Attala County Brides


FAIRCHILD, Nellie Mrs GREEN, J B 1915-Jun-29
FALDMER, Zelma BERRYMAN, T M 1917-Dec-11
FALKNER, Ida WARD, John 1907-Oct-28
FANCHEN, Alice BOWIE, R J 1896-Mar-11
FANCHER, Estella WINTERS, J D 1913-Jan-20
FANCHER, Florence WEIR, H H 1918-Jun-02
FANCHER, Lillian AYCOCK, W W 1911-Nov-15
FANCHER, M R Mrs RHODES, R W 1910-Apr-05
FANCHER, Mary FOWLER, John M 1898-Jun-05
FARRION, Fannie DRANE, Lee D 1916-Jan-08
FAULKNER, Edna ORR, Ernest 1918-Dec-01
FEIBELMAN, Judith LOWENBERRY, Louis 1897-Jan-17
FELDEN, Rebecca NELSON, J L 1915-May-30
FELDER, Bessie HIGDON, G H 1916-Apr-19
FELDER, Sallie BOYD, Irvin 1913-Dec-24
FENWICK, Jessie JACKSON, C M 1919-Jun-15
FERGESON, Ella BOYETTE, Ed 1917-Oct-09
FERGUSON, Eva M RATLIFF, Lewis E 1917-Nov-24
FERRELL, Ada BROWN, J I 1917-Aug-15
FERRELL, Annie JONES, Jim 1902-Jul-13
FERRELL, Ida BROWN, Dave 1916-Apr-30
FERRELL, Lula MCBRIDE, J F 1897-Mar-29
FERRELL, Nora EDWARD, Luther 1901-Sep-05
FERRELL, Sallie HUTCHINSON, G G 1909-Oct-10
FILLIGIN, Kate Mrs DICKENS, W F 1919-Mar-23
FISHER, Delilah KELLY, W D 1916-Mar-18
FISHER, Elizabeth MOORE, Thomas 1901-Jun-20
FISHER, Lurinda ODOM, B M 1910-Nov-29
FISHER, Ophelia ELLINGTON, R W P 1913-May-04
FITCH, Francis HENDERSON, Isaac 1898-Dec-29
FLEMING, Addie ALLEN, Henry 1899-Dec-28
FLEMING, Amanda GARRETT, J M 1899-Jul-06
FLEMING, Annie May MCKINNON, H M 1904-Feb-07
FLEMING, Annie May NEW, J A 1897-Apr-14
FLEMING, Velma WOOD, P L 1917-Oct-17
FLETCHER, Effie SMITH, Frank W Jr 1894-Jan-24
FLETCHER, Hanna CLARK, T L 1897-Dec-28
FLETCHER, Irene M FERRILL, James G 1908-Apr-18
FLINT, Bertie JONES, T V 1917-Aug-21
FLINT, Claudia THOMPSON, Jim 1910-Dec-25
FLINT, Fannie LOFTIN, J T 1914-Dec-27
FLINT, Leona WALKER, Otho J 1910-Feb-27
FLINT, M E Miss RAMAGE, John 1895-Jan-24
FLINT, Mattie Belle ALLEN, Charles E 1918-Mar-06
FLINT, Minnie RASBERRY, Willie 1915-Sep-11
FLOWERS, Andi FRAZIER, Leonard 1904-Mar-02
FLOWERS, Audry CHANEY, Alex 1900-Dec-29
FLOWERS, Evie YOUNG, Garrett 1912-Jan-20
FLOWERS, L E Miss JENKINS, J N 1900-Feb-04
FLOWERS, Mollie IVY, Wiley 1905-Oct-01
FOOSE, Nettie J BREWER, Joseph L 1900-Jun-27
FORD, Eula CUMMINS, S C 1905-Jun-18
FORD, M E Miss CUMMINS, J M 1896-Feb-15
FORD, Matilda CROSBY, G W 1908-Dec-24
FORD, Viola HUGHES, Shelby 1915-Jan-29
FORRESTER, Estelle MOORE, H A 1913-Jan-05
FORRESTER, Flora E ELLINGTON, Robert A 1905-Nov-22
FORRESTER, Laura HUTCHINS, David 1917-Jan-10
FORRESTER, Nannie MOORE, A M 1912-Oct-20
FOSTER, Eliza MCCRORY, Andrew 1908-Apr-15
FOSTER, Hettie MCCRORY, Frank 1903-Jun-03
FOSTER, Margie HARMON, E J 1905-Jan-04
