Attala County Brides



KEEN, Bertha MCBRIDE, J H 1913-May-20
KEEN, Ella KEETH, Arthur L 1901-Nov-19
KEEN, Ella TURNES, H M 1894-Mar-25
KEEN, Jane DOWNS, W H 1901-Dec-31
KEEN, Josephine WATTS, Luther 1900-Apr-08
KEEN, Katie DAWNS, Charlie 1904-Jan-24
KEEN, Katie MCDONALD, J G 1903-Mar-25
KEEN, Mollie E MILLWOOD, T J 1898-Apr-06
KEEN, Sadie KING, J T 1908-Aug-30
KEEN, Virgie MILLWOOD, J H 1899-Nov-19
KEENE, Lizzie KING, W J 1902-Jan-12
KEETH, Missouri MCCROY, E T 1894-Nov-24
KEETH, Viola WEATHERLY, George S 1898-Feb-15
KEITH, Bessie MCCRARY, Robert 1895-Dec-25
KEITH, Della PRITCHARD, J E 1912-Nov-24
KEITH, Katherine GUNTER, Clarence 1915-Feb-10
KEITH, Mary TISDALE, A W 1909-Dec-08
KEITH, Minnie MCCRORY, T E 1899-Aug-16
KEITH, Pearl BURNEY, J M 1910-Sep-04
KELLERS, Mattie ADCOCK, J W 1904-Jan-14
KELLEY, L M Miss MANGNUM, P T 1904-Dec-11
KELLEY, Mary SWEAT, Kenneth 1904-Jun-14
KELLEY, Molinda C ROLF, William T 1892-Dec-14
KELLUM, Emma BOYETT, Charley 1910-Apr-25
KELLUM, Ora THOMPSON, John 1911-Dec-10
KELLUM, Texanna FERGUSON, W M 1892-Dec-22
KELLUM, Zettie BAILEY, Earl 1917-Mar-04
KELLY, Alla CLARK, Clifton Power 1901-Jun-12
KELLY, Annie M WEEKS, J A 1900-Apr-19
KELLY, Babe Mrs JORDAN, R H 1912-Jan-25
KELLY, Carrie HURT, M E 1896-May-27
KELLY, Cora PEARSON, S S 1898-Jan-20
KELLY, Cynthia CROWDER, R H 1902-Feb-27
KELLY, Emma MYERS, J M 1896-Sep-30
KELLY, Florence PETTIT, H D 1919-Sep-29
KELLY, Irene GARNER, E D 1901-Dec-29
KELLY, J D PETTIT, Raimoth 1918-Mar-17
KELLY, Jimmie L BANE, Walter 1898-Nov-23
KELLY, Katie V ARMSTRONG, H W 1896-Dec-02
KELLY, L S Miss MINON, J M 1894-Nov-30
KELLY, Lillian N EDWARDS, Felix L 1892-Dec-22
KELLY, Lillie FOSTER, J E 1898-Mar-29
KELLY, Lula Lee SANDERS, G H 1896-Feb-12
KELLY, M C Miss BAILEY, J P 1895-Feb-03
KELLY, M L Miss DOSS, W H 1903-Apr-12
KELLY, Mary H PURDOM, Wilson W 1912-Dec-25
KELLY, Mattie K ROBERTS, Fred 1919-Dec-25
KELLY, May GORDON, J J 1897-Dec-27
KELLY, Millie ARMSTRONG, O N 1900-Sep-27
KELLY, Minnie B BRANCH, J M 1902-Jul-02
KELLY, Minnie T MIXON, E B 1894-Jul-08
KELLY, N J Miss MANGNUM, J M 1898-Oct-13
KELLY, O M Miss BANE, B 1897-Dec-23
KELLY, Willie Miss NANCE, Will 1906-Jan-21
KEOLHOFER, Rubie WADDELL, G C 1909-Jun-03
KERN, Nannie BROOKS, Olla 1900-Jan-07
KERR, Annie STRAWBRIDGE, Grady 1912-Dec-22
KERR, Janice ADDKISON, E D 1916-Jan-16
KERR, Mollie WHITMIRE, S G 1906-Dec-05
KERSHAW, Julia BRENT, D L 1897-Nov-18
KEY, Aney BRASWELL, Anthan 1911-Feb-19
KEY, Eunie BOYETT, Ross 1908-Feb-02
KILLEBREW, Linnes Mrs MILLER, J C 1913-Mar-02
KILLEBREW, Mollie B FOSTER, S T 1897-Sep-26
KIMBALL, Virginia ROBERTSON, L F 1904-Feb-22
KIMBLE, Annie Belle RASBERRY, J S 1916-Mar-11
KIMBROUGH, B R Miss FOY, J H 1893-Jan-17
KIMBROUGH, Eva COOK, C B 1907-Feb-17
KIMBROUGH, Grace WARNER, Aron L 1918-Jun-01
KIMBROUGH, Laurie WINTERS, Will 1910-Oct-15
KIMBROUGH, Mabel HARRIS, T L 1916-Dec-20
KINARD, Sallie MCINTOSH, E L 1913-Dec-20
KING, Bettie SHUMAKER, Tom 1908-Jul-12
KING, Jessie STEVENSON, Walter B 1906-Dec-02
KING, Laura Bell RIGBY, L S 1910-Dec-25
KING, Mabel HAMMOND, C A 1910-Jun-19
KING, Mabel JOURNEY, Smith R 1910-Feb-12
KING, Mary LAWRENCE, Clyde 1916-Oct-15
KINNIE, Mattie BLAILOCK, S J 1909-Aug-18
KINZIE, Lou PUGH, Edgar 1909-Aug-03
KIRK, A E TUCKER, Claude 1903-Dec-24
KIRK, Mary MORGAN, T P 1894-Dec-30
KIRK, Tollie STEVENS, J E 1893-Dec-28
KITCHENS, Mag WILKINS, A J 1914-Oct-15
KNOX, Emily ALSTON, Littleton 1899-Nov-31
KNOX, Lelie ASHFORD, Charley 1897-Jul-11
KOENBER, Pearl POOLE, D F 1902-Mar-13
KOLB, John Dr VEAZEY, Lovella 1910-Sep-11
KYLE, L B Miss GREEN, J S 1893-Jan-23
KYLE, Pleasant Anna BRAY, Thomas J 1896-Nov-04



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