOSS, Minnie Lee STANDARD, J M 1909-Jan-25
GOSS, Norma May STANDARD, S E 1908-Dec-11
GOWAN, Belle ADCOCK, A L 1908-Dec-20
GOWAN, F E Miss ADCOCK, H M 1905-Dec-17
GOWAN, Nettie MALLINS, Ross 1910-Dec-25
GOWAN, Ruth GREER, A L 1915-Feb-07
GOWEN, J C Miss DICKEN, R E 1893-Dec-28
GOWERS, Etta LEE, Frank 1907-Jun-13
GRAG, Sallie DEES, J C 1911-Feb-02
GRAGG, Ella PALMERTREE, William 1911-Jun-18
GRAHAM, Alma JOURNEY, J T 1906-May-20
GRAHAM, Annie Lou BURNS, Ratliff 1911-Jul-30
GRAHAM, Dora HOLMES, William E 1914-Jan-04
GRAHAM, Edna WOODS, C H 1909-Nov-11
GRAHAM, Elvina PEELER, Isaac J 1900-Mar-21
GRAHAM, Elvira Mrs PEELER, I J 1908-Mar-05
GRAHAM, M E Miss PRESLEY, J H 1902-Jan-15
GRAHAM, Minnie Leah HESTER, J E 1914-Aug-16
GRAHAM, Nina KENNEDY, I E 1917-Jul-04
GRAHAM, Pearl BROWN, J A 1911-Dec-24
GRAHAM, Pearla HESTER, E L 1918-Apr-14
GRANTHAN, Ida MILES, Jim 1915-Oct-09
GRAVES, Ella DICKERSON, A L 1901-Aug-07
GRAVETT, Teressa BURDINE, C M 1907-Jul-25
GRAY, Alla May CLARK, I J 1919-Jun-11
GREEN, Annie HOVIS, E C 1903-Dec-30
GREEN, Annie SANDERS, J T 1909-Nov-14
GREEN, Cora PUGH, Henry 1911-Feb-12
GREEN, Ella NORWOOD, R C 1895-Jan-16
GREEN, Ella VORWOOD, R C 1895-Apr-28
GREEN, Fannie ANDERSON, C M 1895-Jan-09
GREEN, Hattie WALTON, Richard 1909-Nov-11
GREEN, Leanna BINGHAM, H W 1896-Apr-02
GREENLEE, Fannie NEWSOM, W B 1914-Jul-12
GREENWALD, Henrietta GREENWALD, Isaac 1898-Nov-06
GREER, Edna WILSON, W J 1907-Nov-06
GREER, Minnie TURNER, K S 1911-Jan-15
GREGG, Lucy May HOLT, L C 1909-Feb-07
GREGORY, Annie CLIFTON, Newton 1906-Apr-22
GREGORY, Effie THIVEATT, W G 1896-Aug-02
GREGORY, Jennie MASSEY, B B 1898-Jan-20
GREGORY, Kittie KNOTTS, J M 1893-Jun-21
GREGORY, Minnie MCADONIS, J T 1893-Aug-31
GREGORY, Nellie EDRINGTON, R E 1901-Oct-23
GREGORY, Roxie A CRAWFORD, C W 1894-Dec-09
GREGORY, Ruby WIBERG, C A 1907-Jan-07
GREGORY, Sallie BLANTON, D D 1898-Nov-11
GREGORY, Sallie CRAFT, I J 1897-Dec-21
GREGORY, Sophia CHENNAULT, J C Dr 1909-Dec-20
GRICE, Ida TOWNLEY, W L 1917-Apr-29
GROGAN, Ollie HENDERSON, J C 1912-Nov-01
GROVES, Zera HUTCHINS, E J 1914-Apr-10
GUESS, Cora KEITH, A L 1912-Jan-01
GUESS, Emma BINGHAM, W W 1898-Jul-19
GUESS, Maggie HOLT, J P 1894-Nov-07
GUESS, Mattie SPINEY, D 1892-Dec-25
GUESS, Sarah Emma E CUMMINS, J M 1893-Mar-30
GUESS, Viola LAWRENCE, George 1899-Jan-22
GUEST, Lena JORDAN, O R 1904-Feb-11
GUNTER, Grace MCKINLEY, W C 1917-Feb-14
GUNTER, Laurie HALL, W A 1908-Sep-05
GUNTER, Lena Rivers HOLLINGSWORTH, George A 1914-Nov-25
GUNTER, Maggie MURFF, S E 1905-Dec-12
GUNTER, Mazelle OAKES, C D 1919-Oct-27
GUNTER, Stacy WOODS, W I 1910-Dec-07
GUNTHER, Dethila JENKINS, R H 1894-Dec-20
GUYNER, Lillie CUMMINS, Jeffie 1914-Aug-30
GUYTON, Anna SIMPSON, W F 1902-Dec-21
GUYTON, Emma ALLEN, Madison -   -
GUYTON, Hattie GORDON, J G 1895-Nov-13
GUYTON, Maggie L TEMPLE, T B 1911-Sep-02
GUYTON, Z C Miss SIMPSON, R W 1897-Nov-12
GWIN, Laura CULVER, Sidney H 1908-Mar-02
GWIN, Margaret M HALE, William M 1908-Nov-25


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