FOSTER, Matilda ROBY, E M 1902-Feb-16
FOSTER, Susie ROBERTSON, J W 1901-Dec-25
FOWLER, Acey MANGNUM, Dolphus 1914-May-21
FOWLER, Babe JENNINGS, D L 1907-Mar-29
FOWLER, Barbarah JENNINGS, E L 1914-Jan-29
FOWLER, Beula BRADFORD, G B 1907-May-05
FOWLER, Eugenia ALGOOD, Charlie 1913-Feb-09
FOWLER, L G Miss WOODS, A A 1904-Oct-02
FOWLER, Manora JENNINGS, H J 1911-Aug-27
FOWLER, Mary L JENNINGS, Adolphus 1914-Dec-23
FOWLER, Mattie CARR, John 1910-Mar-31
FOWLER, Nancy MCCOOL, George 1912-Sep-08
FOX, Annie May LEACH, Frank 1905-Dec-24
FOX, Minnie KING, T W 1914-Jul-23
FOX, Winnie HANNA, N W 1906-Dec-12
FRANKLIN, Era CUMMINS, Fred 1915-Oct-03
FRASIER, Maggie FRASIER, E T 1906-Nov-20
FRASIER, Mary A FRASIER, C H 1894-Jan-21
FRAZIER, Ada SIMPSON, J J 1905-Aug-09
FRAZIER, Bettie ESTES, G F 1899-Dec-25
FRAZIER, Carrie SEAWRIGHT, L C 1902-Dec-27
FRAZIER, Carrie E QUICK, Emmett 1910-Dec-18
FRAZIER, Edna May CULPEPPER, Dewey 1919-May-10
FRAZIER, Elva PEW, B J 1910-May-22
FRAZIER, Jane Mrs CAIN, W H 1914-May-03
FRAZIER, Jennie HARMON, J P 1903-Dec-30
FRAZIER, Jennie Mrs JONES, William 1899-May-02
FRAZIER, Lena PORTER, Charlie 1910-Dec-24
FRAZIER, Lillie SEAWRIGHT, E L 1903-Oct-28
FRAZIER, Lula EDDLEMANN, W H 1908-Sep-04
FRAZIER, Lydia FRAZIER, E 1901-Mar-21
FRAZIER, M E Miss WADE, R F 1900-Mar-14
FRAZIER, Martha JOHNSON, M B 1904-Dec-30
FRAZIER, Martha Ann ODOM, B F 1899-Nov-12
FRAZIER, Mary MEGGS, S L 1897-Mar-28
FRAZIER, Mary WANE, J R 1897-Feb-25
FRAZIER, Mary Alice OSBORN, W J 1913-Jun-29
FRAZIER, Nannie COTTON, Will 1913-Dec-06
FRAZIER, Nornie E YOUNGBLOOD, H W 1897-Aug-11
FRAZIER, Rachel SHULER, J F 1906-Mar-04
FREEMAN, Alice TEMPLE, J H 1897-Aug-04
FRY, Lou Etta BLOCK, W T 1897-Sep-15
FULKS, Georgia MADISON, F A 1894-Dec-19
FULLILOVE, Annie E RAMSAY, A L 1901-Nov-14
FULLILOVE, Carrie BRASWELL, Milton 1893-Oct-03
FULLILOVE, Chattie COOK, C B 1909-Jul-28
FULLILOVE, Emma MOORE, R C 1900-Feb-08
FULLILOVE, Fannie PATTERSON, R I 1907-Dec-22
FULLILOVE, Fannie PATTERSON, R J 1909-Apr-25
FULLILOVE, Nora MOORE, R 1904-Aug-28
FULLILOVE, Sissie MOORE, R S 1900-Apr-15
FULTON, Amanda MAY, J B 1919-May-27
FULTON, Edna Mrs RAWSON, A S 1919-Apr-27
FUN, Willie Lou HUGHES, J W 1910-Dec-25
FURGERSON, Mamie JENNINGS, M L 1919-Mar-30
FURGESON, Lidia MYERS, Wheeler 1917-Jul-04
FURR, Bessie P GILLILAND, J W 1909-Dec-22
FURR, Della HUDSON, T L 1904-Dec-25
FURR, Idris MAYO, J W 1896-Nov-12
FURR, Lula KERR, J F 1906-Nov-14
FURR, Mary H BLOCKER, J J 1900-Dec-23
FURR, Mattie MCMINN, W E 1906-Dec-20


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